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What are Soul Contracts and How Do They Work?

What are Soul Contracts and How Do They Work?

You’re a spiritual being having a human experience.

And this life you’re experiencing now is just one small chapter in your soul’s journey. You’ve incarnated here many times before. And the driving force behind your all experiences are soul contracts.

It isn’t just the physical world that has laws.

You might assume that there is no such thing as contracts or bureaucracy within the spirit world, that everything is all love and light. And it’s true, the spirit world is nothing like as oppressive as the physical world we’re occupying, right now.

But there still needs to be a certain amount of order to help guide us on our way.

The term soul contract may sound off-putting, but it’s simply an agreement made between two souls to have shared experience with one another in the physical. There are no winners and losers. The contracts you create are for the mutual benefit of both parties involved.

There’s nothing untoward about them.

They’re nothing like the Earth-based contracts you might be thinking of with endless fine-print and stipulations. You’re in full control of the terms and don’t have to agree to anything.

You’re fully protected…

What is a Soul Contract?

A soul contract is a non-physical agreement made on the soul level of your consciousness. You create them most often between members of your soul family and soul group before you incarnate into a new body, and they can detail all kinds of aspects about your life.

On Earth and other life-supporting planets, a soul contract is a binding agreement between one or more souls. It’s an exchange of energy by way of fulfilling different roles and functions for one another. By doing so, you create shared learning experiences through scripted episodes of drama.

But these contracts aren’t always positive. In fact, they’re designed to create challenges, but ones that will help you grow on the soul level. The whole point of these agreements is that they’ll provide some form of lesson that you can integrate and take forward with you.

And to that end, you can – and do – have more than just one soul contract when you come into a new life. Some will be new, while others will be holdovers from past lives you didn’t complete through either your inability or because the circumstances weren’t right.

The primary purpose of these contracts – as well as keeping order between souls – is personal accountability. They keep you honest on your journey and ensure you do what you say you will. They’re meant to encourage your personal progress.

Because the fulfillment of soul contracts is ultimately how you raise your vibration, as the more wisdom you’re able to amass, the more you’ll be able to act from your highest intent.

What Do You include in Your Soul Contracts?

You can include almost anything in your soul contracts. They aren’t always huge agreements that will influence the outcome of your life. They can exist on a sliding scale from energy exchanges you may not be aware of fulfilling vital roles in someone’s life. Here’s a list to give you a rough idea of what could be contracted, although it’s far from exhaustive:

  • Fulfilling family functions
  • Fulfilling a role as a friend
  • Subtle energy exchanges
  • The passing on of knowledge
  • Synchronistic encounters
  • Soul code exchanges
  • Providing healing

How Do Soul Contracts and Free Will Fit Together?

Although soul contracts are binding agreements, they’re ones that include your tacit consent. You enter into them willingly. You aren’t forced to make a contract with anyone, although fine print can be inserted against your will due to the archon grid – another story entirely.

The agreements you make are a co-creative pact between yourself and one or more souls. It is your free-will to do so. However, once they’re in motion, you’re then creating a karmic obligation. If you have had a soul group member fulfil a role that has created a drama between you, it must be resolved to complete the contract.

The timeframe you have to do this is entirely of your own choosing. The quality of the experience that resolves a contract is far more important than the speed at which it’s done. You can sit on contracts for several thousand years before the right circumstances present themselves. So, while the law of karma does dictate you fulfil all agreements, you still have a free-will choice in how that will play out.

6 Types of Soul Contract That Affect Your Journey (And How They Work)

There’s a common misconception that soul contracts are only made between incarnating human souls. But many of us haven’t always been human, and won’t always be human, either. We have had and will experience physical life through many different expressions.

The plant, animal and mineral kingdom all have sentience and are all on their soul’s journey. They require contracts just as much as the rest of us. And the same goes for higher consciousness beings such as planet, stars, galaxies, and universes. Contracts are what facilitate the expansion of our consciousness on all levels through multi-dimensional reality.

  1. Migratory Contracts

This type of contract can be extended to a soul or soul families by another planet. Typically, to incarnate on another would need to have the soul codes to that solar system or have soul family already there. But planets can also invite souls in with soul contracts to boost their population.

  1. Planetary and Sun Contracts

All planets and suns have their own consciousness. They’re not to be confused god-like beings. These celestial bodies are the continuation of your soul’s evolution. You can and will, at some point, have the opportunity to create contracts with your soul family to become one of these beings if that’s the path you choose to go down.

  1. Galactic Prime Creators Being Contracts

Once a group of souls has reached a high enough level of consciousness, they can choose to form their own galaxy. This usually involves many clusters of souls as the amount of consciousness needed is so large. The contracts will be made between the souls themselves and the universal creator being we refer to as source consciousness.

  1. Relationship/Karmic Contracts

These are the most common type of contracts you can make. They’re the typical agreements you make with other souls in your soul family or soul group. Their main purpose is to help you amass practical knowledge by experiencing as many different perspectives as possible.

  1. Animal Contracts

Many animals will make contracts for specific experiences. Some of them will agree to come in a part of the food chain to create an energetic exchange between the being that ate them. If they’re about to make the jump to become human in the next few lifetimes, they can make contracts with human souls to incarnate as pets. This allows them to move away from the hive mind sentience and have a more individualised sense of consciousness before their first human incarnation.

  1. Experiential/Synchronistic Contracts

These are the small contracts that relate to chance encounters, being part of synchronicity for someone, energy exchanges, and soul code completion. These are the agreements you’ll never be aware that you’ve been a part of until after you’ve transitioned to the spirit world.

How Walk-ins and Becoming the Contract Holders for Other Souls

A walk-in is a soul that has come into a host body in place of another soul. This can happen for various reasons. There may be a soul contract in place between both souls concerned that this exchange will take place at a specified time, although this is quite unusual.

A walk-in may also come into a human form if a soul has been found to violate universal law. If the soul has been abusing the laws of free-will to manipulate their soul’s journey, in extreme instances, they can be ejected from the game and sent to back to Source for recyclement.

When these walk-in souls enter their new body, they take on some – but not all – of the characteristics, of the previous soul. They’ll be influenced by the mental and cognitive abilities of the body but will bring their own personality and values in with them.

However, although they bring in their own sense of individualism, they do retain all of the old karma and soul contracts of the soul they were replacing. This took place on a large scale in 2013 when a mass number of walk-ins came into thousands of prominent positions of power.

The purpose of these souls was to play out the karma and fulfil the contracts of the previous holders. This was so Earth could move further towards the ascension event. Many of these walk-ins came into positions in government, military and banking families.

Resolving Soul Contracts the Natural Way

In most instances, you don’t need to worry about resolving your soul contracts. As long as you’re aware of your actions and are trying to make a conscious decision, you’re doing all you can to fulfil them. You don’t need to seek out situations where soul contracts need to be resolved. They’ll find you. All you need to do is trust in the synchronistic flow of life.

But there is an advantage to knowing that soul contracts exist. If you’re aware that most of the experiences you have aren’t a series of random events, you can step back and take an objective point of view. You can ask why you’re experiencing what you are right now. When you realise everything is here to be your teacher, it allows you to take control of how you respond to life.

Revoking Negative Soul Contracts and Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

Although you do create soul contracts yourself, at present the Earth’s incarnation grid has been compromised. In fact, it has been for many millions of years. The vast majority of us have been stuck on the Earth for a very long time.

The powers that control this planet have installed a spiritual technology in the astral realm known as the archonic network. This refers to a group of 4th-dimensional beings. They were brought in to serve as de facto judges to decide who can enter the Earth’s incarnation network.

If you’re a soul that’s coming in with a special skill set, it won’t go unnoticed. You may be allowed to incarnate on Earth, but you will likely have fine print inserted into your soul contracts right before you enter the physical plane to limit your abilities and give your unfavourable circumstances.

Soul Contract Revocations and the Akashic Records 

We all have some form of negative contracts placed on us a collective species. But it’s possible to revoke those things that have been placed on us. It has been done completely against our free-will and is in direct violation of the divine law of one.

Soul contract revocations are a form of spiritual document that serves as a declaration of your rights as a sovereign being living on Earth. You can think of them as an extended form of affirmation, only much more detailed and targeting specific areas of contention.

When you recite a revocation, you’re invoking your “I AM” Presence awareness. You’re entering a statement in the Earth’s Akashic record that you’re no longer a part of the system of control that has been suppressing and leeching off your energy for its own gain.

You can create one for yourself by writing an opening to create a scared space, followed by calling your ancestor, soul family, and Gaia to hear your statement. You then go through your ‘full-power-take-back’ by rejecting and removing all negative energies from your field of awareness.

These revocations are powerful ways to remove any dense energies that have entangled themselves with you. They can be just as useful for cleansing yourself from lower vibratory people who’ve left their mark on you.

You are Stronger Than Anything That is Trying to Control You

I rarely talk about the negative aspects of control on this blog, as I try to keep it positive and practical. But we can’t simply whitewash things we don’t want to believe are true. It’s a fool’s game.

The truth is, there are malevolent forces out there trying to control us for there own ends. But knowing that information doesn’t mean you have to live in fear.

The reason we’re suffering the suppression of our consciousness is that they’re afraid of our power.

The human species is often referred to as the grand experiment. We’re a combination of DNA taken from 2,300 different races. It makes us incredibly unique.

We have an almost unlimited potential for manifestation and creation, which is why we’re being co-opted in the way that we are right. But for those who are – or were – in control, the game is virtually over. They have no more power over us.

You can see their grasp loosening every day as we continue our conscious power take-back.

There is nothing to be afraid of by knowing that there are negative soul contracts on you.

The more frightening proposition would be not knowing about them.

The more time you invest in working on yourself with the soul contract revocations, the more you’ll notice a paradigm shift take place in your life.

It’s all a question of whether you want to step up and take responsibility for yourself.

No one can do inner work for you.

It starts and ends with you.

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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