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The Dhyani Buddhas And Their Balancing Influence For Us


Dear Friends,
ince some month now we have been provided with intensively high energies, transmitted to us from the universal forces. This allowed a lot of people to make quantum leaps in understanding how their personal powers influence their everyday life, and that we are also supposed to use this powers for the greater good of all beings. One of the strongest representation we can find in the reals of the Ascended Masters are the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Each of them represents a different part of enlightening our consciousness through self initiated spiritual transformation. See for yourself what we can learn from them:

The Vairocana Buddha:
His name means: the embodiment of light. He is also known as the primordial Buddha or the supreme Buddha. His representation is the unification of all strengths the Dhyani Buddhas are providing for us. He is of highest moral discipline. He represents the wisdom of emptiness, and at the same time absolutely everything. Working with his energy field allows us to let go of ignorance and delusion, naturally leading us to true wisdom. His position in the wheel of Dharma is the center. His color is white, representing the union of all colors.

Buddha Vairocana Mantra:
Om vai ro ca na hum
Om Vairocana  hum

The Akshobhya Buddha:
His name means: the immovable one. He is also known as the ultimate joy. His representation is the power of purification. His commitment to the transformation of lower vibrations to highest virtues, is documented in the Vajrayana Buddhism. Working with his energy field allows us spiritual reincarnation in the inner fire of the higher heart. His position in the wheel of Dharma is the east. His color is blue, representing his devotion to the divine blueprint.

Buddha Akshobhya mantra:
Namo bhagavate Akshobhaya, tathagatayarhate samyaksambuddhyaya.
Tadyatha: Om kamkani kamkani.
Rochani rochani. Trotani trotani.
Trasani trasani. Pratihana pratihana.
Sarva karma paramparanime sarva sattvanancha svaha.

The Amitabha Buddha:
His name means: the infinite light. He is also known as the Amida Buddha or Amita. His representation is the beauty of divine mercy and unconditional love. He is of highest perception for the divine, and pure in his kind gentleness. Working with his energy field allows us to develop deep compassion for ourselves and all other beings on earth. His position in the wheel of Dharma is the west. His color is red, representing the infinite power of love.

Buddha Amitabha Mantra:
Om ah me dewa hrih

The Amoghasiddhi Buddha: 
His name means: the infallible success. He is also known as the almighty conqueror. His representation is the accomplishment of divinely guided action. He is of highest discipline to transmit divine truth and service. Working with his energy field allows us to let go of envy and jealousy. His position in the wheel of Dharma is the north. His color is green, representing the spiritual power of the Bodhisattva path.

Buddha Amoghasiddhi Mantra:
Om Amoghasiddhi Ah

The Ratnasambhava Buddha:
His name means: the jewel born one. His representation is the abundance of the minds possibilities. He is of highest generosity. Working with his energy field allows us to let go of greed and pride, leading us to develop a profound understanding of equality. His position in the wheel of Dharma is the south. His color is yellow, representing the fertility of our earthly life.

Buddha Ratnasaṃbhava Mantra:
Om Ratnasambhava Tram

As a team the Dhyani Buddhas help us not only to develop the higher vibrating qualities of the Buddha energies, but also to grow in clarity and purity that allows us a separation from our bad old habit of suffering. Below you can find a prayer and a Mantra which, when repeated often enough, will connect you with the energy field offered.

Dhyani Buddha Mantra:
Om Vairocana  Om,
Hum Om Akshobhaya Hum,
Tram Om Ratnasaṃbhava Tram,
Hrih Om Amitabha Hrih,
Ah Om Amoghasiddhi Ah

Dhyani Buddha Prayer:
To you, who are from the holy realm of truth,
from which there is no return into creation,
I pray to the Dhyani Buddha’s true being.

Granted me perfect control of the transmission of consciousness.
In this splendid, heavenly, divine kingdom,
let me reach the unchangeable state
of the Dharma Kaya.


Dear Ones, I hope this collection of information on the Dhyani Buddhas balancing powers has inspired you to work with their personal qualities and to develop more of their divine strengths for yourself. I hope the Mantras included will lead you to an understanding of the sound patterns and vibrations of the divine within your own exisence. Make friends with this wonderful Ascended Masters and you will be successfully guided towards feeling the rising of the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth.
Love and Blessings!

Edith Boyer-Telmer

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