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Ascension Navigation for 2020

Ascension Navigation for 2020

The Beginning…..

We are here, a time and space that we have been talking and preparing for consciously for at least a couple of years; and yet from the higher Eye view we know that we have been in preparation from the moment we were birthed.

2020 comes around and presents itself as something that’s way too big to explain, simply because there is not one human on this planet who knows how this moves exactly. The main events to this year are highlighted in the planets and are showing us something that hasn’t been seen on Earth certainly not for at least 500 years but even then, whilst that era or wave was incredibly transformative what we have available now has the potential to shift us into realities that we could only now describe as alien.

There is no doubt we are from this point on taking a momentous quantum leap.

We have no reference points in which to create stories around the energy. What we do know is we are now beginning to rise on the tsunami of change. We know that our world is about to shift in a very big way and we have been learning to release the attachments and expectations as to how this will look. That’s one very interesting shift that we have nowadays in comparison to how it was say 500 years ago. The ability to prophesise the details is so close to impossible, nothing works the way it once did or as our great ancestors got to experience . The prophesies we read today from long ago have been for a while going wayward, because what couldn’t have been understood then was the expansion into the Quantum wisdom, the ability to form the future from our core frequency and with this we now hold a super power of changing outcomes.

Details and presentations, opportunities and experiences can completely shift the moment the vibration moves within us individually and collectively.

This shift doesn’t change the core or the theme, this will always stay the same as its’ objective is balance, it’s a wave, a sine wave that in order to understand it you will need to expand the view and the awareness so high that it’s possible to see the beginning of the sine from when we first began until now. By observing this pattern you will see that what we have created must now dissolve and make way for the new, hence why it has been progressively getting more and more unstable within the collective.

Let’s be blunt here, let’s not beat around bushes, our race will be reduced and it is an essential part of our evolution, our purification and our survival as a whole on this planet.

To really get your head around the shift I would highly encourage you to take your journey back, to reintroduce yourself to your Ancient Self, the One who existed from the beginning when our race was formed, and begin to look at the rise and fall of civilisations. From there I would encourage you to learn as much as possible about the Age of Aries, then the Age of Pisces and finally the Age of Aquarius paying particular interest to what each era held, the laws, the ways, the religions, the beliefs, then looking at the years of the transitions and the historical events that carried the change.

We are now in an incredible key position for the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, and once you have done the research you will soon come to realise that our entire belief structure and programming is all very firmly embedded in a phase now dissolving. Whilst there is much speculation as to when or if the Aquarian Age has started the point is nothing just starts and ends. It fades in and phases out just like a wave and the wave we find ourselves now surfing may feel big already. It’s never been surfed before so we cannot yet comprehend the size and each movement will feel gigantic, but let me tell you this wave has only just picked us up to begin and it is the wave taking us into the Aquarian Age.

The 4th frequency feels the most volatile as it is after all the bandwidth with the most distortion. In most streams or labels it holds the entire spiritual arena, the space in which separation is Seen and experienced and it’s the space that holds a magnificent mocktail of beliefs that have over time been mutated from the original religious roots such as angels and demons, ascended masters, saviours and gods. These are all templates now to be seen in their truth as the coded descriptions of patterns, as intended, to withstand the test of time and yet the distortion began when these codes were taken by power hungry, egocentric leaders of long ago and twisted into history for their gain in that time…..that the race has been forming its foundations upon ever since and only now beginning to see that we have taken “The words as Gospel”, the word of God distorted and preached literally.

The Book was coded, the words are symbols and behind these are the Truth, the mirror of our separation and the descriptions of the patterns were there all along, waiting for the Eye to recognise the ancient language of patterning.

Again, I encourage you to look past the Piscean Era and to see how the saviour stories repeat and when you find the path to see past the words and into the patterns, the detachment from the Piscean Era and all that you have known becomes a much smoother transition.

This is the path of the initiate, it is the illuminated path that will lead all those prepared to Be the Shift through the fields of hopelessness that are experienced when we go through such a deep deprogramming, the real eye view, a journey of Freedom….the ultimate purpose.

The days of playing around in the spiritual fields without full respect are over, it is time to get REAL as 2020 will be incredibly sobering to those still singing from the fishy song sheet. It would be fair to say you will witness those believed to be the “most enlightened” begin the Deep C Dive within in which the emotions, the judgement, the spiritual warriors, the blame, the victim and separation will spin out for all connected to experience and resolve/dissolve.

This is likely to appear quite reactive, looking through the window of social media it has been evident that many of the popular spiritual spaces are rumbling with reactivity. It is for a time a perfect learning space to understand the mirrors and distortions, the lies in the beliefs, but after time the need to experience these distorted fields reduces dramatically and through the reflections the requirement to step away gets louder until we listen, and follow the guidance to enter the depths of within, to sit in the silence and observe the fields so that we can learn, grow and re-emerge accountable.
There is a great responsibility when we declare we are of the light and this will now make itself very known.

This year is of course the kickstart to the incoming decade cycle, it holds a whole range of crucial points that are being shown in the cosmic star map and it’s headed up by Saturn who has been at home in Capricorn for the past two years. It is now we get to surf through the crescendo of this transit before he takes his dip into the energy of Aquarius in the first part of this year and then partnered with Mars to retrograde back into Capricorn and re-enter Aquarius on 21st December with a Grand Conjunction with Jupiter on Solstice, highly symbolic of how the Aquarian Age will taste. Saturn and Jupiter hand in hand at 0 degree which opens up such an incredible portal giving the purpose of the 2021 next incredible wave.

So what do we know in terms of how this will pan out?

In short, nothing will be the same. We begin the year with the Capricorn Council: Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, South Node, with the two Centaurs Pholus and Ceres. By the 20th of January we receive the strategic war Goddess Pallas Athena enter Capricorn whilst Sun and Mercury make their escape to begin the gathering of data required to bring some sense, some form to the paths we discovered during the depths of January.

This Council is the Master reset. On the world stage this is set to change the structure as it hits the foundations of everything we once knew to be true and trusted; albeit the trust has been dwindling for some time the ripples of unrest will begin to be seen reverberating through the fields and will be hitting the rule creators. This points towards our governments, banks and all institutions that are invested in keeping its’ audience, its people dulled down. The humble Gaians, the compliant humans have already been showing their unwillingness to be spoon fed and showing that compliance to that system is now a thing of the past. What is next to be realised is how the population has blindly allowed this control, that there is no point hating on the puppeteers, we chose the role of the “puppets” and yet we are soon to discover that we were always the “real boys” and all we’ve got to do is cut those strings. We will learn to be responsible and with this we will learn that we created this space to lose the wisdom, this is how change begins and through this we will learn that the power is always with the people.

From a decade view let’s just say the power will be very much on the light side by the close in 2029.

Knowing the deconstruction is upon us will no doubt have fear rising, this is the objective, all must be seen and please do not lose sight of the Magic this holds. We knew the fear programming was to make itself known, hence these past couple of years specifically when the word ego was on everyone’s lips. Ego, being the label for the first programming that holds judgement, blame, shame and everything that stops the process of the heart awakening.

Talking of Magic, this will be the word I use mostly as the theme for 2020. This may seem contradictory to the visualisations that might be appearing reading this report however we must understand exactly what magic is and the alchemical process it holds.

Most of us know magic to be something quite extraordinary that happens very quick, faster than the eye and the brain can digest, but from the most highest of view points and in the lowest of the dense frequencies it happens incredibly slowly and resembles something that looks a whole lot more like chaos.

Think about it for a second, imagine the Master Magician materialising something from nothing, atoms splitting, fizzing energy in creation, something appearing from nothing takes great force to create and materialise something that now holds space, and this process is no different for us. However being so physically dense this process in the beginning happens in super slow motion, allowing us to witness the secrets it holds and at first it is easy to get lost in the details without seeing the greater more expanded view. In the beginning it will appear somewhat painful, chaotic, but this is simply learning how this all works and the pain is nothing more than the resistance held.

Fully aligning to processes of transformation will continue to be a theme running well into this decade. Pluto isn’t moving out until 2024 so there is plenty more to transform, no space to rest on our laurels because this year will shake the most attached into their Divine Detachment and this will also be assisted with the incoming solar cycle 25.

The current solar minimum we are experiencing; this incredible DNA rewrite that began in the last phases of 2018 and truly made itself known in 2019 is likely to begin switching back into solar activity during this year. This will be the point in which our attention is taken outside of ourselves briefly to confirm and fully realise that the focus must remain within. Sounds backwards I know but once this starts appearing within our realities it will be far easier to explain. In a nutshell this is the activation and growth energy to the codes we are now receiving, it is the reap what we have sewn energy as we get to live out and ride the experiences chosen through the frequency we reach during each solar minimum which occurs approximately every 11 years. The shifts outside are likely to be HUGE bringing more confirmation that to surf this, to shift this, and to keep the field vibration high then we must release from the out there and continue to shift from within.

Another eye opening shift is that this incoming solar cycle has been predicted to be of a Grand design, meaning more sun spots, more flares more mutating gamma rays along with plenty of plasma to assist the transformation or evolutionary process. Lets just say a Grand Solar Maximum has potential to create a lot of “magic” (of course this would be bringing disruption to the 3rd dimensional operations so it appears as chaos) which will highlight our addictions, dependencies and really bring home the awareness of how much we rely on technology, and have become so reliant and entwined with the very world we say we no longer want to grow. Time to go back to cash? Perhaps at least keeping a stash ready in the event of flash disruptions would be handy?

In the last days of 2019 we saw a couple of sunspots from the new cycle, then on the 2nd January another appeared which indicates we have the new activity beginning after an incredibly long recorded year of a blank sun, hence the deep solar minimum we are in and this incredibly deep work we have all been busy completing, but let’s just say this decade will be the year many more open to their SOUL-AR Alignment as they realise the power of energy and open to the keys of how to harness and surf the Source flow, learning the secrets of our Solar Disc, the true Son that humans proclaim their love for, and opening up the ability to climb the ladder of light and prepare for each Ones Ascension.

One must KNOW, that for any alignment to take place the mind must be open to the process, the physical must align to Being and to how the alignment operates and the Energy will then do its’ work and fill the field, expanding and creating the form to continue one’s journey of expansion.

What might be the eye opener is how the new cycle begins and there always tends to be quite a “magic” event. Please remember before I go on that the meaning of magical is used quite differently so that we see it as chaos in its slowest most dense form, but this Divine Magic is the alchemy for our transitions as a race. With this in mind the last deepest solar minimum we experienced was 1913, the next solar cycle in 1914 was the year of World War I, as well as a whole list of other historical events and campaigns across the globe including sections of the Ghandi story. Now I am not saying war will begin however these points of change, these shifts in cycles do bring exponential change, just as the 2009 solar minimum which really got our planet moving for 2012 which was the year that the solar activity began to maximise causing a mass wave of awakenings and our forerunners anchoring in their new found energies of the 5th dimensional world for us all to begin flowing through and experiencing too.
We will witness as all materialises but in the meantime we continue working within to reduce the inflammation and conflict because as we know all is simply a reflection and if we want more perceived higher frequency experiences then we achieve this by adjusting from within.

The cosmic period we are now in takes us deep inside the cocoon phase in which we perfect the tone of our shell, we perfect the nutrient balances and become the alchemists of transformation for us to then see how our self-creation “fares up” in the rays of the next solar cycle.

The higher the vibration, the higher the health levels the more bright and strong the butterfly wings will be to withstand the incoming solar storms and flares.

What is a little interesting to note from observations is that something is appearing to be out of balance…..which of course, any imbalance is perfect through its perceived imperfection, it will hold a yet unknown reason, perhaps such as the tipping point, perhaps part of the build up to the tipping point, we are all feeling unsure and I know we can all feel something about to flip. The abnormality I have noticed is the fact we are experiencing a very warm winter here in the UK, in fact the tip of Scotland had a record temperature of I believe 18 degrees C over the festive period, what is odd is that being that we are in a solar minimum and have been since the end of 2018 and with this we should technically be cooling, we should be experiencing snow here in the UK……and its been balmy, light jackets are more than adequate and night time temperatures aren’t dipping so bad either. This is apparently set to turn but the near future predictions are still incredibly mild for a deep solar minimum.

Of course this will be symbolic, there is always purpose and it will be a part of a process, the initiates have found that there is of course a pattern, our bodies have also been going through rapid burn up, super high temperature radiating from the spine. For me this is highlighting that we are speeding up, of course all is One and therefore Earth will ascend as we do also which brings me onto the next words that keep coming up for 2020 and that is Fire and Ice. I haven’t quite got the entire translation and I am not going to attempt it, it’s not the way it works for me as this is my experience to journey too, therefore I cannot know it all and neither do I want to. The Fire and Ice symbols and codes have been appearing in my field in a whole range of ways, but there is no doubt the words are being placed under my nose like light gems.

Fire, it’s happening. Australia we love you and we are holding you in our arms whilst the balance moves itself through for the next phase of y(our) journey, but of course it isn’t just Australia. In 2019 we saw some massive issues across our globe and this of course will continue into our future until we listen to the needs of this planet and realise that in order to exist here we must harmonise. We will stop mining fossil fuels and use our Source as intended and we will stop picking at the lungs of our planet and leave the trees and forests alone. Australia is surely to now show the world how it’s done, but what makes me curious is it appears there is a part of the pattern that’s missing right now and the contradiction is the lack of ICE, the cooling of the solar minimum isn’t here….

This of course highlights my expectation in the patterns, which hinders the view of the truth, of the pattern shape which I will expand into given time but I thought it would be interesting to share my part completed puzzle with you, who knows there could be someone holding the other half.

But this out of balance feeling, also feels incredibly perfect in the pressure, the sense that something is going to snap, and it’s making itself known within us all. There are so many contradictions in the unconscious field that we all can sense that the back is about to be broken on so many old cycles and this anticipation or perhaps fear for many is exactly what’s required to be added into the melting pot to cause the alchemical activation to awaken the most stubborn of sleepers.
Waking up in this decade will be fast, hard, almost railroaded….or bust.

That’s another contradiction through the 4th realm: what we want, what we say we want, what we yearn for and yet our non-acceptance to how it moves. Fighting Self to hold mirrors and resist love, the very thing we declared we wanted, denied due to attachments.

Another word that will be coming up a lot in 2020 is ATTACHMENTS, with the Capricorn Council active to kick start this 10 year period there will be one simple question to ask self, ‘am I attached to outcomes, loyalties, obligations, expectations of the physical kind or am I moving into the New World from within where everything has purpose. All is free to move and the knowing of the Divine Plan is encoded and followed, again with the shifts about to happen on our physical world stage much of the attachment and victim programming will becoming highly active for that to be seen and dissolved.

Please know, especially those reading these words and not yet understanding, that beneath the world you have known to be true is another world. It is the world that creates your world and we have learned how to Master this within our fields, I am here to assist and the A Gift from Gaia website is not too far away. It will be home to all the keys and gems, the alignments and portals I have discovered so far and will continue to write until it’s time for me to leave here. I write to share but to also ground in the journey, to assist, simply because I LOVE and sharing LOVE is my role, and yours too, just in case you haven’t worked that part out, no one is different other than some are just more inquisitive than others and become great key seekers.

So as we move into this new year and decade we know there is a ridiculous amount of change we are about to experience. Nothing can stay as it was and the power I was receiving behind the words of make this year-end count, that it wont ever be the same again has opened up an alertness, an awareness of how vast and how earth changing these incoming years are to be.
For us to be dissolving the attachment programming on this level, for us to be ushering in the Age of Aquarius then this IS BIG, we have now manifested our collective dream.

The focus must be understanding the Sacred Field, this Key will soon be available to those outside the SOUL-AR Alignment Course but for now what this means is committing to the upkeep of the tone of your sacred temple. Making sure the structure is strong, that all internal requests are immediately actioned without delay, that all feeds in and out are of the highest value and that the gates are secured allowing the most respectful and responsible to join and INjoy the celestial tones that emanate from your Divine Aligned Field.

This focus is the only focus of the Initiate, it is our only “working” role if you like in which we must be active and observing always. Once this is learned its easy and work is pleasure anyway because the activity and observing also gives the signs, symbols and gem trails into new data and experiences, its how we operate once the field is stable and we really wouldn’t want it any other way, neither could we go back to the old way, once we can read the language of the field it’s a whole new world, and then some, because even this doesn’t stop, there is always more….ALWAYS.

What is interesting is when the awareness expanded and the experience gifted the wisdom of how easy it all is once we operate from the centre point of the Sacred Field, the word work doesn’t hold the same old heavy vibration, everything does become simple, it’s a flow, and it moves with ease, and this flow, this ease, will be the space to exist within whilst everything begins to move much faster. A centrifugal force ejecting, rejecting, dissolving and removing within the spin to ensure there is constant space for opportunity, whether this is chosen or not is another matter. It’s a choice personal to each, but resisting these energies will again highlight the levels of attachment to this world and the blind commitment to the reincarnation process, or the karmic wheel if you prefer, which are the patterns of the Piscean Era that we are now all dissolving. We cannot be free to explore the quantum field and surf the astral planes if we hold attachment to the presenting world, which is after all simply a reflection, only the Piscean teachings would have you believe you can have both, but it simply cannot work that way. We either operate from the energetic world, the point of creation which gives us access to our Creative Freedom, or not. We hold the attachment to the physical and try and manipulate from there, but we know this is a fully tried and tested way of dis-ease and separation, it doesn’t fulfil, it creates needs and desires for more, to repeat, to perfect, it’s a world and a way that can NEVER be satisfied because what it believes it seeks was programmed in as a belief.

These words will trigger the attachments and accentuate the lack and loss programming however always remember that the Divine detachment will always “sort out” the experiences for the great distortion removals that will reflect the need to try fix or hold on.

These often end quite loudly and in the beginning there is enough anger to raise and create a force to continue the removal before the wanting to fall back to the old way begins again. As I said things are speeding up, therefore the old hard way to break free actually becomes so much easier, we have all pretty much seen what there was to be seen and repeating during these evolutionary speeds become pointless. Also remember that the truth is you are neither abandoning or leaving anyone or anything, you are releasing the trails of co-dependency in which we learn about our fear of things and people leaving, nothing ever leaves; we are One, we are always connected, in so many ways, our genetics, energy, memories, thoughts, stories, all of it is a very powerful connection, if you haven’t learned this and can only feel connection in the physical reality then the separation and non-understanding is seen. For that space to be filled and the full connection established, no one and nothing leaves, it’s just our ideas, beliefs and wants for everything to stay, but given time we get to see how this creates nothing but stagnation in the field. There is no love in control, and this way is laden with conditions and that’s not the path of the light walker, likewise holding blame, judgement and anger attached to these memories, thoughts, feelings and stories continues the perpetuating distortive energy within the field and continues the karmic processing.

In 2019 I released the key called the Karma Dogs which explains the point and purpose in bringing all experiences to a point of neutrality so that the gift of growth for all connected can be experienced and the blockages finally released, again this will soon be available for All to access. This key will also bring the awareness as to why dis-ease such as mental health illness will appear to increase at an exponential rate this year and more visibly through the first half of the decade. Again this is essential for it to be Seen and for our world to stand up and begin to care more, looking for new ways to understand the stress and why it has continued to build even though the psychiatric world technically should know more today than ever before, and yet the contradiction highlights that this knowledge clearly isn’t aligned as we continuously see the statistics increase and mutate, more youngsters being diagnosed with mental health presentations and specifically eating disorders that are symbolic to their foundations not being supported, and an over sensitivity to control.

Again, this must become loud for the transition to begin, this is not something to be judged but it is something we can all take responsibility for by caring more for Self and therefore our race, by each taking the responsibility to hold their Sacred Field we set the tone and experience for all those we come into contact with, we become the example, our path holds the trail of directions and sign posts that we took and for those choosing to be a part of the shift, this change will follow.

We are the example, by choosing to show up HealthFULL and filled with compassion, and this is what catches the attention of our sleepy Brothers and Sisters, creating a flow to follow.

This is the world that exists under the physical presentations, the world I was speaking of earlier in which the details discussed here in truth are simply just another pattern, a pattern rumbling and ready to implode the moment the balance tips. A world that the psychiatric knowledge ignores and yet it is the space we truly operate from and it is the answer to all health, this is now expanding and becoming known, the more we open up to this Quantum existence, the more people who follow the keys and find themselves in fields of gold, the more the old foundations and ways they operate cease to be effective, steering more towards the unseen world.

2020 is a Master 22 year, this is a year in which the NewBuild or the New World starts to rise, it is the year that we witness the phoenix take form from the ashes, and the power of this year is quite frankly nothing we are have ever been close to experiencing for many many lifetimes and it kick starts in January creating an exponential start to this year.

Let’s take a little closer look to this incredible month

The Capricorn Council may well be active in January but let’s be sure to understand that this wave has been building since Pluto entered in 2008 and blew the horn to herald the great transformation and we have been surfing ever since with a crest of the wave here in 2020. This theme will continue specifically throughout this year as the wave moves through, so whilst we may feel that January will be a climax it will show itself to simply be a crucial part of something much larger, this again is a pattern, a wave, and this wave or pattern will show itself as a part of an even larger fractal if you observe from a more high space.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction I find historically interesting to watch (Sit tight because you are about to receive some energetic confirmation as your body reacts to the truth tones)Is the 1914 conjunction that happened in………Cancer, the opposite to Capricorn.
Hmmmm I am sure you are now recalling what I spoke about earlier regarding 1913 and 1914, the great solar minimum that we are now aligned with and experiencing in 2019 and 2020, and we are now transiting the same conjunction of the two mighty power lords in our heavens, whilst we are soon to exit a great solar minimum……there are never any coincidences, this is HIGHLY symbolic and screams balance and change.

This is a super pattern, this is the reaping of what we have sewn from another cycle lasting 106 years, have we learned? Are we to repeat and learn more or will we experience the expansion of coming together in unity? I feel the magic will show all angles to the hands so that we can be even more dumbfounded by the show.

The most interesting energy in this flip from 1914 to now is that we are of course in the sign of Capricorn. Cancer gave us a huge emotional shake up, so the opportunity to build from this IS now here if we choose, all is a choice. In Capricorn the home of Saturn the energy takes us into a fast transformative phase of deconstruction and reconstruction with the blessing and aid of Pluto. The focus sits within our Banks, Governments, this includes the medical world and its “control” as it acts like a narcissist’s flying monkey assisting in the current social programming. Saturn represents the glass ceiling, it creates apparent blocks and boundaries, a gift to ensure we learn exactly what is required for our progression and only ever released with permission to pass when we have a key player such as Pluto or perhaps Neptune or maybe a very abrupt shift, something unexpected such as Uranus involved too. Saturn represents structures, our material world and everything we deem as real, including our creation of time. Well we are here, we are surfing Saturn whilst we have Pluto in balance play.

The navigation, the instructions to this game is guiding us to prepare for all structure, even down to our molecular structure to transform into the new form.

One other flip that continues to rise in the transmissions is the contradictions that are becoming highly visible, the polarities, the duality, the opposition (note above, the opposition of Cancer and Capricorn, which ultimately represents birth and death, a low octave cycle of Pluto) the references to the flip, is this about to be the energetic pole shift? Will this pattern now begin to take form in the physical?

The pendulum swing from positive to negative began some time ago, we all reached the opportunity to rest in the central point, the mid way, the space of peace, each of us have been able to find this place if we wanted as the information and availability to this octave has been fully open and active for some time, now the pendulum swings again, and its best description is the rags to riches, riches to rags or the next visual is the flip of the pyramid……but this visual keeps expanding, from one pyramid, the mirrored other half of the shape becomes visible, two pyramids, one inverted creating the unseen mystical Merkabah, the key to the light force, the seed of creation.

However the symbolic words that centre around the flip manifest, be sure to release the attachment to how this may look, it would be advisable to stay in the Divinely Detached space of being the observer as opposed to experiencing the force of the flip through the attachment to the old ways, Divine Detachment gives the ability to be free and fly when the physical earth begins to shake too hard.

Another interesting guide here is Saturn’s link into Religion, due to its karmic and control octaves and yet as we know, Saturn is in the process of completing its Piscean karmic story which is that of the religion we have come to know and base our entire beliefs around, and whether you think you are religious or not, your programming is plugged directly into it, the way we live is built on its foundations……and this is exactly what our celestial map is showing to now dismantle and transform with the partnership of Pluto.

With this transformation, the deconstruction and the NewBuild it will take great levels of responsibility for each to hold, and it is through taking this responsibility that we regain our power as the people. We release the old ideas of waiting to see how our field responds, we release the we shall see mentality, and we begin to care more, share more, and make everything within our field our responsibility, it becomes our committed choice, and anything we no longer want to be a part of or include in our field we close down, and this now goes for our structures and those who govern. To be fair we as the “public” have never stood up, have never said no, have continued to choose the better of two or more evils when the answer is clearly now a big united NO to anything and One who is continuing the patterns of insanity, repeating what simply does not harmonise or align to peace.

We the public never took the responsibility, we have been side-tracked with our life of addictions and desires. Perhaps its been fair to say we have never shown we have what it takes to be responsible and so if we want to activate this new field of responsibility then I encourage each to be making better daily choices to enhance the field, to care more about who we allow to be our leader and to not accept the old “that will do”, because when we instruct our field that only the finest will do then and only then will our collective field provide this.

The more responsibility we take, the more we support our own individual field and build the new world within, choosing to deny all that destructs and encompassing all that expands and brings joy to all within our individual and shared space, will then move the collective through quantum jumps as together we commit to increasing the vibration of our field and as a result rapidly dissolves all that is no longer accepted or required, it becomes spent.

The New World is built by those who take responsibility, and we are now to take this pearl of wisdom and truly become a part of the evolutionary process we have started to create so that our Ancient Future Self continues to evolve and surf the cosmic sine wave.

This is no longer about you and I, this is all about Us and We.

The first week of January holds the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter whilst we move into the first lunar eclipse of 2020, this energy is exaggerated by the moon’s transit through the zodiac and begins to trine each planet creating a harmonious feel before it starts to square off with the Capricorn Crew opening us to more magical and yet chaotic energy in which the Jupiter mercury conjunction will bring swift flows of expansion for those choosing to bide by the terms being set by the Council sat in the hall of Capricorn.

Mars takes us into an interesting wave, the lower masculine frequencies within the collective begin to be triggered, not wanting to be left behind appears to be prominent in the collective data and this is shown in the celestial map as Mars trails behind in Sagittarius. He makes square with Chiron which rings the unconscious masculine wounding like a bell allowing more to be awakened and seen within and enabling us to see this within our fields and make the conscious choice to remove the dis-ease. His time in front of the Council doesn’t come around until 16th February, right after Valentines Day and continues into March 30th when on the 31st his conjunction with Saturn sees them both walking into Aquarius together, another very crucial phase as Saturn resets the masculine coding for the Aquarian era.

So with this trailing behind, this slow physical lower masculine energy is now something that becomes incredibly important to give focus, this is representing the balance of the masculine and feminine frequencies, bringing forth opportunities to discover the divine union within. The template of the unified flame is simple, the masculine energy is our action, its what we do, its how we think, and it has been incredibly separated from its support, the feminine, the guidance from within, the voice that is always known and never acted upon, which is the pattern of the separation. We have been healing this wounding and the union happens once the voice, the feminine is heard and has been re-established as the voice of reason, the only voice that commands the advancements in the field. So what we have appearing now is a vital period, a relatively short linear period of three months in which the magic wand will be pointed and the new will appear before our eyes, again the reality of this will look like much falls away, but what is left is all that is required to build the new and by cutting away that which is unable to expand will provide the most healthFULL base to build upon.

Moving into the second week of January we begin with some awkwardness in the field as the moon in Gemini quincunxes the Capricorn Council, we will see the path but will find a glass sheet stopping the progression, go in, see where the resistance is, where is the attachment to the form and physical, release and move again, Gemini can make it all a little dithery so be precise. Another word(s) for this year, precise and precision, make your choice and move which aligns with the Saturn and Capricorn ruling. I am sure you are all merging with your cosmic goat and learning that to dither or be indecisive when climbing these steep mountain slopes leads to mistakes, wobbles and falls in which we bounce down the mountain, sustain injury to teach us and without thought begin the climb once again; this could feel like a crazy groundhog day if you haven’t begun merging with your spirit goat within and especially if you have at some point declared yourself an ascender, the sign of the goat is the great ascender of the signs, it is the sign that teaches us the climb, from the very bottom to the very top with all the pitfalls and pitstops in-between and I highly encourage this is learned before the experience teaches you, its much kinder, more responsible, to be one step ahead of the learning experience.

On the 10th we are powered by a new angle of energy, the moon moves into its phase of opposition whilst our Luna goddess sits in the emotional courtroom seat of Cancer, she looks across and sees the eyes of the Council staring back, at a point in which Saturn and Pluto are both on the 22nd degree.

Lunar Eclipse with the sun sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn conjunct Mercury on one side and Jupiter and South Node on the other, whilst the moon trines Neptune bringing so much to light. Data and information is to surface to assist in the fast movement, this also could well be quite conflicting in terms of sun and mercury feeding data from the physical and yet Neptune and moon bringing up the internal guidance, another testing time, another choice point to either take the guidance from within or continue the old way with what is fed from the field.
Uranus will also be stationing direct on this day.

12th of January we reach the crucial tipping point that we have been talking about for the past few years, can you believe we are finally here! Yes, I am sure on the one hand it’s a wow moment and yet on the other you are fully aware of the work it has taken to get to this point, in which we now experience the speed intensify, a conjunction of pure karmic transformation, a cosmic reset of the most gigantic kind, a resetting of a 500 year portal which will induce our chosen clearing and releasing modality aligned to the patterns of speed we surf, the incoming of 5G speedy data to disrupt the unconscious patterns and dissolve what is no longer required as part of our evolution and its learning structure. We requested change, we requested connection, we requested more information, we requested to evolve but of course how this manifests isn’t always what we think we need; our history shows us this with wars and major events that whilst on a personal level they appear abhorred on the grand design each are essential to make way for the new through what we have learned through the experience, or perhaps as our history tells us, what we didn’t learn and what we had to loop. Again this loop, the karmic cycle is breaking down and so many many human lines will be now going through the purification processes to unify and come back to the One, this looks like ancestral lines closing on a physical view but energetically it is energy returning to Source.

So much will begin bubbling to the surface from this point on, the theme underneath all will be floating around the Unified Flame of the Masculine and Feminine, which in turn appears to place more pressure on Mars as he edges ever closer to Capricorn, the guidance here is to pay attention to the whispers within and follow that guiding star, to focus on what is required for the unification and to withstand the G force of the movement we are making through time and space, supporting the physical, listening to its requests and acting without delay, from here we all focus on creating strong light filled structures because we will find that nothing else will do from this point forward.
Complacency is dissolving, priority and purpose fully installed.

Once the conjunction takes place we then move through Mercury’s passing, the planet of communication passes the point of karmic transformation and a new way of delivery is birthed. This will be a time to fully understand the power of the spoken word, this will be lessons in the destruction of banter, flippant comments and word spells and each opens to more opportunities to understand the power of our spoken language and how blind we were to our incantations. A new respect for our language and for many a new language to be birthed, especially for those discovering the language of the body, the field and the physical realms. On the other hand, for those who have experienced the floods in the fields, those unable to hold back and observe, struggling with the silence in the field may well find the shift into the observer space an easy transition as Mercury and then the Sun transits over the Dark Lords.

Moments ahead we have our Moon trine Neptune bringing in some super sensitivity which when dived into will unveil spaces and places in which to create upon, most likely highlighting more that requires clearing first as the month of January simply no longer allows us to bring the old frequencies into the new, that’s the respect and responsibility gate now placed in Capricorn, you wouldn’t exactly go waltzing into Nando’s eating a bag of chips from the local chippy, understanding the rules, the etiquette of Saturn and its goaty ways will align you to the open doors of the new light establishments being built under the newly refreshed Saturn and his learned friends.
In fairness the rules were always there, the first initiation is to learn the Universal Laws, unfortunately spirituality teaches it all backwards and its not until the beliefs and stories are stripped away that all we are ever left with and all that was ever needed to understand is the way our Universe behaves, and to align with this.

But as a race we chose to learn this the most complex way, however I guess if we learn backwards then the chances are we will discover all there is to learn and never again have the requirement to repeat.

Technically each of us has become a part of history

As we can see already the amount of energy building in the first half of January, this period is going to be incredibly busy, and again, these are shifts that haven’t been experienced for generations, we have no recent references within our coding to pull in any experience from, we are being held accountable and being asked to make every step, breath, word, fully action aligned, consciously responsible and as we move into the latter half of the month this doesn’t change.

The moon then moves into another square around the 16th, another passing in front of the cosmic Council, have we got this yet? No? Then repeat, yes? Then let’s shift and shift we most certainly shall because this square has the moon in Libra, balance, justice, this is IT, this is an almighty opportunity entering for those happy and comfortable to be walking in unison, both within and without.

Come the 20th the already wide open eye is most likely to open some more, even when we believe it can’t open any further, the Sun will join Mercury in Aquarius, there will have been results of some description, a want to come out and reconnect but what will be connecting into, it’s going to be new, it’s going to require learning how to operate once more, which ultimately again shakes the attachments free and helps us to open further into the flow, it feels explorative to the inquisitive and will allow the fear to be seen in the stagnant restrictive areas that are not welcome to change. This shift of energy will have us all exploring the new that has begun to take form.

Finally we shall end this report for January on the Aquarian New Moon on the 24th which will feel like the culmination point of the incredible January journey, and by the feel of this energy one month is going to progress and perform as though a year has passed, a huge quantum leap and a giant portal to begin the month of February. The snag, the area to pay close attention is the days running up to the New Moon, specifically the 22nd and 23rd as the Moon transits the Capricorn Council, the Luna goddess reports in.

Again, has it been learned?

The New Moon in Aquarius will have us expanded, showing up in our finery of this most incredible transformative month.

To summarise there is only one word to use……MAGICAL

January is setting the tone of this year, it is a year to advance, grow and expand at an exponential rate and this is going to require the ability to love self unconditionally and to finally ignite that twin flame within, uniting the masculine with the feminine to continue what is now set to be the ride of our lifetime.

There are of course many other transits and aspects and I will share more as we pass through but for now angels it is most definitely time to focus on the flight path, this is intricate, this is life changing but remember, we are doing this together, we are loved we are supported and we have choices, we can choose to move through consciously or choose to be a part of the unconscious breakdown, all choices are respected and never judged.

Sending so much love,


A Gift From Gaia
My mission in this moment is to contribute to humanity and assist in raising the vibration here on Gaia, it is my number one passion and there is nothing more that I love than making a difference and creating a ripple of change across the globe. In this space, here at A Gift from Gaia, you will find many light gems that I share and also regular energetic reports that are crucial when committing to your light path.
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