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Are You Ready To Balance Your Plate?

Are You Ready To Balance Your Plate?

I remember being a young child with my eyes caught in a gaze of amazement the first time I experienced my first buffet.

As I scanned each section of mouth-watering artistry, I saw so many things I couldn’t wait to pile on my plate. I soon realized I would need the biggest plate available, but I quickly realized it was too big and heavy for this young person to carry. My parents, in a moment of profound wisdom, said to me, “You don’t have to get everything at once. You can always go back if you still have room.” Taking their advice to heart, I picked up a side plate and began building a fortress of yummy adventure. I thought, “If I don’t have enough space on the plate, I’ll just build up.” Thinking like an ambitious culinary architect, I began adding each colorful vibrant treat to my plate until I could barely hold it with both hands. As I sat down at the table, my parents marveled at the collection of cuisines appearing before me. In one of my earliest moments of abundance, I dove right in.

After getting a little more than halfway through this plate of food, my young digestive system began waving a white flag of surrender. It seemed as if the hunger of my mind was far bigger than the capacity of my body. Unable to go any further, I sat back feeling a mixture of belly busting exhaustion and the joy of taking my taste buds to its newest amusement park. At the time, I didn’t realize the seeds of spiritual insights being planted. In fact, it would take many years for such wisdom to blossom into the garden of renewed perspective I now live from.

Perhaps just like my young self at the buffet, we often perceive so many extraordinary experiences we are excited to embrace in life, and yet, we often believe we have to experience them all right now, or else face a fear of missing out. Even when finding the biggest metaphorical plate to place all your peak experiences upon, you may find yourself in the right place where all experiences are offered and even with the right circumstances to bring them to you. But without a greater ability to receive with worthiness, we remain children whose sky-high piled plates become too much of a burden to carry. Even when you find a way to your table with piles of experiences you are ready to devour, perhaps you may also realize it’s not a matter of how much you’ve sought out, collected, stacked atop your plate, but the difference between the mind’s endless hunger for more and what your body can digest and assimilate — right now.

While it is natural to assume how much better life would be if only you had more of anything you don’t believe you have enough of, in truth, you always have exactly the perfect amount you are able to receive and digest — always satisfying the highest possibility of each moment that escorts you from one milestone of expansion to the next. Maybe instead of attempting to have so many peak experiences at once, where the buffet of life makes us feel more unwell than satisfied, we can take our time in receiving all the beauty, abundance, and inspiration each moment offers, knowing we can always go back to the buffet for a second trip or visit regularly to satisfy our deepest desires of ever-expanding sensory fulfillment.

What if having a list of spiritual accomplishments to check off your list is like being at a buffet with more choices than your plate and body can withstand?

What if we can allow this moment to help us simplify our objectives by asking the question, “What is the single most important thing I can focus on to nourish myself and become a more worthy receiver?”

What if putting less on our plate gives us less to process and more satisfaction to explore?

What if we don’t have to resolve everything at once or fear the worst circumstances until we figure out a way to speed through time and reach wherever we believe the greener grass grows?

What if we stop, even for just one moment right now, setting our plates aside and instead of planning the next section of the buffet to devour, we can embrace a moment of gratitude for all that’s been offered, all that’s being given, and all that is sure to come our way?

While we still live in a society where overconsumption exists as a facade of safety in an ever-growing field of instability and change, it is the tendency to over consume that often keeps us trapped in emotional upheaval, spiraling in energetic process, and living in states of survival when attempting to continually take in more than you are able to handle.

This is why my team and I created a new membership program called All for Love: All Access. It beautifully simplifies the arc of my offerings and gives you online access to everything we’ve already offered, as well as upcoming offerings so you can enjoy a breath of relief, take your time to receive each offering and the unique frequencies each transmission provides, while communing with those of like-mind and heart as we enjoy the buffet of new paradigm transformation — together as one.

During my first visit to the buffet, had it been an annual pass versus a one-time ticket, I would have been so much more open, relaxed and able to receive at a deeper level. In the same way, All for Love: All Access offers you the consistent support, reliable relief, and ongoing comfort to help you make your way through the journey of life as supported, nurtured, inspired, and divinely guided as you so deserve to be.

Now is the time to heal for real and move to the other side of your spiritual journey. It's a side where relief is your ongoing experience, inspiration flows as effortlessly as the breath you breathe, with endless opportunities to witness your highest vibration manifested into tangible form — right here, right now. This is the incredible journey we’ve been preparing for. It is the life-changing adventure that is now ready for us to take our first exciting step forward as an empowered, inclusive, conscious community where all empathic hearts are supported, nurtured, held and healed as One.

I welcome you to a new timeline of healing relief and spiritual exploration.

I welcome you to All for Love: All Access.

All for Love,

Matt Kahn

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Are You Ready To Balance Your Plate?

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