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Weekly Forecast: November 5 - 11, 2023

Weekly Forecast: November 5 - 11, 2023

11/6  ::  Venus (values, relationships & resources) ~trine~ Pluto (purification & transformation):
Anytime Pluto’s involved the intensity levels go up and you are able to hear, feel or sense your SoulSelf more clearly than usual.

Venus brings up that which is most important to you personally, your individual values & priorities, where your relationships & resources are concerned. This is an easy angle, making purification & transformation smoother than usual too. So, what are you ready to change? How have your values & priorities changed completely in the last year or so? Use this activation to deepen your connection with those you love most and allow or encourage the relationship to evolve to a totally new level. If you’re working on your relationship with money or self-worth specifically, then this activation is a good time for prayer or ritual that supports positive change & your vision for the future. Pour any intense emotions or revelations into art of any medium or do a vision board, but give expression to the depths you recognize as coming to the surface of your conscious awareness. This energy tends to “intensify” relationships and/or emotions. You may feel extremely drawn to someone, emotionally as well as physically. You may feel the intense need to express your love, mentally, emotionally or physically. This energy is great for bringing deeper insights to the surface, which ultimately should strengthen any relationship. A new relationship started under this influence will usually have an intensity about it, as will any form of creative expression, artistic or otherwise.

11/6  ::  Mercury (ideas) ~trine~ Neptune (dreams):
This energy activates your creative process & intuition. You may catch yourSelf unconsciously drifting aimlessly but a better use of this combination is to open to the other realms for ideas & information and play with it, free flow, see where it leads. It is not the time for pragmatic analysis, but more a time to explore the infinite possibilities available to you, as well as what’s going on in your own consciousness. You may be more sensitive than usual, opening yourself to information or awareness that isn’t always that readily available. Remember, to keep good boundaries when *opening* like this and if you have to be around people, try to maintain the mystical, creative vibe that this energy is best for.

Time for honoring the Ancestors (those who have gone before)
Time to prepare for several months of INNER Self-Work
Time for honoring that which is complete (aspects of Being/world)
Time when the veils between dimensions are thinnest,
easing communications
Time to prepare for seasonal shift
(this hemisphere is Winter, time to rest & replenish)
Time for honoring the end of a cycle, while
glimpsing the new cycle about to begin

11/7  ::  Samhain  ::  Cross Quarter  ::  Scorpio Gate of Power is all about Honoring the Invisible Assistance. This completes the 8 Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You’ve done all you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the whole time, whether you were aware of it or not. All seasonal shifts call your attention to *BALANCE* and remind you to, periodically, tune-in to your Heart, Mother Nature & Great Spirit. This is the time of year for closure ~ within & without. The Cross Quarter Seasons (between each of the Solstices & Equinoxes) have long been considered to be *Gates of Power* ~ a threshold that offers access to other realms of existence, other Dimensions which are relevant and connected to our 3rd Dimension. During this time of year, reflection on the past and rumination on the future commingle. The Angels, Ancestors, Orisha & Animal Spirit Guides should be honored and will be more accessible for communing with at this time of the year. You can ask for their guidance on the lesson & purpose of certain events/experiences of the past year and you can ask for guidance on how to proceed during the upcoming year. After completion, clearing & release, it is an especially good practice to take time to sit with the Empty Space for a period of time. This is an Infinitely potent time “in between,” a place also referred to as the *Sweet Spot* in agriculture, which is that very thin membrane between *Seed & New Life*. Plant your seeds of the future during this dark time and be still, listen, invite Life back to you. This 6-week period prior to Winter Solstice has the longest nights, implying rest, work behind closed doors and moving through any darkness. It is time to restore strength and prepare for the Light’s return, when things will again begin to quicken.
*SCORPIO* represents the most potent time of the year …

Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, “What do you deeply desire?
Scorpio as ruled by Pluto asks, “What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?

Are you willing to *SACRIFICE* …
fear … for love?
doubt … for faith?
false pride … for true confidence?
skepticism … for critical thinking?
poverty consciousness … for infinite gratitude?
groundless low self-esteem … for knowing who you are?

This is the time when the Life/Death/Life cycle is at work, highlighting the area of your life where you may experience an ending and subsequent new beginning. It is a time to *Honor the Dead* which can apply to friends & family who are no longer on this plane of existence with us, although their essence never dies and often becomes more accessible at this time. Or it can also apply to your Being, your creative projects, cycles in your life that are now complete.

In between a completion & initiating a new cycle, project or part of your Self, a time-out ~ Rest ~ Reverence ~ Reflection are all highly recommended. Also, this is the last of the 8 Sacred Seasons of the year when indigenous cultures and people who honor Mother Earth celebrate each turn of the Wheel, each cycle. This is the season between Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice, so there is an element of Harvest still going on, however, now it is more about surrender & rest in preparation for new life.

11/8  ::  Venus Enters LIBRA (until Dec 4th):
Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being and develop a new sense of self-worth & self-value. This is an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of your primary relationships and determine what is no longer important to you, while preparing to go deeper. If you align your priorities within your own Being, as well as within your primary relationships of *NOW* ~ then it will make the deep dive into the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating). When Venus is in Libra, it is time to assess your priorities and reestablish balance with a cool head (Air Sign), what’s fair, just and worth it for you, by your own definition. It’s time to take an honest look at how you, your life and choices affect those closest to you. And you want to reflect on how effective your choices actually are (or have been) in attracting your heart’s desires. Remember, Libra is the lesson of “balance & reciprocity” which must be considered before taking on the Scorpio lesson of “karma & creation,” otherwise you only create more “karma & creations” to clean up along the way. Venus will always remind you that you ARE what you attract and you show the Universe what you value by what you spend your primary resources on (time, energy, money). So use this time and Cycle to recalibrate things consciously and look for new ways of relating.

11/8  ::  Mercury (communication) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy provokes the need to delve deeper into the ideas or information being presented at this time, whether personal or professional. You will want to dig deeper, ask the hard questions and gather insights that are more profound than usual. In your professional/public life, you may find yourself doing better on proper pre-planning & due-diligence, while in your personal/private life, you may find yourself digging a little deeper into your own mental patterns & personal history (that have led to ‘now’). As you make these connections and begin to grasp these new insights, they will gain traction and you will become more grounded in your own Truth & Story. We all get excited about those kind of ah-ha moments, and you may find yourself wanting to share them with others who may or may not be ready to hear such deep Truths or have the conscious awareness to even process them, so remember to use some discernment around who and when you share these new-found insights.

11/10  ::  Mercury Enters SAGITTARIUS (until Dec 1st):
When Mercury is in Sag, we get a little more philosophical and start to search for the “meaning” of the year that we just lived through. We now have the Processing Planet in a Processing Sign, so we are also integrating all that we learned in the last year so that we can claim it as embodied wisdom. Once you’ve integrated all the aspects of life that have evolved, you can start to look for the potential of the new year. What good ideas can you anchor, build on and expand in the next year? You are supported to believe something completely NEW and dream a little BIGGER than you usually allow yourself to dream. Expand the vision, for your Self, for your life and for the planet. Tell a New Story and use December to dream it up!

NOTE  ::  This is the warm up to the next round of Mercury Retrogrades kicking off 2024, which will be activating Fire & Earth Signs in the new year. So we have already been going through a process. Mercury went backwards in ALL Air Signs in 2021, awakening new thinking and new ideas & concepts but it was hard to ground anything. 2022 brought the Air/Earth Combo, which began to introduce new possibilities for grounding & structure and we got a little more clear. 2023 brought that consciousness into real time and the body by moving through ALL Earth Signs, helping us to finally begin creating forms & structures. Now, going forward in 2024 as we move through the Earth/Fire Combo, we get inspired and begin to flesh out those ideas so that we can share them with others.

Right now, as it moves through Sag activating an improved vision, it will then Retro in Capricorn so we can recalibrate our ideas and their viability before fully committing and once it goes Direct in Sag, we can start activating that vision.

DATES to Remember:
Mercury Enters SAG :: 11.10.2023
Mercury Enters CAPRICORN :: 12.1.2023
Mercury Rx 8* CAPRICORN :: 12.12.2023
Mercury Rx RE-Enters SAG :: 12.23.2023
Mercury Direct 22* SAG :: 1.1.2024
Mercury RE-Enters CAPRICORN :: 1.13.2024
Mercury Enters AQUARIUS :: 2.5.2024

11/10  ::  Mercury (communication/expression) ~square~ Saturn (limits/reality):
This energy is good for deep self-reflection and intentional solitude rather than negotiating with others as that can create challenges around communication & self-expression. It is easier to feel misunderstood when trying to convey something or you may seem a little down to others when it’s more of a serious, not necessarily negative vibration. This is not usually good energy for business negotiations unless every detail is very clear to all involved. This energy often makes you most critical of your Self, but it could trickle over onto others as well.

Basically, Saturn helps you see where any weakness & instability is going on, so you’re recognizing what needs to be fixed or fortified, and Mercury can actually be useful for learning. Beware of a tendency toward apathy, pessimism and/or depression, that’s Saturn & Mercury, which makes it more mental than literal. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that you do have and all that you have accomplished instead of what’s still on the list of things to do (in life). This energy is not intended to make you feel bad about all the things left yet to do, but encourage you to begin the necessary steps and be okay with small measures of progress for now. This energy tends to make you focus on the practical side of manifesting. Clear the mental distractions & emotional debris, and begin to lay a new, clean, solid foundation beneath your goals. Then, strategize about the details of bringing them to fruition. That will cheer you up too!

11/11  ::  Mars (energy) ~oppose~ Uranus (radical shift):
This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, this energy can bring on impulsive, reactionary behavior. You can have sudden outbursts of anger or frustration with a strong need to be ‘free’ from whatever you are perceiving as a limitation or holding you back (person or circumstance). The best use of this energy is to consciously direct your energy to free yourself from any restrictions – self-imposed or otherwise. This is a time when you will be extremely motivated to do whatever it takes to live freely (by your own definition). Do not suppress this energy as that will only make it blow up in your face, at a most inconvenient time. Use this activation to check your Self and determine what you deeply desire, what your definition of freedom really is and what you are willing to do to live a more authentic life.


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