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WAYSHOWERS: Please Just Take What Resonates, And Discard The Rest

WAYSHOWERS: Please Just Take What Resonates, And Discard The Rest...

We each experience, based on our unique PERCEPTION. This equates to how much of our consciousness we have embodied so far. Our predominant consciousness state is our perceptional experience. Some experience mainly from ‘human personality’ mode. That is their reality. Others toggle between ‘personality’ mode and ‘Soul’ mode (Soul doesn’t speak, it is multi-patterned, multi-vibration photon light).

The collective, one by one has been, is, and will, integrate more of the Soul Consciousness, a heightened HERTZ consciousness state that perceives, exists, BE's in an entirely different PERCEPTIONAL REALITY to ‘the humanized ‘personality’ mode of perceiving itself and the world around it. With Soul embodied, we retain facets of our personality overlay; the parts that serve the whole higher hertz reality. We’ve been dissolving the parts of the ‘humanized personality’ attributes that don’t serve ALL, but did serve the singular, seemingly separated human in protective, fear based, controlling, service to itself.

Because of this lighted, fool-proof LIGHTED DESIGN, no one can predict what you individually will go through, as YOUR consciousness is in the main seat, orchestrating YOUR unique path to God Realization of ItSelf through YOU (facet of God). Only you have the ability to feel into your timeline, connect with your journey, connect to your own INNER individualized consciousness facet that is a part of Original Source (God).

Part of my own ability since awakening is I became, a ‘Seer’. I see the Grand Design and HOW it is made (of many light structures and layers), I see COLLECTIVE timelines years or just months ahead of them playing out, to then KNOW when we are IN them, I also see, get data about my OWN journey in present moment mode and to come. Whilst I can see timelines, I am here to weld ENERGY through the gradual embodying of the ability to work consciously with LIGHT which is (in light form) unpackaged intelligent data. When it is unpackaged, it can then become ‘FORM’ (condensed light structures we call reality, yet is actually a VIRTUAL reality our consciousness IS CREATING. I explain this only so that you understand that the below information is only a BRIEF summary of the COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCES and

POTENTIALS for remaining November and early December.


Humanity is in ‘THE’ INTENSITY NOW, until approx. 20 November. More will exit, so find peace in remembering it’s a divine choice to exit, made by a soul and it’s desire to keep expanding. 


All and ANY Intensity has the Gold Ray of light hidden within it. Literally. All shadow has the Gold ray of light within it. It just needs to be seen, searched for, seen, acknowledged, to be realized, and then any INTENSITY dissolves, is let go of. When shadow dissolves, the light shines through, is seen, through your inner alchemical ability to transform. Everything is God. To be seen, but seen from a higher perspective than the human personality mode of perceiving a Reality.

Consider 10-20 November a type of PERSONAL CRESCENDO. 

A Collective boiling point. Brought about by the LIGHT CODES from the Sun, entering our COLLECTIVE ENERGY FIELD on Mother Earth. Each will experience it differently. Some will EXIT, some (more) will AWAKEN, some will struggle to see the Light, struggle in polarity perceptions, others may seemingly lose more mental balance, whilst others will expand through seeing the higher layers of truth, hidden in plain sight from the personality mode of ‘sight’, but visible at higher layers of perspective and consciousness, ACCESSED via the heart…by being LOVE ENERGY AND Love ENERGISED to yourself and to ALL others, all things.


The potential is a profound Passage. (depending on if an individual human is in their heart or their head). A heightened Passage of Self Realizations AND speedy, continuous DATA Downloads unpackaged WITHIN YOU. Both will FREE you up. Bring you a NEW inner strength of KNOWING. Alter your perspective, because your consciousness is altering, rising in Hertz. Energy ‘Weights’ carried in human personality mode can be lifted, IF the inner work is also done, to see further than PERSONALITY MODE ways of seeing, thinking, acting, speaking. Switching is easy: just FEEL your HEART, it’s your own Gateway to the infinite.


It’s never about waiting for the outer world to change for you. We create OUR OWN INDIVIDUALISED WORLD from the inside, OUT. Your loudest INNER thoughts (focuses) create your next VIRTUAL REALITY FRAMES for YOU to experience. So some will spiral higher in energy frequency in early December, attaining more consciousness by being in THEIR INNER WORLD, whilst others will not feel the subtle surge, fixating primarily on OUTER WORLD, thus experience more of a cycle of fairly lower energy frequency because they are choosing lower hertz perception, thoughts, fears, in separation.

Key is that the POTENTIAL is there, early December, for each to make their own choices for themselves. What to focus on, what to make their main focus, to be a closed circuit mind with beliefs running, or an open mind, open to their ALREADY infinite potential of their CONSCIOUSNESS wanting to be embodied more and more…It’s all perfect. Everyone’s design is perfect, just different timings for each, and different pathways to reach that higher consciousness that gives them an entirely different PERCEPTIONAL experience, data and knowledge in each NOW moment.


Basically, we are all moving into SOUL with a body, so less the HUMAN PERSONALITY mode seemingly separated form it’s Soul. Some already have become their Soul, more will experience their SOUL coming in, whilst others will exit to experience SOUL outside of this virtual holographic reality made of condensed light.

APPROX 1 DECEMBER to Solstice 21 DECEMBER 2021:

Again it’s up to the individual, but energies are to be HERE, in place to begin to climb, strengthen, unpackaged light data, understand more, know, feel and BE more in your individualized LIGHT FIELD. Early December we can ‘climb’ higher, and higher, subtlety, quietly, inwardly, yet hugely, and steadily, each day, to MEET The Solstice Gateway as our optimum available possibility so far. Not everyone is choosing to experience the massive INNER(!) UPSURGE 1-21 December, but they will, absolutely will, at their perfect right timing, if their Soul has already chosen for their physical body to stay.


There’s everything to play for. Huge potentials for each. Regardless of outer sights, or another’s perception. Yours is what matters, YOURS(!) is how YOU master YOU and YOUR reality. Getting to core basics, it really depends on what each human is CHOOSING to focus on, thus create their next virtual reality, and add that to the collective scenes in this world. Are they IN their heart or choosing from their mind? So key is to be aware of those subtle thoughts, and louder thoughts…are they persistent? Because with heart or mind, that’s how our reality and experiences are next created:


FIRST there is always PHOTON Light (intelligent data) to UNPACKAGE within us, and then create with.

In the OLD Reality, humanity created predominantly from their minds, within a limited bandwidth of 3d AND 4D, in a seemingly separated experience from God. FROM our increasingly (now) conscious ability to WIELD and UNPACKAGE Photon Light, we KNOW how to work with Light, harness it, expand with it, ALL DIRECTLY from our PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (absent of the human mind). The ‘lower hertz’ mind is then used for the practical implementation of creative projects within the condensed light world reality, AND the mind TRANSLATES into words, and voice, the unpackaged LIGHT CODES it interprets via increased wavelength capability within the physical brain.

Please forgive the typos. I hope this makes sense. Just trying to support you through. Trust the Grand Design. Trust your journey is tailor made, perfectly for YOU. You are the source of your own expansion into God Knowing, God Living, God Being realized through YOU and YOU and YOU. All is God. When we know this, there’s no undoing it. No unseeing it. We create the Heaven (higher reality) on Mother Earth, with One, yet as, uniquely individualized facets of the One Source..

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
10 November 2021

Credit: here

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