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Ascension Alert: Divine Masculine Ascends, God-Mind Dominates Dreamfield!

Ascension Alert: Divine Masculine Ascends, God-Mind Dominates Dreamfield!


Now all reap the rewards and results of the seeds they have sown and planted as



As its only smooth sailing & upwards progress from here for those that have done the work.

For all new everything, our all-new beginnings are here now!

For we have quantum leapt all the way back home to Heaven on Earth as we complete our ascension in this now!

Now this Ascension roller coaster ride turns into a magic carpet ride as our Plasma LightBody template and wings have been healed and rebuilt, and we're fulfilling our destiny as The True Guardians have fully reclaimed and returned all new free worlds!!

Our Eternal Cosmic Spirit Body is taking over the re-encryption of our physical bodies and world's as our One True God-Self is fully rebirthing and returning as The Creator, Architect & Builder of all new free worlds!

Our extended Kundalini currents of the Kunda-Ray are fully igniting and activating the Cosmic Rainbow Bridge and Antakarana, and with it the new Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life and the New Divine Hierogamic Re-Union Blueprints of the Masculine and Feminine Kryst!

On the 11th of May, the Cosmic Mother fully reclaimed all of her power, keys, source codes, the collective quantum, consciousness, body parts, jewels, artefacts and healed her Cosmic Womb to complete the reset and rebirth of all souls as One through her now!

With the Cosmic Father's Return and true Divine Masculine's full and final rising, the collective Godmind and God-Self, and true Guardians, are now consciously taking over the dream field!

Dreaming Heaven on Earth into being and full manifestation as Spirit and Matter have been merged as One!

With our ASCENDED MASTER-CLASS: THE TRUE GUARDIANS RETURN ALL NEW FREE WORLDS! We are fully completing the healing and sealing of our and the Planetary auric field, the Sphere of Amenti, which holds our true Cosmic history records and Divine Blueprints of all Tribes. This is the planetary Tribal Shield being fully ignited and taking over from the false magnetic field of Earth, as part of the magnetic pole and field shift and flip, which is right now completing our ascension!

Our carbon copy bodies and realities are transforming into crystalline liquid Plasma Rainbow Light as we return the original sound and light fields of creation!

As we let go of all that has been and doesn't serve us anymore, anything that drains and syphoned our energy and lifeforce. We are forging all new Ascension paths, realities and multidimensional Blueprints, and



No longer being stuck in distorted victim-victimizer consciousness realms, as WE UPLEVEL TO BEING THE MASTER & CREATRIX/ CREATOR OF OUR OWN REALITIES & GARDEN OF EDEN again!

Massive final removal of Nephilim coding’s and digressed reptilian skins and DNA templates, reversals and hybridisation traumas, along with all artificial and inorganic materials, architecture, systems , overlays and structures, as part of the full and final purging of the dream field of all demonic and artificial entities, architecture, matter and realities.

Cutting and closing out all and any remaining attachments, chains, hook's and entanglements we have with people that are draining our energy. Along with the removal and dissolution of all seals, membranes, veils, magnetic repulsion fields, inserts, implants, and illusions of separation.

Healing our energy field is us healing our consciousness, is us healing our mind, emotional body, etheric and physical bodies.

Saltwater, showers and meditations that support this final detachment of unhealthy connections within the dream field for us to come to full and true sovereignty, liberation, and freedom from the false Matrix simulation as our God-Self fully rises and takes over!

AtOne with our God-Self we have ultimate protection and God's cloak put around us, providing supernatural protection and power!

Now we access Higher, multidimensional Living!

Higher Love!

Higher Healing!

Higher Learning!

A Higher Power working through us to perform miracles!

We have achieved and are completing our final ascend and made the impossible possible!

We have made our dreams of New Ascension Earth a true reality!!

Debt forgiveness is the key to our full and final Liberation & infinite Abundance and it's here now as the One Cosmic Monad and Family now reconciles and reunites as part of our Cosmic Celebration & Re-Union party!

We have anchored the Frequency of true Freedom, Sovereignty & Celebration!

All of our attachments, and all that had us chained, hooked, tied and held us prisoner to the false Matrix simulation from within our own imagination, have been released and now dissolve as we fully awaken from our deep collective slumber of forgetfulness and separation. For good. For real. Forever.

For we are only in pain and suffering when/ because we're not in alignment with our true self! As we return to the One true God-Self all suffering fully ends! In no-time whatsoever.

Us holding and embodying the state of non-resistance to what is, was, and may be, is paramount right now and the key to our Ascension. It's us atOne with the Zero Point Field of True Divine Love, Neutrality and ONEness. It's The Frequency of the Godhead, and as we become fully empty, God can use us as a vessel to perform miracles through us, which are already unfolding.

We have to BE IN FULL SURRENDER and full flow state for the Holy Spirit to fulfil us and our bodies to be fully transformed back into liquid Plasma Rainbow Light! Our Diamond Sun God and Aton Body fully returned and activated!

Our happily ever after, all new beginnings and our destiny fulfilled are here now, as we have secured our forever summer, lifelong holidays and Fiest of plenty!

All as we push through and dissolve the last inter-FEAR-once patterns and remnants of black magic spells spoken against us and all Divine humans and Graillines especially, by coming together as ONE TRIBE & COSMIC FAMILY!

Healing the Original Split!

The magnetic field and pole shift completing is the collective consciousness completing the quantum leap in Consciousness from distorted polarity to integrated Unity Consciousness and everyOne knowing themselves as God Source Consciousness embodied. AtOne with All of Creation!

The most natural thing ever!

It's our natural state of being!

Now we fully quantum leap and shift from fear-based thinking and living to living in peace, love-bliss, ecstasy and harmony with all of Life everywhere!

Imagine that!!!

As your mind is so powerful it can create and dissolve realities and whole worlds in the blink of an eye!

Rest assured, Divine intervention is at play and nothing can stop us now, when we unite as One Cosmic Family again for a common goal, and because we're made of stars!

The Divine Love-Bliss Tsunami is healing, absolving, sanctifying and unifying all as ONE!

Now dreams come true, and reality a dream we want to live for real!


Eternal Love,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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