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How I Am Surviving The Crazy Energy

How I Am Surviving The Crazy Energy

Well, we’re back in full throes of the silly season, AKA Christmas.

For the Empaths of the world, this time of year can affect us in some weird and wonderful ways.

I don’t know about you, but each year I seem to have a different December experience. One year might be up, and another might be down, emotionally, physically and energetically. I may want to celebrate the festive season one year, and then the next I may want to avoid it and get away to the sunshine.

This year has been a bit of a one-off. In that it has been kind of hectic, but in a positive way, with lots of socialising and meeting up with friends.  (So much so, it has been difficult to find the time to write a post.) But I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far (I know, we still have a way to go yet Smiley, and I feel my daily habits are what have kept me so uplifted and in balance.

I wanted to check in with you all because I know how challenging the month of December can be. Not only with all the fluctuating stress energy of the populace, but with lack of daylight, cold weather, and with all the illnesses being passed around.

Because there is so much more stress in the air, it can be difficult for an Empath to stay centred, and things can often become overwhelming. And I know only too well what that feels like.

Within this month, many Empaths feel like they are experiencing a daily emotional and physical hangover, especially in the Northern hemisphere.

Yet, even those Empaths in the sunnier climates may still struggle with December energies.

I remember, many years ago, spending Xmas in Australia, where it is their summer, and I still experienced the similar physical and emotional sensations as I did when in the UK.

So, in case you’re wondering, here are some of the physical and emotional sensations some Empaths experience during this hectic period.

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Becoming overly emotional
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Feeling flu-ish without actually getting flu

There are many more symptoms you could experience. And, yes, I understand all of the above can actually be related to other things or indeed illness. But for many Empaths, having strange physical and emotional symptoms can be a common December theme.

Why Does It Happen?

In my opinion, it is all the different types of stress energy that triggers different responses within us Empaths. Stress can cause many problems within the body.

Most adults in the world experience some type of hassle over Christmas, whether that’s financial, physical, or just having a never-ending to-do list. As you know only too well, stress energy is hard to avoid for those of us who pick up on the energy of others.

The Solution

For that reason, I am sharing with you what I do daily, in the hopes it might help you too…

The following work an absolute treat for keeping me balanced, grounded and happy. And has, so far, helped get me through the silly season.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a trick or two that might help you too.

Getting Morning Light

I wrote about the incredible benefits I experienced by daylighting, earlier in the year. It is something I still do every day. No matter the weather, I get outside first thing in the morning, when it’s light, for at least 20 minutes. If it’s raining, I sit under my umbrella. If the conditions are really bad, I open the patio door and see the daylight from there.

I know my neighbours must think I’m completely bonkers (still haven’t got around to telling them what I’m doing), sitting there outside in all weathers, but it has worked a treat for rebalancing, and continues to do so.

I also nip out for snacks of light throughout the day, just for a few minutes.

As a side note, studies have shown that getting vitamin D, especially when absorbed from morning light, raises oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone that is super-beneficial to have at this time of year.

Daily Earth Grounding

This is also something I do every morning when I go out to get my morning light.

I usually wear my flip flops to go outside. I flick them off, before placing my bare feet on the grass (yes, it is cold, but bearable).

I realise that the problem many of you have with external winter grounding is the extremely cold earth, especially when there’s a layering of snow or frost. This is where grounding gadgets come in, such as grounding mats or shoes, etc.

I have a grounding mat that I use when the weather is too cold or too wet. Again, I put my bare feet on it. But generally, you have to spend more time on a grounding mat, than you do on the natural earth, to get the full benefits.

You can easily buy grounding mats and products off the internet.

There is a website here in the UK that sells grounding stuff: www.groundology.co.uk Although I have not yet bought anything from them, they seem to come highly recommended. Grounding mats, Grounding Yoga and Fitness mat (groundology.co.uk)

Protective Crystals

When I am out and about in peopled places, I usually wear my crystal bracelets (when I remember to put them on :).

Haematite used to be my go-to grounding stone, because it is both grounding and mirroring, and is protective when in busy or stressed places (basically everywhere over the festive period). But I now have another favourite, Black Tourmaline. Not only because it is protective and grounding, but because it is great for EMF protection.

EMF is quietly causing more problems in our world than you may realise. We can’t see it, but just like negative energy, many Empaths are taken down by EMF, and it is known to cause many health problems.

If you don’t own any crystal jewellery, keeping a piece of Black Tourmaline or Haematite with you at all times is a good way to shield yourself from unwanted energy and EMF.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of crystals for an Empath, see here.

Salt Lamps

Salt is so healing and grounding for the body and mind. I am a big fan of using salt, both inside and outside the body. I even drink a couple of glasses of salt water daily.

But something I find incredibly beneficial to use, at this time of year, is Himalayan salt lamps. I have two of them in my bedroom, and use them as bedside lamps.

I turn the salt lamps on a couple of hours before bedtime. And not only do they change the ambience of the bedroom, instantly making the room more relaxing, but they infuse the air with negative ions, which are known to ease anxiety, stress and depression. I feel the salt lamps also help with sleep and overall wellbeing.

Shake it Off

Although it is a crazy time of year, exercise is still something I aim to do every day. I find it incredible, not only for keeping me grounded, but also just for feeling good and uplifted.

However, I also know how busy everyone is at this time of year, and the thought of doing exercise every day can itself cause stress. Something that we want to avoid. So, this is where shaking comes in.

Shaking the body is something I have found to help rid the body of sluggish feelings or those blah moods. The saying, ‘shake it off’ clearly has merit in more ways than one.

Here’s What to Do:

Start by giving each leg a good shake, shake your bottom and your torso, shake your arms and hands, blubber through your lips and wobble your cheeks, run your hands through your hair and give the scalp a good shake (I do not recommend shaking the head as tension is often held in the neck).

Shaking works even better if you can do it with some uplifting funky music playing in the background. The music we love can do incredible things for us Empaths when experiencing energy overload.

The shaking method also works great if you pick up on any anger energy, It clears it from your energy field.

My diet also plays a massive part in my overall wellbeing. But, as I realise Christmas is not the time for that subject, especially with all that delicious festive food around, I shall save that subject for another time.

Ok, that’s it for me today.

Hope you have found something to help you get through the silly season.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an Incredible New Year.

Until next time.



Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.. ©Diane Kathrine

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