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Be Nurtured By Universal Light - Goddess of Creation

Be Nurtured By Universal Light - Goddess of Creation

It seems as if so many of these meditations are about changing things, or feeling as if you need to fix something.  This meditation is completely about nurturing and support.  You are supported by the universe.  You can be nurtured in many different ways, this time it was as if you were floating on a cloud.

The Goddess when in the All That Is actually created a cloud for each of us.  It was funny as I watched some dive into theirs, others climb on, and even more, just roll onto it. The Goddess then took us through step by step of releasing our thoughts, tension, emotions, pain, or anything at all that was hanging over us.  These clouds were infused with universal light; meaning God’s Light, which then became a part of us.

It is very rare to take time and just experience energy.  We constantly go places, plan our lives, meet goals, think about things, etc.  Therefore, this meditation will give you an opportunity to truly let go and be supported in every way possible.  It is filled with light and love.  

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you wherever you are in your life.

As you move through your day, you are indeed in a place of activation.  Just as Shelly was discussing at the beginning, each one of these channels has been about activating your frequency, activating the gifts that you have, and activating all of the unlimited potentials that is within you.

So often, as this is taking place, you don’t know where this is going to go. You don’t know what is next for you in your life. You don’t know what you don’t know!  Therefore, it is always a leap of faith every time that you reach out to another individual, every time that you reach out to an experience that is outside of what you have been doing in the past.

Every time that you have an idea that comes into you, before you can go into that place of analyzing or talking yourself out of it, take that leap of faith and try something different.  You are here.  You constantly have opportunities that come up for you.  Can you take this moment while you’re still here, present on the earth, to give yourself an opportunity to acknowledge that you believe in you? You believe in your abilities.  You believe in your potential. You believe in the many, many, many different things that are nudging you in one direction or another.

It makes me smile because as I speak those words to you, I see the majority of you as if you are expanding your energies outward instead of in. There are others that immediately begin to hear in the back of your mind. “But what about ….” And then you can add whatever you consider; either doubt or, for many of you, you consider it the voice of reason versus listening to the heart of desire.  

Finding a way to merge your desire and your reason is important as you move forward.  What is this to you?

Take in a deep breath and as you do so, let your focus go within as if you are connecting with your heart center. Feel the flow and the movement of that chakra as it is supporting you within and around your heart. You create this ball of light. You just imagine it swirling within you. 

You then send a stream of it as if that stream of energy goes down through your other energy bodies, and it goes down until it connects with Gaia.

Consider what it feels like as you open up to this alignment with Gaia. Are you just tapping into the surface? Are you going deep, down within the core? Feel this presence and feel this energy as it’s moving through all parts of where you are.

Become attuned to the vibration and the frequency of Gaia. As you allow your consciousness to open up, you understand how there is a great deal that you can let go. Just as each one of you have the clutter that may go on in your brain or in your mind, so too there is a clutter of old energies that are aligned with Gaia, but do not go deeply within her.

You then let that swirl back up within you. As it comes back up within your heart center, you can really feel how you are anchored on the Earth. You send it up through your throat, your third eye, your Lightbody center, your head center, and you send that beam of light until it aligns within your higher self. Look around at all that is here.

Within your higher self, you may see clutter or things that no longer serve you; phew, clear them out. Take note of what other aspects are here and important to you from the space of your higher self.

You send your consciousness even further. This time you come until you find that space of merging with your soul essence.  For so many of you, as you merge with this energy, you just feel the wash, and the love, and the light. It’s almost as if there is a glow, a golden glow, or for some it looks indigo, magenta, or white; many, many different colors and vibrations represent the frequencies of your divinity.

This is your history, you could say, as you look at these various aspects of who you are.  This is your history for the many, many, many different activities that you have experienced as your divine essence. For some, it’s as if you see images; for others, you feel energies. Still, others have a perception of different colors.

I, the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out and merge my energies with yours so that we may move into the All That Is. As you open to feel the presence of this place, look around at what is here. For some of you, you may see what you consider your sanctuary. For others, you may see the various projects that you are working on.  While I am not going to focus in the way that I have been, ask to see where were you two to three months ago and where are you now after these various activations that you have experienced.

I can see how many of you are able to discern the change that has taken place within you. Sometimes in your everyday life, you are in a trend or a rut, or a process that keeps you from being able to move forward.  Make a specific intention as you look now, to look with new eyes, with a new perception so that you may see from that place of love.

As we look at your lives, I have several energies that are moving through me that I would ask for you to consider. For many of you, you are so busy in your life. You move from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next.  And then sometimes you forget to slow down and take it easy.

Look around. Here is a space that I invite each one of you that in your mind’s eye, feel as if you are floating on a cloud.  I saw some as if you were diving into the cloud. I saw others just falling backward. Then I saw others that were climbing onto it as if you are going to bed.  Within this cloud, you now have an opportunity to truly open and feel nurtured and supported.

The first thing that happens within this cloud is that it pulls away from you any tension that you hold within your body. What does it feel like to you to simply relax where your shoulders relax, your abdomen, your legs, your arms; every bit of your physical body just simply relaxes, and this cloud of energy is literally pulling out any stress, any tension that may be holding your back.

There is a direct relationship between the body relaxing and the mind. Allow your mind to relax as if you are pulling out any tension or stress that you may have within your mind, within your thoughts and beliefs. Your mind is always thinking, but it is as if it moves into slow motion.

This cloud also works upon your emotions.  As your physical body is relaxing.  As your mind is slowing down and your thoughts are getting slower and slower, your emotions are also relaxing. Are there certain feelings that have really been coming up for you again and again and again? If these feelings or emotions are holding you back, they keep pulling you down, causing you to feel anxious, or bad, or depressed or whatever it may be; allow this cloud to just drain them away from you.

For some, there is an issue of trust. Even in this place that is one hundred percent nurturing, that is only of high light vibration; there are still times when people refuse to trust or it makes them feel like there is something in the way that keeping them from trusting. Whatever that may be, it’s as if this cloud is moving around, you in such a way that it removes anything at all that may be keeping you from trusting.

I am now sending into your cloud the vibration or the frequency that is more associated with the fifth dimension and higher. Allow it to work within you so that it may create new pathways within you. New pathways for your emotions. New pathways for your thoughts and beliefs. New pathways for the neurons and the sensors that move through your physical body.

In many of you this is allowing you to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. This is an opportunity for you to simply receive everything that is here for you in this cloud. How often in your life do you have an opportunity to simply experience without any expectation? Without any expectation from others, without any expectation from yourself. This is an important part of what you learn in this now moment.

You are so very loved!  You are completely loved and nurtured by the cloud.  You are completely tuned in, and this is helping you to shift your frequency into a place of complete support.

For each of you, if there is something from within your soul, if it is time for you to receive that download.  You need not know the details of what this is; you need only be open to receive.  If there are any thoughts, ideas, potentials, or perhaps changes as they come into your consciousness, acknowledge whatever they are, then let them flow away.

As you acknowledge whatever this may be to you, you are showing the universe and your divinity that you accept the love, the light, and the potential. That you honor yourself for all the many, many gifts that you have. There may be times when you don’t understand or even know what they are, but you are still here to receive.

Feel the flow, feel the love, and receive all of what this is for you.

There may be times when you return to this cloud, it is always there for you. This is custom created for you; you need only request that you have some nurturing time upon your cloud. There may be opportunities when you create something like this in your higher self so that it feels as if it’s closer to you in your daily life. The choice is always yours to do as much with this as you so choose.

As I look out at you, some of you have literally merged one hundred percent with the cloud, and I see only your energy as if your energy itself is the cloud. As I look at others of you, I still see the shape of you as the human; however, there is a gentle, loving wave that keeps pulsating, supporting you in that space. I see a few that have created a tiny bit of a barrier that looks as if it insulates the individual, which my sense is that it gives them a sense of security.

So, in each one of these situations, the cloud energy moves through you, within you, supporting you in the best way possible. If there is something coming up within your life that you’d like to put forth as an intention, now is the time to do so. 

As you continue to move through these experiences, be open to whatever direction this opportunity may take you.  It may be exactly as you desire, or it may be some subtle changes that take you into an even better perspective.

Your cloud begins to shift in such a way as to assist you with coming back within the full consciousness of yourself, remembering everything that has happened and then your human experience.  Whereas before, there was a sense of laying down, you are now sitting up. By sitting up and shifting that position, you are coming back within yourself.

You let that energy stream down within you. As your focus continues to come back, you are allowing it to come from the very broad expanse that you were just tapped into and bringing it back into the consciousness of which you are more aware. You may find that you go back and forth in your everyday life coming back into this space. It will always be here as a permanent transition for all that you are going through as you live your life.

I invite everyone to come together as a group.  As you gather, this is your Lightbody energy. This is you as the crystalline essence of yourself. Your cloud was filled with the crystalline essence as it assisted with all your ways of relaxation. As you are gathered here as a group, you see coming up the hologram of the earth. You see it fluctuate and change as it pulsates.  I invite you to send within the hologram your own transitioned consciousness.  So too, put forth the intention that all of humanity opens to this awareness, receiving whatever this experience may be for them, that all of humanity has the potential to transition into the higher frequencies with ease.

You notice how the hologram continues to change as you infuse an intention. There is the aspect that goes out into the universe, creating the balance within the universe for everything that is happening upon the earth. As the hologram goes back down into the earth, it moves around the energy field.  The rest goes down into the core of the Earth. It anchors there within, it then begins to expand. It moves upward through the various layers of the Earth. It moves through the consciousness of the Earth and it comes up within you through the place where you anchored upon the Earth.

 It comes up within and around every single person, animal, tree, grass, all of the elements. This is all working with the planet itself, with humanity, with the consciousness so as to create the higher and best potential for all.

As you are once again here again within the space of the Earth plane, let your consciousness go back up to where it is within the All That Is. You literally shift that so that it may slow down. It moves through your divinity. It moves through your higher self, and you allow it to stream back down within you. As it does so, you can feel that movement and flow.

Beloved family, I wish for you to consider that word or phrase ‘beloved family.’ You are all family to one another. You are all seeking to live your lives to the best of your abilities. And in doing so, you support one another.  Understand that through this meditation tonight, you have created changes within every level of your being.

With this meditation, you have opened to much bigger, or broader integration directly into your soul. Therefore, allow your divinity to nurture and assist you throughout your life. Change is continuously happening. I invite you to be open to the flow and receive every benefit and every opportunity that is yours.

Beloved, know that I am ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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