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Self-Love…Things Are Getting Better! Archangel Michael

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So often, this love of self is dismissed or overlooked or put aside. And as you well know through trial and error and victory, the love and the deep acceptance and the surrender to your beloved self is the key. Yes, it is the key to Ascension, it is the key to massive planetary change, it is the key to change in politics and systems – and it is the key to going home, of deeply uniting in the Heart of One.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, a beautiful Channelled Gem shared lovingly by Susan from her personal reading with Linda on June 1st, 2018.

Archangel Michael

Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, and we all gather around you for it is important, yes, that there is a full cooperation, knowledge, wisdom, creation with your beloved circle and with all of us who serve the Light, who bow to the Mother, who find our joy in love and in one another.

For yes, love is deeply known within the heart, and yes, even within the mind, within the cellular structure of your being. But while in form, it is most deeply known through the expression and experience of mutuality. And I do not mean simply, beloved, the expression of love to another, although that is part of it. But it is also the expression and the experience of love to your sacred self, to the truth of who you are, of who you have been, of who you choose to be, who you are becoming, what you are creating.

So often, this love of self is dismissed or overlooked or put aside. And as you well know through trial and error and victory, the love and the deep acceptance and the surrender to your beloved self is the key. Yes, it is the key to Ascension, it is the key to massive planetary change, it is the key to change in politics and systems – and it is the key to going home, of deeply uniting in the Heart of One.

So this very basic tenet that you are expanding into, and that you are learning through the love of another and the love from another, is that the honouring and the embrace of your sacred self is pivotal as humanity goes forward.

Sweet angel of light, where do you wish to begin this day?

Susan: Oh my, I’m so happy to have this close communication with you, thank you. It’s wonderful!

AAM: It is wonderful not merely on your side but on ours as well! That is why we do it! Because it is a gift of joy, it is an upliftment, and it is a reminder to you, sweet one, and to humanity that we are also in sacred union, that we are also united in heart, united in purpose, united in commitment to the fulfilment of our Mother’s Plan.

You are doing well. You are blossoming. You are finding hidden corners of yourself, of your heart, of your psyche, of your being that you had kept tucked away for a long time. And you are embracing your dreams, and realising and practicing your ability to bring forth and create and co-create with us that which you want.

And that is part of the deep love of self that we speak of, because in this deeper love, this highest regard of your sacred self, you open yourself; you accept not only the attunements, activations, increases in energy that have been sent to your planet by all of us, and especially by the Mother and her Tsunami. What you do is you are accepting your right, your divine right, to truly be – and to be all you can be. So you are holding this energy for many.

And yes, you say… and do not think I have not been listening in on every conversation! You say, “Well, Michael, Mi-ka-el, beloved one, when will things get better?” And what I say to you, dearest heart, is they aregetting better. There is rapid improvement and expansion. And yes, the debris, the flotsam, the jetsam, the dust bunnies [chuckles], the detritus has to be cleared, and that is underway.

And what is happening… think of it as the flower garden in spring. The earth has need to be raked, it needs to be turned over, it needs to be aerated, it needs to be watered, it needs sun, fresh plantings need to take place – and then comes the blossoming and the fruit of your labours. So it is well underway.

Susan: Well, that’s encouraging. I assume that we will see huge political and financial changes this year. Is that accurate?

AAM: Yes, it is very accurate. And think of it in this way. You have the insight and the wisdom, and more importantly, what reinforces that is that you are living what you know to be true. And as you do that, more and more of what you think of as truth, information, situations are downloaded. That wisdom, that knowing becomes apparent in your perceptions, in your perceptions of everyday life, so that it is becoming second nature this knowing – and that is the trademark of an ascended/ascending being.

And that, sweet angel, is how you know that these monumental, tremendous changes are not in the distant future. They are right in front of you! And when I say “you” I do not simply mean you as in singular, I mean you as in the collective.

But you, sweet angel, are also on track, and that is important not only to be said but to be acknowledged. You have and you are embracing your future. But as you are embracing your future in the present, fully anchored, participating in your life, you are also creating your future. So they go hand in hand.

You do not move forward necessarily into your future. A better way to think of it is you pull your future into your now, and then you embrace it with such gusto that people can’t even fathom anything different for you!

S: Well, that sounds encouraging!

AAM: Take it, yes, of course, as encouragement – but also as energy, as motivation, as a newsflash! But take it, sweet one. I give it to you.

By Permission. 
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