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Conversations with Kuthumi - Out of the old into the New

Conversations with Kuthumi - Out of the old into the New

Intentional Frequency

Part 1

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the Rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of inspiration. Greetings

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God.

Still one of my favourite introductions!

Dear beloved beings, Brothers and Sisters of the light, it is again an absolute honour for me and us as a group frequency to extend our vibrations unto you, to sit and ‘wash’ your feet, as we bring our frequency into an understandable space for you to be able to relate, and to understand yourself as we do, for we are all one.

As you raise your frequency to meet ours, we meet yours. Beloved ones within the planes beyond this there truly is no ‘set’ divisions. There’s organization, clarity, and direction. There are various levels of treatments, healing, and teachings. Levels of ‘experiencing’ (being) and reflection, but there truly is no real separation. Your see, from one dimension to another, all it takes is an adjustment of frequency.

An adjustment of frequency beloved ones takes a commitment from the self to transcend itself from the level where it is at, to the level where it intends to be. Thus, where the intention focuses upon.

We have often discussed that for you to draw towards yourself that which you truly desire, all you need do, is align your frequency with that which you wish to attract to you, for it to come within reach, thus tangible manifestation in your world.

Truth is, beyond this plane it works very much the same, thus levels or vibrational frequencies shifts to attract similar vibrational frequencies.

Frequency = Thought

Beloved ones, you have yourselves living within the third dimension, you enjoy the second and the first, you travel and dream within the fourth, and you focus on the fifth. Yet, from a higher perspective you are all that and much more, collectively as one.

The same goes for the frequency of Home. Once you take your departure from this beautiful planet, that which you allow yourself to experience is what you draw towards yourself according to the frequency that you emit (think). The more you work on yourself on a conscious level, the easier it is for you to transcend lower frequencies, and therefore easier to attract towards yourself frequencies of other dimensions, of another way of being, and that which you dream of.

The Age of Aquarius is living in the land of dreams.

Every Portal (key dates) that we celebrate always opens up a higher understanding towards the new energy, a new way of looking at things. Beloved ones you can go back and reflect on the words that I have shared over the years, your planet is still in turmoil, very shaky, with much to be done. There is still so much to learn, to be integrated, shared, and taught. Therefore, it is imperative to allow others to experience what they need to according to their own understanding, the way they perceive things to be.

Each of you are an individual, each unique, and therefore the strong focus of you as an individual, especially within the new energy, is to master your authenticity. That is absolutely paramount for you to be able to transgress the old and embrace the new. Authenticity beloved ones carries a Divine Frequency of uniqueness. To be able to say that you are authentic or uniquely yourself is probably the greatest compliment and gift that you can give yourself. It takes an authentic and unique being to be able to transcend the old and therefore pave for itself a new frequency, a new vibration, for it to glide, listen to my words, GLIDE into a new timeline.

You would say to me “But Kuthumi, you must be stark raving mad to think that anyone on this planet is gliding anywhere”. I'm going to say to you “Actually, you are!”

If you have not yet discovered your uniqueness beloved ones, you certainly would not be sitting here.

We suggest that you raise your frequency, and therefore choose a new or different path, for you to glide into an alternate timeline. This is one of the greatest gifts of the Aquarian Age, for you to be able to “shapeshift frequency” and yet still be within a vibration of understanding or relating to those that are around you. Each and every one of you have this gift; to be kind and compassionate to each another whilst carving for yourself a new way of gliding into a more refined frequency of an alternate timeline. A reality that you dream of and dream towards.

Beloved ones the reason why I'm bringing in the topic of conversation relating the various stages and planes beyond that which you experience here within your own world (your dimensions), is to make it understandable that you are indeed the master of your own journey, and that you indeed have the ability to shift frequencies that no longer compliment you. I'm not even going to use the words ‘serve you’.

Serve the self, and you serve all others.

Beloved ones, the time is nigh for you to be in service to the self for that is why you came. You came to be the Creator reflected in manifested form. You came to remind yourself of your magnificence as a being. You came to work through processes previously unachievable, unsuccessful, or unresolved, thus not totally within your satisfaction. Yes, indeed there are many reasons why you came to once again take on the human frequency. The difference being that this time around you have reminders set, automatic reminders within your energy field reminding you through certain trigger points that there's a greater lesson at play. The ultimate being to (re)discover and live out the absolute uniqueness of the self.

We discussed this previously, but it needs to be repeated. Beloved ones there is such a need for you to totally surrender into your absolute uniqueness without having to make excuses, excuse yourself, apologize to anyone, and uncertainly without having to serve anyone.

The frequency of The New You that you are working on, and have for some time, is now being fine-tuned. This is part of the trigger node memories that you now tap into within your memory field, cell tissue, and Cosmic wiring.

Perhaps at times things don't go as you wish. When this happens, as I made mention of previously, is to first of all be calm and retort into your own Stillness. Find your Still Point within.

The second is to laugh! Laughter is still the best medicine! Eons ago I gave you an analogy of opening your post box with yet another one of those window envelopes staring you in the face (accounts/bills to pay). Oh dear, you probably no longer have those on this planet as everything is via electronic mail!

You open it, look at it, and perhaps think ‘how in the world am I going to get through paying this or catching up with that?’

Trust me, you've been through far worse, far worse! You got yourself from the old energy into the new, from there to here! Therefore, we continue to bless you with words and frequencies thus vibrations of inspiration for you to once again recognize your uniqueness. To be inspired by your authenticity!

Trust me, when you leave this plane no one is waiting on the other side with a video camera or a recorder to see what you have achieved and manifested here. No, so in truth, that which you leave with must indeed be greater than that which you grew into in embodiment when you began this journey as human. It’s called awakening consciousness!

You came with very little earth awareness, which grew as you did to become a great expression of your unique individuality. You’ve worked at it, and expanded on it, and now is the time to put that into action! When you leave you will be very grateful towards yourself from an even higher dimensional level for the time and effort invested in developing your unique authentic conscious self!

Like the ‘visionary’ Age of Aquarius where everything is flowery, bright, and beautiful, filled with fragrance and love in the air, this current time offers you so many extended gifts as shared previously. I'm not going to repeat about the Diamond or Gamma (Bliss) Codes of Consciousness being bestowed upon each of you including the unaware. Let alone discuss being showered with codes of Enlightenment which transforms your world whilst inspiring you to awaken to newness thus new possibilities, and to cradle this within.

We get the turbulence; people are being challenged, thrown, and shoved from pillar to post. But we also know that in hindsight you are far more capable of transcending the old than what you realize! We KNOW you can do it! We've

been there all along alongside you, and will remain so together with all the ‘new’ or enhanced frequencies being ushered in.

These imprints or etheric transmitters that you are blessed with erases your fears of feeling trapped in a world of ‘there’s no tomorrow’. You are in many ways confused by and trapped within the trickery of illusion, but you are now able to transcend that, and glide towards creating a different timeline to travel along. Once this new vision is anchored and stored within your subconscious, you will soon realise that that which you faced, and may still face, can and will be overcome!

Ultimate Peace Consciousness.

The New You is all about being brave warriors of light as you continue to create not only for yourself but also for others a more desirable frequency (timeline) to be at peace within.

Enlightenment takes work. To ‘wake up and stay awakened’ takes effort. No effort, no action, no result. To those who are unable to do so at this present time we simply extend love and inspiration! You do so by unconditionally sharing the codes of the New Earth that you are blessed with. 

Be like the fairies and pixies running through your woods meandering about in a blissful world, for that is you! Allow your unique self to selflessly sprinkle ‘love dust’ wherever you go! It is not your responsibility to stop and turn to see for whom the dust manifested or whether it has fallen on favourable grounds. Your responsibility is your ability to respond to the self, and in so doing recognize your uniqueness and authenticity. How else can you leave the world of trials and tribulations that many of you have grown up, into, and hopefully through?

If you are unable to truly face the divinity of your divine self within the mirrors of your own making and fall in love with yourself once more, or unable to remind yourself of your love when looking into the mirror on your wall, at least try shift this by practicing it even once a day.

Simply look into your eyes and say, “I LOVE YOU”. Over time, you will be convinced.

We understand the difficulty when facing one’s mirror, but when you do pluck up the courage, look deep in those beautiful eyes and you will see what we see, magnificence staring right back at you.

You will truly wake up to your unique divine magnificent (sacred) Fire within. In so doing you too will recognize your Cosmic lineage as it is written within every cell in your body. Because of that, you can fully absorb, reinstate, reaffirm, and totally re-embrace the absolute ability that you have as a being to achieve whatever you wish, or set out to do, BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Most of humanity relates success to great wealth, yet there is so much more to it. The greatest wealth you can gather for the self is to recognize all of that which I have just shared.

Look at yourself in the mirror of your own making and those on your bathroom walls and say to yourself “I remember you!”

The memory of your uniqueness is what inspires and prompts you to create for yourself the ability to uplift and raise your frequency so that you may glide along a new timeline, and to manifest the desired reality for yourself as you glide along.

End of part 1

Coming soon: Part Two – The Gift of Tools / Intense Energy Upgrade Initiation

Transmitted thru Chanel Lingenfelder Howick SA

Article Submitted to CrystalWind.ca via Email from Chanel Lingenfelder with Written Authorization to reblog on CrystalWind.ca.

Chanel Lingenfelder
Chanel Lingenfelder has been a transvoice channel for Kuthumi, Diana, the Ascended Masters and other Light Beings since 2006. She lives in Howick, South Africa. Apart from earning mega academic accolades, she’s a published author and travelled extensively. Her book “From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia” is available on all leading platforms. For more info www.visionoftheheart.co.za. Chanel’s dedication toward lightwork remains as unwavering as her wicked sense of humor!
Below is a link to Chanel's book. 

From Party Patsy to Praying Patricia 

Submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Chanel Lingenfelder and reprinted with written authorization. Do Not Copy!
Header image courtesy of CrystalWind.ca.

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