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Operation Karma Of Wars

The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Karma Of Wars

Immediately, almost without interruption, after the last Operation 5D Grid, Co-Creators connected Lightwarriors’ ground team to the new op.

Together with Guan Yin, they were instructed to begin the complete elimination of another huge deposit of Evil – the karma of wars and war crimes accumulated throughout mankind’s history.

What other types of karma there were, and how they were destroyed, DNI detailed in a series of posts Return of the Karma Lords in 2020-2021.

Now, an opportunity appeared to cleanse the planet and humanity of the entire “Himalayas” of another variety of this highly toxic substance.

Favorable conditions for it were created by the activation on Earth of the new, 5D crystal grid, the connection to it of the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and Helios.

And most importantly, thanks to the tremendous experience of joint Lightwork of all its participants on the planet and up to Pleroma.

The readiness of the ground team for the new Operation was confirmed during a crash test that Co-Creators put Lightwarriors through on October 25, 2021, on the op’s eve.

During the trial, Co-Creators introduced into the Monads of the group members, with their Higher Selves’ consent, large amounts of the most poisonous karma and maximum entropy possible in our Universe.

It was an artificially modeled substance, analogous to the primary karma cell of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, formed in him as a result of his betrayal of Source and transition to the Dark Side.

The test was aimed to verify the Monads’ ability to annihilate this substance and the speed of complete self-restoration afterward.

On October 29, 2021, at 02:43 PM CET, Co-Creators, and Karma Lords announced the results.

All participants of the experiment successfully passed the trial. The main part of them got the highest result – of A-karma.

They confirmed their capacity to instantly burn off and process into Light the karma of any contagiousness and in any volume, and immediately recover. The rest did the same but over a certain period (technical A-karma).

Two days earlier, on October 27, the ground team and Guan Yin, without waiting for the test results to be announced, had already started Operation Wars’ Karma regardless of its origin.

The venue was a memorial in one European country, erected to commemorate the participants and victims of past wars. Some Lightwarriors worked at the center of the memorial, others – remotely, from other countries.

A few more words on the nature of this karma.

It is legacy left on the Subtle Plane in the form of huge toxic energies’ layers formed as a result of wars, bombings, massacres, executions, torture in concentration camps and prisons, etc. These are also the distortions caused by the entropy of destruction, the pain of Earth from explosions, violation of the Cosmos Laws of the Cosmos, and other crimes.

Of course, there are different wars. To invade another’s land and to defend one’s own are two big differences, causing the different levels of karma formation and karmic guilt.

We know that wars and mass murders have usually been instigated and ordered by Dark Forces, in particular as a tool for draining people’s life energy. Any war is death, blood, pain, suffering, and karma…

All this continues to this day, for the Evil has not yet been uprooted.

And yet the Renaissance is already underway despite the fierce resistance of destructive forces and chaos of the former 3D Matrix. In the growing death throes of the old System, the dying World Order dominated the planet for many centuries.

In the first phase of Operation Wars’ Karma, Co-Creators have set several primary tasks: to de-conserve groups of latent Light energies, conduct mass cleansing and transformation of space, etc.

A separate task is the redemption of various types of collective karma.

Such work has been done for a long on the timeline’s karma, radioactive karma, abortive karma, etc. Now is the time to sanitize the karma of the wars, to heal the millions of mutilated human Souls.

Wars’ karma must be rolled up, worked off, redeemed, and healed. This is the most difficult task, as well as any work with Augean stables of mankind’s karmic heritage.

Co-Creators plan to conduct a sweep from the current moment and to the origins. In the future, they will focus on wars’ karma prevention.

From the Subtle Plane, the beginning of wars and military conflicts will be blocked.

But such was our Universe where karma can be earned only in the incarnation, and only in the incarnation, one can work it off.

That’s why so much of the residual wars’ karma has accumulated to this day. Most of the Souls, after the Second World War, haven’t been embodied yet.

The karmic deadlock still existed.

Now, taking advantage of the new favorable conditions, the Higher Light Forces decided to intervene in the stalemate and help to find a way out of it.

One such work Co-Creators initiated through the multi-dimensional infrastructure of the aforementioned European memorial. Some elements of its architecture are to serve as an anti-karma reactor. In it, Causal Bodies and Souls of wars’ victims will be purified.

To launch the reactor, Co-Creators instructed the op’s participants to make its core and then activate the entire facility.

It took place on 27 October 2021. The focal point was the Eternal Flame of the memorial.

First, the ground group members concentrated their energies on it, then, tuned into Guan Yin. After that, She singled out a part of Her Heart and led it through the hearts of the Lightwarriors to the focal point under the Flame.

So She created the core of the Portal and ignited the anti-karma reactor. It immediately began to purify the Causal Bodies and Souls of the wars’ victims. But the very karma of all the wars She completely absorbed into Herself and began to process it.

All Lightwarriors were impressed by this unparalleled feat of the Goddess of Mercy. Tears welled up in their eyes when they saw Her self-sacrifice for others and felt the extreme pain She was experiencing. How great is Her Heart, how much Light of Love is in it…?

The group members, wherever they were, could not stay away. Everyone rushed to help Guan Yin with their Soul warmth, Light, and Love of their hearts, taking as much karma as they could to annihilate it.

Here’s how it went down.

STACEY: “Even before I took in my share of karma, there were constant thoughts about the military, about the dead, the pain of our human past, how much suffering we had knowingly and unknowingly caused each other.

When I turned to Guan Yin and ask forgiveness for the entire Earthly race. After the Goddess’s merciful act, I understood why it was so hard for me. Then I already consciously united my heart with the Goddess and, put my Monad’s aspect into the core of the anti-karma reactor, into the Eternal Flame of the memorial. I couldn’t do otherwise, and my Higher Self had already joined in to help Guan Yin.

We are one with Earth and one big Human Family. I don’t consider this to be someone else’s karma and I couldn’t get past it. It is part of One Soul, and therefore mine as well.

It is with great gratitude and joy that I participate in this healing of our shared past. I thank my kindred and beloved Goddess Guan Yin for the opportunity to share with Her all the pain and to make this world a little cleaner, for the sake of peace on Earth, the peace of the Souls of all those killed and lost.

It is for the sake of our children and in gratitude to all soldiers for their courage, fortitude, and defense of their homeland. After all, everyone did their duty under their conscience and of the time.

I thank Her for the example and unconditional Love for all. I am one with Her heart and Soul, the warmth and love I give to this work until the end, as much as is needed. “

NATALIE: “I asked Co-Creators if it’s possible to take over the work. I got their consent. They showed me the Family Tree. Its leaves are sick, and the negativity came from the distant war years. And now these leaves are my grandchildren.

I wanted to help Guan Yin, and she ended up helping my dear children. All stood in Her Light. “

TINA: “I decided not to joke with karma…The dissolution of the war was accompanied in me by a big stream of tears… Increased emotional instability… But the connection with the memorial restored everything. Send all my Spiritual support to the Goddess. “

NADINE: “From the information I took, my energies are humming to this day. In this work, as my Higher Self has told me, I have participated with my presence at the subconscious level where the energies of the wars are recorded. It means that the cleansing is not only going on in the consciousness of people and Earth, but also in the Akashic Records with which we are connected by our subconscious. “

GEORGE: “Without leaving home, I approached the Eternal Flame where the anti-karma reactor kicked off. I asked to participate. Not just to take karma but specifically to burn it out. “

LATONIA: “I sent to the Goddess Guan Yin Absolute Love, Perfect Light, expressed Gratitude for Great Sacrifice and Mercy in the new life-affirming, revival and saving the planetary life.

I instructed the crystal of Love in my Spiritual Heart to continuously radiate it and, under the control of the Higher Self, to guide it to Guan Yin until the wars’ karma is completely processed. I have not decided to take some of it for recycling as there is some state of weightlessness present in me. “

TANIA: “My work with karma began immediately after I gave my consent. At first, I found myself in a viscous, black energy swamp. I imagined golden spindles and began to wrap this energy-dirt around them.

It was turning into a black rope with tight knots. The ropes were lined up in rows, and with Love in my heart and a desire to help, I began to untie those knots.

On the physical level, my hands were hurting, and my fingers were burning with fire. On the Subtle Plane, they were bleeding. The Hierarch of Light appeared nearby, smeared my hands with something, and they immediately healed.

Untying the knots, I wrapped them on purple spindles. Guan Yin told me to send Light and Love from my heart to them. They burst into flames and began to rise into the sky in bright sparks.

There, turning into pigeons, they appeared before the stern but fair Karma Lords. It continues to this day.

Karma downs on me like pressure from above, but this is not the hardest thing for me. From the moment I started work and at night, images of people and events of the past appear before my eyes.

That’s what I was unprepared for… A boy about 10 or 11 years old, holding a tank grenade. In a few minutes, it’ll all be over. He’s giving up his life without regret or fear. Believing in a beautiful future and a peaceful sky above his head…

A guy and his girl who is two months away from becoming a mom… It was never going to be happening. She’s only in her early 20s.

Last I saw, she was in uniform… A rifle in her hands… An unequal battle has begun… She voluntarily gave her life so that in the future others could bear children and enjoy motherhood…

A home in the village… A man does things in the yard. Near him are three kids… In the house, a caring wife is bustling with dinner… He was killed at the front… The house was burnt down, his wife and children shot…

During the night, the images continued. One was scarier than the other… Soldiers, like zombies, with glassy eyes and emptiness in Soul and Heart…

Great pain in my heart began, and the tears themselves flowed in a stream. I took on a small drop of karma. A tiny drop in the sea.

What about Guan Yin?! She deserves the highest praise and rewards! Every human life and pain, through Her Heart!

When Karma Lords ask me what I want to wish to all these Souls, I pleaded Co-Creators and all the Forces of Light and Good for these Souls at least one incarnation where they would be happy loved and would live under a peaceful sky over their heads.

They deserve it! My work with karma continues. Light and Goodness to all. “

JEANNE: “I admire the Mercy and the Feats of Guan Yin! I send love to all who participate in this exorbitant Lightwork.

The karma of wars is the worst and dirtiest of all on Earth. Of no war do we know the whole truth. War exposes the whole essence of man, fear and power bring to the surface both all the filth and baseness of Souls and their beauty and greatness. Both the victors and the vanquished have it.

That is why many documents are still not opened… When we face all events honestly and understand that in wars everyone is a loser, that if we did not lose territory we might lose our conscience and Soul, then wars will stop and everyone will redeem karma.

And while the textbooks lie, and it is in any country, we cripple the Souls of children, and they continue to play war. From the bottom of my heart, I want to rid our long-suffering Earth of this karmic burden. “

The cleansing from the karma of the wars continues. On November 1, 2021, more info was received about this. The former Black Co-Creator of our Local Universe who switched to the Light Side and his dipole World Mother Sophia have actively joined the work. They will use the new Absolute-like Merkabah of the planet and the energy of all Spiritual Suns in the purification of Earth.

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