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Message from God: Taking Stress Out Of Life

Message from God: Taking Stress Out Of Life

Awareness work in the grace of God – Part 2

Growth needs lightness and joy. That growth needs pressure, that is the concept of the old days, which is now being overcome. 

In the New Earth that is now expanding and gaining space in your consciousness, print is not a teaching or learning tool. Pressure is not a suitable means for spiritual development and is not a motivator. Joy and lightness, learning from an inner drive, from natural curiosity, from the needs of the soul are never associated with pressure, but always with joy.

Break the cycle

Beloved ones,
much like you can question perfection, dissolve it and transform it into perfection, you can take PRESSURE out of your life.

Today you are surrounded by pressure phenomena - electromagnetic pressure, energetic smog from the ether, pressure-making concepts from education or existential pressure burden psyche and body.

In addition, everyday worries and constantly recurring fears are widespread and they are stored in your soul as thoughts and emotions that create pressure. It is a cycle to break out of because how do you want to be free when PRESSURE is constantly building up around you and PRESSURE is spreading within you?

So how is it possible to be calm about everything that is? "How can it be that I am free from fears and worries when half the world seems to be drowning in fears and worries?" you ask yourself?

We now want to trigger and initiate this process of awareness by handing you handholds for your everyday life.

The most important step

As with any cognitive work, the FIRST STEP is the MOST IMPORTANT:

You have to see that you are under PRESSURE and that you pass on YOUR PRESSURE to fellow human beings, since you somehow want to deal with your own pressure. Ask yourself:

  • Am I under pressure or am I mostly relaxed?
  • Can my energies flow freely and do I feel that I am swimming in the flow of life?
  • Am I patient or am I like a child who can't wait for his birthday?
  • Am I passing on pressure by meeting those around me with inappropriate expectations?

Are you under pressure – and if so – then please be aware of that now. If calm, peace and serenity are your constant companions, then you have nothing to do now...

pausing …

Now ask yourself, "Am I willing to release my inner pressure and reject and reject ALL external pressures, ALL pressure-making energies in the environment?"

pausing …

Do you want to continue to live with PRESSURE, no matter what level? No? Then turn to me with the following affirmation, I am ALL THAT IS, and you are ALL THAT IS - within me.


I, (state your name here),
ask for the release of all pressure-building and pressure-making situations and circumstances in my life. I am valued by calm, inner peace and serenity. I am ready to open myself to the divine and completely shed earthly phenomena and attachments.

I ask GOD, who is in me and who I am in HIM, for this grace of liberation. My pressure goes, I breathe freely and live in the light.


(Affirmation End)

Say this affirmation 3 times in a row for 3 consecutive days. Go into silence for 20 minutes and your perception will change immediately. After all, you will never put pressure on yourself or those around you again, or put pressure on those around you.

Is there "healthy pressure?"

JJK: Is there "healthy pressure?"

GOD: No! Pressure is always sickening, self-destructive, limiting, and far from joyful.

JJK: But when a person wants to achieve something, they are often confronted with challenges that build up pressure. Learning to deal with this pressure can be very helpful, right? So growth also needs pressure?

Learning for joy

GOD: Growth needs lightness and joy.

That growth needs pressure, that is the concept of the old days, which is now being overcome.

In the New Earth that is now expanding and gaining space in your consciousness, print is not a teaching or learning tool. Pressure is not a suitable means for spiritual development and is not a motivator. Joy and lightness, learning from an inner drive, from natural curiosity, from the needs of the soul are never associated with pressure, but always with joy.

Effort and perseverance

This does not mean that there is no effort. You confuse exertion and perseverance with pressure. This is where a rethink and a new feeling take place.

You will be recalibrated and aligned with the new time.

This is happening now at all levels and permeating all social systems. The frame of reference of human perception is changing fundamentally.

JJK: Right now I'm experiencing so much pressure from the ether - different vibrational fields, the pressure from the old system. The horror of this time often weighs heavily on my shoulders and makes my soul heavy. How can we deal with it, because I think it affects many people?

GOD: The affirmation brings relief on all levels from which pressure emanates - on all levels. Try it, meditate, surrender to me - and then let it happen.

The 2 homework

In today's awareness work you have been given two homework assignments: the perfectionists are allowed to see that they are already perfect, and the people who are often under pressure are allowed to step out of this concept.

You always encounter the causes of pressure symptoms inside yourself and they are always neutralized through awareness work.

Only on the inside can you see clearly and appreciate the true value of outer appearances.

As long as you react to external phenomena without connecting with yourself, you are working on the symptoms instead of removing the causes.

There is no more effective method for everything that is than the awareness work within you, that is, to define the ACTUAL STATUS and to initiate the REALIZATION. This is spiritual ACTION.

While you wait for the world to change, the world expects you to transform.

Paradise is within you!

Beloved, you are looking for paradise lost in this world, YOU will not find it here. You can only find paradise within yourself – everything begins and ends in you, in your heart and in your soul.

All life - all you are and all that is - takes place in the place you know best, which some of you have not set foot in for eons.

It's time to rediscover this place, because YOUR SELF HOLDS THE GREATEST TREASURY: LIFE.

The biggest mistake is to believe that you can change something on the outside before you have set the course for it on the inside.

Therefore, beloved person, come to me now and find your way back!

I am God

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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