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The Two New Humanities


Joe E Bandel

As the life, vitality and sentience flow through new born Gaia it flows through us as well. Humanity has now begun the process of dividing into two separate species, much like cell division. The human race has hit a fork in the road and decided to go two ways at the same time! In this way what it means to be human expands as well.

The most earth oriented souls, the ones that have lived here so many ages as trees, animals and finally humans renews it bond with mother earth and for lack of a better word is now to begin the process of becoming “Elves”, magickal beings living in harmony with nature and kin to all of the animals.

The others, the star seeds, are indeed technology oriented and headed toward the stars and to other dimensions. They will spread the human race among the galaxies/dimensions.

This splitting of the human race will be gradual, but it is inevitable. This is what the “New Game” is all about. The old game was about “male and female” living together and learning to love each other. The desire now is for various conscious species to mingle as equals and that opportunity now presents itself. It will first present as the new humans and the new elves learn to coexist together on mother earth/Gaia. Then the elves will commune with nature and the new humans will commune with other star beings.

This cell division process is not new and has happened before here on mother earth, Gaia. The dinosaurs once roamed this planet for millions of years. That species also divided. Half stayed with the planet and became mammals. Some eventually became humans. The other half went out to the stars with their space ships. Recently, at the end of the great cycle they have returned to unite with their loved ones that remained behind. While out there in space they discovered other intelligent life forms and established communications.

For the “New Game” these contacts will take place in “full physicality” over the course of the coming great cycle. Gaia now extends herself through all the multi-verse and the human race follows. Life always lives within a spectrum of existence where things exist as too large to be aware of and too small to be aware of. Current examples are galaxies as too large and micro organisms as too small. We can observe them but not be conscious of being them. This is going to change. Each great cycle expands the spectrum of conscious existence in both directions.

What has just happened with Gaia’s ascension is that awareness now unites and extends for the first time from the masculine spiritual down to the feminine earthly experiences. For the first time humanity can experience all of this spectrum at the same time as a multi-sensory experience in one physical body and it can be either male or female. Now it is time for a quantum leap.

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