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The Element of Fire and Planetary Transformation

The Element of Fire and Planetary Transformation


Most of you have heard something about the elements of nature on Planet Earth. Until some time ago, there were four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Then it was discovered that there was a fifth element: ether.

When we say that Planet Earth is a living being, we are actually recognizing that it is these elements that give it life. For a long-time humanity has dissociated and separated human consciences from the other consciences on this Planet. However, as we expand our knowledge about the creation of the worlds, we begin to understand that everything is one conscience.

Whether it's a human consciousness, or any other, animal, plant, mineral and even the elements, they are always part of the larger consciousness, which is Gaia's consciousness. This in turn is part of the consciousness of this local Solar System, which belongs to the consciousness of the entire Galaxy. Galaxies are part of the consciousness of their Universe, and then the Multiverses and finally the Source, which created everything in the infinite Cosmos.

So there is only one conscience, which emanates from this Source, also called God. Nothing is separate from her, for she is the one who continuously supplies the creation of worlds and things. We are ONE with the Source and to her everything converges, since movements are always in the form of a Spiral.

What sustains the life of all that exists, is movement. Life and death are part of this ongoing spiral. But it's not as good as we always imagine, because nothing has an end. As Lavoizier well said: “Nothing is created, nothing is lost; everything changes.” The Source emits this energy and transforms that which exists at every point of the Cosmic infinity.

Every planetary, stellar, galactic or Universal Earth has its own characteristics, i.e. a specific form of consciousness, because it wouldn't make sense if it weren't so. The Creator himself can make his experiments, within this mechanism that exists in every form of consciousness. And the Earth, as a Planet, has its personal and untransferable characteristics.

We're not going to talk about human consciences here today, and not about the other animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. Let's talk about Gaia's conscience. She uses whatever means necessary to survive and evolve. And the 5 elements of nature are fundamental in this process. They make a movement compared to the metabolism of a human body.

The primary function of the elements is the cleanliness and hygiene of the planetary body. Without this cleaning, the Planet would end up intoxicated and the life contained in it would perish due to lack of energy. Water, as well as air and fire, are the most important in this cleaning and purification, as they are in fact the most visible movements.

Each element has its elements, which are consciences within a group consciousness, and which are also part of Gaia's consciousness and the Source. As elements, act in favor of your host, which is the planetary body of Gaia. They are like soldiers of an army, defending their command.

Fire elements are Salamandras The most sensitive people can feel and even see the way they assume when something is burning, flaming or smelling. But they are always everywhere, even if there is no fire burning. This is possible because they are consciences, as it has been said before.

The simple presence of Salamanders warms Planet Earth and keeps the pleasant weather we know. It's not sunshine that warms, as we always believed. Actually, the sunlight is cold, that is, it does not interfere directly with the temperature, so much so that at the height above us, in less than 10 thousand meters, we already have between 50-60 degrees Celsius.

What heats is the elements present on the surface. Remembering that they are fire, even if they don't show themselves in flames. The more present they become, the more the temperature raises in that place. They organize the seasons of the year in terms of temperature. These variations promote the biomes needed on this Planet. The life of something always depends on an energy chain needed for its continuity. The elements organize this jail.

We are at the end of Planetary Transition. Everything will change on this Planet and the elements are doing an energetic adjustment work, which guarantees life and its transformation to come now. We have seen this movement much stronger, such as the increase in the movement of air, water and fire. More intense winds, tremendous rain and even wildfires in many parts of the Planet.

We don't see much the other two active elements, but they're working quietly. The earth element absorbs waste so that they do not accumulate on the crust, and the ether, transmutes its polluted atmosphere. Everything has intensified lately as the clean up is big now. They are preparing the planetary house for a New Earth to be installed over here.

The rise in temperature we are seeing lately might even intensify, but we have to be careful of the Media narratives. They want us to believe that hefty measures are necessary, which is not true. Nothing and no one will change the picture within that which is part of the Transition. There is a Divine Plan for everything, and He will organize the changes in a way that doesn’t bring harsh consequences for humanity.

Obviously, he who disrespects something or someone will bear the consequences of his actions, and this is already part of the laws of cause and effect, which govern human consciences. No one pays for the errors of others; this is also one of the Divine Laws. Remembering that we have past lives that still impact this current incarnation.

The Portal Voices of Multidimensionality brought yesterday, August 01, 2023, among its notes, one that said: "Salamanders multiply at this momentum". No coincidence, we have a blustery summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and a less cold winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Also yesterday, a weather report said that the state of Santa Catherine had an atypical day, with temperatures ranging between zero and 30 degrees. Salamanders acting full steam over here too.

Let's not believe those who have always deceived us. Let us give credit to the voice of our soul that is now beginning to tell us what has always been hidden. As our consciousness expands, it joins with Gaia's consciousness and the Universal and Cosmic consciousness, bringing energy of transformation. There's nowhere to run or hide, because we are part of the whole and ONE. Resistance to change is the cause of most of our pains. Let's reflect on that.

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


Translation by CrystalWind.ca


Vital Frosi 
Vital is a cultured man. He speak sPortuguese, Italian, Spanish, Veneto dialect and is studying English and French. He knows a lot about History and Geography. He is always up to date and follows everything that happens in the world. He doesnt't like parties. A man who believes in love. Who believes that life is only worthwhile when shared. A man who claims that the woman is the reason for everything, as she is the generative source of life. It all depends on how we conduct our actions. But most of all, we need to fulfill our mission in this lifetime. Find the path of Light, which will lead us to our ascension.

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