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Is This An Empath Thing? Or Something Else?

Is This An Empath Thing? Or Something Else?

One of the problems with being an Empath, is some of our traits can cause an issue for our health and wellbeing.

For example, if we have spent a day in a certain place, where perhaps there are a lot of people around, and we feel tired, down or anxious, we may automatically assume that we have been peopled.

But not every ailment of the mind and body has been caused by our Empath traits.

There’s a chance it could be caused by something entirely different. Something you may not have given much thought to.

Because, as Empaths, we are highly reactive, we are often prone to suffering with issues like sensory overload. Where, basically, our senses become overwhelmed by too much noise, too much light or too much people energy.

Yet, there’s another massive contributor to Empath stress, and sensory overload, that doesn’t get talked about enough:


Nowadays, with 5G towers popping up everywhere, it is getting harder and harder to avoid the frequencies being radiated out into our environment.

Here’s just a handful of issues caused by EMF.

  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss and a three second memory
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Sensory overload
  • Sleep disturbances such as insomnia or frequently waking up through the night.
  • Headaches
  • Palpitations

I am fully aware that the above symptoms could be caused by a number of other things, such as autoimmune conditions, a poor diet, hormones, stress, etc.

But if you are suffering more than usual, with random symptoms, you have got to consider that it could be EMF.

There are thousands of studies showing how EMFs are hazardous to human health.

And there have been many warnings about how the energy emitted by mobile phones, for example, is a human carcinogen.  But no one is listening because if the symptoms haven’t been immediate, people aren’t linking their maladies with EMF.

And as Empaths, we might blame something else, like ‘our Sensitive traits.’

The thing is we are electrical beings.

You and me, we both create electromagnetic fields.

Virtually every single process which keeps us alive can be traced back to an electric field.

A giant electric field holds all our atoms together.

Every time we move a muscle, we create an electric field.

We wouldn’t be able to function without our electric fields.

So, it should probably go without saying that we are going to be massively impacted by other electrical fields. Such as EMF and WIFI.

Every atom has its own electric field, and when you put two atoms close together, they can mess around with the electric field of the other.’ Jack Frazer Master’s Physics Oxford University

If you know that you are in a heavy WIFI zone, one of the first things I would try to protect from EMF is daily Earthing, or just get out in nature.

I have a video here that explains the many benefits of Earthing for Empaths.

The second thing is to turn off your WIFI at night, and do not sleep with any wireless gadgets, including your phones, in your bedroom.

The third step, to protect from EMF, is invest in Himalayan Salt Lamps for your bedroom, or for other rooms in the house.

Through experimentation, I have found that the salt lamps are so much more beneficial in the bedroom. We have two. Both on the bedside cabinets. They seem to help with clearing EMF, and with bringing calm to our sleep.

Salt is so healing to the body and mind of an Empath. Whether that’s taking a salt bath, drinking SOLE water, going for a swim in the ocean, or using a salt lamp.

Although I’m not entirely sure if there are any scientific studies that have proved their EMF protection benefits, I have found since we put salt lamps in our bedroom that the energy feels clearer and calmer.

The salt lamps are also soothing to the mind and body and offer enough light to read before bed. They are also just nice to gaze upon.

Another way to stay protected, from EMF, is to use crystals such as Tourmaline. I have a post here that explains more on the subject.

This is such a huge topic, and although I know of several things that seem to work for EMF clearing, I am by no means an expert on the subject.

I just think it is so important to raise awareness of the dangers that EMF can cause to all humans, but especially to Empaths who are highly reactive, and highly Sensitive to all types of energy.

For this reason, I’m including a link to a free online conference that is going on, at the start of Feb, where experts are deep-diving into the hazards of EMF and giving ways to overcome the toxic effects.

Here’s the link EMF Hazards Summit 2023 – Learn the truth about EMF radiation

Click on the above to see if it is of any interest to you, or someone you know.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine


Diane lives in Manchester, UK. She spent the past twenty years researching everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. She is a qualified colour and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and has done in-depth research into diet and nutrition and how it affects Sensitive people.. ©Diane Kathrine

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