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Federation of Light: Monolith Mysteries Revealed! Future Sign?

Federation of Light: Monolith Mysteries Revealed! Future Sign?

Hello! Hello! Well, no worries about what I’d like to talk about today! The new Monolith, that has appeared in Nevada, of course. Go! … Go! Go! Go! Go!

Greetings to you, Blossom and Each One attending this conversation, be it by word or sound. We can feel your excitement, Blossom, and this is most pleasing.

Well, it is exciting. In my mind, without having to search back, did you not say that there were five more to come, after the last one, in the sort of ‘soonish’ future! If that isn’t leaving things open, I don’t know what is!

This is correct, Blossom. The next one to ‘arrive’ is to be in yet, an even more obscure positioning. For no other reason than that is its designated placement, in order for it to align with the Grid markings that it is set within.

They do indeed ‘land’ in ‘out of nowhere’ places!

They, indeed, land ‘out of nowhere.’

Forgive me, I cannot remember if you have explained to us how they ‘land’ … would you mind going over it again?

These ‘tubes’ …

Tubes … are they tubes?

We choose to call them this for today’s purpose of explanation are ‘created’ Off World. Their integrity … their intelligence … their system … their conduct … making them what they are … is ‘captured’ in a program that can be condensed into the size of a dice.

Mm. This feels new info … maybe we haven’t discussed this before.

Yet, you understand that Energy is not something that can remain still. It has to BE moving. All that is Life is Energy … it has to Flow. Therefore, Energy can be manipulated into any size or shape that is desired. Yet, in this case … we would say ‘that is useful.’

So, I feel you are about to say that this dice could be ‘dropped’ on to the Planet and from the place it was created, buttons can be pressed and ‘poof’ … a full-size monolith blows up like an inflatable castle! This is in layman’s terms of course.

This is more or less correct … yet, certainly will suffice.

It is not a button though, is it? What is it?

It is a device that is activated involving it being placed on a particular crystal formation.

How does it communicate with the dice?

The dice … is already programmed to connect and communicate with the device. This is not new technology when you think of how much similarity this presents in devices already present upon your Planet that communicate with each other.

Can I also pick up on me saying it is ‘dropped.’ Clearly, one doesn’t simply open the hatch on a ship and one wishes it luck as you wave it goodbye?

Indeed, Blossom, it is more ‘precisely directed’ as to its ‘landing pad,’ would we say.

It is programmed to do so via teleportation.

Keep in mind … we are speaking to you as if this is an everyday run of the mill procedure. This is not so.

The delicacy of these pillars plays a huge role in how they are handled.

They are considered of High intelligence and High importance.

Just inquiring … are they constructed to their original size? I.E. Are they originally made to the size in which we see them on Earth.

This is correct.

You are putting into my mind the movie ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids.’

For obvious reasons.

So … and here’s an out-there question. IF … they were to open up … what would be seen inside?


What! No mother board or levers and flashing red and green Lights? No little blue people awaiting to be awakened and set to work? No 1812 overtures? No fireworks? Just particles?! Well, I never. So, now if we may, we need to talk about these particles.

Particles of Energy that remain, not dormant, yet, almost to the point of sleep … that await their DIVINE MOMENT of activation, that we have spoken about in the past.

These particles ‘speak’ to each other, and to those particles in other such Monolith’s that have arrived and lie in wait.

Have I heard that the ones here from earlier have been removed?

Some … not all. Do you recall us showing you an image of them being in an enclosed sealed room and yet, unable to be dissected? For want of a better term.

Their blueprint remains in their situated original landing hold.

Could it not be that those who work in the Monolith department ‘off-world,’ could use the same device to shrink them again, and get Scotty to beam them up?

This is not necessary.

They are perfectly safe where they are … and …

And this is a big ‘and’ … I can feel it …

They were not designed to do so.

So, you mean they cannot be shrunk once they have expanded to their full size.



It is not needed. They are safe where they are, for they cannot be penetrated and they have no purpose ‘back on board.’

Can I just clarify if memory serves … that you who choose to be known as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … THE OVERSEERS OF THE OVERSEERS … do not reside on a ship … you just reside in a level of Vibration out there … somewhere.

Correct again, Blossom. We like your play on words in order to keep it simple.

Yet … you can manifest a ship should it be appropriate for you to say ‘visit’ and then, you would also take form that is fitting for that particular situation or circumstance?


I just wanted to make it clear that it is not you … or, perhaps, not ‘your department’ that is involved in the creation of that which we speak. A thought … if Energy can be manipulated … what is it that would prevent the Monoliths from suddenly disappearing?


Eh … please explain.

They create much curiosity as they stand.

The mystery is evoking unawakened possibilities to become possible.

For whom?


Are they not seeming to match that of images that are already present in certain movies? Movies that are futuristic?

I believe so.

So along with their many purposes which we have spoken of before … they are assisting souls to recognise the future that is coming. That which many signed up to attend.

I Love that. The fact that we signed up to attend the future!( Another t shirt Joe! ) I guess that is what is so exciting about them. Here they are … in our reality and they are so ‘futuristic’ to us … which, as you say … helps us to know that it is actually happening.

What is actually happening, Blossom?

The future.  That which you have spoken to us about. That which is to bring the new and HONEST world into fruition. The one that we are all here to manifest. I Love it. It fills one’s Being with such encouragement.

The reason you are feeing so encouraged and of Joy regarding this matter at hand, Blossom, is because your Soul is recognising it as Truth.


This is why the Monoliths are so intriguing … they trigger ‘Memories of your future.’

An interesting concept … ‘Memories of our future.’

Not really, Blossom. For you have been shown it  … in a past that is the present … and lived it in a future that will one day be the past …

Hold the phone a minute  … let me digest that little gem. So, I assume we were shown it before we came back down to Earth … the past …. shown it as in a presentation of the future that we are now in … the present …  and then … it will be in the past because one day it will have happened.  Plus the fact, everything is happening at once! Nope … not ready to go down that rabbit hole today … that ‘everything is happening at once’ stuff always blows my brains out.

Yet, you are everything … all at once.

Apparently so! I accept it … yet … well, you know …  it is difficult to get one’s head around …

From where your perspective is at this space in your current supposed reality.

Of course. Guys … I feel this is a good space to finish todays chat. Loved it.

As we always do.  We LOVE all that derives from these conversations, and we Love too, how they spark the Soul’s interest … creating many new pathways to explore.

Indeed. WOW … There we go. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM!

Apparently the Monolith has now been removed.


Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channeling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for twelve years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings. Webpage: Blossom Goodchild
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