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The Big Picture - Enlightenment, Consciousness, and Our Eternal Self

The Big Picture - Enlightenment, Consciousness, and Our Eternal Self

All that we can see is a product of Light. We are Beings of Light, shining the Light of Love and Wisdom to our world within a galactic field of Light. Today we take a trip to explore the transcendent field of higher awareness and cosmic consciousness.

We’re all units of consciousness within an infinitely vast field of consciousness we call “god.” I prefer the term “All-That-Is,” because while “god” is a term of convenience, “All-That-Is” perfectly describes the reality we share. We get glimpses of “All-That-Is” from time to time, which expands our understanding of who we are, and where we fit into the larger scheme of things.

So who are we in the larger scheme of things? We are an evolving consciousness, an evolving awareness of all that we are here to become aware of. All that we become aware of serves us in seeing a larger and more purposeful role as we live our lives. We have many possibilities we’ve never dreamed of, and once we become aware of our power to transcend the ego self and become our Higher Self, we can fulfill our purpose for being an eternal having a human experience.

So let’s take a look through a crack in the cosmic door of Cosmic and human Consciousness, Soul and Spirit, Maya and the nature of darkness and Light, and how these things relate to God, Life, and elements of the New Age rapidly dawning. The first step in opening to a greater awareness involves “unlearning” certain things we were taught as children which don’t serve our quest for living our Highest Self.

As we embrace our growth into a greater awareness, we first have to have many realizations of things we never knew or imagined before that realization. Then as we open to ever-greater and diverse realizations, we find we must learn how to apply those realizations effectively in order to know what works and what doesn’t, and where our understanding is inadequate to apply our realizations with skill and accuracy. Along the way, we continually confront our ego-self for the purpose of mastering our physical, emotional, and mental vehicles. In learning to steer our “ship of personality” through the many experiences leading us to a greater awareness, we begin to see how all our life experiences have led us and are leading us to a higher integrated realization about the nature of “All-That-Is” and our part to play both in this life as well as life in "the beyond."

This article will offer ideas on a wide-ranging realm of concepts. We’ll discuss the foundations which will serve you as you explore the what, how, and why of your ever expanding awareness. We eternals having human experiences are here to perfect our lower vehicles to become the perfect expression of our Higher Self. All of this involves learning how to move through human experiences while generating "bodhichitta," also known as Goodwill, or “the Will to Good.” Bodhi is Soul, and chitta is the cosmic sparkling source material which is in all forms.

In other posts, I’ve discussed the concept that in terms of cosmic time it’s clear that humanity is truly on “the Path of Return” for thousands of years to come. By the time this fading Age of Pisces is completely over, humanity will have grown in awareness and leave behind the "dark cycle" twhich has created so much suffering. We are all participating in a greater collective evolution which will lead to the end of our sense of separateness, with greater realizations about our interrelatedness and interdependence becoming more evident every year.

Peace Through Culture is the ideal and process of bringing forth the higher possibilities in the human condition. The approaching New Age will establish this as the foundation of a new civilization which will evolve and come forth over the next few thousand years where we will again remember we are ALL part of One Life, One Love, and One Reality.

So let’s take a look at how we got here, and where we and everything else came from. We’ll explore facets of the nature of All-That-Is, why things are so difficult, and what we can do to attain "the Spiritual State," itself an ever-evolving concept dependent on the lessons we’re learning in the moment. We now begin a journey which few have ever dared to imagine, so fasten your seat belts, since today we go places you may not have visited before. Welcome to a much bigger picture of your/our existence. While this isn’t the “final word” on anything, the intention is that it will open your imagination to the possibility of you becoming more than you ever imagined.

How Did the Unreal Become Real?

Just as we have a body, feelings, and mind, so does “god.” All we know is merely the “Cosmic Physical” plane, with infinite possibilities in the higher frequencies. We are told from venerable sources that all is “composed” of the substance of Universal Mind, also called Eternal Consciousness. Universal Mind (or the “Cosmic Mental” plane) is the source of the Ten Thousand Things, in the classic sense.

So how did Universal Mind come to be able to use Light to create all we can perceive? It is well established and accepted in the Wisdom Tradition that when “the eye of god opened” and all things sprang into existence in the new “Cosmic Day” of Manvantara, primordial nothingness morphed into Limitlessness while not losing its essential nature, and the resulting emanation (the Synthetic principle in all creation, cosmic and human) resulted in Limitless Light. All is Limitless Light, you and me included.

Limitless Light is the great Maya from which all comes and to which all returns. Infinite Emptiness (Spaciousness) is Infinitely Spacial, and is Luminous in quality. That's why many who go into very deep meditational states experience a sense of "Spaciousness and Luminosity" where all collapses into one dimensional Light. Ultimately, Light is all there IS, and can be experienced as both wave forms and particles in infinitely varied manifestations.

In our world of constantly shifting forms, everything is Originated in Divine Mind, then Created on the frequencies of archetypes, Formed as infinite manifestations of archetypal forms, and Expressed in specific shapes, sizes, and qualities. This process occurs first on “invisible” levels, then on “visible” levels. It is how nothingness comes to manifest as all that is, and why everything is composed of Light particles, also known as Prana, Chitta, Ruach, Pneuma, or Spirit.

Darkness arises because the nature of light is to form shadows when it hits dense fields. That is the origination of all “darkness.” The light is still all that IS. The darkness shifts with the density and form of the field, thus demonstrating its inherent unreality.

We Exist on Many Frequencies Simultaneously

Our bodies, feelings, and thoughts are held together through the Law of Magnetic Attraction emanating through our Eternal Self. When our dense bodies drop at death, along with our dense feelings and our dense thoughts, what is left is our Eternal Light body that experiences sentience on its own level through the vehicle of the Buddhi, called “Soul” in the West. Yet we ARE the Atman, the Eternal Spark, which is never separate from the ONE.

Devachan (lit. “the abode of Devas,” or Angels), is also the frequency of existence we call “Heaven.” This plane of Higher Awareness is where we all come from and return to after our lives in the dense frequencies of Earth.

We are told “heaven” exists on the Buddhic plane, though on the higher frequencies such distinctions are irrelevant since the nature of Buddhic energy is nondual. All distinctions of duality exist on the Manasic, or Mental plane. We also have numerous authorities who state that “Heaven” is a Limitless Light field where there are infinite clusters of Light groups we call “Souls,” all related in varying degrees of harmonic connectedness by Love.

Some Primary Challenges to Self-Perfection

We Eternals in bodies with feelings and mental constructs are not born wise. We are born into a family and cultural matrix which led us to adopt many bad habits which only lead us to suffering. Besides our personal issues, we also have collective collective dis-eases that we suffer until we reach a certain level of spiritual practice. Just as there are physical viruses, there are also emotional (astral) viruses and mental viruses.

The desire mind (Kama-Manas) generates both healthy and unhealthy emotional patterns. It is the source of all misdirected desire which leads our lives into a ditch. That’s why are told getting a gentle but firm self-discipline, on both our desires and our ideas about them, is a great antidote for suffering from the problems generated by desires.

One thing that pervades human existence is the extremely unhealthy “virus” of fear. Fear is both useless and dangerous as a response to just about every affliction we can imagine. This emotional hijacker is pandemic, and has never been adequately dealt with in collective consciousness, though we have many examples of individuals who have overcome fear completely.

Overcoming fear, vanity, getting a grip on the desire mind, and letting go of the need to experience strong feelings, along with detachment, dispassion, discrimination, and learning how to generate positivity in the moment shows us how to overcome individual and collective problems. This helps us strengthen our power over our lower self so we can get our “spiritual immune system” in shape. Because life and evolution are a work in progress, we’re on a never-ending journey of attuning to the higher at crucial junctures, understanding growth is eternal yet always in the here and Now, perfection always down the Path, and the Eternal Beneficence always available.

On our path to greater awareness, understanding, and wisdom, we encounter many illusions. One widespread illusion is that the Earth is a realm in which limitation/darkness/fear is intrinsic, and that we've agreed to "balance" this realm with pathways of light/expansion/love. This if false because it admits the illusion is real, even though there is no intrinsic reality to darkness and fear. Actually, our life in human form is about us attuning to the Higher frequencies of consciousness, and ultimately leads us beyond being trapped in ignorance and illusions into a constant remembrance to be that which we always are, i.e., Eternal Radiance whose nature is Love.

In my experience, we’re not balancing anything but ourselves and resolving karma through unlearning delusions, attachments, and aversions which have put us all within a larger illusion of suffering that seems more real than it is, individually and collectively. Once we recognize the means not to get stuck in places of darkness and fear, then we simply can be the Eternal Radiance we always are, unencumbered by negative states.

Living the Higher Self

It is not a vain imagining to say we can experience a unified, Higher Consciousness any time we want. All we have to do is “get out of our own way” and allow our true nature to express itself. To doubt that we can instantly experience higher, vaster awareness gives the illusion of unawareness more power than it deserves. I promise you – any time you directly ask for a miracle, or a “divine revelation,” you WILL get one, usually pdq. And yes, it does work exactly like that.

It is a power we have that must be practiced to be seen and known, and it often brings us to a crisis between the Higher and the lower. It’s all good, in that it serves the Great Work of Evolution. Though it takes courage and diligence, we can be miracle workers in our world if we concentrate and develop our heart power.

Whether for five seconds or five hours or your whole life, your consciousness can become habituated to be meditating, contemplating, and even merging into Cosmic Consciousness Itself, or any of the aspects of Divine or Universal Mind. Only you determines how “fast” or “slow” your training to be Divine Consciousness, aware of itself on an on-going basis, will unfold. When we are aware of our Higher Self in a regular basis and begin living in alignment of our higher intention, then in fact it is happening “any time we want.” It’s all a question of finding the right point of view, to quote a well-known Western Master of the Wisdom.

In our greater evolution, just because we are conscious of being in a body doesn’t imply that we still have something left to resolve, unless it’s how much Love we’re here to learn to share. Just because someone's in a body doesn't mean they couldn't be a perfect Master. In fact, we are told that there is no such thing as an “ascended Master,” but there are Masters who are attached to helping humanity, some in bodies and some beyond the need for a physical body, since they appear in a body composed entirely of Light particles discussed earlier.

The very fact that we're in a body helps us ground the Divine Energy into concrete forms that can serve to lessen suffering in the future for more than ourselves, or open humanity's higher potentials of growth. This seems to be the way of Self-realization, regardless of which Spiritual Path one practices. To “be spiritual” is to serve on many levels of our path to self-perfection.

We’re here to learn how to serve humanity in love, wisdom, and intelligence. That’s what every Spiritual Master has done, and why we should look for the Master in the eyes we see.

Masters often show up in physical bodies for a variety of reasons. The Christ could show up today in a body, but how many would know Him? How many would recognize Babaji if He showed up? Or Sri Yukteswar, if He chose not to have a beard and wear saffron? Anyone might be an Adept, Exempt from the limitations of form.

We are all Masters-in-the-becoming, with realizations and abilities perfect for our self-perfection through being of spiritual service to our world. We all are eternals having a human experience, and learning how to perfect our functioning across the 12 frequency zones of human existence. That’s why the work is “never-ending,” since even when we attain forms of personal perfection, we’re still learning how to express ourselves spiritually in the interpersonal and transpersonal dimensions of existence.

Ultimately we’re here to fulfill our purpose of being alive at this time in history. Each of us can easily tame the lower self and replace unhelpful and ineffective responses with skills and strengths where we demonstrate our spiritual knowledge and heart awareness to our world. No one’s judging our progress except ego-mind, and given its unreliability, probably better off being ignored or taken with a proverbial grain of salt.

So regard “All-That-Is” as composed of infinite frequencies of Light, where we dance in Light and with Light to become effective Light in life. Practice detaching from ego while expressing your highest “Truth of Being.” Eventually your old habits will fade away, and lesser karmas will end and greater karmas of service will come forth which are perfect for exactly where you’re at. “Being spiritual” begins with you claiming your divine right to BE your Higher Self expressing your Soul’s love and wisdom. And that’s a very good thing!

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Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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