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I have been watching these technologies for years. They are finally coming together. I plan to make them available for rich people like you! And regular folks, too.

One of my projects is to create a new medical research foundation to study longevity, and find the most effective ways of combining these and other therapies. I am thinking about establishing it in Puerto Rico, with an alternative MD I know who is also a professor at a medical school there.

Some of the treatment modalities I have for reversing aging (I can’t give out too much proprietary info on some of these yet):

1. Epithalonhttp://www.doctor-henry.com/steg2/?ID=63 A short peptide chain which signals the pineal gland to produce another hormone, which in turn causes the cells to produce telomerase.

Do you know what aglets are? They are those little plastic things on the ends of your shoe laces which keep the laces from fraying. Well, your chromosomes have aglets, too. They are called “telomers”. Telomers get shorter each time their cell divides, until the cell cannot divide any more. That means that the cell can no longer replace itself. This causes much of the signs of aging, and the body changes that we call aging.

Telomerase is an enzyme which causes the telomers to grow longer. And by lengthening the telomers, many signs of aging disappear. Wrinkles disappear. Skin elasticity and thickness returns. Prostatism and erectile dysfunction resolves. Eyesight improves. Skeletal flexibility. Mood improves.Depression and what I call “Walter Mathau Syndrome” or Grumpy Old Man goes away. Organ function returns. Many things improve.

Epithalon was first used on aged soviet scientists. Markedly reduced their death rate. Using high doses can take off decades in only 2 weeks. Currently it is available in France for about $600 per month, but we will cut the price by half.

Someone mentioned TA-65. This is an extract of the Chinese root Dong Kwai. THis is a good idea, but there are no trials which shows that it actually works.

2. Low Glucose Diet. Glucose is a known toxin to the body. High levels of glucose cause “glycosylation” or glucose sticking onto proteins, DNA and other molecules. High glucose also causes the body to excrete high levels of insulin, which is itself toxic, and responsible for the blindness, nerve damage, kidney and heart disease of diabetes.

Low glucose diet has been known for about 50 years to increase longevity. It causes 40% improvement in lifespan in mice and rats. I am working with a veterinarian who is on such a diet—he just celebrated his 60th birthday, and looks about 45. He says that he can take your age back as far as you want, until you are 35, or mature age. Eat as much raw fruits and veggies as you want, also raw meat. But no cooked veggies, no grains, no sugar, maybe a bit of honey is ok. By weaning the body from a glucose economy to a fat-metabolizing (and light—Biophoton?) economy, the body naturally enters a detoxifying, rejuvenating state. As such, this diet also CURES diabetes, arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disorders, AIDS, you name it. This is simply explained in his book: Owner’s Manual for the Human Body. www.darkovelcek.wordpress.com.

3. Along with the very low glucose diet, Darko uses forced cellular rehydration to provide increased function of the cells, along with detoxification at the cellular level. Darko recommends drinking 2 liters of water with a little sea water or sea salt added first thing in the morning, with another 1 or 2 liters throughout the day. Most people experience health improvement with just the rehydration therapy, within the first week! www.darkovelcek.wordpress.com.

4. Anpathadonhttp://www.doctor-henry.com/steg2/steg3/?ID=307 Treatment for cancer, infectious diseases, Alzheimer, heavy metals toxicity. I am listing this under rejuvenation not for infection, but to get rid of cancer and metals toxicity. This successfully reverses most cases of dementia. Probably is preventative as well.

5. EDTA Chelation Therapy—though it may not be necessary with these other therapies.

6. “Miracle Device #5” or 5MD by HBS Designs, Dubuque, IA. This is a device which creates both a magnetic field and a scalar field. Where these overlap, it creates a field in which the body is able to quickly restore itself back to its perfect pattern. Even more perfect than your DNA, it goes to your Original Design. I choose to interpret that as an Etheric Template. Heals bones, joints, heart, brain disorders, musculoskeletal problems, internal organs, etc. Rub the magnet over the body and it will “stick” where there is a problem, then treat for 15 minutes. Sleeping with it reverses aging, but don’t know how much.

7. RNA dropswww.rnareset.com These drops cause the body to repair, the consciousness to improve, and has anti-aging effects. The chief proponent of them is 94 years old, and looks like he is 50. He swims a mile or more each morning in the sea. The idea of how to make these drops came through channeling. They seem to contain a microorganism which glows under the microscope, as if it is bringing light from another dimension. People I know who take them report increased energy, strength, well being, endurance, healing, thinking, mood, etc.

8. Barley Gold. This is an interesting story. The developer is an agronomist. He created a way to cause seeds to sprout, in a matter of seconds. So, organic barley is submitted to some frequencies, and it sprouts in your hand. Then, it is ground up, and it remains fresh and moist for at least 3 years. Taking the barley regularly causes the body to repair and put on muscle mass, as if one were lifting weights. Energy markedly improves.

This barley also seems to contain similar light-emitting microbes, which seem to bring light (biophotons) as a new energy source, into the body, just as does RNA drops. I postulate that the transformation of the body is caused in large part by these light-bringing microbes settling into the normal intestinal flora.

9. Internal Flora Balancing. The Human Food Project is studying the ideal mixture of microbes to be co-existing within our intestines. Obtaining this ideal balance, and adding, if appropriate, the light-bringing organisms from RNA drops and Barley Gold, could transform our health

10. I was planning on adding natural hormones, like Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and for women Estriol and progesterone, but I suspect that they will not be necessary with these other therapies.

11. Umbilical cord Stem Cells. Extracted stem cells from the discarded placentas and umbilical cords of healthy newborns. I was planning on including this with my protocol, but I suspect that they will not be necessary. I suspect that these other methodologies will activate our existing adult stem cells to do the repairs that we need.

12. Light Therapy. As the body begins to ascend to a higher frequency, the integration of light seems to become more important. Witness the light-emitting bacteria which seem to be appearing in association with higher states of awareness. One of the technologies which seem to assist with healing as well as higher states of energy is light therapy. I am most interested in a multi-frequency light device which I was introduced to at a medical conference.

13. Bioquark. Do you know how some amphibians are able to regenerate their tails, limbs, etc.? It turns out that some can regenerate an eye, and a third of their brain as well. These are tissues which scientists thought could not be regenerated. And the assumption still is that mammals cannot regenerate most tissues beyond the embryonic stage.

However, there are preparations made from the eggs of amphibians which transfer that ability to regenerate tissue into mammals. Bioquark is one of those preparations. Bioquark has been shown to cause abnormal mammalian tissue to convert into normal tissue. Cancer reverts to normal cells. Wrinkled, damaged skin improves, hair returns, brain damage heals, and human stage IV cancer patients can live for years with no deterioration. We feel that there is a tremendous market in the medical and cosmetic fields for BioQuark.

14. Skenar. Skenar was created for use by Russian Cosmonauts in space. Even if they had a physician on board to do diagnosis and treatment, any medication would be recycled as their urine was recycled, so that everyone in the crew would receive the same medications. Skena works on the autonomic nervous system to stimulate the body to heal itself. The Dove and Cosmodic are more modern versions.

The proper medico-legal environment to allow use of these modalities is one of my highest projects. Healing and transformative therapies are not approved by the existing “disease management” medical paradigm. We must, therefore, create a new, private healing system, in order to have a space for these transformative therapies to be taught, provided, marketed, bought and sold. The current regulatory system, which seeks the lowest common denominator for all, will not allow a higher level of health transformation. The current regulatory system demands a minimum standard of care, and will not allow a higher one. We therefore must step OUT of the current system, and provide this care privately, on a person to person contract basis.

“Pre-Physical” (before the issue expresses itself in the physical) diagnosis and treatment devices seem to work at the quantum level on the etheric pattern (“Biomorphic Field”). There is continued advancement in these devices, and the latest seem to be the Physiospect, which provides correct diagnosis 68% of the time, and Sensitiv Imago, which is correct 90-96% of the time, in comparison with laboratory tests and physical examination. These devices both can also provide healing stimulation at the quantum level, without using medications.

We plan that these therapies will be available in the Caribbean, Peru, Eastern Europe, Thailand, on Indian Reservations within the territorial United States, and probably a yacht here and there. There may be more information posted later on www.ggtrust.com. Anyone who invests in the foundation can share in the proceeds from companies that spin off from the Foundation.


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