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Operating From Within The Quantum Field Of Infinite Possibilities

Operating From Within The Quantum Field Of Infinite Possibilities

Powerful QUANTUM Timeline/ Reality SHIFTS are unfolding and completing, as ALL HAS BEEN MERGED AS ONE, and the false Matrix is in full collapse mode and dissolving which creates a lot of chaos, especially on the lower planes. But as the old dissolves,



The forerunners who have trance-ended their false ego Self and are standing fearlessly in their true authentic Self, are the anchors for the Unity Field and the New Ascension Earth Diamond Grid. We hold the container and Frequency of Unity, Divine Love and Neutrality, which is what ignites this in the Collective field of the One Consciousness. They are now fully operating from their Quantum Self in the quantum field, in NO-TIME whatsoever, where infinite possibilities of potentiality exists. Not much is set here, which is why no one truly know what lies ahead of us and how the full dissolution of the false Matrix realities is going to unfold, as we are literally making this up as we go along.

To merge fully with this Unity Field, New Ascension Earth, and Diamond Rose Heart Grid, you need to have trance-ended all remaining illusions of separation held within you. That includes all judgements you may have towards other people, organisations, groups and things. You have to see the bigger picture through the Eyes of God, which is what we are doing in this now as the knowing of our inherent ONEness with ALL of life everywhere, ignites from deep within us.

We have had one M-Class and 14 C-Class solar flares so far today, many of them bigger ones overnight, and the Schumann Resonance is spiking intermittently. A lot of Aurora plasma infusions and Cosmic Rays are coming into our atmosphere which can make us feel hot and cold a lot. This light is saturating our and the Planetary bodies and is also part of the re-encryption of the matter worlds and elementals. DNA and Crystal Body Activations continue and any blocks, miasma, karmic load, debris held in our energetic and astral field, interference patterns and density held, it's ALL being flushed out. This can feel very dense and heave as it happens. Relaxation is key here and to keep clearing and strengthening your energy field as all the cobwebs are being cleared out. A dead sea salt bath, lots of rest, and just chilling out, relaxing, and getting as much sleep as possible will assist you greatly, as well as plenty of water/ liquids to support the purification.

There's a LOT of DMT being released which is what helps us manifest the higher dimensional Realities into physical form, but it makes it hard to focus on anything linear. Which is also kind of the point as we're being asked to SURRENDER our Mind to our Heart, and ALL remaining FEARS, doubts, worries, insecurities, all tension and stress held in our body, as it is when we are fully relaxed and at ease, at a Frequency of Divine Love, Peace and inner contentment and bliss, when our multi-dimensional DNA and Light body can truly fully activate and heal. Same is true for any kind of healing. This is also for you to spend as much time as you can to truly and deeply connecting in with your body and consciously merging with your higher multi-dimensional identities and Source, igniting your inner Crystalline technology's. This is what ignites our New Ascension Earth Realities and biggest dreams. It's your higher Self and Source dreaming through us when we're fully aligned and have merged as ONE with our True Self and Source.

With all these powerful clearings and upgrades amplifying now, as we receive more and more Cosmic Rays that are assisting our Ascension, and with the weakening, breaking and dissolving of the false magnetic field, our bodies can experience a lot of aches and pains similar to flu type sensations, which are Frequency Light Upgrades. RELAX and look after your body, Heart-Mind and Soul! You may be super tired from all these upgrades that come with these powerful solar flares that are helping us to ignite our New Divine Blueprints, multi-dimensional DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Light body and Merkaba, as well as that of the Planet. Know and keep re-membering that although it's not fun being pretty much flat out or in pain or discomfort a LOT of the time, that's truly when all the magic happens and our bodies receive and integrate important upgrades! That how we anchor the higher dimensional frequencies and REALities, and merge with our Multi-dimensional Self. That's where we collapse and co-create realities. Much sleep, rest and relaxation is a really important part of the whole Ascension process and goes against any 3D limiting programming around what being productive means! You're literally being multi-dimensionally super busy and productive!

THE FINAL VEIL HAS BEEN FULLY REMOVED, and with it so much crystal clarity, TRUTH and epiphanies are arising from within us, as well as more and more of our true memories. They are showing us the BIGger PICTURE of why things unfolded the way they did so we can bring full healing to this experience in the false 3D Matrix on behalf of ALL. Seeing it all from the perspective of ONEness! That's how we help to fully dissolve it ALL.

Our and the Collective Consciousness is shifting as ONE very rapidly now, which is what changes our physical matter world's and bodies. Hold on very lightly to whatever you believe to be true, for as we shift in Consciousness, we are shifting whole paradigms of thinking and believing, of what we believe to be true or real and how all of this truly works, as this what is necessary to fully shift our realities. If we would continue to think, act and perceive REALity the way we have always done, then we would continue to PROJECT the same Realities over and over again. Those karmic cycles are over now!

The Forerunners are entering the JOY ZONE, whilst simultaneously digging into the core of their main soul themes and wound, which can all be tracked back to our Original Wound of feeling separate from Source! So, as we merge with the ONEness we fully dissolve all remaining illusions of separation. We now resolve them fully from deep within the ONE Consciousness, from within the ONE MIND, as we merge with ALL ASPECTS OF THE ONE as ONE, as we hold the ZERO POINT FIELD of TOTAL radical, Divine NEUTRALITY and LOVE.

ALL REMAINING JUDGEMENTS FULLY DISSOLVE NOW within the ONEness and are merged and integrated within the Holy Trinity, which is the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality and Love. Judgements keep us stuck in polarity consciousness and separation with your True Self and Source. Healing our wounds and traumas is what enables us to fully operate from the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality and Love. When all the wounds and traumas have been tended to with much Divine Love and a higher consciousness perspective. That's also how you get to KNOW THYSELF, through much deep inner introspection and contemplation, and that's how we serve and fulfill our mission of becoming our True authentic Self, that's us healing all the interference patterns from our and the Cosmic Blueprints also.

There's this great sense of emergency for course corrections taking place within the field, like a last order as the Apocalypse is well underway! Seismic activity is set to increasing rapidly this week as the shifts in Realities now take on a very physical form, as all that was hidden behind the veil is becoming more and more visible. Let me remind everyOne how much responsibility we hold for the Collective Realities! You will only truly understand this as you fully re-claim your power and full responsibility over your own Realities as well as Collectively, as you remember how all of this truly works and as you remember you are atOne with it ALL. That's when you re-member fully that we truly hold the future in our hands, Heart-Minds and Souls/ Cosmic Logos.

We hold the Divine Blueprints for our new Edenic/ Paradisian Realities within our DNA.


We are rapidly raising in dimensional Frequency bandwidths, which can make us feel unsteady, dizzy, light-headed, ungrounded. Try and SURRENDER to it and the flow and wild ride of things in general, it's the only way navigating through this unknown terrain. Know this is part of us dropping in density, as well as really looking after yourself with much self care to support your bodies magical transformation and healing process.

I'm observing a lot of clearing of 'dead energy' as part of the full Collective removal and dissolution of the 666 death seal imprints, as well as the collective shadow body clearing, including entities, demonic and parasitic energies and entities, AI, black goo etc. being fully removed planetary wide. Especially those of us that feel deeply atOne with the Collective, Earth and Source, and are doing a lot of the transformational work, will feel this all the more deeply as we are the vessels through which this Planetary and COSMIC transformation, metamorphosis, RESET and RE-BIRTH is taking place. We are very much like the midwives of the Cosmic Mother re-birthing ALL of Creation through her and our own sacred Cosmic Womb. We are merging the different dimensional layers, realities/ timelines, Universes and realms through us, and our own Multi-dimensional integration and merging, as ONE. Again, no small undertaking!!!

BEing FULLY PRESENT IN THE NOW is you tuning into your multi-dimensional Self, and higher Cosmic Consciousness and intelligence. Information flows through and out of us, our brains are receivers and transmitters, they're not there to figure out a solution that trance-ends linear thinking and requires a higher consciousness perspective. To solve a problem you have to rise beyond the level of Consciousness it exists, and has been created from!

We see through the illusory Matrix Realities and focus on our EMBODIMENT, as this is what CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Ultimately, it's ALL ABOUT our EMBODIMENT, it's what changes and ignites ALL. It's the 100, or 144 monkey effect, that's how we shift the Realities. So we keep focusing on our inner work and everything else will be revealed to us as we walk our path, from One now moment to the next. There are no plans as such needed right now. All that is necessary is for us to be FULLY PRESENT IN THE NOW moment. All will be revealed from there. Like epiphanies arising from within us. We don't need to figure this out as such with our little brains. We just align with our highest version of our true authentic Self and Source, and what we need to know will come to us in the perfect moment in NO-TIME, as well as everything else, just flows to and through us now, and all-ways. There is no effort involved, we simply ALIGN with the realities we wish to experience, no need to chase, try to control or force anything, as ALL IS AN EXTENSION OF US, all a projection our and The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Divine Feminine and Cosmic Mother energies that are over-lighting this Divine Healing Dispensation from Source, are healing the Masculine principle in pure Divine True Love.

There is a powerful merging of Divine Counterparts in HIEROGAMIC UNION underway, as they merge their energy fields with Source and One another as ONE. All also part of the New Unity Field, Cosmic, Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid Activations that continue to unfold and activate our new Edenic Realities. Twins are merging their energetic field and body's, Crown's and Heart's as ONE, through a process called Crown and Heart Twinning, which are also Activations that are happening and are effecting the Planetary Light body and Morphogenetic field. It is this DIVINE UNION in pure True Divine Love, which is HEALING ALL back to its Original Perfection, plus upgrades.

Not long now until the wedding day, although many of these couples have already been unified in Hierogamic Union at a higher dimensional Consciousness level.


As we become the empty vessels for Source and the higher Cosmic Christ Consciousness to flow and work miracles through us. Where there is no-One really left doing anything. It's all flowing through us effortlessly, ALL A BIG HAPPENING, that doesn't need to be controlled, all magically unfolding and aligning for us now, from one now moment to the next.

We access the Kingdom of Heaven by returning to our childlike innocence and joyfulness. By us being the happy fools, the happy children that we are. No longer afraid, or in resistance and judgement of anything or anyOne. This is us having fully merged as ONE with SOURCE and ALL. THIS IS DIVINE UNION WITH ALL OF LIFE EVERYWHERE! THIS IS ASCENSION! Us no longer feeling separate from anyone or anything.

That's us re-birthing our own inner Divine Christ Child, the Krystar SAphiRA, which holds our Androgenous Light body and Divine Blueprints, which holds the instruction sets of how the physical matter, body's and world's manifest.

This so us fully accessing and igniting the New Organic Divine Creatrix field and Ascension Earth Realities, along with our already ascended, ONE True Diamond Avatar Self, all by us being IN FULL ALIGNMENT WITH OUR TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF!


Allow the magic to be revealed from deep within you as we ignite our New Organic Ascension Earth Realities now available from deep within us as our multi-dimensional DNA and Crystal Body ignite. Because that's what we came here for! To


All is and has all-ready happened and continues to happen and is available NOW within the quantum field of infinite possibilities and potential, as we FULLY align, unify, synchronize and MERGE WITH OUR ALREADY ASCENDED DIAMOND AVATAR SELF's.

Fearlessly and Timelessly so.

Eternal Love,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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