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No One Can Steal Your Energy

No One Can Steal Your Energy


How many of you have said: so-and-so is stealing my energy!

Or you attribute the theft of energy to non-Light Spirits. These and many other statements portray the loss of energy, but this cannot be attributed to someone else.

Energy decapitalization can happen at any time, but there is always a reason, and that reason is not outside of you. All Hunan beings have Chacras, which are real energy vortices, both as receivers and as emanators.

We are all mini atomic power plants, so much so that our Higher Self is a Divine Seed Atom. The Universe energetically supplies each of its creations with prana energy, which is the essence of life. Prana is supplied through Light. Light reaches Planet Earth through the local Sun, which is actually a mirror that reflects the Light coming from the Cosmic Central Sun, emanating from the Central Sun of the Universe and the Galaxy.

We say that Light is the Source of Life, and this is true, because it brings vital energy directly from the Creator Source. And you are a particle or Divine Spark of the Source. Understanding this, you are and always will be Light, even when you are experiencing an incarnation as a character covered by the Shadows.

If you are a Spark of Light, you are also a mini energy source. Your energy flows from within you constantly, like a spring of water that never runs dry. So all you have to do is understand that you are a permanent source, not a puddle of water that evaporates in a short time.

Your Light is inexhaustible. Naturally, with every choice you make, this energy also moves in the same proportion. We must understand that there are many situations that consume more energy than we can receive, even if it's just for a moment. This is natural, since we are in a World of Trials and Atonements. When an opportunity arises for the incarnate soul, within its necessary trials or pending redemptions, the consumption of this energy is very high.

So we need to learn how to replenish our energy. Even if the replenishment is natural, when we understand the process, we can help speed it up. There are many techniques that help, especially those that align the Chakras. But above all, understanding is the best part.

Today I bring some clarification regarding the belief that someone may be stealing your energy. This is not possible. The loss or decapitalization of energy, as has been said here in the previous paragraphs, is a natural process, within everyone's day-to-day duties. It's like thirst or hunger. The more effort you put in, the greater the need to replenish water and food.

Attributing the theft of energy to someone else is a lack of understanding of the subject, or an imposed belief. I would also say that it can be an excuse to cover up certain immoral or vicious practices that the incarnate is committing. You are the sole owner of your energy. Your bodies are aligned with your Chakras, and they regulate according to the need of each act, attitude or action of yours.

Life always follows the rules of the Sidereal Engineering that strings the worlds together. Nothing and no one can change these Natural Universal Laws. But you can decide what to do with the energy you receive, and also how to spend it. And it's in the way you use it that you can become decapitalized and attribute it to energy theft.

To say that people close to you, who are difficult to get along with, or to attribute the loss of your energy to evil spirits, is at the very least a lack of knowledge, or at least an excuse for your actions outside the ethical/moral standard. You only lose more energy than you need when you allow it to go in profusion.

Certain habits, like certain thoughts, attitudes or decisions, are your free will. Understanding when they are continuous energy leaks, and changing your behavior, as well as understanding how the constant energy exchange works, allows for greater balance and a better quality of life.

Vibrations in anger, hatred, resentment, guilt, fear, judgment, competition, disputes over anything, the desire to always be in the limelight, to control people or things, and I could list a long series of situations here, are energy vortices that suck from the inside out, wasting much more energy than the body naturally receives. It's like a bank balance. Every month, a certain amount is deposited, but if the amount spent exceeds the deposit, the account overflows.

Learning to manage the energies that are supplied to us on a daily basis, as well as keeping an eye on our attitudes that drain the good energies, is a good way of improving individual well-being. No one can undermine your energy unless you allow them to. No one can steal it unless you allow them to. And remember that permission is always where you hardly notice it. It's always in your actions, thoughts, beliefs, vanity, selfishness and so many other negative predicaments, in which case only you have the control and power to manage this capital energy.

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


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Vital Frosi 
Vital is a cultured man. He speak sPortuguese, Italian, Spanish, Veneto dialect and is studying English and French. He knows a lot about History and Geography. He is always up to date and follows everything that happens in the world. He doesnt't like parties. A man who believes in love. Who believes that life is only worthwhile when shared. A man who claims that the woman is the reason for everything, as she is the generative source of life. It all depends on how we conduct our actions. But most of all, we need to fulfill our mission in this lifetime. Find the path of Light, which will lead us to our ascension.

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