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A Message to Lightworkers - December 30, 2022

A Message to Lightworkers - December 30, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

[This week's Message is taken from the talk that the Collective's gave on December 16, 2022, for the Hope Interfaith Center's annual Star Gathering event.]

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

You are reconnecting with your higher self now, because it is time to awaken! The Earth knows it, and you know it.

Yet you are in great discomfort, many of you, because you feel the fifth dimensional energies flowing in, and you are processing and integrating those sentient Light particles.

The Earth appears to be still mired in low, third dimensional vibrations. You feel the pull of the old life, within and without, and much confusion and exasperation results.

For now, let's work with the side of that 3D narrowness. Not so much the survival drive, but more the ego-mind, the smaller personality self that doesn't feel it is safe to shine and to be their true self. That aspect wants to hide a bit, and doesn't want to come forward very often and use the beautiful gifts you've all been given.

And this is where the bitterness, resentment, sadness, maybe feelings of helplessness will come in.

You're looking at this inner self, who is wanting to thrive, but feels like they're pushing against a mountain some days, trying to move the mountain in entirely physical ways.

Yes, mountains can be moved, but not with physical force. And yes, you can clear up the things that have brought real difficulty to you in your life.

It's only just now that people are beginning to awaken that all is energetic in nature, and must be addressed that way. For instance, physical healing, including dropping unnecessary weight, comes down to energy work, in addition to any outer work.

This is why so many are using Emotional Freedom Technique. They're using Tapping, because they want to speak directly to that quiet yet powerful subconscious mind that holds the old patterns, thoughts and behaviors in place. Some part of their subconscious is nudging them now, to start listening to their higher instinct, and saying, We want to come out of the dark! It's time we healed.

Yet to heal anything, you must deal with the subconscious aspect of that situation, as it is very powerful and determines most of your outer life through inner controls.

So we’re flowing energy to your subconscious now, to assist with the healing, and release where needed. You've been punished in many lives for thinking for yourself, doing for yourself, and having beautiful gifts you wanted to share with others.

You've been oppressed—threatened, jailed, even executed in some cases. You've been vilified and ostracized by your people, your village, which is very hard to process. The thought of losing one's clan, one's village, is terrifying to the subconscious, because for many, many thousands of years, you couldn't survive without them.

So, we're drawing that hidden self to us now. It prefers to stay small, prefers to feel that they're a victim some days, prefers to feel like, “There's nothing I can do” about this life situation or that.

We’re drawing that unconscious aspect forward, putting them into that beautiful Violet Light, that beautiful Violet Transmuting Fire of Saint Germain. Say to them, “I know you've done the best you could, I appreciate you for that, but it's time to move into the Light now.”

And now we hear the smaller selves of the subconscious saying, “Is it safe to do that?” They're taking a tentative step forward toward the Light. [Speaking to subconscious selves] It's 100% safe! Yes, dear ones! Just step into that Violet Fire! It's cool and harmless. It just transmutes energy. It lifts everything to a higher level.

We’re bringing a little whirlwind of Light into everyone's energies, and it's going up through the body, through all the energy systems, up through the crown chakra, releasing energies that are holding you back. Interferences, old pain, old sadness, a small self-concept—that's not really you! That whirlwind of Light is going up through the crown chakra, into the Light . . . Yes, you can be powerful, and you are already beautiful! You can be your higher self.

As Earth beings who are openly in contact with Star Nations in the heart-mind and in the etheric, you understand Earth's role in this galaxy. You realize that this is no time for playing small! That time is well over.

We see some of these smaller selves running toward these beautiful Angelic beings who are with us here.

All these legions of Angels—welcome them! Star Nations—welcome them!

Are you ready to light up your own consciousness, just by understanding that you're completely loved?

All is well! You don't have to react to outer circumstances in ways that pull you out of your calm center.

Even if you've got a physical issue, you're a little unsure about, or frightened by, you can know you are guided perfectly to perfect resolution of that issue. You don't have to live in reaction to it, or identify with the illness or the disorder, whatever it is. That's not you!

That's the body releasing something because it doesn't need anymore. And the energetic flow or blockages within the chakras come powerfully into play here.

So, we're sending a lot of Light into all the chakras, spinning out any attachments that shouldn't be there. Sending a lot of Light to those two lower chakras, which have to do, yes, with manifestation in 3D, and with survival as well. Your heart can now be your manifestation center, as you are moving in the fifth dimensional forms of living now.

You may wish to say, “Yes, I release all this old density. It may have served my path once, but now I'm going to grow with Joy. "I've come here many times to learn from density, from difficulty, from the contrast of the good and the bad, the dark and the Light. "And I release that now! I release duality, as Earth Herself is releasing it. "Higher dimensional galactic cultures don't live in duality. They don't need it. Neither do I, and neither does my planet.”

Just breathe in, then breathe out, dear ones . . . let it go. You might want to say, “I'm willing to remember that I have lived in higher dimensional frequencies while still in the body. My cells can hold that kind of Light. “I'm releasing everything that gets in the way of that. And I'm encouraging the Light, encouraging my beautiful Transformation and Transfiguration back into living as a Being of Light. “I welcome it now! And it happens only with beautiful grace, calm, ease, and flow.” We’re putting a special Light around all of you now. Your higher selves are working with you, to show you inwardly at a very deep level that this is not only possible—it's already happening.

You're releasing the smallness of the ego-mind and all the attachments to survival tactics. You're releasing the smallness of the personality, and all the attachments to cultural and family norms and requirements, in this and all the other lives. You're releasing separatism, the feeling that “There's them over there, and me over here.” Now there's only One. There's just One beautiful consciousness!

You happen, all of you, to be at the forefront of that transformation, because you very willingly and joyfully are stepping into the Light in a conscious way.

So now we're going to move into that galactic awareness, that Ascended self, your higher self.

Photo by ufologist Bob Dean
Photo by ufologist Bob Dean - Given to Ashtar Command White Knight Rama Berkowitz of www.RainbowRoundtable.net

See yourself enveloped in a beautiful column of Divine, sparkling Light. You might see it as the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, or the Emerald Green Ray of Archangel Raphael, of the Rose Ray of Mary, mother of Yeshua. It might be the sparkling gold of the Divine Masculine, or the sparkling silver of the Divine Feminine. It might just be Light, with no particular color. You're surrounded by it . . . it's permeating all your cells . . . it's beautifully grounding you into this Earth.

Now it shoots way down into the Earth, connecting to inner Earth, lighting up Lady Gaia.

Then it shoots way up into the air, up into the cosmos, connecting you to the higher realms.

Now you're going to travel a bit, and we're going to ask all the Star families, all of your soul families, is it best that these dear ones meet you on a planet? Or on a ship? . . . [Listening] They're saying that meeting on their ship is fine, because “We're all right here, gathered right around the Earth!”

They're all very close. Some of you have a ship right overhead, over your home.

So, this beautiful Light is drawing you up into one of the ships, and this particular ship you are coming onto now belongs to your Star Nation family.

You might image that you're “beaming aboard,” that suddenly all of the particles of your physical self have transported from Earth onto the ship.

You might find now that you are in your quarters, such as one might find you at times, when you are visiting that ship in your sleep state. You might be at a table discussing things with others, perhaps in sick bay, because you're a healer. You might be on a commander on the bridge. You might see a great gathering of many Star Nations, many cultures galactically—maybe you're a part of that.

But for now, find a quiet place to sit and speak with a few of your family members.

These are people you've known for thousands and thousands of years. They know you completely, and you know them completely. Your twin flame is sitting right to you, and they are thrilled to see you. If you wish, say to them, “I would love to receive a message from you. I know my conscious mind might not take up that message. I might not hear it inwardly. “But I ask that you send it to me etherically. It will reach my heart-mind. It will come up in my consciousness.” Say to your Spirit team, “I count on you to assist with this, please!’ And they are giving their assent.

So just open to receive. If you've got a question to ask these dear ones, your soul family, ask them! It might just be “How am I doing?” Or “Could I please have more help and support from all of you, in integrating these higher energies?” Or whatever you wish to ask. Or “When will you land on the Earth? We need help on the planet!” You may hear them reply, or not. That's all right. Just listen inwardly. Even if you feel it's just your imagination, that's all right.

We're sending a lot of Light to this process . . . For those of you asking for help for the planet, we are hearing from everyone's Star Nation family, that the transition to you becoming a 5D planet and becoming galactically intercultural, interconnected with other galactic cultures—all of that is already occurring. The transition is already taking place.

No one can stop it, any more than they can stop this powerful Light pouring in from Sol, your Sun, or from the Great Central Sun.

The Kali Yuga has ended! The old age of destruction is over. The Sat Yuga, the Age of Peace and Prosperity, is being ushered in stronger and stronger every day. What we hear them saying is, “You could not avoid this great shift of the ages, even if you tried!”

What we now see and are assisting in, is the energy of their messages going straight into your heart-space. We're going to say to all of the guides and higher selves, Would you assist, please, in letting this message come up to the conscious mind of all of those requesting a message now? Thank you, dear ones.

We're going to ask everyone’s Star Nation families, What do you see is the biggest thing moving Earth forward right now, in Her evolution, and in Her people's evolution? And we hear them saying, “The realization that you are not alone [in this Universe] .” Excellent! There's a quiet, soft disclosure happening regarding both the criminality of the old crowd, the old "powers that were," as they say. And at present, a soft and quiet disclosure of the ET presence. It's not being announced with the blaring of trumpets, but it's there.

One can certainly find videos on the YouTube channels of these beautiful craft flying over numerous parts of the Earth.

There is also increasing realization amongst the masses, that there are higher technologies that are being hidden from humanity, particularly in the areas of communication, data storage, free energy, medicine and healing, and education. These have been long hidden, and people are requiring that they come forward and be revealed now.

Another breakthrough, they're saying, is that even if people don't call themselves galactic citizens, they're beginning to understand that everything in this Universe is energetic in nature. They are realizing, I can change a situation by shifting the vibration of it, even just within myself, within my own consciousness. Whether that has to do with my healing, or finding a new partner, a new job, a new home. And a new, higher level of consciousness to live within, to be more joyful, to be more fulfilled.

Or to help my community in some way.

And if groups of Light Bearers / Starseed decided to work together to shift the energy of a situation on the planet?—well, you can envision the endless possibilities!

All of this has opened up the realization that you are here to learn how to work with energy! And that even that which appears to be solid matter, really isn't.

So, we're going to keep drawing in this absolutely beautiful Light. We're sending it to all of the Star Nation families, to send our Love and encouragement to all of them. There are amongst us here in the Collective many wonderful leaders, and yet also many who appear to have quieter, "smaller" jobs that are nonetheless as vital as anyone's.

These are those ones who are awakening the crystalline energies on the planet, in people, in water, in the rocks, in the soil, the air and water—everything—awakening those sacred sites, and you are likewise engaged in this work, many of you. And so, time to remember who you are!

So now we are enveloping the Earth in the beautiful Divine Golden Light of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Silver Light of the Divine Feminine. We have the Earth in that wonderful Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain.

That Light holds the sentient request and requirement that the Galactic Star Nations increase the number of landings and contact with humanity in your waking state. In fact, this Light holds the sentient request and requirement that they roll out the mass landings in ways that are safe for them, disabling and nullifying all Earth weapons, revealing themselves in dreams, in images, in meditation and in outer physical life to Earth beings, in ways that are calm and positive, benevolent, and helpful, as the au regime topples.

We welcome in the NESARA Law! We welcome in your galactic families!

“We are here!” they are saying. “We are with you!" Many of you have seen these lenticular clouds, which in fact are cloud ships. They appear to be clouds, but they are not.

Ships can shift their molecular density, and go not only into very deep water, but also flow like air through rock, through mountains. Or appear very small, when in fact they're very large.

Say often to your galactic loved ones, “Come forward now, in whatever way will most easily and joyfully integrate your presence with all here on the Earth!” Get an image of your consciousness right now. It might extend a number of feet out from the body. If you can now, spread your arms wide, and image opening your consciousness as wide as possible. So that now you're able to get messages from Angelic Beings, from Star Beings, from your twin flame and your Star Nations family—you receive them easily! You speak inwardly with them as easily as you speak with anyone you see physically in front of you. Just open that consciousness wide!

We would say to humanity, Awaken now, friends! The time of Ascension is here! If you want to image wave upon wave of Light going through the Earth right now, awakening people not only to their higher selves, but to the fact that there's no Us and Them, or Me and Them. No more duality! No more good or bad.

See one wave of Light after another, erasing millions of years of oppressed and narrow thought. Erasing it, removing it from the timeline. And image that Light erasing from your timeline all the pain, the shock, the feelings of loss, the stress and worry, the unsureness of life—all of it. Grief, fear, and anger, getting cleared! The Light is flowing perfectly now, cleansing your own timeline, not only from this life, but from all other lives you have lived. It's erasing and removing trauma, sending it up into higher Light. You've got huge whirlwinds of Light in your energies now! Just accept that and allow it to do its work, if you wish. All of your higher selves are working with us. It's all going up into the Light, up out of the crown chakra, up into the Light of the higher realms.

Everything dense is being transmuted. Anything that feels dark and gray—heavy, like a heavy leaden cloud of density—put it inside the Transmuting Violet Flame, and see it turn to pure Light!

This is your birthright, dear ones, this kind of empowerment. This is who you are! And it's so beautiful. We welcome you, all of you, to this new life you have built, that you have declared is yours and always shall be. There is always more Light to move up into. That's the beauty of it. The upward path never ends, and it can be Joyful every day.

We see your beauty, and your strength and your power, even if you yourselves aren't feeling too powerful at times. We see that in you, and it's just the most stunning image. And we're very full of thanks for all of you. Yes, indeed!

And in all of this, dear ones, we are with you, always.



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