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Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update on Multi-Dimensional Awakenings

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Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update on Multi-Dimensional Awakenings:

Ascended NEW Earth Light Codes, Optical Illusions and Living Dreams... What's Next?

♥ Global/Cosmic/Universal/Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Re-Set Powerfully Underway
♥ Increased Multi-System Dismantling for NEW Earth Systems to Replace
♥ Every Reality is BEing RE-Worked, From the Inside Out

The last several months have been power packed with all new NEW Earth Light Codes for each to fully integrate within, delve into the depths, go deeper within and awaken through/to all new realities that exist BEYOND the OLD 3D EARTH ones... all which become Illusions and Dreams as we all go.

This year, the FREEDOM CODES expanded into SO VERY MUCH MORE.... which I'll share a bit after I speak to a few other things relative to a Multi-Dimensional Awakening process and then separate phases of Physical Body Ascension for NEW EARTH to become actual LIVE-ABLE REALites for all...

It's important to understand that every dimension experiences very different realities... so in order to speak to these, we have to "be-bop" around.... moving from dimension to dimension (Living in/from different vibrational frequency bandwidths) and bringing all into focus/a picture/a visual... so each can grasp the magnitude of all. To simplify, means going into great detail, on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional Level and break apart every code, the intricacies of all... or we can keep it simple in nature and just speak to that topic and honor each's ability to open completely to all new understandings, all new ways and then take it upon themselves to go deeper inside in order to expand, understand, see and explore...

Light Codes are multi-faceted, multi-tiered, multi-dimensional and Quantum in Nature.... completely non-linear in every way. These are activated now at an at even more unprecedented accelerating rate, especially with the completion of July's new QUANTUM TIMETABLES in conjunction with Gaia’s Template and relative to the Sirian/Galactic Gateways (wow!). We've also had THE MOST PURE AND POWERFUL TONES go out Multi-Dimensionally.... beyond beautiful codes for CELEBRATING NEW EARTH REALITIES and more peace being anchored and lived from within our own individual/collective MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Experiences too.

Living Light Codes

I've looked at sharing this information in the most condensed way possible and the amount of information/codes daily, just make it virtually impossible... so I'll recap a few and leave it up to each to see... as the importance of these NEW EARTH CODES completely reconfigure everyone's perception of reality (and Multi-Dimensional experience) in every way.

It's beyond important to realize that the human aspect will JUDGE and RESIST every part of this. It's beyond important to surrender/move beyond all Judgments and inner-resistance in order to shift to a completely different place/space inside, otherwise "doing" this will be the opposite of ease and grace. ♥

I sometimes bring in polarity to explain QUANTUM ENERGY, as giving examples is the easiest way for each to energetically tune-in and see. We do not live from duality, yet when necessary, we do use it to explain and expand. We merge the opposing energies to create a "new energy" of Unity-Oneness, where all is a part of a much bigger picture and a part of a greater whole. Each piece and part can be broken down and the "pieces" put back together completely differently than before. This is a part of Quantum Existence, where entire realities are consciously dismantled and consciously put back together completely differently than before. This is also what the whole planet is in the middle of right now. An immense Quantum Re-write of all realities.... ☼

AN ILLUSORY REALITY of immense separation was a part of every human experience, which is a part of what all came here to fully Transcend. This density reality was created as a RESULT of what we all agreed to prior to incarnating/walking in here. This "reality", while illusory in ENERGETICS, was our whole life and we each lived it, believed it, participated in it and were an integral part of the "whole thing" for as long as that was our current purpose. There comes a point where new awarenesses, new abilities and much higher aligned purposes are ready to come forth and it's "time" to move out of those old realities/beliefs and into all new ones, yet our human ego aspect fights this with everything it's got, so it's up to each one of us to REALize this and shift out of this resistant place/space inside.

3D we all lived/believed. 4D we did too. We never "fit in there", yet we all "tried" in some way, forgo "survival" and many other things. I put these two dimensions together (3D/4D), as they are "Pre-Ascension timelines", whereas 5D is our Ascension of Consciousness and 6D+ is where Physical Body Ascension occurs. Post-physical-body-ascension timelines are very different than "Pre-Ascension" ones. There is an Ascension of Consciousness first (the bliss, magic and peace of 5D), which is also where NEW Earth portals start to open up inside, making much higher dimensional timelines available for each. As this is energetically achieved, the Physical Body then undergoes an immense alchemical LIGHTBODY DNA activation process which opens up portals for living NEW EARTH REALITIES fully as each fulfills much higher service roles for HUmanity. Post-Ascension is a whole new ball-game/experience. Ascension is SOUL UNIFICATION and is just the beginning when we are referring to NEW EARTH REALITIES/EXPERIENCES.

NEW EARTH IS HEAVENLY REALITIES where the codes are activated/anchored/housed and transmitted out by each. These are LIVING CODES. So you/we each must LIVE THEM FULLY for them to "take affect". ♦ There is ONLY LIGHT... the rest is deep programming and the Old Illusion/dream. There's all new ones ready to replace/upgrade those, as each is truly ready to open completely up to them. ☼

Alright... here we go:

Let's Talk Old Earth and NEW EARTH for a moment....

First, NEW EARTH is not fully livable by the human ego aspect/carbon-based body as it's not yet considered "real". It’s not yet available as a reality, because it’s only accessible through each's deeply-inner-connected and Sacred - Expanded-Consciousness....

It starts as a "figment of our imagination", SOFT, SURREAL and that which is not deemed possible (or real), as well as "just too far fetched", as it does not fit into the old parameters of what the human ego aspect created/believed "reality" is.... (yet knew all along).

There are immense and extreme alchemical, biological, bio-physical and bio-electromagnetic processes that each must go through before these possibilities and Super-Consciousness abilities open completely up.... and what the 3rd/4th Dimensions of our planet is going through right now is the clearing of Deeeeeep ILLUSIONS OF SEPARATION, deep foundational/core/root programming, heavy duty density and immense reconfiguration processes of the entire physical reality/body to vibrationally and energetically align all on a SOUL/Universal/Cosmic Level through the dissolution of deep heavy duty conditioning/belief systems previously held "as real".

3D is based upon a focus on the physical with energies of lack/need/power/control
mechanisms/attachment/statuses/idolizing/relationships/identities/stories/drama/chaos and more)
and allows fear/separation/misuse of power/authority to lead/rule. 3D Strives to "achieve" human realities that feed lower chakra energies of "me first", selfishness, greed and appears to "not have a heart" or pretends to, yet it's obvious that priorities are not Unity Consciousness, even if they "mimic" this.

4D is a transition phase where each awakens to new awareness in the midst of the chaos, confusion, dualistic realities, starts the inner work, seeking esoteric/star/soul/higher self knowledge and learns to open their heart, gifts/abilities come forth, yet each remains in realities of struggle with their physical body in order to further awaken OUT OF 3D REALITIES. This is where self-awareness comes forth and "one foot in/one foot out" starts. It's also where the ACTIVATION of each's ENERGY BODY to start to emerge from a deep state of amnesia/coma/slumber/forgotten state through an immense transitional process of learning to open up to listening and honoring each's own higher guidance, in order to feel, respect and trust in the "invisible ENERGETIC Realms" without separation, resistance or fear anymore. Foggy Groggy, Confusion and Immense Emotional Clearings, as well as Physical Body changes (DNA repair) are all a part of this. All of this is done completely from within, as all of the dimensions are INSIDE and the way "to them" is ENERGETICALLY OR PHYSICALLY through all.... every reality, every belief, every dimension..... which is where Expansion of Heart-Light-Consciousness comes in and priorities start to shift.

REALities are not as all "thought" before... they are illusions, dreams and beliefs (nightmares are 3D karmic/akashic/unconscious timeline clearing processes), all transmitted out from each's cellular body by way of various vibrational frequencies... that "tell" out there what to return for each to see, for each to experience... which is relative to QUANTUM REALITIES.... not linear ones.

3D is linear. 4D is transitioning from linear to vibrational/energetic/non-linear, yet there's immense physical density and linearity that has to physically and energetically clear.... 5D opens up more access to all other dimensions, yet this starts in the 4th dimension where each still lives from ego/separation.... as each still has to work through immense and deeply in-grained ego-dissolution processes from within for SOUL EMBODIMENT to occur (5D Experience).

Restoring Cosmic/Universal/Planetary and Individual Energetic/Vibrational/Physical Balance to All

It's BEYOND important to comprehend/understand/realize/remember that what occurs in 3D/4D is the opposite of NEW Earth Earth experiences/realities.

Some examples that 3D/4D (Old Earth) will experience are fighting, duality, challenges, constraints, tightening restrictions, illness/disease, debilitating realities, power-plays, victim/survivor scenarios, finger pointing/blame games, fear tactics through emotional manipulation/narcissism, not enough/scarcity or the opposite by way of over-achiever/over-abundance for awhile, criticism/judgment, blind loyalty, hierarchy/pedestals, attachment/holding on and believing everything they're told, asking others what to do, living by fixed beliefs and rules.

5D+ will experience Pure Peace, Pure Sacred Connection, Pure Love, Pure Kindness, Deep Sacred Respect, Magical Experiences and appreciate everything as a gift, seeing the purposes in all and not wasting/taking anything for-granted, because of how inner-connected all is through Love. Abundance is different and supports Service to Humanity and Light, so as each fully lives this, everything to support comes forth, with infinite realities opening up the more all is shared.

While one strangles/constricts/threatens and uses fear to control the other functions from a Space of Consciousness that’s free. A part of this process is each REMEMBERING that each must choose to free themselves from deep inside, which means moving to a place of Sovereignty instead of the old ways of dependency and reliancy like before.

5D-12D is FREEDOM and literally a LIVING DREAM.... it's literally HEAVEN and PURE PEACE inside... and it's where each lives/works in service from this beautiful HEAVENly place INSIDE.... creating all new realities that are Soul/Highest/Light aligned..... a rebuilding, reforming, recreating all "from scratch" (Zero Point). It's where all Live (Heaven) while doing all of this Service Work AS PURE LIGHT that supports, uplifts, inspires humanity through the sharing of immense LIGHT CODES (Knowledge, Abilities, Gifts and ENERGY/Consciousness) that accelerates through Super Consciousness... the ability for each to fully anchor, integrate and apply these NEW EARTH LIGHT CODES to every aspect of each's whole life, forgo CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH as an actual full experience...

Which is why we call this "Anchoring NEW EARTH and Birthing NEW Earth from Within", as you/we/each literally BIRTH NEW EARTH WITH OUR BODIES, awakening to new knowledge, new understandings, new abilities, gifts, wonders and awe and doing the deep-inner-work and service-work daily to accomplish all that's available to everyone fully embracing these ways is "how" we live our lives... a completely different way than "old earth" lives were...

While 3D/4D and each dimension lives out/plays out ego-drama, ego power-plays, fears, illusions of separation, completes Unconscious Soul Contracts and more, the ability to utilize Conscious Choice starts in 4D and with each Conscious Choice a "reversal/inversion process" occurs. This is what Consciously activates each's Merkaba to start to build/construct... for Physical Body Ascension to actually occur. This takes years... as every unconscious human belief system must be brought into "the Light" and the Polarity Consciously Reversed by each in order to experience inner UNIFICATION.... a merging process which is what ACTIVATES HEAVENS GATES TO OPEN INSIDE.... and each's experience to become HEAVEN too.

PURE PEACE will flood through and finally, each realizes that which could not logically be explained or understood. Because it's not a location outside, it's a connection inside, a REMEMBRANCE and an EXPERIENCE INSIDE that words cannot adequately explain.

PURE Beauty, Simplicity and PURE LOVE.... just pours forth and out. A Love that Transcends all things human.... a LOVE SO PURE... that nothing will ever be the same ever again. In this moment, distortions become visible and understood.... and the next phase begins... each actively anchoring, integrating and LIVING NEW EARTH LIGHTCODES while creating/building/sharing/supporting/guiding/assisting and LIVING AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT.... Which starts at 5D and goes all the way back to 12D... which is where we all arrive/end up as we accomplish what we came here to BE and DO as Light Beings/Light Family, Star BEings/Star Family and the Code Keepers, Frequency & Template Holders and Crystalline Grid/Plasma Networking Systems of OUR NEW EARTH.

At first, it's a daunting task, because so much of us is REQUIRED. Just like we gave our 3D personal realities 100% of our time/energy/love/dedication/resources... we now must do the same thing for 5D-12D Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth. By the time we get to this place, our human aspect is tired, tired of fighting, tired of working, tired of trying, just plain tired, wore out, exhausted and fed up. It already worked so very hard to build/accomplish all that the human ego reality said was possible, yet still a man-made dream always just beyond reach and woven by an intentionally impossible matrix-webbing-system created to bind each to an illusion of happiness, invisible limits, invisible control mechanisms, survival-mode thinking, competition, judgement and accomplishing ego things such as ownership, titles, money, statuses and more. The never-ending loop cycle, UNTIL awakening slap-dab in the middle of an intricate "diabolical" illusion begins… then the unraveling accelerates….

5D-12D is the opposite of that. It's LIVING PURE JOY FULLY and not being defined by those things in any way anymore. It's where all are important, all are precious, all are capable and equal too, yet the human ego aspect separates off from this, because it has too much "fear" of the "unknown" and "thinks" it has to "control" everything, is convinced it's incapable (even the inflated ego experiences this), which in essence is the very thing that creates separation from NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES to start with.


Here, all is Simple, beautiful and filled with Pure JOY through continually expanding Service to HUmanity as Love. It's a matter of realizing that each's Soul/Cosmos/Universe/LightBody dictates all and the importance of full ego-surrender for our inner-fight and struggle to dissolve. This alone opens portals within for each one of us to begin to LIVE OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL REALITIES without playing out the old anymore. Yes, each is literally "exchanging their whole life" for a "whole new one". This part, the human ego aspect has an issue with, as it doesn't want to "let go" or "believe", forgo immense inner resistance, inner suffering, inner struggle, inner challenges and discomfort, because where each is "not ready to fully open up and commit" this re-creates an old earth experience again. 

5D is within. 6D - 12D is too (as is 3D/4D). To be able to see, observe and understand means that each must go completely deep within and sit with this.... and re-learn everything all over again. It's only through each's DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AND FULL REMEMBRANCE through full Consciousness where all becomes possible and visible again. Every ACT is energetic, vibrational and "sends out" into the perceived "Ethers" (Each's SUPER CONSCIOUS/QUANTUM FIELD).... therefore "creating" a vibrational return for each to experience. (Mirror effect).

3D Consciousness has no ability to see, as vision (Pineal Access) has not been fully restored through Pure-Heart-Consciousness and physical body de-calcification processes, therefore functioning and operating is from/under illusions of fear, separation, manipulation, hidden agendas and control. The intricacies of the web (matrix) is deep and so inner-woven, so inner-connected.... the only way to see it, clear it and transcend it is by going DEEP inward to start to break all of this programming down, break through/out of the old illusions and open up to all new ones and start to pay attention when each's fear/protection mechanisms/ego/body goes into "resistance" mode and starts "locking down" out of old beliefs/fears/illusions/programs again and implement ways of consciously releasing this. This is an immense inner to outer process each must do themselves in order to transcend THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION from deep within. In 3D/4D perceptions, Oneness is a concept, a word, not felt/understood/lived. This only becomes “reality” 5D and above.


NEW Earth is not a specific place, it’s an Ascended version of reality that’s highest aligned with Purity, Vibrational Frequencies and Universal/Cosmic Light Codes that change/shift all from a linear perception to a full-blown Multi-Dimensional / Quantum one. It’s each’s ACTual ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE through Super Consciousness where the physical reality/experience changes constantly and is relative to different Geometric Light Codes and Quantum Equations available in every nano-second..... And where all is ENERGY FIRST … and the physical is a “result”. 

These Quantum Light Codes, when activated, have a multitude of different "focuses and outcomes”, yet in 3D they translate to one thing, in 4D another, 5D another, 6D, 7D, 8D and all the way up to 12D and BEyond... another..... and another and another... 

In observing the Quantum Dynamics of each moving intricate Code, they are multi-faceted with inner-dimensional, inner-connected, constantly expanding, changing shapes, sides, sizes, numerics, metrics and more.

NEW Earth has infinite aspects and versions of realities, where none are linear or fixed. These versions represent many things and will all be different, depending on each’s Level of Consciousness, current access, Visions/Dreams and Service Roles, as well as focuses and that which each came here to fulfill as Light.



Imagine a Living Breathing Sacred Geometry that keeps spinning, morphing and "shape-shifting" into different images, shapes, directions expanding, contracting and changing the codes intermittently, constantly, re-coding everything with every sacred breath... Every breath expands this geometric and causes the codes to "move"... every breath, thought and act "cause" it to move apart and come back together in different ways each time.... and every different "sequence" creates a completely different reality...... This is a small example of "how these Quantum Codes for Quantum Realities work"....

Each's ability to fully and completely TUNE THEIR ENERGY AND FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to all new realities and HOLD THIS FULLY... is a pat of how these "codes" are able come together to "create". Every act further solidifies (or disintegrates), every breath breathes LIFE into the REALITY EXPERIENCE... Each is literally creating with every (Sacred) Breath…

Your ability to consciously “instruct Light codes”  with your Consciousness/Energy to come together in specific ways is just one of your Creator-Source-Consciousness abilities here.

ACTIVATION EXERCISE: ♦ Diamond Light Code Quantum Consciousness VISUAL EXPERIENCE ♦

From inside, see a Moving Geometric Prism with INFINITE inner-connected sides of varying refracted light. Every side has different codes, numbers, colors, sounds/tones/hues and energetics to make up different equations and converges different frequency bandwidths based upon "how they come together"... Depending on your own Vibrational Frequency/Energy/Consciousness, your ability to breathe Light Codes into LIFE, breathe Light Codes as Consciousness, breathe Light Codes into CREATION/Reality/Your Experience is through your/each's ability to stay fully connected, completely in-tune and ability to maintain/sustain a fully expanded state.... which comes with every density clearing, every act of full Consciousness (kindness/respect/love), every reality created to support humanity to returning back to 12D/Source Consciousness/Living NEW Earth fully with great joy, simplicity and ease..... SEE the Prism Fractals and Geometrics expanding and the codes changing, see it re-merging various fractals and coming together to create a much bigger picture than ever before. See how it fits together and when it cannot, see when something is "in the way" of these pieces/parts/geometrics/fractals being able to CONVERGE into ONE working, breathing, living that all can fully vibrationally align and come together with great ease...  SEE what creates a disruption, causing a new fractalization to occur, see a cohesive kaleidoscope and feel the peace when vibrational harmony is achieved. See and feel how chaos energies work with these, see and feel how simple all is when the ego mind is still and you are fully connected with the actual experience.... Realize that every facet is a fractal and in order to see the much bigger picture, these fractals all have to be visible at the same time. As like a mirror, they reflect back what each believes which creates the optical illusion that most perceive as “real”. 

Now see the Kaleidoscope of Colors of the rainbow, see 12 shades of blue, 12 shades of red/pink, 12 shades of yellow/gold, 12 shades of purple, green…. Varying tones of white, black, silver and grays… and realize that the Rainbow/Diamond/Plasma Spectrum of NEW Earth is vast and offers more color, vibrancy, frequencies (tones), hues and depth to our actual experiences as our bodies hold more Light.



While we "see" in a multitude of ways, this is just one example that might assist those who are still in the phases of gaining inner-to-outer vision capabilities and learning to decipher all through Open-Heart-Connected-Higher-Mind Consciousness....
Your FEELING is how you start. Each learn to discern, disconnect and reconnect through Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, instead of believing Unconscious Programmed Distortions like before. Work through the emotions/feelings in Conscious Ways, honoring the important clearing/resolving/dissolving/unification/purification processes, so that clarity can come as veils blocking your 3rd Eye/Pineal access dissolve. This is a massive process, so be kind to yourself, each other and as your inner/overall/body frequency rises, new information/knowledge/wisdom will come forth. Vision will enhance, clarity will too. SEEing all from inside, replaces "out there", other than to observe/learn/teach the ENERGY of all so that all can ACTIVATE/UTILIZE SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS (Quantum) and move beyond the linear limits that 3D/4D held.

See this screen above..... now see each as a different version of the same reality and each one experiencing completely different too. The same scenario, different outcomes. The same options, different experiences .... and see each frame as a fractal, just ONE FRAME of a much bigger picture... and without every piece and part, without being able to SEE/OBSERVE every frame, one only has a very small portion of the bigger/whole picture... THIS IS HOW QUANTUM REALITIES WORK. The more expanded, the more frames/aspects/versions/realities/timelines/possibilities/options we see. The more in-tune, the more choice each has to "pick an experience" instead of experiencing without choice. The more expanded and consciously aware we are of the WHOLE PICTURE, the less judgement, the less personal, the more abilities everyone has.... YET SEEING is through our HEARTS.... so if our hearts are closed, our minds are closed and we are binding ourself to just one frame, instead of infinite ones that we can just "hop" (Quantum Jump) over to.... with the blink of an eye.... ♥


linearI use these images to assist with a visual of what's not linear or "possible" according to the old human realities, yet beyond occurring constantly and within each fully in this experience now. Early phases and different phases along the way, there's no understanding, recognition, awareness until much later (many many years often) until one/each reaches a certain vibrational frequency with their body, as well as a new level of Consciousness through various types of Expansion States. Even once one becomes aware, there must be multiple/a multitude of experiences in order to comprehend the complexity of all, as EXPERIENCE is actually required for each to ACTually gain access to the "how to" and all the pieces/parts that make up various infinite wholes.

As each "approaches" 5D, then a "squeezing effect" occurs, which can be on again/off again over many years. This correlates to everything within our experience, both outside and inside as well. Breathing and that which "weighted us down", that which we are to release/let go of and that which no longer serves our highest existences comes up for review. Financial realities are a part of this, as is all of our relationships. Our "jobs"/careers/life path undergo immense shifts/changes as a part of this too. Our "status" changes, as does our physical body "health" as we prepare to undergo the most immense Multi-Dimensional journey there is. This is each moving into "the birth canal", moving through "Dark Night" of Ego Separation preparing to transition through death/rebirth cycles that increase until full Zero Point has been achieved. This is a part of vibrational alignment and a deep cellular purging/cleansing process as well.

The severity of this process lessens as each fully releases their own inner resistance to Ascension processes and shifts to a "conscious participation" and ego-surrendered states. This is also where the Rainbow Bridge activates for each to transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES through full Consciousness.


Our ability to read multi-dimensionally, decipher, decode, translate, focus/direct and recode REALITIES through our own SUPER CONSCIOUSNESSES is just one of our infinite abilities here. Each must tune completely in and FEEL everything... and stop trying to "think" realities like before. This is a PROCESSING OF LIGHT INFORMATION with our whole body, Living DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and our ability to remain open in every way. It's also our ability to SEE though our PURE HEARTS, which activates and opens up our pineal gland vision for seeing and experiencing NEW Earth and Holographic Realities to become visible in a multitude of ways. We do this by not getting caught up in the ego drama games and expanding BEYOND ALL OF THAT to see a much bigger picture from within. It’s not that we don’t see all dimensions, it’s that we understand the purposes of all and respect “how” all is vibrationally aligned, how each’s Soul Embodiment processes work and the journey of awakening and ascension that each must experience for themselves. 

NEW EARTH is accessible to all through Deepening Source Consciousness Connections to live Purity, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Sacred Care. It's what we all came here to LIVE FULLY, yet the Keys are located within. As are the Codes.... and we each "learn" how to unlock all through filling our entire reality with all that's highest aligned, surrounding ourselves with that which vibrationally and energetically supports and dedicating ourselves to LIVING A WHOLE NEW EARTH LIFE.

NEW EARTH IS OUR WHOLE EXPERIENCE when we LIVE from our absolute Purest Place from deep inside. It's everywhere we go and ARE, because WE ARE NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS,  LIVING this Consciousness fully... and we create NEW Earth Experiences with our every Sacred Breath and Act.

FLIPPING AND MERGING (Geometric Inversions - Constant)

Waking State/Sleep State/Dreamstate/DreamSpace/Daydream State/Lucid Dream State, fully Surrendered States, Altered States, Expanded  States ... These are all ways to open up access to higher dimensional realities from within. Part imagination, ingenuity/creativity/inspiration, heart listening, connecting with nature/Gaia, complete openness and deepening our own inner-connection are a must. Heart openings and feeling more starts first. Inner vision is by way of using your imagination and getting out of your head in every way. It’s also by feeling and seeing what does not appear to be visible, which provides each one of us with new information to interpret in all new ways.


Inner Vision access occurs as our heart opens along the way. It starts as “blips” to guide us, show us what our human aspect could not yet see and assist us with learning to trust our deep inner-knowing, so that we can maneuver Multi-Dimensional Earth. As we deepen our Pure Heart Consciousness Connections, open up to explore all new, these “vibrational holograms” start as "puzzle pieces" to assist our human aspect more. Every time we listen, every time we open up, every time we “act” according to our own Higher Self/Future Self/Universal Guidance, we activate a higher dimensional vibrational reality to start to come forth.  Every pure act to honor what we see and know deep within, that which we are guided/shown, further activates “new realities'' and the more we live this way, the more continues to come forth. We do have to “check our ego at the door” and put our separation aside, resolving the separation within us and choose to live much higher aligned.  

We each must learn to trust our inner knowings and inner visions that present, as well as those images, words, feelings, songs and weird things that make no logical sense. These are “Quantum Codes” popping in, if you will. You’ve hit a vibration to open them up, now you have to apply this new knowledge and honor what you hear/see/feel/know before you get “more”. Your higher self aspect/guidance becomes your “new best friend”. You talk to yourself like a crazy person (and you answer yourself back). You see what others often cannot see yet (the invisible realms) and you hear that which is only audible to you, yet when you connect with others of like vibration, it’s soooooooooooooooooooo awesome, because they can hear/see/feel too! That’s when the Soul/Spirit/Star/Light Party begins!

The Key is to achieve a new higher vibrational frequency with your whole body/being and to hold this as long as you can. This will “trigger”/activate a cellular detox/cleanse of “lower vibrational frequencies”/programs held within. This will correlate to things changing in your life. With every higher vibrational shift, you are able to shift/move your Consciousness into a new reality/timeline and after any emotional/physical/cellular cleansing and tuning processes, your body will get to come along too.

First, there will be an array of spontaneous expansions and “blips” that will occur sporadically over many many years. You might not even notice, because it’s so subtle and intermittent for awhile. The more Universal-Heart connected you become, the more this will occur. As you learn to integrate and hold higher frequency light with your whole body/being/field fully, "out there" will become a vibrational match when you stop going back to the old. Because your physical body and field have an energetic template/blueprint, your whole body-field template must undergo an immense deconstructing/reconstructing/re-building process through an intricacy of upgrades/rewrites/re-calibrations that occur as your Lightbody activates new codes and redesigns/re-configures your human body/reality for you. Your NEW Earth LightBody is your access to living Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth ACTual REALities with ease. This constant re-coding process takes all of your love, care, respect, patience, support and conscious participation. With each full re-write, your body will accomplish a new Quantum Cellular Atomic Spin Rate in order to vibrate into a different frequency bandwidth delivering to you a whole new Multi-Dimensional experience.


Every Code has different sequences all within the same code. One sequence will "apply" to 3D, another to 4D, others to 5D -12D+. When you take these codes and reconfigure/re-interpret them, they create a different reality than the previous/other one(s). When you are "comparing" 3D to 5D to explain/see/understand, they will often be polar opposites. Another reconfiguration creates a new reality and another and another and another, forgo vast differences in "reality", as expansion creates infinite alternates that "rival" the old in every way.

The codes I'm sharing below, are multi-faceted and do not apply linearly as I've written here. They work on a Multi-Dimensional (Quantum Level), relative to physical body density and how Light filters through density/realms. At any time one can open their heart ALL OF THE WAY to surrender every ounce of resistance/thought and allow their entire Energy/Body/Consciousness to shift to a whole new/different timeline/reality/dimension/dream/illusion/experience....

As each's Heart Consciousness expands through complete openness, deepening inner-sacred-connection, listening and observation, new awareness comes forth which facilitates a shift in awareness, a shift in perceptions, a shift Energetically, a shift in Gravity and in Consciousness. This surrendered expansion creates a vibrational space to open up completely different/new understandings, mentalities, perspectives, realizations and viewpoints which then support the ability to shift the "reality" to a completely different one inside.

Everyone has this capability, yet not all will utilize their own Higher States of Consciousness, as being a victim/holding onto 3D ways still holds something each still thinks they desire/seek/need and illusory "control/safe". As each starts to comprehend that 3D is an ego mindset of separation that plays out realities that can be energetically recognized by representing a virtual prison/nightmare/hell, then each will gain the ability to also understand that an entire "mentality/energy/perception shift" through Consciousness can open up a whole new reality/perception/understanding that the only way "that can exist" is if each still keeps "playing in it". What each is actually experiencing is "E-motions" and the discomfort of new awarenesses and the result of fear-based realities, which is very different than love-based ones. 

Each must do the deep inner-work of reconnecting to REMEMBER ALL AS LOVE. No one "outside" can tell each what to do... as this imposes on "free will" and requires each's acceptance, permission, compliancy and fear to keep those "realities of separation" in-tact. The result of REMEMBRANCE is kindness, caring, deep sacred respect ... emanating from a space of Unity within. Yes, deep emotions will surface, yes deep hurt. Yes there's anger and so very much more, yet "how" we handle this is up to us. Eventually the immensity of all of those emotions of separation dissolve and the "gift" in all becomes visible. While, the human ego aspect loves to impose it's opinions, judge, and yes, gossip/finger point/degrade others or themselves as a way to inflate/demoralize, here we boost each other, lift each other up, inspire and support each other as Light Family and respectfully discuss that which is not highest vibrationally aligned for the soul purpose of resolving it and shifting it to something completely different, alchemizing all through Pure Love.

This is not a competition or right/wrong/duality thing. We are here to usher in NEW EARTH AS A LIGHT FAMILY, each fulfilling our roles in our own ways, while honoring everyone else doing the same. We don't tear each other down. We Live Pure Hearts, kind, respectful and caring.... showing what kindness is, showing what unity is, showing what ONENESS IS, by leading the way AS THIS. ♥

EARTH CURRENTLY VIBRATES OUT THE FREQUENCIES FOR 12 DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS offering a multitude of completely different dimensional experiences for all aware of this. The more each whole-heartedly tunes to the beauty of all, the more experience reflects this back... The more in-tune, the more beautiful. Yes, there's unconscious realities, yet each one of us have the ability to bring all into full consciousness ourselves, without battling, fighting and show-boating.... The kind thing to do is to present opportunities and respect each's choices/decisions, while honoring ours fully too.

NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES are always available to all. Tune your energy/consciousness to the softness, the beauty and open up to allow this to be your full experience too.

There are a bazillion NEW EARTH REALITIES available and everything is inner-linked. When you tune into the Crystalline/Plasma gridding/networking systems of NEW EARTH and transmit out through these, you have the ability to experience "reality" from any level of consciousness you are able to access from deep within you. ♥

Through our own actual experiences and advanced inner-vision, we come to realize that our whole body/being can vibrate at a frequency bandwidth equal to NEW EARTH.... and as we hold this Ascended State of Consciousness fully, it becomes our entire reality/experience here. Living all as a gift enhances every experience even more. The awe in the realization that NEW Earth was always here and available to us all. We all just had to REMEMBER again. ♥

A M.A.S.S.I.V.E. part of this entire process is each constantly going DEEPER INSIDE to see, going deeper inside to open up, going deeper inside to observe, going deeper inside to figure all out through your own higher/highest states of Expanded Consciousness and shifting your entire inner-reality/perceptions to a whole new place, which becomes a new starting point, which is what we refer to as “Zero Point”. This is the point of Conscious Creation because you take your new realizations and you create from a new vibrational place.   

There's no more "tell me what to do or how to think"or telling others what to do or how to think.  You'll have to figure it all out yourself through your own Source Consciousness Connection/Guidance, as you must be the one that chooses to release your own resistance and resolve your own separation inside in order to REMEMBER again.

Now for a small amount of the Multi-Dimensional/Multi-Faceted/Quantum Light Codes that have activated the last few months. I will list different Dimensional aspects that a specific Code applies to, yet this is not limited, it's simply a vast tool/guideline/reference point. Each must figure this out for their own self.

I'm encapsulating many energies as I share. While non-linear, I intentionally list some dates that different codes "unlocked", showing a succession of that code evolving into the next and the next and the next, to show the progression of many different codes as Light Consciousness, as well as how all filters through various densities creating infinite possibilities/experiences relative to frequency bandwidths. Once a code is released/becomes available, anyone can unlock that code from deep within through full Expansion of Consciousness. It’s a natural organic process that occurs when each’s heart/mind/energy is completely open and ready for this. 

Every code activated will present/show each where they do/don't FULLY live certain things inside … They will show you where you still hold out/hold back or function from a lack of trust still, or are waiting for something else to occur before you will “do what you know” inside. 

Light Codes activate, unlock, unravel, solidify and re-code based upon each's current level of Consciousness held...

The days (vibrations) of Not wanting to see, hear, feel, know... are gone. ♥

MAY's Light Codes


(Important for transiting out of Old Earth Realities and over to NEW EARTH REALITIES fully, with your whole body and BE-ing from deeeeeeeeeeeeeep within...). Many still unaware that the planet being in Quarantine correlates Energetically to a Multi-Dimensional Actual Reality of this planet Earth being placed in Quarantine on a Galactic Level prior to all's 3D/4D incarnation and activated when the planet was ready to EXIT QUARANTINE on a Multi-Dimensional Galactic/Soul/Cosmic Level (2020). One version is that the planet goes into a "Lockdown"/Quarantine to awaken the masses from the deep sleep/amnesia realms. This facilitates an exit/transition out of 3D as a part of EARTH'S MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE and the Ascension of Humanity/Planetary Evolution of Consciousness. Humanity is DEEP in a massive process that's now underway and progresses for the rest of 2020 until certain things are reached/achieved individually and globally as well. If certain things don't occur collectively, then this will carry over into 2021 as well.

  • IT'S TIME TO BE REAL Codes: No more game playing, no more BS, no more of the old unconscious programs/systems are acceptable anymore. No more pretending, no more "faking it"... own it, deal with it, move through the energy, move it out, move on all NEW REALities.  NEW HAS TO COME FORTH and will...Only the ego aspect will have issue with this. Each’s resistance will be each’s own inner struggle, own inner-battle, own inner-fight. The words: "If you are still holding onto Old Earth, you haven't suffered or struggled enough yet"... This is for 3D/4D Consciousness as 5D+ Consciousness does not experience this. Awakening from a Deep State of Amnesia is not pretty in any way. It’s definitely uncomfortable, yet necessary for the old to fall away so that all new can come forth/through for each. 12D is always fully highest aligned, simple and experienced through Pure Divine Harmony, Pure Divine Alignment and Pure Divine Timing where all already "is" and occurs harmoniously while each LIVES THESE CODES FULLY while fulfilling various Service Roles with every Conscious Breath. 
  • May 1-15: 3D/4D Codes = The "Enemy Within", The Illusion of Separation, The "Battle" of the "Dark and Light" from inside.... The "Battle" of the Stars (Galactic Wars), the fall of (Old) Atlantis and more. Energetically these were all activated on a cellular level for clearing these immense distortions of separation where each still hold these within. Because what each holds inside  plays out in each’s external, then where this still held cellularly, it will show up/mirror back in each’s actual experience or virtual reality/illusion/dream to assist with purification/clearing processes (emotional/mental/physical), so that density can be released and more Light inside can be held. All perceptions/programming where separation still exists must be completely resolved/merged/integrated into/through ONEness by each.... In 5D-11D this same code shows each separation still exists and each has roles to fulfill in dissolving/shifting this. In 12D the aspect of the exact same "Code" is “THERE IS ONLY LIGHT”... there is no inner battle, inner struggle, inner fight, because THAT IS AN ILLUSION played out/believed/held by each still LIVING THOSE REALITIES from deep inside
  • With the previous codes came visuals showing what was about to go down for 3D/4D experiences as a part of accelerating each’s awakening processes for dissolving deep hurt, deep pain, deep separation programming and perceptions of deception without awareness that there is a way to exit all through full consciousness. This feeling trapped, this inner-locked web initially created to imprison all, while yes - a Soul Agreement, doesn’t make it any easier when going through the intensity of it all. The harsh realizations that come next are also a part of each’s brutal awakening process. Lots of anger, lots of projecting, lots of hate, spewing and lashing out. Lots of attacking, deflection and blame, which are all primal responses, like a caged/feral animal trying hard to get out. These are deep survival protection mechanisms as a result of years of heavy-duty programming, conditioning and indoctrination into/through an entire belief system that we come to recognize as 3D. The realization that the whole thing was a massive facade is meant to shake each at their core, which sends out Multi-Dimensional Shock Waves to start to unlock Multi-Dimensional access from within. It's through the shaking of our 3D foundation that we finally will open up to start to let go. 5D has a whole new foundation that we construct from deep within. It's a whole new VALUE SYSTEM through ONEness, Love, Purity and Unity Consciousness. 
  • VISUAL: Two "sides" (dimensions 3D and 4D), guns drawn and pointed at each ready... ready to kill each other, fight to the death.... Energetically battling it out" until all that hate, hurt, battle for power, attack and fear-based energy is "gone".... at which time each will collapse, many from exhaustion, being fed up, broken and despair. It is in this energetic place/space of surrender that each’s LIGHT can finally emerge.  
  • Observing collective shifts of "how these processes occur" means holding respect, yet honoring our own reality of ONEness. We do not step out of ONENESS to go play in duality. We do not leave NEW Earth to go back to old earth realities… WE HOLD NEW EARTH IN PLACE and we unite with all living this fully too. As each is truly ready, they will join us. As frequency holders/code holders and Light BEings we honor all as LOVE, yet we all came here to fulfill much higher purposes for us all. There are NEW REALITIES available to all.  
  • May 15th Code(s): "When you are ready for the LIGHT TO LEAD... it will... (not until). The expanded awareness that each’s fighting the “dark” is actually each’s resistance to “their own Light” and the Light of ALL, because of what this means. This code unlocks where all are still battling/fighting/resisting THEIR OWN LIGHT INSIDE... Totally unaware, the human ego aspect "thinks" it is "fighting the dark, battling the dark" to "win", yet in one aspect, this is still illusion, unless it actually PRESENTS AS AN ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, which is when each are PRESENTED WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE/DECIDE and then SHIFT THE WHOLE REALITY to a fully conscious one by the ACT/THOUGHT/ENERGY held/transmitted out.... When we "look" at the different aspects of this Multi-Dimensional code, from the "higher dimensional realms" it's very different.... It's each going inside and opening completely up to THEIR OWN LIGHT and honoring, listening, respecting and APPLYING this new knowledge (Light Technology) to their own individual lives... while "sharing" these codes, these ways with others, to support, uplift, assist, guide and "show the way" (WayShowers) as to HOW WE LIVE, which is completely different than how we did in the unconscious realms while living in a veiled state of amnesia (3D/4D).... Then you "turn the code" a different direction, you reconfigure the geometrics/numerics into a different sequence and it "means"... the Light Keepers Leading, Source Consciousness Embodiers Leading all.... and those Embodying this stepping into fulfilling these LEADERSHIP ROLES on a Quantum Level to guide/assist all truly ready for LIVING NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY too.... WHEN ALL ARE READY FOR LIGHT TO LEAD... then those who TRULY HOLD LIGHT WILL BE SEEN AS A WAY TO further anchor, activate and apply the CODES AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE, yet everyone has to be open, ready and fulfilling their own highest service roles as Pure Love, Pure Unity Consciousness (Oneness) too.... Portals and doors only open as each's pure heart is truly open to this.... ♥ "How" the human ego aspect fights their own light, fights/resists all "Light" by "thinking" it's "fighting the dark" (without a clue) is completely visible. As long as "old earth" still "holds an appeal", each won't let go/move on/choose differently, so each will "stay in those realities" until that programming is "broken through/out of" and each shifts their own inner-focus COMPLETELY to NEW Earth. Those "dangling carrots", temptations and illusory enticements activate a frequency of separation within each until they no longer do... and then is when each can start to shift, yet it's a massive process and each "sticking with this" isn't there at first, because each "gets distracted" by something "more interesting" that feeds THE EMOTIONS an old program still.... There are many "facets" or "coordinates" to this code and each "dialing" a different dimensional experience, relative to where each "is" inside and with their whole body/being...
  • For ALL: It's Time to embrace your own Light Fully, It's time to Embrace Light Fully, It's time to embrace Multi-Dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS (Source/Creator Consciousness) fully and start to LIVE THIS WAY FULLY and start anchoring/holding/applying all of the NEW EARTH CODES to every aspect of your life and to transcend the "excuses, stories, duality" fully from inside. Each will "do" this for themselves/each other, as it's vibrationally/energetically "time".... To understand when each holds on to their "ego"/separation/programming, then they hold out their experience as "old earth", allowing their own ego/shadow/dark side/unconscious aspect to lead.... this is "separation programming" from a place of deeply instilled illusory fears and binds each to the old until all of this energy is "gone". Otherwise, shifting with the whole body is not possible, as the "codes" held within are of the separation realms still. Old earth is not safe, that's an illusion that all are here to transcend and CHOOSE/DECIDE/COMMIT and then invest every ounce of their energy in living, creating, building, embodying, supporting NEW EARTH REALITIES fully.... as what each 'invests in" (on every multi-dimensional level) creates a vibrational/energetic "return".
  • May 15-22 Codes: More will start "connecting the dots" and seeing/realizing what was not visible before. This opens up various levels of Quantum Consciousness and each's neural pathways to start to "bridge" the hemispheres of the brain. (Part of the Rainbow Bridge).
  • May 17th Codes: Atlantean/Galactic Activation... and "unraveling" of distorted timelines unlocks/accelerates more. The "criss-crossing" of energetic lines, the "sinking" of Old Atlantis for NEW Atlantis/Atlantean codes to unlock, "Star Wars" starts to "play out in 3D/4D even more, while 5D-12D clear these distortions and anchor the codes for Living NEW ATLANTIS, LEMURIA, GALACTIC Civilizations here.
  • May 18 Codes for 3D/4D: Energetic "Prisoners" unaware they are prisoners in the "invisible realms", "think" they have rights and "fight to defend" what never existed, yet was an old illusion they still believe inside somewhere. Unlocking the "Energetic Prison" is each's individual journey from inside. This will correlate to changes in each’s reality that transitions out of prison/hellish realities no longer vibrationally aligned. There is a part of the denser realms where each have to take a stand, say no more and hold this fully, speaking out where staying silent was previously the way (the masks trigger this suppression programming), many will "fight", battle, speak, and take a stand because they never did and continued to allow/support/believe that "before" and coming out of a coma nap/deep sleep is "shocking" so it will take awhile for this heavy duty density to be worked through, resolved, realized and transcended by each. There is a “fog” that clears inside the brain/body as the veils of amnesia lift. This is a process that occurs over much linear time, yet “clear seeing” is a result and this is 2020 (the year of clear vision/seeing for the entire planet waking up). I also observed an entire population in a prison totally unaware that they were there. All fighting each other instead of that which represents the prison (Multi-Dimensional too) and to "just look up" to see that there was a fence to scourage or a key in the door to turn, so busy fighting they could not actually "see" what was "in front of them" or "available" until certain awarenesses occurred... Just climb the fence, just open the door, just walk through that portal/fear/illusion... "just" choose to not live there anymore and "do" that which supports a "new reality" much higher aligned with Purity/Love/Unity Consciousness (Codes)...
  • May 19th Codes: "I'm Done" energies and the closing out of all realities/experiences where "resistance to the Light" still exists within. This alone brings Pure Peace, more productivity and living Oneness to a whole new level, as it opens up even more vast portals/doors to all new realities where all live this fully and unite to work/live/play/create/build/accomplish NEW EARTH REALITIES through each’s Higher Service Role Fulfillment and combine/co-join realities to support more as Light. 
  • May 20th: Recent Codes "locked in", next clearing process initiated and new realities unfold for experiencing... 
  • May 21 Codes: Transcending Subjugation 
  • May 22 Codes: Illusions inside of Illusions inside of illusions start becoming visible as a part of photonic activations for more.
  • Code: DNA/Genetic Manipulation becomes more visible to masses as we go.
  • Code: YOU FORGOT YOU ARE ONE activates (again)... triggering any unresolved separation within 3D/4D Dimensional realms, while 5D-12D+ Experience Oneness on a greater level and at greater depths.
  • May 23-24 Codes: SOULar flares/Activity "target" for 3D/4D: Fears, irritation, agitation and "triggers" to clear emotional distortions and where all held physically too. A rebalancing of electro-magnetics begins, akash clearings, Universal/Cosmic re-balancing and atomic recoding processes accelerate too.
  • Code: Divine Pure Harmony: For 5D-12D+, these are the most beautiful frequencies. For 3D/4D these unlock everywhere harmony doesn't exist within.
  • May 23rd-31: Thousands of NEW Codes = Endgame/Done/NEW Roles present for all embracing... 
  • May 30-31: Next advancement/version of CONSCIOUS DISSOLUTION/DIS-ILLUSION Codes:  Further observation of the Ego Aspect’s resistance to "full surrender" and their own Light, which is an attempt to maintain control over the process of "Ascension". Full surrender is of each's ego-fear.... Forgo the "shadow" aspect, the "dark" and "the light" battle... It's not a battle when we merge these into One, it's a wholeness, a completion and a beautiful experience where struggle/separation/programming/conditioning and the old illusions "go" too.... birthing a whole new experience not available as long as each's ego is still in control/leading the "game"/way. CONSCIOUS EGO SURRENDER opens up everything not accessible before and what all truly are here for, yet often without a "clue", because it's the ego aspect that's "in the way".... and "stopping" everything... When full surrender inside occurs, the battle inside goes too... this is where "the light can start to lead" and Divine Pure Intelligence can emerge as well.

JUNE's Light Codes

There were sooooo many themes in June, it's impossible to list just "one". Rather than list by linear date, I'm just going to list codes for June and break down the month by 1/2 or weeks... as we shift to "overall" and codes that "move back and forth" a bit more... We "cycle" through codes, unlock the next, re-code, clear and shift.... moving through tons... the denser the dimension, the slower "moving" appears, yet the "faster" time seems to go.... Whereas the higher/Lighter the dimensions density/frequency bandwidth, the less "physical" and the more energetic/Quantum all is, where the physical "works differently" in each dimension, which is where "applying" codes is imperative for ease and grace for all... June was a month of songs as activations and codes. Songs represent portals/realms/dimensions/mindsets/energies/frequencies and more.

  • Diamond Razor Frequency Codes: For 3D/4D: These are going to "cut deep" (The song: The First Cut is the Deepest played). For Higher Realms: Imagine all the People (check out this beautiful version that activates "oneness" Dream Codes through Unity Consciousness Love). This song played on and off all month.
  • June 11: Peace Codes (3D/4D experiences the opposite of this).
  • Abandonment Codes: "It's Time to Abandon"... (the old perceptions, realities, the ship)... Completely. For human aspects, they will clear abandonment issues. For those transitioning to 5D, the merging process feels like your Higher Self/Guides/Universe has abandoned you, when in essence it's moving "inward" because your body has finally reached a high enough vibrational frequency for "up there" to move into your body cavity and you MERGE with your higher selves/future selves/versions/aspects and BECOME your Ascended/Christed You, which is a multitude of versions that start a whole NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE that is just beginning your next re-birth process where BIRTHING NEW EARTH REALITIES becomes a "full time" experience as well. To fully embrace ALL NEW, all "old" has to go.... and be replaced with everything anew.... New Realities, New Experiences, New Systems, New Foundations, New Constructs, New Everything that replaces the old and you are the one that "makes it happen", so a whole new Multi-Dimensional experience opens up... Higher Service Role fulfillment takes over and all human stuff moves "away".... and you realize nothing is/will ever be the same... It's exciting and scary (at first), as you have to "get the hang of this" and the fact that every moment is different, this takes a bit, as you have to learn how to function/do everything all over again and very differently than before.... Now you are a "grown up" AND an innocent child at heart, not oblivious to everything that exists... you see it, yet what it means here is very different and what's possible/available is substantially "different" in these dimensions too.... There is peace, there is ease, simplicity and now your whole NEW EARTH REALITY HAS JUST OPENED UP WIDE.... new territory, new everything... have fun creating, living, accomplishing and uniting with others living this fully too! ☼
  • June 11th Template Completion (Individually with our Physical LightBodies and Gaia)
  • Massive NEW Creation Codes on every Multi-Dimensional level became available for all consciously tuned to these.... Create, create, create, create, create!
  • Pre-SOULStice Codes: Bizarre/Twisted Distortions, twisted human realities, untwisting and extremes for 3D/4D increase. Deep untwisting of "love"/pain inner-twined in distorted ways. Deep unraveling of the "hold" that twisted realities had. Deeply twisted was accepted as "okay" and "how" all identified "love" comes under "scrutiny" by each. What all "accepted" as "love" was not love... yet there was no realization of this before as it's impossible to see the distortions until the program becomes visible and there is a desire to dissolve/resolve/unattach/close those realities out by each. Deeply twisted programming becomes visible more for each to clear the depths where these cellular programs are embedded/housed/held still. (Freedom comes from this). 5D - 12D: More purity, more beauty and more pure relationships possible/formed/created for anchoring/activating more NEW EARTH REALITIES through Pure Relationships not distorted in any way.
  • Pre-SOULstice Week: Reflection/overview prior to shifting/new gateways preparing to open.
  • June 19th & 20th: More Quantum Bio-Physics Codes activated.
  • June 20th Codes: Deep in Multi-Dimensional DNA/Genetics (re-writes) continue. More Super Consciousness Codes activate.
  • June 21st Codes: Purity Codes, Paradise Codes, LeMUrian Codes, NEW Atlantis Codes. Code: Dreams are REALities that ALREADY EXIST... these are living codes that just activated the next version of each's Walking-Dream State...
  • RING OF FIRE: The Eclipses activated a Holy Trinity and a Ring of Fire that presented the opportunity to "see" how this "ring"/fire "works with various "realities"..... 3D/4D it "targets" the "Rings" and "burns through them/burns them down" (Phoenix Codes)... i.e. the Pedo Rings and Child Trafficking Rings (and others) that have been "running" in 3D... There's more, yet this was the most prominent observation/realization..... "Big Business/Corporations" are also a part of this... The Elites as most call them and more...
  • Extreme Distortion Clearing Codes: Twisted Versions of Perceptions of Love, Family, Realities, Feeling Good/Pain/Control/Ownership/Possessiveness/Power, Relationships, Business and basically every "construct" available comes into focus with these...
  • April-May-June increased Star-Gate/Gateway openings substantially to cycle regularly every two hours on most days, which accelerated EVERYTHING HUGE. Wide open gateways mean in-fluxing codes constantly and an increase in "time cycles" if you will... Going into July, this increases more... taking all to a whole new "Multi-Dimensional level" experience... This Quantum Photonic Activity also increased bio-electrical system upgrades "off the charts", as well as Physical LightBody upgrades/enhancements/re-coding/reconfiguration/electro-magnetic re-balancing and integration processes to increase constantly too. July accelerated all into massive Physical LightBody upgrades even more.

In June the CODES translated were: NEW EARTH IS EVERYONE'S FUTURE, and just like all invested in old earth, all must fully invest in NEW EARTH for this to be their experience as well.... How invested we are on every level determines our whole Multi-Dimensional Experience here. ♥

JULY's Light Codes

OPTICAL ILLUSIONS AND NEW EARTH DREAM CODES ♦ Wow.... no way to cover this whole thing... travel with me....

  • July 1st Codes:
  • Sirian Code Kick off!
  • Earth 2020 Phase 2 = Going Quantum. The whole planet has entered a whole new phase where all becomes "more Quantum" than ever before. The next week will be a re-working of atomic codes and "time-table" conversion rates that correlate to everything; The "speed" at which all occurs (each dimension is different), "how" all is calculated (Quantum Ratios) and more. I'll break this down separately somewhere...
  • Illusions/Optical Illusions and "NEXT NEW DREAM REALITIES"... July 1st started with a HUGE ENERGETIC POWER UP/COSMIC BANG!
  • July 4th Codes: NEW CODE ADVANCEMENT OF THE PREVIOUS FREEDOM CODES.... Rainbow Codes and NEW Earth Dream Codes become the new FREE-dom codes now. Pure Soul Freedom comes as all "cross over to the other side", that Rainbow Bridge from 3D to 5D and start anchoring HEAVEN/NEW EARTH DREAM CODES with their bodies for all to Live Fully through Unity Consciousness, Divine Partnership and Service Role Fulfillment AS LIGHT.
  • July 7th Completion Codes
  • IMMENSE NEW Earth Dream-Frequencies/Codes: Lucid Dreamy waking/sleep states continue to increase for LIVING DREAM CODES/REALITIES .... fluid, plasma/morphogenic field realities and more...
  • The Whole Month of July has been focused on anchoring/integrating and LIVING NEW DREAM CODES FULLY... and for those Embodying NEW EARTH fully, then our physical bodies/realities are going through an advanced conversion process that requires immense bio-rhythm reconfiguration, intentionally clearing density, intentionally anchoring and applying NEW CODES on every level and immense focus to accomplish/hold all fully, while we also fulfill immense service roles too. Stepping away, letting all go and honoring what "needs to come next".... we are entering a massive August - December POWERFUL PROCESS/PHASE that will "blow the lids off everything" in all new ways. Lighten your load, honor your physical LightBody, respect all and where you need to be right now.... as "the next parts" now open up... 
  • NEW EARTH DREAM CODES ARE THE HIGHEST FREQUENCY CODES THERE ARE... therefore sleeping to awaken/anchor/clear.... resting (Quantum Resting State to be explained more as we go) and EACH MAKING THOSE CHOICES/DECISIONS that affect every reality from your absolute highest place inside is imperative for what's available to all....
  • ALL NEW LIVING DREAM CODES are available to all... July moved everyone into THESE LIVING DREAM CODES more.... so observe your illusions, perceptions and your ENERGY.... and what you "perceive" reality to be.... and consciously tune/shift/anchor your consciousness/body in the dimension you desire to experience fully.... only you can do this part, as it's your experience. ♥
  • Creation Codes are available in "Quantum Packets" that each unlocks within
  • Quantum Leadership Roles activate for all here to fulfill these roles too
  • July 8th Codes focused on NEW Conscious Systems
  • July's Songs non-stop and "cycling through": I Dream a Dream, Living in a Dream, Paradise songs (several), song words: Dream on... Dream away.....
  • While 3D/4D continues to act out/play out power plays, drama and chaos in order to awaken from old illusions once believed, 5D - 12D create/build/accomplish the "new systems, new realities, new templates" for humanity.
  • NEW EARTH IS LIGHT ENCODED, which means that realities are about ANCHORING and Integrating Light CODES constantly, so your whole lifestyle changes to accommodate/honor this. Reading/deciphering/translating and sharing/providing/teaching these codes is just a part of our roles here. We restructure our lives so that we can fulfill these roles easier and focus our energy, investing everything in NEW EARTH FOR ALL...
  • Lucid Dreamy Dream Codes now flood through 24/7 for all.... (Another Code Activation Song: Silent Lucidity). This has been the HIGHEST FREQUENCY MONTH THUS FAR and the Codes/Frequencies are off the charts beautiful for all embracing this... (It's only the beginning as we move into much higher frequency octaves/tones with every moment/day we progress).
  • God Consciousness Codes: This one's gonna be a bit "tricky" (and beyond challenging where distortions are involved)... so here we go with "a little bit"..... God Consciousness is what brings each to the "next Consciousness Level", a progression from Christed Consciousness to "Creator Consciousness", taking full energetic responsibility for all each creates, puts out into the world and allows to occur in each individual reality as LOVE too. Yet, the activation "in the beginning" (pre-Ascension) for experiencing the human aspect is not "fun". This inflates the ego huge and moves each into "Warrior" Mode and out of being a "victim" or by-stander anymore. This is a POWERFUL ENERGY, yet it's accomplished by way of expansion/contraction phases too. For awhile, one will EXPAND HUGE into GOD Consciousness (the energetic feeling/remembrance of being "a God"), yet immense distortions still have to be cleared on a cellular body level and within each's entire field... so "lots" occurs with this one. The COLLECTIVE EMERGENCE OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS... correlates to the Warrior/WAR energies.... so whereas the first part of 2020 was the "battle", now we enter "the war" if you will. (Only in 3D/4D Experiences). Hold on to your asses here... as this ENERGY OBLITERATES... yet being caught in the crossfires/cross-hairs is not where you want to BE. WE "need" this energy on a planetary level, for all to move out/beyond 3D/4D realities of survival/victimhood from within. If you observe, you'll see more "God Complexes"/Distortions (Standing in Judgment) and more "over-doing", overstepping, over speaking, over the top energies with these. It's a part of the re-balancing of our planet...yet God Consciousness activating within a 4D Construct/Body means immense distortions still have to be cleared for Purity to come through and for God Consciousness to be Pure and become the LOVE as PURE CREATOR Energy. Have awareness of yourself/each other, release all your judgment and move to a place of "what is energetically appropriate", as these next several months of bringing new balance to the planet, redistribution processes (power/money/justice/more), will increase THE SWINGING OF THE PENDULUM: EXTREMES for those still living in 4D, as well as those activating 15-18 Dimensional Levels of Consciousness from a 4D Body Template to raise/expand/rise from within and re-anchor their body in a different dimension, yet each's awareness that they are expanded is "natural", there are often still immense distortions of "over/under" and hierarchy games still playing out until deep programming has been purged/cleared/cleansed from within and "new balance" is achieved through Purity/Unity/Love Consciousness.... Post-Ascension this is a natural, organic and beautiful progression for Service Role Fulfillment where all emanates from a powerful Love that supports in even more ways than before. ♥

Now you observe all through your own heart connected expanded state to see how these correlate to your own Multi-Dimensional Awakening and Ascension experiences from this current now. Most can/will experience many codes all at once or one following the other, where certain types of separation/density/linearity still exist within. Simultaneous Experiences are also available for all. Each dimension/frequency bandwidth experiences differently, as Physical Body Atomic Codes/Carbon-Based vs. LightBody composition will dictate how all filters through the densities. 12D, the closest, if you will... experiences all simultaneously and all at once. Trickling down through each dimension..... the codes change and 3D/4D experiences the most extremely physical experiences, while 5D+ experience through physical/energetic to eventually become just energetic/holographic where the physical experience is Pure Divine Harmony and flow. 

 AUGUST'S PROGRESSIONAL Light Codes and Where We Go From Here

August has been an entire month of PURE POWER UPGRADES non-stop. Frequencies increasing in power, strength, duration and physical movement to "move realities", clear out the old, as well as create/build/accomplish that which supports all new coming forth with greater ease. The first half of 2020 was the delivery of codes for integrating, with July blasting through NEW EARTH DREAM CODES for LIVING FULLY, August brought through new "builder codes" and the next set of 22•22•22 Codes. I've NEVER EXPERIENCED 3 SETS OF THESE, INCREASING BEYOND THE 2222 codes of 2019 and the 22222 Codes of February 2020, these Source/Builder Codes are off the charts this month and promise to increase, as Light Codes always do.  We also have a conversion of multiple codes and frequencies streaming all simultaneously, where these used to be "separate" and individual activations before. This is a part of the Quantum Timetable Conversion/Acceleration process that increases every month we continue through the rest of 2020. We are seeing collectively more unity now with entire masses coming together "for" instead of the duality/against like before. This is an organic progression of hearts finally opening and each stepping up/forth to actually "DO" that which affects all.


When we refer to "Old Earth" we speak to that which was not vibrationally/energetically aligned with supporting the SOUL of humanity, this planet, and it's inhabitants as a whole. It's a "version" of reality that differs vibrationally and energetically from NEW Earth Ways. We use terms to explain and assist with "seeing" and supporting each with gaining new abilities and utilizing Conscious Choice. We assist with empowering each to be able to energetically align all themselves, as when each can see vibrationally/energetically, then infinite new realities open up.

Old Earth the Ego dictated, and things were hidden and not "for all" as Love. NEW Earth is the opposite, forgo addressing "polarity" in order to explain duality (separation programming), yet living from our NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGIES is not from a polarizing place. It's quite the opposite. It's to UNIFY all through Purity, Divine Universal Love, deep sacred connection and deep sacred respect.

Our Planet moved into a new phase of it's evolution where those corrupted systems are no longer acceptable, those outdated beliefs no longer valid or "true" ("Valid and True" are used here as the output of a Quantum Equation, instead of the human's version of dualistic right or wrong/true or false). Those dualistic limited perceptions are no longer "the only way" and 2020 unleashed a barrage of Light Codes and Opened Energetic/Cosmic Gateways of Photonic Light that change everything for everyone... where nothing will ever be "the same" again.

The human ego aspect won't understand this, because of how it computes information. We don't try to convince anyone of anything, as each will open up when it's vibrationally "time" as encoded in their own DNA. Our roles are not to push/force, yet to fully LIVE NEW EARTH and offer a different way. When ego programming presents, then yes, we are able to completely "challenge" the old status quo in order to unlock higher consciousness codes in order to expand and present "new" in ways that are exciting and speaks directly to each's Light Being Aspect/Soul. All we have to do is share our own access/knowledge/experiences, and make relative information available while we continue our individual service roles in the capacity that's highest aligned with the current phase we each are currently in. (This changes continually as we all expand/shift/go). We open portals and leave them wide open, anchoring the codes within. We only close out realities when they are completely done (no longer highest aligned) and we are ready to move the whole timeline and everything in it out. This creates space for all new experiences to come through in Divine Harmony and with greater ease.

It's beyond beautiful to unite with open hearts, pure hearts and Souls/Light BEings living this too, excited to step up/forth and fulfill service roles and be the difference in their own reality as Love too. ♥

Cosmic Codes/Light Codes/NEW Quantum Geometrics re-write entire realities.... and the human ego aspect doesn't get to "rule" anymore, as that was just a game played by each living in a forgotten state.

Learning to Read and Organically Transmit NEW EARTH LIGHT CODES while observing what's SOUL/highest aligned is a part of all of our Service here. Applying all "new" knowledge/wisdom (Divine Intelligence) to how we all live allows for a graceful experience, as the re-working process at first, for years, is the opposite of this.

What we offer is understanding, explanations and yes, answers.... yet these are Quantum, Energetic and aligned on a Multi-Tiered/Multi-Dimensional Level, instead of a singular dimensional fixed-linear one. What we provide (bring to the table) is pure peace, simplicity and the opposite of harsh experiences and an opportunity to be a part of something beyond beautiful: OUR NEW EARTH and Living/Establishing a whole new way.... which is available to everyone fully embracing this. Old Earth was rigid, fixed and yes, very harsh. NEW Earth is soft, yet when we need to intentionally vibrationally align, our power comes through WITH our softness, when the situation calls for this. Power is not mean, it's direct, it's real and it does not waver where the ego aspect is concerned. Holding Light is a powerful thing, yet softness, kindness, compassion, caring and no BS is where we live. ♥

As a part of this massive global re-balancing/re-set/re-alignment process, everything comes into review. The energetics of balance apply to every aspect of our lives and everyone/thing is a part of this.


Economic/Financial Systems
Body Systems
Education Systems
Medical Systems
Care Systems
Contribution/Receiving Systems
Lively-hood Systems
Support Systems
Service Systems
Value Systems
Foundational Relationships

NEW EARTH PROGRAMS and SYSTEMS already exist Multi-Dimensionally. They are already in place in some areas, and underway in others. The templates and codes are available to each person LIVING their own Divine Sacred Connection and fulfilling their own higher-service roles with their own life to create, build, and accomplish.... what we all came here to BE and DO. As LIGHT we usher in Peace, Stability and restore all through Unity Consciousness Love. 

What comes next? An entirely NEW WAY unlocks, unfolds, comes forth... from the rubble, from the ashes, re-birthed and formulated/formed from within.... a whole new civilization that looks nothing like before and the CODES FOR THIS are held deep within. Deep De-Programming is required by each, which is what 3D/4D earth is going through now. 5D-12D+ is in a very different place, having a completely different experience and working to accomplish that which supports humanity as a greater whole, for all to inJOY as Love.

2020 accelerated 3D collapse/dismantling/dissolving and this continues at an even more accelerated rate. As more becomes visible (brought into the Light), each is offered an option/opportUNITY to consciously "choose" a whole new way (NEW Earth), or remain in Old Earth Experiences until full collapse has occurred, at which time each's Universal/Higher Heart will finally open and the inner-fight/resistance will finally dissolve, which was what was "in the way" the whole time. The ego aspect is each's resistance to PURE SOURCE LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS, because it meant change that the human aspect was not open to or ready for before. Collapsing realities/timelines changes this though, as what each held onto won't be there as an option/excuse anymore. A NEW DAY has dawned, NEW Earth already exists and all new realities are available to all. Each just has to listen to their own inner-knowing/higher guidance and honor what this says instead. ♥

2020 is Cosmic Re-Alignment, re-balancing of the whole planet and re-configuring every reality not fully/highest aligned yet. 2020 is the year of en-masse individual ego-collapse, so immense populations will be clearing heavy duty root-race/root-core/primal energies this whole linear year as a part of their own personal shift. Unfortunately, the bulk of humanity was still unaware that they gave their power away to those who are not trust-able and did not have humanity's best interests at heart. This is a part of every Human-Soul Awakening Process. Fear allowed those living distortions to lead. This changes as each awakens fully to realize and energetically dissolves the immense fear/hurt/powerlessness once held deep within. To correct these distorted ways (perceived injustices), extremes are often necessary to create a "counter-balance" and to "auto-correct" that which went way far "in the other direction" of distortions, which means they were beyond not vibrationally/energetically aligned. 2020 is a year of extremes. This accelerates the ability to see contrasting energies in order to dissolve polarity between different belief systems/timelines/illusions/dimensional realms. 3D and 4D are polarized, whereas 5D Unifies and is able to bring NEW BALANCE to all. As each's heart truly opens, then higher dimensional vision starts to come online. Yet this occurs in increments, as an entire bio-physical/bio-logical/alchemical process (Lightbody) has to also occur for full vision/access/abilities to be restored. ♥

This is a massive process that's underway, one that "follows" different ways relative to Ascension/Embodiment and LightBody phases, where each's body/life have templates that determine all. These templates are constantly re-written, re-coded and re-calibrated to change everything, to usher in much higher vibrational timelines for all. As of July, our entire planet achieved a whole new advanced atomic spin rate cycle and Quantum-Time-Table conversion rates shifting/moving the whole planet to NEW QUANTUM STATES. This increases THE POWER of QUANTUM LIGHT CODES and the "speed" at which all occurs. Now everything changes quite substantially, yet not in the way the human aspect "thinks".

We live from "everyone's future", if you will, as all occurs on a Quantum Level and then filters through different densities at different Light Quotient Rates. We see/observe all "prior" to it actually occurring in different densities as it unlocked multi-dimensionally from this "now". Often years later it, we will see things 'finally occur' in another density/dimension, because of how carbon-based/crystalline/plasma realities work, whereas in other densities, it will occur the next week/day/month. We can "look out over" linear time (a day/month/years) and SEE - long before all actually "occurs" in a physical experience, because all is vibrational/energetic and the LIGHT CODES FOR CREATION are visible from every "now". Quantum Equations change the dynamics of every scenario, yet all have energetic themes. Just by OBSERVING through our own Super Consciousness ... everything is visible up front (that needs to be). For the human aspect they want their answers up front. This is the opposite of this. This gives each the ability to create a reality fully highest aligned so that the result (reality/experience) that comes forth is fully highest aligned and realities no longer collapse like before. Instead they flourish, are utterly beautiful and every moment so SOUL FULFILLING because all lives, breathes and exists in PURE HARMONY through Pure Presence and emanates from Zero Point where we each exist/live. ♥

P.S. "Time" and linearity is a human creation/perception that falls away the higher the dimension each embodies/achieves. "Time" and linear perceptions only applied in 3D/4D and do not correlate here in the way that human aspects used to function/think. Time is converted to a vibrational "timeline", if you will, and the whole "timeline" becomes visible and changeable with every vibrational/energetic tuning/shift. Learning to "tune" realities, shift everything vibrationally/energetically and completely transition an entire "reality" perception to a whole new/different one, is just "one" of our simple organic natural abilities... and entire realities go... to be replaced with all new ones, often in just a matter of seconds, as it's only each's beliefs/corded attachments/energy that kept those "in-tact". This is a whole different existence, where nothing is linear/fixed. It takes awhile to re-relearn everything through Quantum Equations, as our bodies density has to clear all of this fully too. Density is not "weight", it's how "packed"/tight/rigid and fixed everything is. So loosen up, chill, relax, play and dissolve all of your own inner-resistance to "this", and then "focus" all of your OWN ENERGY on what you DO desire to experience, as you will "have to" anchor the codes, unlock/activate/apply the codes and hold/Embody the codes fully while creating, building and transmitting out from your highest vibrational/energetic place with your whole body/being and create all-new for your own NEW EARTH REALITIES to become "solid" and your whole reality/experience too. When we UNITE, we can combine these realities to create/offer more for everyone contributing/fulfilling their Soul Purposes/Roles too. ♥

Zero Point Presence allows us to "read" entire experiences (timelines/illusions/distortions/transmissions/data) which correlates to "realities" and perceptions of realities.  Through our own Super/Quantum Consciousness we are able to "read" the Quantum Field that "holds" Light Encoded Information, which "tells us" everything we need to know. From this Quantum Expanded Space, every timeline/"reality"/option/possibility is present - all within the same space. By observing all through Pure Presence, we are able to see various infinite outcomes, potentials and realities that already exist. We are able to formulate an outcome and then "change" trajectory, if you will. All we have to do is TUNE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to any highest aligned reality/timeline we desire, focus our CONSCIOUSNESS (Energy) on "that" and unlock the coordinates/codes to call it forth in order to to arrive (materialize) into this physical as an actual experience (utilizing density/light ratios to determine velocity/speed/duration/timeline convergences and more). Shifting dimensions with our whole body/BEing/Energy can be with ease as well, once we "learn" how all works and apply these Quantum Dynamics to how we live our actual whole life here. This is the process of all RETURNING/REMEMBERING... as all new "Quantum Hows" replace the old.

OUR PLANET (Terra-Nova Earth Gaia) IS NOT IN 3D ANYMORE... it has not been for a very long time, yet there are entire collectives whose bodies (densities) and mindsets still are... (this is 4D) and now the realities that were built/created from 3D mindsets/energy move through experiences that we refer to as "imminent collapse" as a part of a planetary energetic restructuring process that will continue for everyone now. Each are either fully in-tune with this, fully onboard with NEW EARTH or still trying to hang on/hold on/live out the "old ways" still.... This alone will determine the experience that all have as each's ENERGY/ACTS determine what comes next for each (individually/collectively).

Are you an integral part of old earth or NEW EARTH realities right now? Are your ACTS supporting ALL NEW EARTH REALITIES/SYSTEMS/PROGRAMS or are you still focused on Old Earth with your attention/energy/focus and putting all of your ENERGY into that which has already collapsed?

EXPANSION EXERCISE: If you have not already, get still, get quiet and go deep deep deep inside. See YOUR NEW EARTH REALITY and FEEL it fully with your entire body/being/every cell. HOLD THIS ENERGY fully and allow it to come forth fully, deeply and emanate out as far as your field can "stretch". Then slowly open your eyes, allowing the fuzzy, soft focus to remain ... for as you "tune" your eyes/heart/Consciousness to the subtle, the soft, the "invisible realms" you'll start to see what you could not before. As you reach Zero Point (complete stillness) and hold this long enough, your whole body's vibration is able to achieve an expanded state of Consciousness, which increases your atomic vibrational spin rate for you to feel a gravitational shift/lift. You can actually feel/experience this inside, as well as with your field. You may feel fuzzy/tingly in your heart, brain and through-out your body, as your LightBody activates. You will feel differently (weird at first), which will challenge your ego, yet this feeling/expansion is beyond important in every way. This is also one way that you allow linear limits to dissolve/fall away. Do this enough daily and you will start to EXPERIENCE the subtle softness of a higher frequency dimension more. To live this fully, you must achieve the ability to HOLD THESE HIGHER FREQUENCIES FULLY with our whole body/energy field/all. Light Codes are a higher frequency than your human aspect is, therefore shutting down, resting, sleep is necessary to integrate/align/clear. We absorb and expand, which is non-linear. Linearity is partnered with contraction. Your ability to see/feel/know, will then "trigger"/activate the next phases of the process for you.  Keep connecting, practicing and playing in this softness. It's beyond exquisite, magical and beyond words and the tears that come as you REMEMBER/FEEL/EXPERIENCE all through PURITY are very natural as a way of harmonic tuning too. Welcome "home". Welcome to "the other side". Now to hold this fully... it has to be your priority and not a hind-thought or only when you "need/want" something, as that's your ego programming too. ♥

p.s. Your inner-knowing and feeling is how you "see" at first. Inner-vision comes "later", as you learn to live fully from your Pure Soul-Heart. As your pineal gland de-calcifies and starts to open up, you'll start to see more, yet it's a bit trippy for awhile, because you will be confused as to "which reality is real", until the crystals in your Crystalline Lightbody and eyes tune/adjust. Use your Crystalline Lightbody to intentionally tune. Use your Plasma Lightbody to walk in your new dream on purpose. Honor your Physical Lightbody fully, as it's your QUANTUM NEW EARTH LIGHTBODY .... and Ascension is "how" you arrive on the "other side" via the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, it's a "real thing", as is everything else "not believable" at first. ♥

P.P.P.S. Many are still unaware to the extent that all is "governed" by Cosmic/Universal/Quantum Laws/Quantum Light Codes/Rules and that EVERYTHING OCCURRING is not as it's humanly perceived and that there are a bazillion other things always going on. Many are still "looking at that" and "thinking" that "that thing" is the result of something linear or "causing" certain things or that they "think" they understand, when in essence this couldn't be further from "the truth". Total expansion "out of that" and "beyond all of that" to open up to see everything from a completely expanded space will assist with this. Full access is restored with 12D/Source Consciousness Embodiment and nothing is as previously perceived. Everything is relative to Vibrational Frequencies and Light Codes and the "how to" comes with Expanded Super Consciousness that each has access to from deep inside. Being completely in-tune and in Divine Harmony means you are flowing with creationflowing with Lightflowing as LOVE and all is completely vibrationally and energetically aligned with this. If it's not, you will "see it' or feel it/know it and it's up to you to connect deeper inside and then shift/align your reality through your own Expanded Consciousness yourself... as Love.  We each have to "learn" how to process Light Codes, read Light encoded Information and activate all as Light, while accomplishing immense continual anchoring processes as well. It's a necessary part of everyone's process of returning to a NEW EARTH EXISTENCE through Living Full Purity/Love/Unity Consciousness (Oneness) here. Everyone's SOUL/STAR Codes override human codes now. Everyone's "codes" activate inside on a cellular level and are relative to a "whole body template" that links up to Gaia's/Universally/Cosmically through an intricate Crystalline/Plasma Gridding and Networking System that correlates to MULTI-DIMENSIONAL NEW EARTH. The Ego programming/aspect must be "removed" (dissected/dismantled/dissolved/integrated into ONEness) for full energetic visibility, understanding and access to be fully restored. There is no need to argue or fight, yet this is the human ego's way, as a part of an early awakening process of returning to inner-power/Sovereignty again. As each are truly ready to "move on" from this "way", then peace, simplicity, ease and grace will replace struggle, strife, lack and fight. ♥

It's "time" to LIVE YOUR NEW EARTH DREAM REALITY FULLY.... by embracing NEW EARTH fully and Living Light Codes fully.... working, playing, creating and coexisting together from our Deep Sacred Connection, Respect and as Love.


With immense love, appreciation, reverence and deep sacred respect,
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

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Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.

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