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Divine Changemakers Heal the World


by Selacia

- Working with Mood Swings - 

Feeling more moody than usual lately? Perhaps you're wondering if it's just the world getting crazier, or if your tolerance level for nonsense has been exceeded.

Even the most level-headed person could have had some topsy-turvy moments this past week. The news was full of reporting on mass shootings in typically tranquil places, unsettling economic trends, new citizen uprisings, business cover ups, and even governments spying on everyday citizens.

For many people, anxiety is heightened when digesting the constant parade of disturbing events. There's nervousness in the air, even if you don't feel the day's news will impact you on a personal level. You could be feeling it even if you don't watch the news!

After all, you are aware of the inseparable interconnection between all things. You know that you don't live on an isolated island, untouched by crisis happening elsewhere. Above all, you want a peaceful and loving world, and disturbing happenstance reminds you that much needs to happen to shift the balance into light.

Yes, the world does need healing. The overhaul of society is taking place, but it's messy and may seem slow from a linear perspective. In quantum terms though, the changes under way have built a momentum and progress that cannot be seen with typical human eyes. A lot is happening behind the scenes.

Much is occurring because of past efforts you and others have made to shift out of old-paradigm approaches. Current and ongoing unwavering efforts are required, too.

Tapestry of Mega Transformation

Many of the positive changes already orchestrated are creating a tapestry of mega transformation sure to unfold over time. If you are feeling impatient, then, remember that things often are not as they appear!

Don't judge yourself for feeling impatient - you want to know how you are feeling on the deeper levels. Use your impatience constructively, though, allowing it to fuel your own inner changes and insights. When you connect with a cause you believe in - like protecting the dolphins or educating people on what's in the food they eat - inquire within about how you can be a positive force in advancing these causes.

Your one voice does matter, even if you simply apply it to your own life.  

Working with Mood Swings

As a divine changemaker, you're already sensitive. You simply feel at a deeper level - and you connect with life more intensely - than people not on the path of conscious awakening. Don't judge this as good or bad. The more aware you become, the more sensitive you will be.

Sensitive people have the ability to feel things more intensely. Joy can be very elevated, as can anger. It's not just about emotions either. It's being able to pick up on things in your environment - like sensing when you are driving to take a different street than usual. You don't do this out of fear. You change your route because you paid attention to an intuitive nudge inside, guiding you to drive another way. That one decision could save you lots of time and anguish if you avoid a traffic jam or accident.

The current planetary cycles are stimulating emotions of all sorts. Things you don't normally think about can surface like a broken record, catalyzing deep feelings about people, projects, and how you spend your time.

You may get depressed just contemplating spending the afternoon with someone - baffled about why you feel like you do. The next day, you may daydream about making some plans to see that same person - your blue mood gone.

Mastery of emotional states is not easy, to be sure. However, your empowerment depends on this mastery. Finding balance is essential if you want to be a potent healing force in the world. That, of course, is a big part of your path.

7 Tips to Stay Balanced

First, take the middle road with media input. To be empowered, you must know about injustices and trends in society. It's helpful to know enough of the day's news so you understand what fears are being triggered in the mass consciousness (it's in you too). You can be more compassionate with others if you know why they are upset. Avoid tuning in to multiple news reports that simply rehash the same old story with a different spin. Balance is the key.

Second, seek to know truth. You cannot be empowered if you avoid seeing the unpleasant sides of life - your own or society's. Change and personal spiritual growth happen only when people will look honestly at themselves and the world. Be real. The genuine person is not afraid to see what is in front of him or her. Only knowing the truth can you transform and become free.

Third, shift the balance from complaining to gratitude. You can accomplish much more with a few simple moments of gratitude than you can with a day-long session of complaining. Each time you find fault - feeling a victim and giving that victimhood voice - you lower your energetic frequency. This lower frequency then goes into your next interactions, making you less happy and less successful.

Fourth, when things get crazy, take a time out and breathe. Invite your higher wisdom to show you the bigger picture and what's really important. Let go of the rest. If you have a tendency to overthink situations, become mindful of when you are over analyzing. Talk a walk, meditate, or simply shift your focus to something productive.

Fifth, remember that personal transformation is a process over time. Dysfunctional patterns held in the DNA will surface in layers. You can successfully clear an entire piece of something that's been plaguing you for decades. That part really is over and you can celebrate! However, there can be more pieces that aren't accessible right away. You are eternal, after all, and you have a lineage. This means the issue you addressed may have related elements stemming from past lives and the DNA of your ancestors. How you will know is when something surfaces, giving you the additional piece to work on. It does no good to force or demand that the pattern be gone by a certain date. That's a linear view. Trust that your most problematic issues would not even be arising for clearing this life if you could not successfully transform them. Welcome the gift of having the opportunity for quantum healing that can get to the core of your pain.

Sixth, know that you are alive for your own spiritual awakening but also to help with humanity's ascension. These two goals cannot be separated, for you are one with all. Each time you do inner work and other personal healing, you raise your vibration and contribute to the awakening of humanity. Each time you heal a pattern you inherited from your family, your ancestors and descendants can benefit. Each time you turn your focus to something that helps your community or the larger world, you help humanity - and your heart can open a little more than before. As your heart opens and heals, you contribute to the planet's ascension.

Seventh, listen more. Only by active listening can you hear deeply enough into yourself, others, and life itself. Think of yourself as a 24/7 broadcast station, receiving input from spirit, your body, your loved ones, and the larger world. When you become still long enough to hear the transmissions, your journey becomes lighter and you discover how to avoid some of the rocks in the road. You will still encounter some rocks, of course, but you will be more resourced to deal with them.


You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media - as long as you provide the source - Selacia - http://www.Selacia.comhttp://EarthsPivotalYears.com. Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!

Copyright 2013 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com

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