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The Narcissistic Personality

The Narcissistic Personality


While the Old Cycle of Test and Atonement is being finished, human consciences are also expanding, so that everyone can recollect the memories of their experiences in this School of Duality.

All souls who chose to go through polarities in this experiment, now feel that time is running out. As announced by the Grand Master two thousand years ago, a New Time is fast approaching now.

Changing Cycles does not necessarily mean that something material or visible to the physical eye manifests itself as things or places. It all comes down to a state of mindfulness The New Earth for example, will be right here on this Planet, and yet the way of feeling and being, will be completely different, as the expanded consciences will have another vision and another reality.

For hundreds and even more than a thousand incarnations, each soul lived alternately all possible and imaginable possibilities within the duality offered by this School. With each reincarnation, in the condition of a human being as we’re known here, the soul lived a distinct character. Therefore, we call each person, or person whatever you want, since we are all a cluster of different personalities, lived here in the human experience.

A School can't close a cycle without offering every opportunity to its students. The Earth is no different. Throughout the Old Cycle, it offered every possibility for its students to gain knowledge through their individual and collective experiences, as different characters in each of their incarnations.

Among these experiences, today we are going to talk specifically about NARCISSISM. Many of you have reported that there is someone with these characteristics in the family group. Yes, it is in the family group that we suffer the most from the malicious action of those with such personality. It is obvious that we also suffer indirectly as a collective, especially when someone in command or responsibility possesses this personality, and because of their actions, they end up affecting everyone.

Before we talk about the narcissist, let's remind everyone once again, that no one is a victim because today's victim was yesterday's something, and vice versa. We are in a School where duality is the rule. And if today you suffer the action with the presence of a narcissist in your midst, it is very likely that you were one of them in a previous incarnation. It's the closing of a Cycle, and no experience can be left off the curriculum.

It's not because that incarnate soul currently lives such a personality that will determine your ascension or not. There's a score average like any school. The risk is exaggerating the dose and lowering this mean to an insufficient step to the frequency index required for the ascension of the soul.

Many currently incarnate souls have left for this present existence, lessons still dangerous in terms of frequency. This way, by experiencing such lessons, you can run the risk of failure. And narcissism doesn't run from the rules. This personality, when very strong, can still add a large dose of vanity, pride, inflated ego, and finally, an irresistible desire for power over others.

This desire for power doesn't always extend to everyone indistinctly. Most of the time the narcissist is very affable to society however for certain people closer to him he shows the true controlling claws. Looks like he's finger-picking, as he says, his victims. And once you place your claws on them, they hardly let go in this current incarnation.

It's easy to identify a narcissist in a family group. Besides being sly, he's an architect of incredible plans. Looks like preparing the ground carefully to keep its victims under control at all times. He often uses their frailty, pretending to be the indispensable savior. It shows qualities that you don't actually possess, but are reason enough to win the confidence of the future victim.

You can also help in one way or another, especially in times when your victim needs it the most, as this will make you dependent on him. Creating this dependency is the strategy that will keep the other chained to it. This is why the narcissist victim can't get out of their clutches.

Most often, when other members of the group are together, the narcissist makes a point of loving and affable to their victims. This creates a false impression and will be fatally used in your favor whenever the victim complains to others. He knows how to use this tool of persuasion. In the end, the narcissist's victim becomes also misinterpreted by the rest of the group. They believe she's playing victim for no reason.

The narcissist is also by nature an exemplary controller. Often he keeps his victims as close as possible. So much so that in the possibility of someone to walk away, they even cooperate in finding a solution that allows to keep the victim as close as possible.

The narcissist is also an innate manipulator. This skill he plays masterfully. Work behind the scenes and direct actions according to your objectives. Of course, he doesn't mind doing even good deeds and charity, as long as such practices are directed towards his objectives. Therefore, we can observe that a narcissist is also very willing in certain situations.

That all that is described here is not a judgement; it is rather an assessment that will enable more appropriate understanding and show other avenues that will enable its victims. A narcissist is not a bad soul. She's living up the personality she was still missing from her grid of human experiences. Obviously if he doesn't heal or at least discipline himself, he will have grave consequences as a result of his actions.

Remembering that we are in the ultimate incarnation of duality on Planet Earth. And this brings us back to the understanding that we should be aware that experiences do not need to be lived for a lifetime. We just need to be aware of the personality we are in each situation and consciously correct to the Timeline of harmony, which is the one that goes towards the ascension of the soul.

It is, therefore, up to the victim of the narcissist to understand that the other is living his yet to be experienced personality. But above all, you must understand that she too, was missing to experience the other side, because back there, in a past existence, she was something. Not confronting, and not developing any kind of animosity, is always a recommended exit.

But also when all of this is understood, and the lessons are completed indeed, nothing and no one forces anyone to hang out where and with whom they are not comfortable. This is not running away from the lessons, but understanding those lessons and closing the cycle. Leaving on the tangent, as a popular expression says.

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


Translation by CrystalWind.ca


Vital Frosi 
Vital is a cultured man. He speak sPortuguese, Italian, Spanish, Veneto dialect and is studying English and French. He knows a lot about History and Geography. He is always up to date and follows everything that happens in the world. He doesnt't like parties. A man who believes in love. Who believes that life is only worthwhile when shared. A man who claims that the woman is the reason for everything, as she is the generative source of life. It all depends on how we conduct our actions. But most of all, we need to fulfill our mission in this lifetime. Find the path of Light, which will lead us to our ascension.

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