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How Meditation Became A Billion Dollar Business

How Meditation Became A Billion Dollar Business

People keep trying to find new ways to ease the stress they face every day. Modern society was unaware of meditation and its benefits until the end of the last century. Now meditation is a flourishing business.

Today meditation alternatives integrate into educational systems, fitness regimes, and medical services. These are just some of the ways entrepreneurs are making money taking advantage of meditation. The list keeps on growing every day.

Identifying the Market for Meditation

The United States is one of the top five most populous countries in the world. A country’s population has implications on the business opportunities available for entrepreneurs. It will be challenging to develop a new brand.

There is enough hype about meditation in the United States for new businesses to get a boost in their business. For any business to be successful, the new organization needs to have a unique business idea.

Virtual Reality Meditation

If you are looking for inspiration for life as a yoga instructor, look no further. You can transform your home or office into the most favorable environment for meditating with a VR set. Having the best VR headsets enhances the virtual reality meditation experience.

You can choose from plenty of different software, to meditate peacefully in a mellifluent and harmonious environment. The act of meditating will have a different effect on an individual, depending on their age.

Introducing Meditation Apps To The Market

Meditation is one of the best ways to conquer nervousness, anxiety, and apprehension. Living in the city can be arduous to find any natural environments for meditation. Meditation can help to overcome fatigue.

Some people have difficulty dealing with depression and hopelessness. In the spirit of consideration, we have tried to include apps which do not require anything more than just a good set of earphones, headphones, or speakers.

Wave Meditation

On the purchase of a Wave Kit, users get a pair of over-the-ear headphones also known as a Wave Bolster. The subscription gives them a lifetime membership of the meditation tracks on Wave.

With Wave, users can listen to meditation tracks, which are between eight to fifteen minutes in length. This app is not about helping you go to sleep. It is all about making you feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

Calm Meditation

Calm was interested in helping people meditate by administering instructions side-by-side. Now, it helps them fall asleep. You can listen to Stephen Fry’s British accent or Matthew McConaughey’s sonorous voice narrating Sleep Stories.

Just like everybody likes to reach for a chewy dark chocolate cookie bite as an appetizer, the masses love the Sleep Stories option. Calm’s revenue multiplied fourfold after introducing the Sleep Stories. The users relate to the Sleep Stories option as a necessity.


Headspace launched in 2010 by the creators Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. The two set together on their goal to boost overall health by culminating happiness and satisfaction to the masses. Headspace architects have designed an impeccable user interface.

On Sep 4, 2018, Headspace had a total of 31 million users, with one million paid subscribers in more than 250 companies in more than 190 countries. The reported value of the app on that day was $320 million.

Mindbliss Meditations

Mindbliss Meditations was created by founders Derik Lawlis, Samantha Hor, and Fartash Haghani. Mr. Lawlis was especially keen on eradicating frustration caused by constant mobile phone usage and workplace stress. In the beginning, he was sharing optimistic audio with his close friends.

To quote Mr. Lawlis, “We deliver our value through the problem itself, which is an addiction to media.” Mindbliss Meditation offers modules with famous teachers, meditation powered by AI to help you sleep, and self-love options.

Relax Meditation

Relax Meditation is an app which is focused on people who cannot fall asleep quickly. There are some people who no matter how tired they get, still tend to wake up in the middle of the night for one reason or the other.

Relax Meditation is an entirely free app. It offers excessively anxious individuals the opportunity to listen to relaxing sounds to help them fall asleep. This software allows individuals to appreciate natural sounds.

For relaxing, we also need to use some soft and comfortable seat to relax our back and make us feel amazing. You might look for chair that will help you to spend your day without any pain and discomfort. So, search for the massage chair that will make you feel ease and calm whole day.


Omvana presents instructed meditation sessions which can be carried out at any place and time. They claim to have “the largest library of meditations” and “meditations for everyone.” There is also music to help put you to sleep.

Some soundtracks claim that they can help you find eternal love, get rid of excess weight, and get rich. It eventually becomes apparent that the app developers are the only ones getting rich off of people’s most unlikely fantasies.


Sattva offers mantras and chants (for example, Hanuman Chalisa) on the free version which get locked in the paid version. Their justification is that charging for the app, which is not inexpensive in any way, supports AoL business projects throughout the world.

It is one thing to block partial content for paying users. But to limit comprehensive content to paying users is twisting people’s arms into giving money “to a good cause.” They are introducing them into fiscal insanity.


Aura is an excellent app for mood monitoring and stability. It takes into consideration each individual’s attributes as well as their temperament. After each session, it asks for the individual’s satisfaction level with the completed drill.

Just having the option to be able to declare your satisfaction after an interlude, has made it popular amongst the younger masses. Another reason for its popularity with the youth is the availability of séances between three to twenty minutes.

Yoga Center Business Plans

Making money from a yoga center is not easy for the layman. The entrepreneur needs to arrange a place to conduct yoga sessions with the proper equipment. The most challenging part is procuring the right personnel.

The businessperson needs to have a large bank account because securing profits will take time. The best part is that there is enough hype in the market about yoga and meditation. The government is now regularizing it in the form of certifications.

Meditation Certifications

An academic certification proves that an individual has completed primary education, and succeeded in accomplishing a series of tests in a specific specialization. The final certificate authorizes candidates who successfully pass the minimum requirements set by the association for the examination.

Once a candidate is certified, he or she can claim that they have a good command over the particular subject and that they are accredited. Let us look at some meditation certifications in the United States.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is an institute which has a center in almost every state. The institute implements income-based pricing nationally within the United States. Implementing such a fees structure is proof that the organization might be getting governmental support and that the certifications should be accepted nationwide. Viewing their website, it becomes apparent that the institute is having a difficult time making ends meet financially.

MCLEAN Meditation Institute

Sarah Mclean is the founder of the Mclean Meditation Institute. She pursues this business purely to satisfy her passion for meditation, without any demand for any financial justification. The academic programs are available all year round.

The MMI certification has demanding, specific, and comprehensive requirements for their disciples. Visiting their website, it becomes apparent, that although the institute might not directly be giving out any financial support to its students. It is still making more money than its counterparts.

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