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Horoscopes: December 2nd Thru The 9th

Horoscopes: December 2nd Thru The 9th

For the week of December 2nd thru the 9th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well: 


Lately you have been re-thinking what you want to say, and how you say it, and within the ambit of the upcoming Full Moon on December 7th/8th you could learn something about the consequences of speaking out of turn, or conversely not speaking up when you should have.  It could feel a bit like you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Should you speak out and say what’s on your mind? Or should you keep some things to yourself, preferring not to further ignite a smoldering powder keg? This is a restless and impatient Full Moon, so it may be all you can do to hold yourself back. However, there may be wisdom in waiting to see what is being disclosed in the light of the Full Moon, before you go revealing all your own cards. And if you must speak out, and share what you know, make sure you do so very carefully. Words have a way of getting lost in the shuffle, or gravely misinterpreted in this weather, and you will want to make sure that your message is not being misunderstood. Make the intention to say only that which is true, helpful and/or necessary, and in a way that is kind. 


Everyone has their own priorities. And being clear about what your priorities are is essential in the light of the upcoming Full Moon on December 7th/8th. Your priorities, needs and values may not necessarily jibe with everyone else’s and this can draw you into conflicts about money and/or values. This will be especially so if there has been some sort of imbalance between your needs and the expectations of others. Have you been feeling taken for granted or unappreciated? Are you receiving the full value in exchange for what you are offering or giving to others? Just ignoring these could lead to feelings of resentment over time. Know that the Full Moon has the ability to blow it all out of proportion. Therefore, this may not necessarily be a time of action, or clearing the air. But it could show you where things have become imbalanced and what you might want to do to restore the balance later on. Being clear with yourself about your expectations of others and they of you is a really good start. 


You may be feeling at cross purposes with others as we approach the Full Moon on December 7th/8th. This is a Full Moon in Gemini, and will be most noticeable for those Geminis born between June 4th and the 10th, or who have 13-19º of Gemini Rising, but all Geminis will feel the energy (and perhaps the temperature) rising with this Full Moon. It could be that you have been holding on to something that just has to be said, and can no longer be contained. This is the sort of Moon in which it will be very difficult to hold back any longer. As a result of what is said or disclosed, ties could be broken and certain associations brought to an untimely end. But sometimes that simply cannot be helped. Just make sure that you are fully aware of the consequences of so boldly speaking your truth, and that whatever comes of it will be worth it to you in the end. Mars in Gemini is bringing you the courage of your voice, just make sure you use your voice in such a way to achieve the ends you are hoping for. 


The Full Moon on December 7th/8th could unveil a whole viper’s nest of problems and issues if we are not cautious. There may be some things that you are secretly hiding, perhaps fearing that they will be exposed, and you will be made vulnerable. However, with this restless Gemini Full Moon it will be all you can do to keep anything to yourself for much longer. Just know that there will be consequences for revealing any hidden intentions before the time is ripe for you to do so. It may be something of a relief to get things off your chest once and for all. But it could also add fuel to the fire, unleashing a whole slew of wraiths and demons in the process. Therefore, it may be wise to wait and see what is being revealed in the light of the Full Moon, not only by others, but within your own mind and heart. What you see, and what you learn could prove to be illuminating, and may even change your whole perspective. 


There can be times in our lives when our dreams don’t necessarily live up to our expectations. We had so many high hopes, only to see them undermined, and fade away into the ether. All the more so if we have been feeling somewhat uncertain about the future in general. This can bring feelings of hopelessness and disenchantment. But rather than giving up, use the Full Moon to re-examine your hopes and wishes, bringing them more in alignment with where you are now, and what your current priorities are. You may not be able to do anything about them right away but setting that inner gps system can be really helpful right now. The upcoming Full Moon on December 7th/8th is going to be shining a light on those things that are not only in alignment with where you currently are, but that can also bring some sort of deeper meaning and purpose. Perhaps even illuminating a path that will not only benefit yourself, but could benefit others as well. 


Many a Virgo has been re-examining goals, and re-thinking their public image and how they wish to be seen in the world. There may be some vague dissatisfaction, without even necessarily being able to put your finger on it. But when you just don’t have it in you to make any major changes, at least not right now, you may be inclined to just go along with the flow and ignore any lingering uncertainty. With the Full Moon at the top of your Solar or Natal chart on December 7th/8th, something may be revealed to change your perspective. Perhaps you learn something about the people you work for, or the goals that you set for yourself, that makes you question whether or not this is something that you can live with, or requires some sort of adjustment. If you are feeling disenchanted and let down, then you might want to re-think some things. But ultimately having the truth of a situation revealed, and knowing where you stand at least gives you the privilege of making conscious and informed choices going forward. 


Ever the diplomat, Libra is often cautious about sharing what is on their minds in an openly and forthright manner. Especially if it is going to rock the boat or stir up adversity. But with the upcoming Full Moon on December 7th/8th, it could be difficult to not speak up and speak out. Especially if and when it is so apparent to you that the emperor has no clothes. How can you not tell the world what you are seeing with your own eyes, what you are hearing with your own ears, and what you know to be true? So what if you ruffle a few feathers, or put others on edge? Sometimes the truth just needs to be said. And with the Full Moon in Gemini this is one of those times when you are less inclined to be sitting on the sidelines, even if you do succeed in pissing some people off in the process. Sometimes it is worth rocking the boat, even just a little bit, especially when you know that you are doing the right thing. 


We all have certain behaviors or habits, that we commit to unconsciously, or feel as if we don’t really have any control over. The Full Moon on December 7th/8th will be shining a light on some of these, which can help you to understand some of the underlying causes and conditions that have led you towards these behaviors in the first place. Conversations and interactions can get directly to the heart of the situation. It can also reveal whether these behaviors, relationships, and/or dependencies are helping you or blocking you. And what you might want to do about that. It may be that you decide that something needs to end in order for you to be able to move forward again. You may not necessarily be able to or want to do anything about it just yet. But having that clarity of mind can help you to know exactly what you might want to do in the future. This is when you give yourself permission to say, “No more.”


The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th/8th will strongly affect all Sagittarians, but especially those born between December 4th and the 11th, or who have 13-19º of Sagittarius Rising. The Full Moon in Gemini occurs when the Sun in Sagittarius is directly opposite the Moon, and this year it is also when the planet Mars is also directly opposite the Sun. Because of this it could feel as if you are being brought into direct confrontation with others who don’t necessarily share the same beliefs or understanding that you do, putting you at odds with others. Full Moon periods can be very emotional, so this could have the potential to blow up. But it could also compel you to re-examine your own ideas. Know that if your position is sound, that it should be able to withstand even the most rigorous of arguments and challenges. And if you find yourself unsure, or unable to support your own position, then see what is needed in order to become more fully informed. 


In the midst of Sagittarius season, when Capricorn is silently preparing themselves for the months to follow, they will often find themselves falling into a form of introspective contemplation. This is because this is a time of year for Capricorn to tend to their inner well-being. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th/8th is when Capricorn explores how that inner well-being impacts and is also impacted by their physical and mental well-being. In Sagittarius season you are required to slow down the pace. But with Mars in Gemini stirring things up in your daily life and routines, that may not be all that possible. And you could be feeling the effects of a busy schedule and/or a challenging lifestyle. Mars is retrograde which can put a damper on all of our energy any way. Therefore pay attention to where and how you might need to cut back. Or what you can further do to support your health and well-being, while simultaneously cutting back on those things that are depleting it. 


The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th/8th is shining a light on the planet Mars, currently retrograde and a little rogue. Being retrograde you could be feeling a little stuck, and perhaps a little frustrated. The things that normally bring you joy, are feeling a little aggravating, either because you can’t do what you normally would prefer to be doing, or because they just don’t bring you the joy and pleasure that they normally do. If you have children be patient with them, for they may be internalizing their own anger and frustration in confusing ways. Be patient with yourself as well. The way to work with Mars while retrograde is to go where the energy wants you to go. Going with Mars will restore your energy. Working against it will only drain and deplete you. Trying to force it in a particular direction will just feel exhausting. The same goes for people. At least for now, you might want to more closely invest in those relationships that excite you and kindle your soul, while reassessing those that deplete you.


Home is usually where we go to escape the vicissitudes of our daily lives. It is where we go to feel safe and secure, and to get away from it all. But ever since Mars entered Gemini in August, for one reason or another the home environment has been filled with a bit of drama. The Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th/8th will be illuminating whatever lingering issues remain here, perhaps even making them more emotionally invested than they have been up until now. Things can be further complicated by misunderstood messages, innuendos, and incomprehensible behaviors. There could be an urge with the Full Moon to bring everything out into the open. However this is a Martian Full Moon, and doing so could just throw even more fuel on the fire. Wisdom suggests stepping back and observing, waiting to see what is being revealed within the ambit of the Full Moon. And then armed with this knowledge, having a better understanding how best to proceed later on when things are less emotionally invested. 


Astrology By Lauren
A Level IV Certified Consulting Astrologer, in New York City. 

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