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Jesus’ Secret Mission

jesus secret mission

As people’s consciousness rises, it becomes more difficult for the church to convince people that they should be filled with guilt. For centuries, the church has used guilt to gain control over people and actually, in times of lower consciousness, that was probably for the best.

Let’s face it, if the average medieval villager would use the slightest excuse to start looting and plundering, they really did need someone to maintain order with an iron hand. It was even worse in the time of Jesus. If a wandering tribe wandered into the wrong place, the locals would attack and try to slaughter them. Brotherly love was not the fashion in those days.

Jesus stepped into that less-than-friendly era to inspire an upgrade in consciousness from a society where order was maintained by force to one based on heart-centered kindness. Two thousand years later, we may not be there yet, but enormous progress has been made. And, here we are, passing through this critical era of The Shift to higher consciousness.

The evolution of intelligence in the universe is planned and protected by the Creator. Within the universe, the third aspect of the Creative Trinity takes the form of what might be called Lords of Karma. These are massive fields of consciousness, greater in size even than galaxies. They knew that we would have the opportunity to go through The Shift to higher consciousness today, and they also saw a huge barrier standing in our way.

At the time of Jesus, the predator-like misbehavior of humanity was building karmic pressure for another major setback, a global disaster similar in scale to the Biblical flood which had occurred thousands of years before.

The church teaches that Jesus intervened and died for the sins of humanity, but they don’t teach the metaphysical knowledge of how that was done. Here it is.

There is an ancient yogic initiation available to advanced spiritual masters. It involves a technique which may be no great secret, but it wouldn’t be of much use in the hands of the average ordinary human anyway. Here’s why.

If you read about the Hawkins scale of consciousness in my book, The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness, you will recall that everyone contributes to the condition of the global mind atmosphere. A very high frequency of consciousness by one advanced person can compensate for the effect of millions of people of low-frequency, depressive states of consciousness. That’s because higher frequencies have proportionately greater effect than lower frequencies.

This advanced yogic technique uses the same principle, but in a much more powerful way. With it, the master can take the karmic burden of others upon themselves. Jesus died a horrible death while deliberately siphoning off the destructive karma of humanity, saving civilization from being set back thousands of years.

He knew that this was his mission and he knew the terrible suffering he would have to endure. He played a politically inflaming role knowing that it would lead to conditions where his sacrifice became a reality.

Yes, he suffered to save humanity from its sins but is it fair to berate church congregations with such a guilt-inducing message? Not any more.

The Church that rose upon the teachings of Jesus is decades behind schedule in upgrading their message to fit today’s new consciousness. It is no longer appropriate to put down kind-hearted people that could be in their congregations – the very people who are the hope of the world. A guilt-filled lack of self worth is so very yesterday. Today, people need to raise their hearts and minds to inspire the global mind atmosphere.

We have the power to transform the entire planet with our love and light.

Let us always remember that we are here today, living in comparative ease and freedom, able to make The Shift to higher consciousness thanks to the enormous sacrifice made by Jesus two thousand years ago.


Christian mysticism is a wonderful way to help Christians move forward with spiritually self-empowering information. If only there had been such material easily available in my youth.

As a child, Sunday mornings would see my mother playing the church organ and me as a choirboy stuck in the choir stalls. Apparently, it was easier to keep an eye on me there.

The vicar used to routinely accuse the congregation of being miserable sinners, but I can’t say I listened much. As a soon-to-be mystic, my thoughts tended to be elsewhere.

Now, if the vicar had been a Christian mystic, his sermons would have been worth listening to. But, what can you expect. That was the early 1960s and the church was still peddling the guilt-and-control agenda that had worked so well for many centuries.

Today, for those interested in Christian mysticism, fascinating material can be just a mouse-click away.

One of today’s leading Christian mystics, Brian Longhurst, had just released a new book called, Entering the Kingdom Within.

This insightful work radiates the love of Jesus from its wonderfully-written pages and brings a long-awaited breath of life to true Christianity.

It is available now at Amazon.com: 
Entering the Kingdom Within: The Return to Reality

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