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The 21st Century - The Century of Divine Mother Redeeming the World

The 21st Century - The Century of Divine Mother Redeeming the World

The esteemed Astrologer, philosopher, and Sage Dane Rudhyar once wrote about each century having “seasons” of 25 years each, and each recent century correlating with the discovery of an invisible spiritual planet. I believe this century is one where Divine Mother will make Herself known to the entire world.

It’s been many years since I first wrote about this, and today’s offering is an update on that material with more added. It originally came about because of a discussion I was having about my prediction from decades ago that this would be the century when women reclaimed their place in society and history. We spoke of the emerging wide spread acknowledgement of women’s importance in history, even as many are still ignored.

As I offered then, there are many worthy women and men who are not acknowledged by the mainstream culture. But it’s much better than when I was young in the 50s before women began gathering and writing and recording. I remember when the women’s movement began to blossom in the 1960s, and was part of many circles beginning in the early 70s when women began to shout it to the skies. Since then women and indigenous peoples have become more known to popular culture and history.

Still, that’s in the mainstream culture. There are some extraordinary women in the spiritual world whose groundbreaking efforts have never been acknowledged by the mainstream culture. Great spiritual women like HPB, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, Alexandra David-Neel, and others. Over the course of my lifetime, people like Rachel Carson, the women of Another Mother for Peace, Sally Jacques and spiritual exemplars like Pema Chodron, Anandamayama, and Amma have been living extraordinary lives of spiritual service, and many are celebrated globally. Just because pop culture doesn't fawn over female groundbreakers and avatars like they do Beyonce or Taylor Swift or the Kardashians doesn't mean these extraordinary spiritual women are not globally known, loved, and respected in ways most celebs would give anything for.

As Divine Mother seems to have a correlation to Parvati, I believe She is a redeemer of life after death. It seems to me that this century is when Divine Mother will be coming forth to redeem many things wrecked or poisoned by the Shiva ruled 20th century. In 2016 I was interviewed on a radio show where I publicly predicted the rising number of women who were going to run in state and federal house and senate elections, and more than not that’s come to pass in 2018, 2020, and 2022. As it’s accelerating, I believe that in 2025, when we turn the corner and enter "the Spring of the 21st century," many more powerful manifestations of the Divine Feminine and our Mother the Earth will create new ways of living on this beautiful and fragile planet.

Dane Rudhyar and the Rulers of Centuries

As I mentioned at the beginning, about 50 years ago the venerable astrologer and philosopher Dane Rudhyar wrote a chapter in his masterwork Occult Preparations for A New Age, about what he called “the century cycle.” He offered specific spiritual planet correlations for each of the past 3 centuries. If true, our human race is on the bleeding edge of its higher potential. While we will have to deal with the inertia and residue of past patterns which no longer work for anyone given who we are and the larger evolutionary track, the future of humanity and the planet is actually very bright

As I also offered, Rudhyar divided each century into 4 seasons of 25 years each, and made very persuasive arguments about why he assigned each season to a specific quarter century. To sum it up, the first quarter of a century is the “Winter,” as it holds the seeds from the “Autumn” (last quarter) of the previous century. The period of 1675-1700 gave the seeds which were held in the “Winter” of 1700-1725. The “Autumn” of the 18th century was 1775-1800, and yielded seeds which were held in the “Winter” of the 19th century between 1800-1825.

The second quarter of a century is the “Spring,” when the seeds sprout and begin to grow and bring forth a lot of life. The third quarter of a century is the “Summer,” when flowers and fruits begin to come forth each according to what gave them birth. So 1725-1750, 1825-1850, and 1925-1950 were all the “Spring” and 1750-1775, 1850-1875, and 1950-1975 were all the “Summer” in their respective centuries.

The final 25 years is the “Autumn,” when the harvests come in and the seeds need to be put up for next year’s growing season. So at this time, as the “Winter of the 21st Century” is coming to an end, we’re all about to see Spring arrive!

Planetary Correspondences With Past Centuries

These are the planetary associations Rudhyar wrote about correlated with the various centuries. We’ll begin with Uranus, and its correspondence with the 18th century. That was a time when the world awakened, and there was a global revolution in consciousness favoring individuality over the order that had existed for millennia before then.

Uranus is the planet associated with revolution, individuation, democracy, freedom, and awakening, and was discovered in that century. It began the modern era with its technology, individualism, electricity, and industrialization. It awakened an era of human spiritual development where individuals began to think for themselves, and were no longer subject to rulers "by divine right" and fiefs of the state or slaves to ancient family codes.

Neptune was correlated with the 19th century, and it too was discovered in that century. Rudhyar wrote of Neptune's influence as being associated with the expanding spiritualist movement and the human desire for contact with "the beyond." He illustrated some very interesting parallels between the Baha'i and communist movements, both of which were world-wide efforts at utopian social forms.

The 19th century was one of mass movements, all seeking an ideal collective state that in some way “dissolved” the social forms that had existed before the Uranian awakening. Along that line, the 19th century also brought about the global Theosophical movement, which began to exert a world-wide influence through bringing together all the world's sciences, philosophies, and religions under one banner of global culture and wisdom.

He associated Pluto with the recently departed 20th century. Discovered in 1931, this planet of devastation, violence, annihilation and atomic transformation is easily seen to be the ruler of that century, with its absolute destructive quality as well as the unlocking of the secrets of the atom and our natural world. From laser beams that can destroy or heal to microchips that can do the same, Pluto demonstrated the atom as a solar system and the solar system as an atom.

TransPluto is Divine Mother, the Parvati Absolute Feminine Power Beyond Death

If we take Rudhyar's theory as a model, it implies that our 21st century would have the same qualities as whatever planet is beyond Pluto. Addressing this point, Theodor Landscheidt said he discovered a trans-Plutonian planet in the 1960's, and published an ephemeris (table of planetary positions) on it.

Though several different names have been proposed for this planet, I have chosen for decades to call it Trans-Pluto, Parvati, or Demeter, an Archetype of “Divine Mother” energy. If Pluto/Shiva symbolizes that absolute Divine force called the Lord of the Underworld, TransPluto/Parvati is his mate, his equal, and at time maybe even more powerful than the force Pluto represents.

The story of Pluto, Demeter, and Percephone has many elements that seem to be derived from the ancient Indo-aryan myth of Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesha. Studying both stories illuminates the nature of Pluto's mate, or Shiva's consort. Parvati is the feminine energy of Shiva, and apparently somewhat more powerful in her own way, as is illustrated in the story of Ganesh.

For many decades I’ve offered that Parvati or Trans-Pluto symbolizes what I call Divine Mother. This is a Divine energy, a part of the Absolute, beyond what on Earth is called "the goddess." This aspect of Divine Force is completely beyond what we usually associate with “goddess” energy, and is vast, immutable, and more of a galactic energy than related to qualities of Earth, though it is related to Earth through its all-encompassing redemptive quality.

I see this “Divine Mother” energy as an absolute power of Divine redemption and the return of life after death (as per the story of Shiva, Parvati, and Ganesha.) In Nature we see this Divine Power as Spring following the barren death of Winter, where life sprouts anew after a time when it has gone dormant.

Regardless of how long the barrenness persists, eventually if there is a germ of life, it begins to renew itself and shows itself in the new season. It is why new leaves that sprout after a fire are a brighter green, due to the fertilizing power of decayed, broken down waste products transformed so they can feed the field of potential reawakening in the appointed time.

Moving Forward

As the 21st century develops, we’ll see this type of Divine energy of redemption and renewal pervade the global atmosphere at some point, when we will return to a greater life of awareness of our Oneness and eternal connection to Source. After the time we spent in the underworld of Pluto in the 20th century, we’ll finally begin to see life renewed after the decay of the wrongheadedness of the last century. There is much to be redeemed, much to be cleaned up, much to be transmuted, and much to be developed as humanity awakens from its collective dream of death into the light of a vast energy which wants no harm to come to any Being.

Though this Divine Energy field grows stronger with each passing year, we have not yet come to the time of the reawakening of the life force as a global phenomenon, even though it draws closer day by day. That’s the transition we’re all experiencing during this time period.

As Rudhyar's work was published in 1975, he could only speculate what was to transpire in the last quarter of the 20th century and our current one. As he put it, the last quarter of any century represented the Autumn where the seeds of the harvest of the century would drop to the ground, and lay dormant through the first quarter of the next century. These are what will sprout beginning 2025.

(Astute astrologers know that year is when the outer spiritual Triad all move out of their Earth and Water signs into Fire and Air signs, changing the qualities of the spiritual field in radical ways! The coming Aquarian era slowing unfolding its qualities has already begun to accelerate due to Pluto’s entry into Aquarius triggering the Grand Mutation of 2020!)

The seeds that will be sprouted in the future will involve the reawakened best potential of the human race, the best seeds of the 20th century and its wisdom forms, reconnected with the source of Life and Light. As it is, we can access that greater “Divine Mother energy field” through what we now call "spiritual practices," as these are the ways we contact that vaster field of Divine energy. Whether we're practicing prayer, mediation, forgiveness, compassion, loving service, or any other devotional form, we are awakening to, and maintaining our conscious connection to, this infinitely large field of Love, Wisdom, and Redemption.

This implies that we're coming out of a period where 2012 was the midpoint of the “Winter” season. Though the first 12 years of this century were certainly a leftover of the incredibly destructive mindset of the 20th century, 2012-2013 was also a turning point when we collectively stepped through an evolutionary door to a greater “feeling-knowing,” for better or for worse. It marked the end of an old perceptual separateness in those who opened to leaving that illusion behind. It marked a turning point in the polarization between future oriented beings dedicated to living a more sustainable and loving relationship to our world and each other, and those who cling to the rapidly dying era.

As we have begun to glimpse the coming Spring that begins in 2025, we are experiencing a new era with different approaches needed to deal with the problems of modern existence. In one example, we’re seeing how the poisons of the 20th century are forcing us to confront how we are to sustain life in the 21st. We are seeing social structures that worked for centuries falling apart because basic human needs are not being met. We are confronting how to redeem the promise of global culture in a time when many things of the past are vanishing.

In taking a long view of the forces at work, we will again see better things growing that will show us all that the mindless wanton destruction of 20th century ego-minds is passing and losing its power to dominate. Though the forces of death and destruction continue to thrash during their dying gasp of life, humanity is coming up out of the underworld of 20th century Plutonic destructiveness and death and will redeem the best of what the 20th century wrought.

This can offer us hope for the future despite the present chaos, irrationality, and global OCD authoritarians are exhibiting. Stay on your spiritual practice, stay tuned in to Source and the Earth Herself, and with time you can sense the vaster compassion that allows all of us to redeem the promise of our higher Divine nature, which is who we really are. My Namaskarams to you all.

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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