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The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Cain: Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition - Operation Cain: Part 2

After Yemen, Operation Cain continued in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Higher Light Hierarchs assigned a ground team to terminate the destruction on the Subtle Plane of the remnants of the Darkies’ infrastructure in these countries. Black Co-Creator and his helpers created it in the time of Cain, using him as their tool.

Lightwarriors were supposed to find and help destroy Cain’s Black Citadel and the primary Black Magic Crystal. More on that in a bit.

Upon arriving in the UAE, the group checked into a Beach Hotel in Umm Al Quwain emirate, given its proximity to the proposed location of the Black Citadel. They knew that the emirate was one of the four points, the so-called Keys of Eden.

The Keys or boundaries of Eden are the four large supporting karmic burial grounds created by Archons on the four sides of the former Eden – the Arabian Peninsula.

Only three of them were known to the team: the Stone of Fall in Jerusalem (the place where Yaltabaoth defiled Eve as Samael, giving birth to Cain), the Cave of the First Blood in Damascus (where Cain killed Abel), and the Tomb of Cain in Aden.

Logically, there should be one more point, and then when connecting all four, it would be a trapezium, the configuration of Eden’s borders in the past.

The Cave Of The First Blood

Its current crooked shape is caused by the repeated shift of the poles. And the Arabian Peninsula in its present continuous desert does not resemble the Earth’s paradise.

But its territory was once the biblical Eden.The large reserves of oil and gold are echoes of those times.

By Lightwarriors’ calculations, it appeared that the fourth point and the Key of Eden must have been in its northeastern outskirts, somewhere in the mountains of Oman or the United Arab Emirates.

Initially, they thought it was Mount Jebel Shams in Oman but later this information was not confirmed.

So the group had to find it on their own.

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Immediately upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates, the team members got down to business. The first thing they did was to finally complete the work with Cain’s Monad, uniting its parts within the Creating Logos (see PART 1).

The group then eliminated a karmic graveyard in Umm Al Quwain, located directly underneath their hotel.

The next parts of the operation in the UAE were to be conducted directly from Eden’s fourth anchor point. But to do that, it had to be found first. That was where Cain’s Black Citadel was built.

Higher Light Hierarchs gave a tip by showing the deputy team leader in a vision what it looked like. It was very much like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The main character (played by Richard Dreyfuss) had images of a mountain embedded in his subconscious, which he drew or made models of time and again. Setting out in search of it, he eventually came upon the aliens’ base that had led him since the beginning.

Lightwarriors rented a car and set out on a long journey across the Arabian Desert, covering more than 1,500 kilometers in a few days.

They had three guesses where the Cain’s Black Citadel could be. The first was Hatta at the foot of Al Hajar Mountain, the highest point in the Arab Emirates.

This mountain is part of the Omani mountain range which also includes Jebel Shams. Al Hajar is translated as the Black Stone.

On the one hand, it could be an indication of the place searched for. On the other hand, all the mountains there are made of black volcanic rock, so they may have been named after it.

After a long journey (some of it through Omani territory), the group arrived in Hatta. But the Black Citadel was not there.

Lightwarriors went to its next intended location, the oasis of Al Ain which is on the very border with Oman.

The city made the most positive impression. It is unusually beautiful, all in greenery in the middle of a lifeless desert, with pure energy. But even there the Citadel was not to be found.

The next day, the group decided to take the last chance in an attempt to locate the Citadel – closer to the border with Oman, where the mountains begin.

As the team approached them, the deputy group leader began to stare intently at their outlines, trying to see what he had been shown in the vision. However, saw nothing like it.

At the same time, Lightwarriors began to feel a strong negative energy. There was a feeling that they were on the right track and the goal was somewhere near.

Upon reaching the border crossing with Oman, the group saw a sign for the small village of El Jeer which was not even marked on their map.

They decided to turn into it, for it was their last hope. They wandered a little through its narrow streets and soon reached its outskirts, occasionally encountering the local natives.

El Jeer was bumping straight up into the mountains, and the road ended there. Lightwarriors got out of the car, preparing to realize their utter failure.

They looked around. And then the deputy leader, almost like a hero of the film Contacts of the Third Type, shouted, pointing to the mountain. That was the place they were looking for! Indeed, clairvoyant viewing confirmed everything.

As they drove even closer and parked the car, the team decided to go up the mount a little, for it was a prerequisite of the operation. But it required going through the private land property.

By this time, Lightwarriors had already been noticed by the locals. The whole village had gathered to take a look at them, especially at the women, who had carelessly put on not the longest dresses on the planet.

But the people were very friendly and perceived the team members as if they were aliens. Suddenly two people, a man, and a woman appeared and said the group could climb the mountain if they needed to. The team was puzzled – how did they know that the group had to go up there?

Eventually, they made their way and, under the perplexed gazes of the locals, climbed a bit up the mountain where the Citadel was located and from where they were to conduct the operation.

What is Cain’s Black Citadel?

After killing his brother, Cain went with his wife Awan and Abel’s widow Aclima to the land of Nod, east of Eden (modern-day Oman and Yemen).

After some time he decided to go into seclusion and travel alone in the eastern Eden. He spent many years on this journey, vowing not to have any contact with any woman he met.

His reclusiveness was a pure illusion. After killing his brother, Cain no longer belonged to himself but became a zombie, entirely at the mercy of the Archons. They continued to control his every move, directing him wherever they wanted.

One evening, while hunting in the mountains, Cain “accidentally” stumbled upon a cave in which a young sorceress Lilith lived alone.

As he saw her beauty, he lost his head, forgot about his vow, and fell madly in love.


It was this cave, where Lilith supposedly met Cain “accidentally” that Lightwarriors discovered on a mountain near the village of El Jeer. It was later turned into Cain’s Black Citadel.

The runagate had no idea that he had met a powerful Demoness, created at the dawn of the Local Universe.

Lilith and the Black Co-Creator hatched an insidious plan using Cain.

They taught him many things, including how to use his blood to summon mystical powers and create others similar to him.

During the coition of Lilith and Cain on their first night, a part of their Monads was released and merged into a single crystal.

It passed into the control of Lilith, and she, using the Divine power inherent in it, created a Primal Black Magic Crystal.

The Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe needed it in his confrontation with Pleroma.

Due to the Crystal and its power taken from Cain, Hierarch gained additional force.

He also possessed half of the Universe’s Perfect Power Crystal, obtained at birth in Pleroma.

The other half was held by his twin brother, who built the Light eons.

Thus, the demonic forces, Dark Hierarchy, and Black Mages throughout the Local Universe used these two main sources of power, the Perfect Power Crystal and the Primary Black Magic Crystal of Lilith and Cain.

Black Magic Crystal And Demonic Forces

In an earlier operation, over 97% of the Perfect Power Crystal was wrested away from Darkis and returned to the Absolute.

After the reboot and the birth of the new Single Crystal of Perfect Power, fully controlled by Higher Light Hierarchs, Dark Archons, as a cosmic puissance, ceased to exist, and was officially deposed.

The Light Forces have become the sole evolutionary engine in our Local Universe.

Unfortunately, the scattered Black underdogs could ram through the barrier and fly to Earth. They still had a small portion of the Perfect Power but can no longer use it as before.

The ground team was now tasked with splitting the Primary Black Magic Crystal, the second source of power for the Archons, demonic forces, and Black Mages of the entire Local Universe.

As noted above, it consisted of two fundamentals, parts of two Monads – Lilith and Cain. That is why Black magic was so strong.

Higher Light Hierarchs managed to carefully remove the Crystal from the Subtle Planes of the Citadel, placed it in the Monads, theirs and the team members, and began to fission with the help of Absolute Light synthesis.

Absolute Light

Parts of the Lilith and Cain’s Monads, of which it consisted, were split and cleansed of karma. The men of the group worked with aspects of Cain, and the women with aspects of Lilith.

Although Lightwarriors experienced symptoms of severe poisoning coupled with the highest off-the-charts vibrations, through a concerted effort within twenty-four hours, Crystal was destroyed.

Then, the ground team and Co-Creators started their main operation in the UAE – in the Cain’s Black Citadel.

It was a colossal tower on the physical and the Subtle Plane.

Only a small portion protruded above the surface. The main part went many miles deep into Earth, where the irreconcilable reptiloids had established one of their largest bases.

Many Miles Deep

The Citadel consisted of thirteen levels and a vast underground city, where there were a great many luxurious palaces, temples, vaults, and libraries.

On the lowest, first, level Cain placed the archive, on countless shelves of which were stored originals and copies of all the manuscripts containing the secret knowledge of the Archons, including the Necronomicon’s original.

There Cain also placed his own “Book of Nod” – the legendary chronicle of his Kin, which became a veritable Bible for all vampires.

Underground Citadel

There was also his Homunculus. It was an artificial human that Cain created using the technology given to him by Lilith. In her turn, she got it from the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe.

The latter was in great need of such a zombie clone. According to his Matrix, it was possible to create entire armies of Cain’s copies to populate Earth and other planets.

Also, Cain’s Homunculus, containing his DNA, was the backup Portal of the anti-world and the primary crystal of human karma…

Lightwarriors didn’t waste time on a detailed study of Cain’s Black Citadel. Creating a powerful energy pulse along with Co-Creators, they unleashed its full power on the underground tower and its entire infrastructure.

This blow destroyed everything and everyone in its field.

Immediately thereafter, the next phase of the operation began – the ascension of the so-called one-seventh part of Paradise.

It was made possible by the removal of the Fourth Seal of Eden or the fourth anchor holding this 1/7th of Paradise.

What was it?

That was a projection of ideal reality from the multidimensional Gaia’s Monad to the 3D Earth. It was perfect and without distortion. A small area of Ideal Reality, within which existed the notorious Eden or Paradise on Earth in which Adam and Eve were placed.

Earth’s Monad

And all would have been well, but the problem was that this oasis of perfection was artificial, and to do so, a conscious violation of the integrity of the Earth’s Monad had to be undertaken.

Therefore, the destruction of Cain’s Black Citadel made it possible to restore the integrity of the Earth’s Monad. Recall that the planetary Logos is the physical body of Gaia’s manifestation, in full analogy with man.

Shortly after the removal of the final Fourth Anchor which held this ideal reality projection in place, it began to detach from Earth on which it was artificially held, and float away from the planet like a balloon released from its ballast.

Ascension of one-seventh of Paradise began. Soon this part of the Earth’s Monad reunited with its main body, after which the entire Monad rebooted and restored its integrity.

Lightwarriors’ latest operation in the United Arab Emirates was the destruction of the Darkness Prince, another spawn of Lilith.

It was a real Demon in the flesh. He was an active executor of the Black Co-creator’s programs for the seizure or destruction of our Local Universe. And he did it zestily.

Darkness Prince

He was offered to surrender and come over to the Light Side, but he defiantly refused, producing a series of new crimes against Source and humanity.

It was then decided in Pleroma to eliminate him.

To do it, an elaborate, multi-pronged plan was devised to lure him out of the place where he was hiding, and from where he periodically struck his blows.

The luring of the Darkness Prince took place from a hotel in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, and looked like bait fishing.

The ground team leader acted as the bait.

Lightwarrior’s Monad began to create the appearance that the Darkness Prince could leave the Earth through it.

For this purpose, the Monad was “set up” in the right place at the right time.

The trap worked, the Prince took the bait and attacked team leader’s Monad, grabbing it. Lightwarrior immediately felt sick and eaten away. He was inexplicably rageful and aggressive.

The Darkness Prince’s Monad was inside the Monad of the group leader. Now it was just a matter of keeping the mousetrap closed, not letting the monster out of there.

For it, Lightwarrior brought his Monad into a super vortex state. He then attempted an inner-Monadic explosion to destroy the Prince.

But it didn’t work, for the Black Monad had completely merged with the Lightwarrior’s Monad that was a complete surprise.

In this critical situation, his wife reacted instantly. She quickly merged into the “two-Monadic” whole and, using her power, produced an inner-Monadic explosion, blowing up all three Monads at once.

It was an experience the team members had never had before. Two of the Monads recovered quickly, but the third, of Darkness Prince, was destroyed forever.

It didn’t happen instantly but only a few minutes later, while wife’s Monad was accelerating up to vibrations required for the explosion.

During those minutes, the two Lightwarriors nearly killed each other: she screamed and lunged at him, and he – at her.

From the outside, it looked like a showdown scene between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s characters in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

It didn’t come to a loving finale like in the movie, as the room was broken into by the police, who were summoned on alarm by hotel guests who thought someone was being murdered.

It was explained to them that there had been a mild argument about whose turn it was to bring breakfast to a bed today.

It’s Your Turn… No, It’s Yours

The cops have been scratching their heads very long about how weird these white people are…

Such was the final major chord of Operation Cain Part 2.

Part 1 here

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