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Find Your Power in Self-Sufficiency



Self Sufficiency is becoming very important to so many people for various reasons. When we think of self-sufficiency we think about it in terms of living off the land completely, however that is not the case. We can all become more self-sufficient in various ways and degrees. Perhaps you do not want to be dependent on the food supply system which we know is too centralized and being manipulated exponentially through time. Perhaps you want to remove toxins from your lifestyle and know you cannot depend on companies to provide you with honest information on the ingredients of their products. Perhaps you see the need for having basic skills due to systems failing in one fashion or another whether it is collapse or by design to make us more dependent on the system of which is very corrupted. Being self-sufficient does not require you to live off the grid, but you can get yourself there. We just have to start somewhere. It starts with knowing what you need to know, learning it, and then acting on it in any way that you can for experience now rather than later.

Getting healthy and living healthy are very important to being self-sufficient. If you are relying on western medicine to keep you healthy, then you are not healthy at all. Western medicine more often than not will treat your symptoms not the root cause. The toxins we put in and on our bodies have a huge impact on our health as well as the fact that we do not nourish ourselves anymore in most cases. We should start with the food we eat, which most cases is not nourishment as much as it is empty calories that are causing more harm than good. Exercise, drinking plenty of filtered water (most western countries public water systems are full of toxins to include fluoride, heavy metals, and even pharmaceuticals – do your research), and eating healthy are the best places to start. Look into Berkey water filtration systems. You can actually build your own and use their filters to help alleviate some of the cost. Look it up on YouTube on how to build your own system which can be portable if needed. Most of the “health and beauty aids” to include toothpaste, lotions, deodorant, shampoos, soaps, etc. are filled with toxins. (One example – look into links of deodorant to breast cancer.) Removing as many toxins as you can is your first step to becoming healthier. You may be surprised at the amount of ailments that can be cured by reducing toxins in your diet and daily routines as well as increasing your real nourishment. Get educated about what is in the products and find ways to make these products yourself. Research ways to help your body detox from things you eat, supplements you can take, Epsom salt baths, saunas, and so much more. If you do not have your health, no matter what preparations you make survival will be difficult. There is tons of information on the internet, but research thoroughly and compare information across many sources.

Growing your own food and herbs is an obvious place to start in becoming self-sufficient. Our food supply systems in most western countries are so centralized that when large disasters strike, we often see shelves cleared in our stores in a day. A threat of snow in the Southeast US can clear out all bread and milk in hours. Having a stock supply of staples such as quinoa, rice, beans, oats, nuts and the like is a good way to ensure that you and your family will have food available in a disaster or collapse situation. Purchase seeds (Non-GMO provider – seed savers organizations are a wonderful place to purchase heirloom non-GMO seeds) or start collecting your own seeds for storage for when you start to grow your own. Collecting your own seeds does not have to come from growing your own food. Buy organic vegetables and fruit. Instead of throwing away the seeds, clean them off and allow to air dry completely. Do not dehydrate in a dehydrator as the heat will ruin the seeds ability to sprout. Then store in Mylar bags in dark, cool places. Many seeds are easy to save yourself, but a few require special steps – like tomato seeds. Start researching. If you think you cannot grow anything, I beg to differ. If you have a windowsill, you have opportunity to grow something even if it is an herb pot. If you have a balcony in an apartment, you can grow a pallet garden of spinach and mixed greens. The experience of actually producing your own food from seed is an amazing empowerment tool for many. Do not think you cannot grow because you have not. It just takes the desire to try, a little reading, some dirty hands, and gratitude for Mother Nature. Understanding the life cycle of a plant is an invaluable experience to have before it is actually needed.

Understanding the importance of herbs in our diet and the multiple properties that different plants have can provide you with ample amount of self-sufficiency. Purchasing a book about herbal medicine and beginning to understand the different properties and from where you can access these properties in various plants/herbs is a marvelous place to start in this area of self-sufficiency. Essential Oils can also be a way to provide these properties. This area of knowledge allows you to put medicine in your daily diet. Look into the cleansing properties of cilantro and garlic, the cancer fighting agents in turmeric, the decongestant and respiratory aid found in eucalyptus, the calming effects of chamomile to help with headaches and sleep issues, lavender has a calming property for fussy babies, antiseptic properties, as well as can be applied to bug bites for quick relief. The abilities of common herbs, spices, and flowers are amazing. I began by purchasing dried flowers, essential oils, powdered forms of elderberry, etc. as a way to begin practicing herbal medicine and aromatherapy. I won’t even touch on energy healing at this time, but the possibilities to help us heal and care for ourselves reaches way past the western medical thought processes.


Once we begin to understand a bit more about herbs and essential oils, we then can begin making our own products as much as we can in all areas of our lives. When it comes to the medicine chest and the kitchen pantry in my house – there is no distinct line. They often meet and intertwine. As you begin examining and acting on being more self-sufficient, you will see that with a few ingredients you are able to make many products that you and your family need. Coconut oil is often used in cooking, but makes for a wonderful “lotion” and base for health products like toothpaste, deodorants, ointments and much more. Add in baking soda to coconut oil and we can produce toothpaste and deodorant which can be enhanced with essential oils. Apple Cider Vinegar can be used as a base for herbal tinctures for medicine or can be stand alone in all its amazing health supporting properties as well as in cooking. Baking Soda and vinegar can also be your main cleaners in your household while reducing the chemicals we expose ourselves and family to as well. I can produce bug repellant with witch hazel (can use vinegar as well) and a few herbs, plants, or essential oils. It just keeps spiraling out with all the possibilities from some core ingredients.

As we begin finding ways to become more self-sufficient, then we also become empowered through knowledge, experience, and just knowing we do not have to be dependent on a system that has a designed cyclical pattern to keep us trapped. As we begin to break that cycle, then we are able to dive further and further into gaining the knowledge and procedures to help us become reliant on ourselves vs. others especially the manipulated pushers of a corrupt system that do not have our best interest in mind. Also, as you are able to produce some of your own products, you open the concept of bartering. If you can produce herbal remedies and someone else grows food, then perhaps exchanges can be made and we become less reliable on our financial system as a way of acquiring the things we need. Think back to history when different people in a village, community, or town offered different things needed and traded products and services to meet the needs of the whole. Store products that everyone could use to barter for things that you may need but do not have if a collapse of our system comes to fruition. Items that come to mind are alcohol, ways to produce fire, ways to clean water, ways to sanitize, etc. So, as we become self-sufficient, we in turn become less supportive of this corrupt system.

Knowledge will be the most important thing you can acquire, especially before control of such valuable information is taken over by the system – whether it is internet censorship or the amount of disinfo one must sort through. We need to ensure we have enough basics and materials to provide for ourselves and our family in a situation where we have experienced a collapse. Most of us do not want to be dependent on the system in this situation. We can store years of product, but this may not be the most realistic approach. Some other ideas is to take staple foods – beans and rice – and stash them along your “bug-out” routes. This way, your family may have the opportunity to replenish on the run. There are people that sow seeds along their routes in the early spring that allows for some fresh food and more seeds along their routes. We have to start thinking outside of the box, especially if the box collapses.

Once we begin to take our power back, the system weakens and we become stronger. There is a lot of information out there on doing it yourself and becoming self-sufficient. I recommend everyone begin finding ways to take care of themselves and making bonds with other like-minded people. Begin accumulating resources with good information. Foxfire series is one that comes to mind as well as herbal medicine books, gardening books, and the like. Learn and practice as much as you can now, for when the time comes that you have to actually perform tasks is not when we want to use trial and error. Do not be overwhelmed with it all, but you have to start somewhere. I can tell you from experience, once you start and really find the value in self-sufficiency, then it will keep unfolding for you. So, take a step and find your power in self-sufficiency.

Much love,


Hi! My name is Heather. I am a person who seems to have awakened to the world around her and was not all that pleased with what I finally saw with my real eyes. I decided to start living my life the way I want to see the world. I have found that if you respond with love, then life takes you on an amazing journey. I just wanted to share my experiences, my perception of the world, and what I am doing about it all.

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