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You Are What You Should Be

You Are What You Should Be


It's common to hear here and there the complaints of people who are unhappy with their current life.

Yes it's natural because everyone always expects the best for them at least. No one should be blamed for disliking the life he leads, however, the most practical solution in these cases is to understand life continuing, incarnation after incarnation.

You are not that physical body that gets you here and there. You are the soul that occupies and souls this body. You are consciousness itself commanding everyday actions throughout this current existence.

While the veils of oblivion are obscuring the memories of past lives, you have a history of millennials lived only here on Planet Earth. Not to mention that before you accepted human experience, you were already an old soul, that inhabited Planets and Stars way ahead of their evolution.

By accepting the experience of duality in a World of Trials and Trials, your soul has shattered into an infinite portion of your own consciousness to the point of feeling disconnected from your Monada and Divine Source. You knew the whole curriculum of this School of Soul.

I also knew that by completing this experience in the dark night of consciousness, I would return to the Higher Dimensions, and earn the Status of Ascension Master. Yes, rise, for that you will rise. Contrary to what many say, regretting having accepted such an experience in a World of Trials and Excuses, you had the odd opportunity to be one of the chosen ones.

You don't remember it, but be sure you're a very evolved soul. It's only his condition by his veils. This which is the latest incarnation in duality on Earth, will also provide the leveraging of ascension and return to Higher Dimensions.

The ascended soul will leave the Trials and Atonements and enter a World of Regeneration, a condition that the New Earth will soon provide. The defining events of this transition are fast approaching. And you will be where you should be. You'll be on the Timeline that leads to the New Earth or the one that leads away from it.

You are the product of your own experiences, not just this current incarnation,. but of all of them, since the first life here on Earth. Even if you don't remember, all of the previous ones brought you here. Every decision and every choice during past incarnations has brought you to the ladder you’re currently on.

It has been said here before that all experiences in duality, Earth's souls have had the opportunity to live in successive incarnations, both on their Light side and on their Shadow side. This current incarnation is serving to close desk drawers and clean up spaces occupied during learning. It's also the time of individual choices. which will decide the fate of each soul.

We could say that this current incarnation, is the first one where the soul has actually had the opportunity to put into practice all the learning summed up from all its past lives. Not a single incarnate soul that can say that he did not know whether such attitude or such action served the Light or would be against it.

Many incarnate still reluctant to stone their still exaggerated ego. This is perhaps the big barrier to being transmitted. Despite everything, this current incarnation is not as harsh as many believe. Even though it defines the destiny of each soul, it is only an opportunity to adjust what has been learned before.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU SHOULD BE! What brought you here, and in the condition you are, have been your acts, actions and choices of each previous existence. All the experiences placed in the Plan of the Soul for each incarnation, even forgetting everything, happened in accordance with that Plan. What defines, however, the individual walk, is undoubtedly the choice the soul makes, at every opportunity arising from that Plan.

Your choices have made you what you are today. As we have said so many times, each one is the Architect of himself. Nothing outside of you can change what comes from your own choices. That's the good part of the Master Plan, because if we depended on others, life would become a lottery. Or luck, as some say.

Your experience is unique, among all the souls that came to earth. There is no possibility that there will be two with the same feelings and the same frequency, since it is emotions and feeling that determine the true individual story, which will then be told to all in the infinity of the Universes.

You are what you were meant to be, because it was your choices, your experiences and your decisions every minute of every day, every hour and every incarnation that made you really feel what it is like to live and create in a world where Light is scarce. You have always been and will always be part of the Divine Spark that forms your Monad, and it, being pure Light, has made you bring a little Light into this World of Darkness. The Earth is now starting to light up. In part also because you have activated your Light, the Light of the ascension. Your contribution was very important to the Planet. Even those who won't make the ascension now, their passage through Planet Earth, also contributed somehow. Nothing is ever lost within that which has been created by Divine Laws.

And now, as the veils are lifted, your conscience will begin to remember who you are. You will remember who you were in each past life. You'll know where your house was before you come here. You will be able in case of ascension obviously, choose to continue in New Earth or even return there. Of course you helped build this New Earth and you won't want to leave without first tasting this novelty.

You are what you were meant to be, because nothing and no one could change your choices. Not even the Darkness they brought here could do that, for they only offered a greater degree of difficulty, which made you even more victorious. And you're reaching the last step of the ladder of the climb. Celebrate! YOU ARE WHAT YOU SHOULD BE!

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


Translation by CrystalWind.ca


Vital Frosi 
Vital is a cultured man. He speak sPortuguese, Italian, Spanish, Veneto dialect and is studying English and French. He knows a lot about History and Geography. He is always up to date and follows everything that happens in the world. He doesnt't like parties. A man who believes in love. Who believes that life is only worthwhile when shared. A man who claims that the woman is the reason for everything, as she is the generative source of life. It all depends on how we conduct our actions. But most of all, we need to fulfill our mission in this lifetime. Find the path of Light, which will lead us to our ascension.

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