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The Art of Being Real

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So I was once again coming up empty, staring at my Netflix and then my Amazon watch list.  It’s happening, and it’s a little depressing.   Nothing much left to watch.  I watched the crap out of the t.v shows and movies I love, and the ones I try on are at best moderately entertaining.  And just when I think I can sink my teeth into something, they present a female character in a major role, maybe as a prosecutor, or a CIA agent, who is physically flawless, under 25 years of age, and looks like she is posing in Vogue.

Even after a shoot-out with the enemy, her hair and makeup are impeccable.  Meanwhile her male counterparts are, well, human looking.

I simply could not stomach it anymore.

So I got up from the couch, brushed off the potato chips from my lap and wiped the chocolate from my lips.  It was time to make a stand!!!


I decided that I would take my sixty something self, with all my physical imperfections, my porous skin, my greying hair, my non-runway model body….my non-refrigerator white teeth…down to Starbucks, and I wouldn’t even try to have my clothes match.  Maybe even wear two different colored socks.  Perhaps have some spinach in my teeth.

And I would boldly and proudly strut my stuff, my beautifully imperfect self…into Starbucks.

It was going well until I tripped and fell into a grab-and-go display.  Product flew everywhere.  But did I let that discourage me?  No, no I did not.  I got up, brushed myself off and held my head high as I continued strutting myself to an available table, one right in the center of the establishment.

I wasn’t going to go shy now.  Now that I had everyone’s attention.  It was perfect.  Now they would see someone who was comfortable with themselves just as they were.  Do they know who I am?


It’s not about being the perfect human.  In fact it’s all about accepting our human self just as we are that accelerates our enlightenment.  In that acceptance there is alchemy in which our soul begins to do all the balancing necessary,  Do you eat too many carbs?  Drink a little too much wine?  Not brushing your teeth every day?  Is your home a little grimy?  Won’t pass the white glove test?

Are you still dealing with relationship issues?  Health issues?  A little overweight?  A lot overweight?  Money problems?  Are you irritable, impatient, depressed, angry?  Bored?  Passionless?

Right about now I should be introducing a self-help book with the solution to all your problems for only $19.99.

But instead I will offer you this:  Can you be ok with that human?  Can you accept that human who is less than what you or anyone else considers perfect?  Or that you would consider worthy of love or abundance or health?  That you would consider good enough to be the Master?

Are you tired of trying to make your human self better?

If the answer is yes, then continue reading.  If the answer is no, if you still think you need to improve on your human self in any way, you might be better off at your local bookstore’s self-help section.


If we are looking for role models for a Being who can be themselves unabashedly just look to the children.  They are quirky, loud, awkward, wear oatmeal or chocolate milk proudly on their face.  They poop in their pants, and are oooed and aaahed by adults all day long.  We consider them adorable.

They can run into grab-and-go displays and the worst that happens is their parent grabs them and leaves the cafe.

Can you accept that you are right where you need to be, wherever you are?  Can you accept that you are perfect in the eyes of your god-self?  Well, now don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t totally accept your human self.  As the human you have been conditioned to judge yourself.  So go easy on yourself.

But can you relax enough as your so-called imperfect self to really begin enjoying life here on this Planet?  Do whatever you can to be in life?  Eat your pasta or ice cream with gusto.  Enjoy your cigars or your wine or coffee, and don’t worry about calories or chemicals.

Can you dance like nobody’s watching?  Even if it’s in your living room to The Gypsy Kings?

Can you enjoy your life as it is now as best as you can?  Because that goes a long way in accelerating your enlightenment and in allowing your soul to come in closer, magnify your joy for life, and resolve all the issues that trouble you.

The acceptance as best as you can, and the enjoying as much as you can are elixirs for transformation.  They really are.  So get out there and strut your stuff.  As the human and the Master..

Just watch your step around display cases.

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

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