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Lady Master Nada: Cover Yourself With My Red Light

Lady Master Nada: Cover Yourself With My Red Light

Dear brothers of planet Earth! I'M A TEACHER NOTHING!

Being with you once again, as we have always said, brings great joy to my heart and myself. Being aware that today we are participating in this entire process of ascension of planet Earth and its inhabitants is a very, very high experience for each of us. 

Don't think that only you are going through this unique process, so are we. Everything is quite new, because they are procedures, treatments, circumstances totally different from what we have seen before. We have to be much more careful, we have to be more tactful in everything we do. When we ascend the souls it is much easier, because there is no danger of disincarnation, there is no fight to capture the souls because they are all already divided.

Not here, here the process continues to happen live, in the moment. So at the same time that we take care of the evolved souls, we need to protect those who are not knowing how to follow their path, so that they are not co-opted when they disincarnate, make the correct decision of a future evolution. It is not an easy process, attention, all the planning is much more difficult than when we deal only with souls. You also have to take into account the decisions you make every day. We plan everything and suddenly everything changes, the timeline changes because the collective consciousness of humanity changes that timeline. We have to intervene at that moment, to bring him back to the intended timeline and this happens constantly.

But we have managed to keep everything as we planned it, as Father/Mother God envisioned and defined it to be. Do not worry about the dates, for the moments. The moment is brief, very brief and nothing will stop it from happening. There is nothing to change anymore, we will follow the schedule that is already defined. Whoever is close to this line will be blessed, will be cared for, will be accompanied, because it is a line of Light. The further away from it, the more work we will have; I work in the sense of looking at each one and making them see reason, the right path. Not reason for reason, but reason for the right path. We are not going to abandon anyone, we are not judges or demarcators of anyone, on the contrary.

Those who are close to the path of Light, we don't even worry because we know that they are already on the right path, they have their own protections, because because of their high energy, they attract their Masters, they attract Angels, they attract Benevolent Beings. , attract all those who vibrate only Light. So it's like they're already inside a protection, so we're not worried about them anymore. Our concern at this time is with each one that moves away from the timeline, from the Light. It is with each one that he insists on following the line of the Matrix. So there is a series of events, a series of events, that we put in the way of each soul, for them to realize, for them to wake up, for them to make the right decision.

And I can say that this figure is huge: 2/3 of the planet has not yet heard anything. And it is these people that we deal with now, it is these people that our work deals with at all times. We have said that there is a strong negative mass on the planet, yes there is. There is a mass of power, of discord, of struggle. This is the way they create to increase the negative mass, to bring fear, to bring uncertainty, to bring doubt and unfortunately you get carried away, you enter this game that they prepare and this mass only increases. A mass of fear and control because the more fear you feel, the more doubt you feel, the more heartbreak you feel, the more their control over you increases and the mass only grows. That is why we have said that there is an intense negative mass throughout the planet. They know that they have already lost but they still have all that power to manipulate the news that reaches you. Bringing fear, insecurity and provoking more and more violence.

What we have been saying here daily: Choose not to be in this mass, choose to follow that path of protected Light, forget this mass. It is the choice of each one, it is the choice of each soul on this planet, of each being incarnated on this planet, the path to follow. What is it vibrating with? The energy you vibrate with is your choice. So this is a time when each of you needs to think of yourself, only yourself. Forget about those around you, their time will come, nothing is lost. Do not see this negative mass as something unsolvable and indestructible, it will end, it will be destroyed. And those who follow this energy will have to make their decisions: continue to perpetuate this energy or walk towards the Light.

Then it will be the time of the choice because there will be nothing else to influence the process. There will only be Light on the planet, there will be no non-Light influence, but the dark hearts will still be there. Those who have vibrated the non-light for so long that they no longer know how to see the light. Thus, for each one of them, there will be a work of change, there will be a work of conquest. But if they don't want to change their ways and we don't get them to, they'll be wiped off the planet, they won't stay here. But they will only be eliminated, depending on the degree of involvement and decision of each one. Where there is a thread of hope, of change, it will remain on the planet.

Otherwise, the great leaders, the causes of everything that the planet is experiencing today, will not have time to think. As they have already been warned, they have had a lot of time to think. So the great leaders will not remain here, they will be removed from the planet, so that the Beings of Light can effectively take command positions at all the necessary points and begin to make the great change, the great awakening. But it is always good to repeat it: free will will continue to be respected, those who want to follow the Light will follow it, those who do not want to will be accompanied. But rest assured, it won't cause anything else. Each one will be guided to change his path and depending on his evolution, he will be allowed to stay or removed from the planet.

If I tell you that 2/3 of the planet is in this situation, do you think it will be a quick process? Of course not, it will be an evolutionary process of humanity on the way to the Fifth Dimension. It will take us a long time to strive to convert each of these souls. So don't worry, look inside, look in your hearts and leave out those who want to follow another path, another direction. His time will come, the truth will come for everyone and each one can choose to live the truth or continue in the lie, continue in the illusion, continue on the wrong path, it will be the choice of each one, we will not interfere. So this moment now is a lot of introspection, do a review of your walk.

Which path are you following? Do you follow a path to the Fifth Dimension, oblivious to the world around you or do you continue to engage with it? Are you still participating, are you still taking sides, are you still making A or B decisions? Do not forget that this mass will be destroyed. A few light leaders are active on the planet at this time, but all of the non-light will be eliminated. So why your participation, why your choices? To placate your ego, to placate your mind, to prove to yourself that you are right and we are wrong? But the choice is up to each one. It is the question we always ask ourselves, what do you choose: Follow the path of Light and turn your back on the Matrix? Or stay inside her, making the decisions to keep her alive, What do you choose? The answer has to come from the heart of each one and cannot be judged. If you choose the path of Light, you will be very well protected. Now, if you decide to stay there, to make sure you're making the right decision, nothing happens, you will be swallowed by this mass. But you will have your moment, you will have your moment to see the truth again and make new decisions.

So nothing ends here, nothing closes here, on the contrary, there will be a great new beginning, there will be a great new beginning for humanity. And it will be beautiful to see, it will be beautiful to see so many people looking at themselves and seeing how badly they have done themselves for so long. It will be very good to see this, the consciousness of each person awakening to the truths, to the Light. And following the path that we propose; he places a glass of water next to where you sleep and asks: Master Nada! Energize this water with your Red Lightning! And I'll do it. You need my help to find your Higher Self, he asks: Master Nada! Energize me with your Red Ray and help me reach my Higher Self! Ask with faith, ask with action and belief and I will surely help you.

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