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You Create What You Believe

You Create What You Believe

I love to write, I love to reflect, I love to dig deep and discover hidden truths that are in my soul.

I love to have conversations with myself and I also love to share these bits with all of you because I am am a firm believer that what I feel is what many of us feel but are not always consciously aware of.

Sometimes putting them out in public to read helps others with their own inner connections.

Today I had a conversation with my friend about self-worth and how our manifestations are affected by our own (low) self-image.
Here is a short and not complete explanation of what I have learned about it.

Read it with your heart and give your mind a rest. Your heart will know the truth when it sees it.

Maybe someday I will write a more in depth piece about it for those that are interested in working with the power of the heart. Enjoy!

“Your quality of your life is determined by your beliefs about yourself as an individual. Your reality, environment and experiences are projections of your inner beliefs and values.

  • In what areas of your life do you not feel like you are valued?
  • In what areas of your life do you not feel that you are good enough?
  • What emotions are you going through currently that make you feel like you are not where you are supposed to be?

Most people are struggling with self-worth and the inability to see their own value. It is something that every single person is struggling with albeit in different areas of their life.

Some excel in one are but fail completely in another one. Some feel they are worthy to receive money and some feel like money is always lacking. No matter in what area of your life that you are feeling you are failing: it is simply a reflection of your own subconscious beliefs.

Even if you know with your mind you deserve to be loved it is not until you believe it in your heart that you will see the results of this.

The beliefs in your mind have to match the beliefs in your heart for them to be manifested in your benefit.

If you want to have a wholesome partnership and yet you have only experienced painful ones it is because subconsciously you do not fully believe that love is wholesome and available for you to manifest and experience.

The good news is that because they are just beliefs that come from within your subconscious is that you have the power to change them. You are that powerful of a human being to be able to do that. You have been give the access to many tools on how to practice self-love. Loving yourself means shifting your limited beliefs about yourself. Starting to remember and becoming aware of your (family and bloodline) patterns will shift the energy from within you.

Have you had a pattern of failed relationships? Or failed jobs? Or struggling with money? Or with having solid friendships? Then you can be sure that these are accompanied with inner beliefs that are not in alignment with the truth of your soul.

Loving yourself is what will shift your perspective and what will empower you in all areas of your life.

Loving yourself is what will shift the beliefs from you feeling unworthy to feeling like you deserve the whole world.

Nobody else but you has the power to change everything that is happening in your life.

Shift your perspective: see your own value and worth and the universe will match your true inner beliefs.

The universe does not punish or wants you the suffer. The universe is an intelligence that is aligning with the inner world that you have created because you are the master of your own world.

When you clear your inner world from painful beliefs and replace them with true love for yourself you will align with the unconditional love that the universe has to offer. The universe is ready to gift you what you truly deserve.

So what do you believe that you deserve?

Dig deep into your beliefs and allow the universe to match the love that you feel within.

It is there, it has always been there and it is waiting for you to start believing in your own magic.

Turn inward and see the love that you are inside. You can transform your painful beliefs with your awareness and with the help of your soul.

Let your reality and experiences be a reflection of pure love that comes from within you.

Remember: you ARE the universe in human form. You have the power to change, shift and create at the same time.

So start to change what you do not align with from within yourself and love yourself like the universe loves you and you will see miracles happen.”

Dana Grozdanova: My Spiritual path has begun in 2010 where I was shown how Spirit operates in my life and how it is a force that has always been present with me since the moment I was born. Angels, spirit guides and other light beings began making their presence known and guiding me through my life. They have been giving me information, explanations, signs, hope, courage, love and much more that I needed on this journey of life.,

I have been creating intuitive art to help people connect to their own soul and feel their own power. My journey is forever changing and I am here to share what my soul wants to express with the world.

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