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Galactic Numerology Energy Map For July 2024

Galactic Numerology Energy Map For July 2024

Welcome to July 2024 Galactic Numerology™ Energy Map

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of July 2024 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.  

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available, specifically in July 2024.  See how this energy map helps set the stage for maneuvering and creating your life in union with what your soul purpose is for this lifetime.

Galactic Numbers embody an enlightened consciousness representing the wholeness and unity within the Cosmos.  Our energies encompass the evolution of traditional numerology - which has been a most useful tool with the positive and negative aspects of it within the world of duality.  Galactic Numerology’s evolution is out of duality - and into wholeness - assists your soul’s expanding path into unity consciousness, bridging the way - with a new way to tap into the multidimensionality of what is possible to create from these high-level Source Keys and Codes.

All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you.

The significant and powerful astrological alignments and movements in the heavens greatly aid our momentum as we transition into the higher-dimensional Earth. We offer a broad overview, acknowledging many cosmic events and expansions. In this Energy Map, we highlight key insights drawn from our vibrational streams and the Divine Cosmic Alchemy of Galactic Numerology.  And, you may feel called to further explore any additional astrological alignments beyond what we present here.

July, the seventh month of the calendar year, brings with it the energetic vibrations of transition and change. It offers opportunities for further growth and development, building on the expansions achieved during the impactful month of June. Traditionally, change has been viewed through the lens of duality as something scary, uncertain, and potentially perhaps leading to failure. This deeply ingrained conditioning has often led you to remain in your comfort zones, thus hindering the natural rhythm of growth that is your intrinsic state of being. Your soul’s essential state of flow, consistently communicated by your higher self, embodies this natural state of being.

The entire universe is helping you to change outdated belief systems that no longer support your growing understanding of the truth of your existence.

What do you notice has shifted and changed for the better in your own life:

  • What relationships have improved - or have completed?
  • What new ideas have surfaced that in the past may have seemed so far out of reach?
  • What is happening differently in your daily life - like how you’re now choosing to spend your time?

The evolution taking place, the transitions, shifts and progress are indeed lining up for you. You have been nudged, encouraged and greatly stirred from within, with your higher-self presenting the opportunities, and now you can be aware and notice all that you’ve expanded into. You'll be more aware of the transitional phases that are moving with more flow and fluidity, and really manifesting a greater reality in alignment with your soul path and purpose. 

And, with all of the supporting galactic energies of planetary alignments, and the impactful June 2024's Solstice, as well as the harmonizing energies of numerology and the Sacred Number 7 - all that expands and multiplies within your reality now supports the actualization of the changes you seek to be in full alignment with your soul’s path and purpose. 

During July 2024, the energies are greatly supporting your awareness of the present moment and your control over your destiny. You make all the choices, and by taking action with greater awareness, you direct your path toward what you most desire. This brings delight and joy to the changes, shifts, and growth you experience, creating a higher vibrational and more flowing energy within your life. With each choice, you grow, expand, and transition to the next stage, fully aware of the unfolding process. Embrace each moment of development instead of resisting it, and continue to grow and expand with every decision you make.

The central theme is the transition of how you relate in whole new ways: your personal relationship with yourself as a Divine being, your current connections with family and loved ones, and the new relationships emerging. This theme significantly accelerates the ascension process towards unity.  July brings continued support from astrological, cosmic, and numerological influences, enhancing this journey. 

With the 7th month, the seven sisters star cluster of the Pleiades brings the strength of the divine feminine and assistance in moving through challenges to move through the illusions and move into truth. These seven sister lend a watchful eye, and with the element of water, keep everything in flow. They symbolize how the cycles and transitions assist to birth anew all that serves the highest good.

The moon child of Cancer season continues though this month to July 21st.  The 32-day cycle of this astrological season creates the foundations for the over-lighting energies of sensitivity, creativity and intuition to flow through this water element.  Then as the cycle ends on the 21st, all that has transitioned is ready to launch into being - soaring to new heights within newly evolved states of consciousness. We are swirling and imbuing the Galactic Numerology energies within this Energy Map, Dear One. 

In the first days of July, changes are in full swing on the 2nd with Neptune retrograde.  Look for louder-than-ever calls from within to transition your beliefs into those of your own - not the outer world’s. Lots of water energy, yet allowing change without overcharged emotions so you can quickly transform challenges into opportunities. Deep within the seas of your consciousness reside all of the treasures that are awaiting your discovery.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and welcomes with open arms the New Moon of July 5th or 6th depending on your locational timestamp on the Earth. This New Moon provides opportunities for initiating change and fresh beginnings in relationships, home life, and foundational aspects of your life. It awakens and expands the truths your heart reveals about the oneness of all, bringing a greater confidence in the security of your own belief systems. Seize the opportunity to transition from one moment to the next anchored in your own deepest truth. Seasons cycle and planets orbit, yet evolution persists, offering unprecedented opportunities now available with these July energies.

July 7, 2024, marks this month's Portal Day, infused with potent and exponential energies of the number 7. These energies empower the development, growth, change, and evolution of all your endeavors, all of your life - guided by the over-lighting clarity of your soul's deeper wisdom directing your path.

You can choose to harness the energies flowing through this open portal, which provides magnificent support to assist in all the growth and movement taking place within your life. It brings forth streams of consciousness that can be utilized to cultivate greater peace and harmony, facilitating your shift towards embodying your Divine Presence more fully and having that out-picture into your outer reality. 

The 7/7 Portal enhances the energies facilitating the transitions as you align more with your soul's purpose in this lifetime. This day overflows with energetic drive, ideal for taking action and engaging in activities your soul yearns to experience. Embrace this energy for transitioning and transforming, discovering joy in new opportunities that align with your desires for your life's path. Perhaps at the end of the day, to integrate your experiences and bring them forth, ground them in - perhaps you have a dream journal to watch how they continue to evolve and grow.

This date of 7/7/2024 is also the Master Number Day of 22 to strengthen your belief into deeper knowing, so that this overflows into your outer reality. Master Numbers are amplified energies of their base numbers, and really bring our awareness to them as repeating numbers that are magical, and often make us stop and pause in delight of the awareness of them. The 2s are expanded and 4 seals the double 7s of the portal numerology - as we are swirling and imbuing the Galactic Numbers, the Divine Cosmic Alchemy throughout this Energy Map.

This 22 energy also represents the Feminine ‘will’ with the Masculine ‘action’ to ground in the unification of Divine consciousness.

On these Master Number days, perhaps listening to what your soul is calling forth to support changes and developments, based on that strong knowing of your infinite nature in oneness with all, and the belief in the guidance that is coming through loud and clear, and to really trust it, and explore more of this wisdom. You can utilize the energy of these Master days by being aware of what you are capable of, what gifts and talents you bring to the world, and take the action steps to bring those forth into realization, fulfillment and manifestation.

And, the mini portal dates of 7/16/2024 and 7/25/2024 are opportunities to revisit the tasks, actions, energies that you set into motion on July 7th Portal, and feel really supported and buoyed on these days as well - and look at that dream journal and discover what’s unfolding.

On 7/21/2024 we have the 2nd consecutive Full Moon in Capricorn. The momentum continues with the illumination of this full moon to take the steps to create change, soar boldly into new territory, take time for integration and then allow the dream to unfold.  This is the numerology unfolding in this Full Moon, with the astrological energies imbued within them. 

And, again the energy of this Capricorn Full Moon radiates a distinctly feminine energy balanced with the drive of the masculine. This high-energy illumination acts as a catalyst, encouraging you to bring forth and utilize the gifts you’ve been keeping inside - it’s all for personal and sharing global transformation, aiding in the creation of the New Earth. The full moon's light often illuminates aspects of your life that need attention for soul growth, while also empowering you to shine your light more brightly, and completing projects or energies are have run their cycle.

On July 22, the sun moves into the sign of Leo, paving the way for the most powerful Lion’s Gate Portal yet - coming this August 2024 - where it’s the 8/8/8 Portal date.  The fiery lion energy of Leo coming in on this day, with its warmth and courage, inspires you to embrace your true self and transform into the newness you are ready to bring into the world. Start on this day, and let this fire ignite your motivation to explore, propelling you into your next phase of transition. As you harness the magnificent supporting energies, especially this July, consider what you are stepping into and moving forward with during the second half of 2024.  Feel the confidence that has been building within you—you are ready!

On July 30th, 7/30/2024 the cosmos blesses us with the peak of the Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower, a celestial symbol of the Divine's love and support for all your life's transformations. Even if you can't see the meteors with your own eyes, take a moment perhaps, to close them, tilt your head towards the sky, set an intention, and send it to the heavens. Let it be touched and ignited by the meteors' light, showering you with abundant blessings.

Keeping an eye to the skies as more and more consciousness expanding unfold and pour upon the Earth.

This July 2024, witness the transitions that are truly shaping the changes unfolding in the world around you. Notice the new relationships you're drawing in that support the creation of this new reality. Reflect on how your community of relationships has evolved, and the new friends who have entered your life. Open your eyes, open your higher mind, and your heart to the innovations and fresh perspectives emerging within this ascending reality.  It's happening, and it's a gift to celebrate the progress of living in the reality of New Earth!

Enjoy this magnificent and expansive month of July with all of its transitions. Our blessings and support are with you always. 

And our transmission is complete.

Music credit: Pythagorean Whole-Tone Healing


Denise Ricard

Denise Ricard:

Denise is here in service as an Ambassador of Light and Love for the evolution of consciousness, and to co-create the New Seventh Golden Age, to realize Heaven upon the New Earth.

She assists Lightworkers and Starseeds to fully activate their Ascension blueprint by providing the most advanced encoded Divine frequencies from across the multiverse. This empowers them to embody WHOLENESS – to actualize the state of Unity into their reality, therefore creating a life that reflects their truth and joy.

She is the Galactic Numerologist and transmitter of Sacred Number Energies, Divine Channel and Intuitive Soul Path Coach, a Licensed Quantum Light Practitioner, and transmitter of Sacred Codes through Light Language in all of its forms.

From her Cosmic Lineages, she works in co-creation with multi-universal Divine Beings of Light: Intergalactic Councils, Angels and Archangels, Dragons and Elementals, Ascended Masters, Crystals and Nature in all her forms. This enables her to contribute to others from the highest and most optimal evolutionary energies available for their expansion.

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This article was submitted to CrystalWind.ca by Denise Ricard on July 5 - 2024 with written permission to reblog this article exclusively on CrystalWind.ca.  Stay tuned for more enlightened articles and teachings from Denise! 

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