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What is Fruitarianism?

Fruit BasketFruitarianism is a nutrition system and a life style.

The fruitarian diet consists of RAW fruit and seeds ONLY!

Examples of fruits are: Pineapple, mango, banana, avocado, apple, melon, orange, etc., all kinds of berries, and the vegetable fruits such as tomato, cucumber, olives; and dried fruits such as nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, chestnuts, etc.. And seeds including sprouted seeds.

Of all food stuff that human beings can eat, fruit is the most delicious to our taste, has the most pleasurable smell and the most beautiful shape with so many lively colors. Fruit is the only food stuff that can completely satisfy humans…everything else is incomplete…

Its attractive aroma, its appetizing and refreshing juice and its nutritive contents (vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fiber, water, proteins,etc.) make it the BEST food a human being can eat. Fruit is a TOTAL food stuff, it has everything you need to nourish yourself in the right proportions. Fruit, can be stored at room temperature, does not need refrigerator or stove and long periods of time to be prepared, does not badly dirt dishes…

Fruit is a LIVE food !!!! Fruit, has "the power and magic of life"… Fruit nutrition is a very simple concept…from fruit alone, the human body has evolved to produce everything else it needs to stay energetically alive for more than 100 years…

Every doctor, every nutritionist in the world agrees that people need fruit and fruit is the best food stuff for long term health, weight control, longevity and detoxification…but the fruitarian say:


The Fruitarian lifestyle includes avoiding all cooked food and consider it non healthy for the individual and pollutant to the environment, causing unbalanced nutrition, all kinds of disease, mood swings, cravings for synthetic nutrients and chemicals, decrease of vitality, loss of external beauty and loss of inner happiness, depreciation for life and lack of wisdom. All of these consequences we can identify very well in modern civilized societies!

Cooked food eating creates physical and emotional addiction to the person who eats it…weakens the immune system, makes people grow and look older and develops serious illnesses over time, it also makes societies to develop habits and economic structures that are pollutant to the environment destroying life and the life supporting mechanisms of our planet!

By eating only raw fruit, the fruitarian is free from all bad consequences of cooked food addiction…including all the violence against all forms of life…and he/she will not be contaminated by the poisons of the flesh from dead animals!

If you eat cooked foods and in particular flesh of animals, then your body is automatically poisoned and you condemned to develop in yourself a lot of low quality of thoughts, feelings and emotions…and if you want to develop high levels of intellectual, artistic or spiritual life then you will have to go on big "sweat" and maybe pain to conquer your goals…with fruit nutrition, the results of your creation will be brilliant, colorful and enchanting…

Fruit is the biological support for the higher form of life so unique in human beings…love…creativity…conscience…

The proper application of fruitarian dietary and lifestyle is calculated to allow the human to live happily, produce healthy offspring, live to more than 100 years of age, be free of all disease, and only "mature" while not aging enjoying all the benefits of a permanent joyful and healthy body. Fruit is the most sensual and most erotic food stuff anyway…

Fruitarians live for years without drinking much additional water. Most of the water that they get is "dietary" water, the water that is in their foods: melons, pineapple, oranges, etc.

Fruitarians eat fruit only and prefer fruits to vegetables because of the higher quality of fruits as food stuff and because eating fruits alone, the fruitarian participate in the nature way of propagating life, spreading the seeds of fruits (we co-operate with the reproduction of new trees and new fruit) and living without killing any form of life which happens when eating vegetables (you have to plant them again).

Fruitarianism is the highest moral concept of nutrition…and is the biological support for high levels of physical, mental, moral and spiritual well-being….you really are what you eat!

Eating fruit alone, the fruitarian becomes more attractive and beautiful, with better hair,skin, nails, smell and taste in the body…and more pure physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, a special loving creature…he/she is itself a "fruit" of the "magic" power of the earth and the sun…the final result of millions of years of struggle for life to produce a unique specimen…full of intelligence, feelings and emotions for love…and conscience…a beautiful life form…a TRUE human being!

Be FREE…become a fruitarian…live in harmony…and experiment every day,strength and protection from the creative force that brought to this "blue planet": water, air, trees, flowers, animals and human beings… the power and "magic" of life …

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