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Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences ​​January 25 to 31, 2021

Your Weekly Guide To Planetary Influences ​​January 25 to 31, 2021

AS THE PAST FALLS AWAY, part of our challenge is to release what has been. Letting go can be difficult for us humans. Unconsciously, we often hold on to old forms as a way of maintaining a sense of security or continuity in life, or as a way of feeling in control. A known quantity, even if unsatisfactory, is at least familiar and therefore reassuring in some way.

But the changing times that we are moving through require us to let go of what has been and to surrender to what is unfolding. That very word, "surrender," can evoke strong resistance, primarily because we think of it as being equivalent to capitulation. And yet, while capitulation is about giving away our power, surrender is actually about claiming our true power, our spiritual power. This is the power of the now moment, of being present without attaching to what has been or projecting into what may be.

We have small demonstrations of how this works, every time we are trying to recall a word that is eluding us or to remember where we put something. It is often when we surrender the search, the strong need to have what we want NOW and the fear or frustration that we'll never get it, that the word suddenly pops into our minds moments later or the object magically appears in a place where we thought we had looked.

SURRENDERING TO CHANGE is one of our primary challenges this coming week. The Sun is now in progressive Aquarius, a sign that thrives on the new and inventive, and it is in square aspect to eccentric Uranus on Tuesday.  

A Sun-Uranus square usually manifests as surprising or sudden events that change our expected trajectory. All the compound words that start with "break" are applicable to this aspect, including breakdown, breakthrough, breakaway, and breakup.

We can look to the Sun in Aquarius for some indicators as to where or how these unexpected changes might occur. Since Aquarius is an air sign, mental adaptability is a requirement this week. Preconceived notions about how some situation should unfold will be shown to be faulty or at least inadequate. And, keeping in mind that the key phrase associated with the sign of Aquarius is "I Know," events this week are likely to break down that hubris, reminding us of what we don't know. 

And, since Uranus is in earth sign Taurus, we may also see the unpredictable manifesting through weather patterns or environmental changes. 

AT ITS HIGHEST FREQUENCY, Uranus is an agent of the Higher Mind. While its intentions on a personal level are to help us stay flexible and authentic, on a transpersonal level, its goal is to keep us moving into higher states of consciousness.

Whenever we navigate changeable circumstances, if we surrender to the flow of events rather than resisting them, we are usually more open to insights and inspiration. In letting go of expectations and our attachment to specific outcomes this week, we can be more open to new ways of perceiving our reality, which ultimately enables us to find new solutions for old problems.

OUR FULL MOON this week marks the climax of the lunar cycle that began with the dynamic New Moon on January 12-13, and therefore represents a culmination of whatever processes were initiated at that time. As you may recall, that Capricorn New Moon was tightly conjunct the planet Pluto, marking this entire lunar cycle as being deeply transformational. Personally and globally, we have been weeding out the roots of old forms, so that the new may be birthed.

This week's Full Moon perfects on Thursday, January 28, at 11:16 a.m. PST  (7:16 p.m. GMT). At that time, the Moon will be at 9°05' Leo, with the Sun at the same degree of Aquarius. This appears to be another pivotal lunation, one that will be memorable.

THE AQUARIUS SUN is tightly conjunct the giant planet Jupiter at the time of the Full Moon, magnifying our urge to make progress, but perhaps exaggerating that "I Know" certainty. But the Sun is also conjunct realistic Saturn, giving us a strong sense of what is and isn't possible, which may tone down some of the over-exuberance. Most notably, the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in hard square aspect to Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith in Taurus.

This means that we will be working with a T-square configuration at the time of the Full Moon. A T-square represents a time of testing. With all the T-square planets in fixed signs, we are being challenged to interrupt willful behaviors (Taurus), to become more flexible in our perspectives (Aquarius), and to let go of an ego attachment to the approval of others (Leo).

The group (stellium) of planets in peace-loving Taurus are at the apex of this T-square. This means we will be pushed out of our comfort zone by events that occur. The combination of Uranus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith can represent repressed desires coming unexpectedly to the surface. This can be used in positive ways, to inspire the courage needed to initiate change, but it can also be somewhat forceful or explosive in nature.

THE CHANDRA/OMEGA SYMBOLS from astrologer John Sandbach provide insights into the positive potentials of this Full Moon. Here are the symbols associated with the tenth degree of Leo:

  • Omega symbol: "A man who sees stars invisible to others." Tapping into worlds and realities that are beyond the scope of usual human perception. This can be used to enrich the knowledge and understanding of others – if they are open to your insights. The way to resolve this dilemma is to express ideas in a way that is not so forthright, and in a form that is more acceptable to others, or to use your insights and ideas to further yourself, without being concerned about what others believe or won't take in.
  • Chandra symbol: “A man putting olive oil all over his body.” Making connections between self and the outside world smoother, so we can move through the world with greater ease. A strong need to be independent and true to self, but in a non-abrasive way. Slipping out of situations which are unnecessarily limiting. 

​​​​​It is interesting that both of these symbols are about being true to self, and following one's own unique, authentic path – qualities that we tend to associate with Aquarius and the planet Uranus, which are both strongly involved in the Full Moon. And, of course, I appreciate the reference to "seeing stars invisible to others," as it speaks to the ability of Uranus to expand our consciousness. 

VENUS THEMES are also powerfully activated this week, as Venus squares Eris on Wednesday and then conjoins Pluto on Thursday, just three hours before the Full Moon perfects. As the planet of love and values, Venus brings up issues in personal relationships, as well as in financial matters.

Any problems in these areas that have been brewing but not adequately addressed will seem especially urgent with these aspects. As always with Pluto, watch for any tendency to "have to" say or do something, as unconscious needs can be very strong. We can also be overly suspicious or blaming, and can resort to manipulations rather than addressing our concerns directly.

Take a pause if you are feeling exceptionally emotional this week. These Venus aspects –  and the Full Moon itself -- can be very instrumental in helping us see our own motivations, which can be the higher purpose of any outer-world complications. But that pause is vital, as it's hard to be introspective if we're feeling highly emotional.

A FINAL NOTE: Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday, and will be moving backward through Aquarius until it goes direct on February 20. As always when this planet is retrograde, it's helpful to look at life symbolically rather than literally. And, projects are best served if we use this time over the next three weeks to review our plans, to make sure we have all the information we need. If decisions must be made, be sure to enter into them cautiously and with due diligence.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year, you are challenged to direct your energies more consciously, rather than willfully. Your intentions and beliefs are strong, but it will be important to remain aware of the needs of your personality versus the callings of your Soul. If you can harness the heightened energies that are available to you this year, your potentials for achievement and for advancing a cause that you believe in are great.  (Solar Return Sun square Mars, conjunct Jupiter, conjunct Saturn, square Uranus)

In Gratitude and Light,


Highlighted Aspects this Week:

All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. For Greenwich Mean Time, add 7 hours.

  • MON: Sun sextile Chiron
  • TUE: Sun square Uranus, Neptune square nodal axis
  • WED: Venus square Eris
  • THU: Venus conjunct Pluto, Full Moon 11:16 a.m. PST, Sun conjunct Jupiter
  • SAT: Mercury goes retrograde

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