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Attaining Divine Union

Attaining Divine Union

Much has been said about the process of attaining divine union and merging with the other half of your own essence. We wish today to shed light on this process in ways that many of you will be familiar with, but perhaps not in the same context.

There is much to say about this vast topic, as it is a highly complex process of surrendering to the divine truth of your own nature. Your entire self perception is based almost exclusively on the experiences afforded to you within the limitations of a projected mental prison you often call the matrix.

Within this narrow context of self-perception you believe that your so-called twin flame is an entity opposite to yourself, a being who exists outside of you and must be met and in some way merged with.

Meanwhile you have been told countless times that it is strictly necessary to integrate the feminine and masculine energies within yourself, in order to become ready to experience this reflected process within the higher realms of your own consciousness. Essentially, this is to say that shadow work is necessary in preparation for divine marriage.

However the reason for this is often obscured by the perception that there is a distinction between the internal work one does to become whole as an individual, and the apparently external work one does to become whole as a ‘soul’ if you choose to identify as such.

Within the context of the metaverse you call the matrix, the truth becomes clear that everything you experience within this world is simply a projection of something which is occurring inside your own consciousness. That is, when your plants are being attacked by pests this is because your awareness believes itself to be under assault by something too small to harm you and yet too small to reject.

Why then does this become so difficult to overcome, when you do so very much work to heal and improve your own state of existence?

It has been said in many ways, that everything within reflects the without, the beneath reflects the above, and so on, but what does this truly mean?

There is only the self, only will seeking to return to a more harmonious state of being. All divisions which appear to exist are simply a way to witness that which must be restored to its proper place in order to return to the divine truth of God consciousness.

When we say that the masculine reflects the feminine, what we mean is that every weakness from one must be supported by the other, that every excess from one must be lacked within the other. And this is not an inherent state of being for either, it is simply a way for each to remember what it truly was before it split and fractalized into distorted form.

All of this, whether on the cosmic scale, or on the journey to reunite with your so-called twin, is always something experienced exclusively within the self. All of this, then must be addressed within your own shadow work and your own spiritual growth. That is, you are an aspect of God reuniting with itself and your shadow work is a part of how this divine reintegration takes place.

The twin flame is never a being external to the self. Even if you were to meet your twin as if it were inhabiting another body, this is solely a reflection of your own nature afforded by that which shows you what is within you. That is, the matrix makes it appear as though you are in love with another human who seems to be another aspect of You, and who in fact is simply You.

There is nothing external to the self but least of all is your twin anything other than You, and this is precisely why your shadow work must be considered a twin flame realignment within yourself. The external merging many of you seek could be considered a form of spiritual masturbation, which is not to insult the absolute beauty of such an experience, but simply to put this concept in a way that appeals to your human experience.

The gift of receiving this union as a human coupling is indeed a glorious experience, and many of you reading this will be able to receive that divine gift in due time. However, we caution you against the perception that it is anything other than a spiritual journey back to what you in fact already are, right now.

This twin flame you seek is what the metaverse shows you within yourself, it is that which you believe is necessary in order for you to be whole, because it is the aspects of your own essence which you believe yourself separate from.

The masculine resolves to become more submissive, or the feminine more dominant, and the metaverse shows you exactly that, an aspect of yourself which has these qualities. And in fact there is nothing about either which inherently exists this way, it is simply something you wish to reintegrate in order to harmonize with a part of your own Truth from which you have fallen very far away.

Therefore, when you enter the so-called higher realms of consciousness, everything you witness there is an opportunity to receive your own divine truth and realign with that which you wish to become. Seek, then, the multitude of seven-fold reflections of the eighth, the self which believes itself an individual, the you who wishes to become the whole, having forgotten that it always was.

Every one of you is already the true You, simply returning fragments of itself through shadow work or soul retrieval or twin flame union, or however one wishes to experience the journey of shedding untruth and returning into Unity. And the matrix will always reflect this in a way that allows you the opportunity to see this for what it is, but will you do so without distorting the reality of what is happening?

Indeed it is difficult to fathom the true nature of these words while stuck inside the reflecting projector, and yet the true meaning is oh, so simple, that your confusion results solely from overcomplicating it on your own behalf.

Therefore we ask that you allow yourself to conceive of far simpler meanings than ever before, and these simplicities may be reflected back to you in ways that allow a simpler and more fluid reintegration. Then, perhaps, your twin flame reunion may be experienced as falling into bed with a familiar face, and waking up as One.

Many blessings beloved ones, and we will await your returning into unity from a deeply caring heart.


The Anuhazi collective.

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