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Predictions 2017


Predictions 2017 

In the year 2017, a crisis of trust long in the making will be surfacing across the world. This will have far-reaching consequences for us as individuals and for our entire planet. Continue reading to understand what this means, why we should care, and what we as divine changemakers can do to make a difference. As you read, too, you will learn about the seeds of hope being planted in 2017 and what they mean for you.

Background – Crisis of Trust

First, some background on the crisis of trust we face. This energy of distrust is more primordial than evolutionary, stemming from humanity’s fear-based conditioning. In other words, it’s very old and more tribal than inclusive. Tribalism has been with us throughout the ages, but in recent decades since the 1990s, the tribalistic “us-and-them” mentality is having a big resurgence.

Examples: Brexit, the 2016 US elections, Middle East violence driven by ancient tribal structures, extremist Islam reflecting a tribal-mindset involving warrior pride and hate-fueled jihadism, corrupt business practices including bribes, and a general tendency of superpowers to believe that it’s their role to facilitate regime change in other countries.

Regardless of how tribalism manifests, it poses a threat to a peaceful and loving world. A tribal-mindset is black-and-white, with a narrow sense of belonging. Anyone outside the group is suspect, not to be trusted, and a threat. Building trust and cooperation between tribal-based groups is painstakingly difficult. Meanwhile distrust fuels division and causes people to feel even more separate from one another.

Distrust and Division

Distrust is a learned fear-based response. People learn to distrust others who don’t look like them, don’t think like them, or don’t practice the same religion. Many times, this distrust is in ancestral DNA, coming from centuries-old experiences of the generations.

Example: When I do personal DNA intuitive healing sessions for someone trying to cope with discrimination, I often intuitively see DNA-level patterns show up in the energetic field around the DNA. We then can trace things back to times when the person’s ancestors were impacted by religious intolerance, class discrimination, or racism. Being able to see where this comes from and to heal it at the genetic level for ancestors is a powerful antidote for present personal struggles with discrimination.

Shift in What and Who We Trust

As our society has become more polarized and everyday life more uncertain, there has been a shift in what and who we trust. Last century, for example, it was more common to put our trust in institutions like governments, banks, the health system, and international forums.

Today with that trust waning and new technologies available, we are more likely to rely on others outside the system – even strangers.

Examples: many now use technologies like Lyft and Uber for rides, Airbnb for hotels, WebMD and Mayo Clinic apps and websites for health assessments, and mobile apps for blood pressure and heart-rate readings.

Having a growing array of life tools outside the norm has boundless benefits and can help us to take charge of things that we used to delegate to others.

A bonus: as educated consumers, we take back our power and become more actively engaged in managing our lives.

A red flag: if we label the established systems as inherently bad in a black-and-white way, our linear thinking can backfire. No traditional system is all bad or all good. There are shades of gray. Sometimes we really need to see a doctor and use services of a bank. Governmental bodies and police forces carry out essential services needed for a stable and workable society.

In summary, if you realize that you distrust institutions, be open to seeing both the good and the bad. Reforms of unworkable systems and institutions can occur when problems are brought to light and conscious citizens use their voices and actions to affect change. When we don’t do this, the crisis of distrust escalates.

Distrust and Division

Distrust and division go hand in hand. We see it every day in society. Distrust shows up in countless ways - as racism, gender bias, bigotry, national extremism, and religious intolerance. Division follows – people feeling separated by race, gender, class, religion, or political views.

Contributing Factors

When people are afraid enough and misinformed or lied to with propaganda, they are vulnerable to control and manipulation by those in power. In such circumstances, people can be convinced to accept unimaginable atrocities and loss of freedoms.

People can be influenced by fake news and a twisting of the facts, feeling divided against their neighbors and even their own families. In extreme situations, people will even kill one another. There are countless examples of this throughout humanity’s history - including in the next phase of history that humanity is now creating moment-by-moment in present time.

Response to Distrust

When the societal tide turns towards distrust on a big enough scale, people may respond with anger or apathy. If people feel that their voice isn’t heard by political decision makers, they may withdraw from active engagement in typical channels like voting or peaceful protests. This is usually an emotional response, and is self-sabotage because personal power is unconsciously given away.

A disempowered group of people is even more susceptible to control and abuse by those in power.

Tyrants and power-hungry leaders seeking to make their mark on the world can take advantage of the void created by a disempowered and silent populace. The unsuspecting people may even see the unscrupulous leaders as “saviors” – as though they are the only ones who can fix things.

In a distrustful society, people can be convinced of falsehoods by politicians, media, or special interest groups that know how to craft a disinformation campaign. This has happened throughout history.

However, today the potential negative impact is substantially greater than ever before. People often get their news online through infotainment disguised as facts. A lie told repeatedly over weeks or months can be accepted as truth. It’s like the public becomes numb to the information, unconsciously reacting to it without question.

Cycles of Distrust

Throughout history, we’ve had cycles of distrust followed by times of building trust and collaboration.

Examples: Italy’s notorious dictator Mussolini in the 1920s capitalized on distrust and used propaganda to fuel his rise to power – founding fascism, dismantling constitutional limits on his power, and creating a police state. From 1941-45, the Nazis under Hitler systematically carried out a mass genocide of Jews. The UN in 1948 adopted a universal set of human rights, sending a signal to oppressive leaders that disregard for human rights is intolerable. The International Space Station, first launched in 1998 to study the Earth and space, was made possible through a trusted partnership between several countries. The tide turned abruptly on September 11, 2001 with terror attacks on US soil – leaving a marker of distrust still witnessed today.

Distrust of crisis proportions doesn’t appear overnight, but develops in a gradual process as people lose trust in each other and in the very institutions that keep things working.

In an atmosphere of distrust, society does not function well. Without trust and cooperation, basic things like markets and long-term planning are compromised. Chaos reigns, slowing progress in addressing key issues impacting not only quality of life but continued sustainability of life on Earth. Examples: climate, peace, and global resources.

The Personal Level

What’s unfolding in society is not just something outside of you. There is a very personal level involved. It is about you and everyone you love. Here are a few examples to help you understand the big picture.

As you are reading this portion, too, keep in mind that this personal level applies to countless people across the world. Some may be in your family or other circles. Some may be strangers. All represent some piece of the whole – now being played out across the world as a crisis of distrust. Every single one, including you, needs your love and compassion.

First, it’s not easy as an individual to live in a society that doesn’t function well due to division and distrust. Daily life routines can be disrupted because of ongoing intensity, uncertainty, and dramas that often are of a startling nature. Not knowing what’s going to happen next can keep you on edge. The unknowns now are greater than most of us have experienced in this lifetime. If you are an empath - sensing the chaotic and nervous pulse of society - these times can be even more challenging.

Second, you likely are processing your own pieces of distrust. Some are influenced not only by recent events, but by past life influences recorded in your DNA. You may distrust certain individuals, categories of people, or those who serve society in key roles. Examples of people: politicians, wealthy people, lobbyists, journalists, police, and other authority figures. Examples of institutions and business: government, media, multinationals, big retailers, and things representing the status quo.

Third, living in a climate of distrust may catalyze self-doubts and a deeper soul searching about your life purpose and how you fulfill it. Any tendency you previously had to distrust yourself and your decisions may be amplified in this cycle. One way this could play out is an increased worry about the future. You may not trust that things will get better, or that things will get better for you personally. When faced with a deadline to make a life-changing decision, you might distrust yourself to choose the correct option.

Fourth, a world filled with distrust and division can feel unsafe. There are countless reasons you might feel insecure. A big one many people fear is a possible terror attack. It’s also common to feel unsafe about potentials for identity theft or cyber bullying. In places with recent regime change bringing dictatorial-type leaders to power, people are insecure about preserving their freedoms. And, of course, in the background for people everywhere is the concern about world peace and the tenuous nature of preserving it given the number of power-hungry leaders.

Fifth, a climate of distrust between countries can negatively impact the economy and your standard of living. Example: a tribal-mindset to trade has historically backfired. In 1930 after the US stock market crash, the US enacted the Smoot-Hawley Tariff to raise taxes on imports. The idea was to keep out cheap imports and create jobs. This backfired. US consumers had to pay more for imported products, so they were not better off, and the economy took longer to recover from the Depression.

Sixth, resurgence in tribalism is likely to bring to the surface humanity’s ancient unresolved patterns of discrimination in all of its forms. This supreme distrust of the “other” could involve things like race, religion, gender, national identification, and sexual orientation. You may not personally experience discrimination. However, you likely know of someone impacted. As long as discrimination exists, the loving world all of us want cannot fully manifest.

Seventh, countries having tribal squabbles can delay or even reverse progress to address climate change. What this means on an everyday personal level is more extreme weather, increased air pollution, adverse health effects, rising sea levels impacting heavily populated coastal areas, species die-off, and an increasingly less sustainable planet for future generations.

What’s Needed Next

With a crisis of distrust coloring everyday life, it is imperative that we divine changemakers take an active role in transforming our world and our way of life. This is not the time to take a back seat and silently watch as leaders govern through lawmaking and executive orders. We must have a voice.

Elements of a Democracy

A democracy functions and upholds freedoms when citizens are actively engaged. This means that people become educated on issues and candidates ahead of elections, vote, observe how leaders conduct the business of government, and feel free to criticize leaders without retribution. Criticism can take the form of peaceful protests. Citizens are allowed to assemble freely to discuss views. Elections are free and fair for all. A workable democracy has a free press with regular access to governmental workings and leaders. The government in power does not censor information, news sources, or specific journalists.

Divine Changemakers – Making a Difference

Here are suggestions for making a difference in 2017 and beyond. As a divine changemaker, you are alive now to make changes for a more loving world. You stand at the forefront of the massive shift happening now. This role is actually encoded within your very DNA.

Having this role means that you are on the leading edge of change, experiencing many things before others do, and helping to lead the way forward. Indeed, you are at your best when you are actively engaged in your divine changemaker role.

What You Can Do in 2017

Stay conscious and aware of yourself - including your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Extend that conscious awareness outside of you, to other people and world events. Remind yourself daily that your energy matters, and use that energy for good.

No matter how crazy things seem, remember daily that you are not a victim. You are a conscious being at cause in life, co-creating your own reality and your world. Use your thoughts and actions constructively to make a difference in big and small things. Be the one in your circles who smiles, finds humor in the bizarre, and applies kindness.

Do not give up on yourself or on humanity as a whole. Strive to see the good in yourself and others. Do this even when focusing on someone you dislike. Do this for yourself after you have had a bad day and feel discouraged. Remembering the basic goodness in all people helps you to go on during difficult times.

Cope better with unknowns and fears about the future by coming back to yourself in the present. No one knows for sure exactly what will happen next, on a personal level or in the outer world. On a quantum level, there are endless possibilities for what tomorrow might look like. Rest your overthinking mind, then, and put your focus on the present moment. Treat it as the precious time that it truly is.

Upset about what you see in the outer world? Get in touch with your feelings and why you have them. Once you are conscious to your feelings, turn your criticism into benevolent action. Rather than simply complain to others, find your positive voice of change and act on it as a citizen of the world. Voice your thoughts within your community, on a grassroots level in your country, and to the political leaders who represent you at all levels of government. As you voice your opinions, visualize your words being received and acted upon.

Become one who helps repair division through consciousness and peaceful actions. Invite a knowing of the causes and places that most need you in this role. Add power to your role with daily visualizing and intentions – seeing yourself as a bridge builder and peacemaker.

Become vigilant about your intake of information and apply a healthy skepticism. Avoid becoming duped by fake news and political propaganda by becoming astute in digesting news. Slow down, be present, and question what you hear. Avoid getting your news by scanning headlines. Get your news from multiple sources. Insist that it be reliable, with several credible named sources that you can validate. If something seems too outlandish to be true, that should be a big red flag to check out the information. Fair news won’t report only one side. A fair story will be current – watch for stories that recycle information or photos to create bias.

Most likely, we’ll be witnessing a number of unprecedented events in 2017. Some may be shocking, some simply surprising. A big underlying theme throughout the year will be unpredictability. Continue reading to find out about the silver linings and the seeds of hope that indeed exist side-by-side with the disarray. Discover what these mean for you.

Future Seeds of Hope

Regardless of how crazy things become in 2017, life will go on. Your plans and projects can be re-energized within the new energies. Spiritual transformation potentials can be amplified by leaps and bounds. Relationships – new and current – can manifest in ways more supportive of you and your path.

One silver lining in 2017 is the potential for new beginnings. The energies will support this. On a personal level, think of this as a blessing for your life and what you want to manifest. Even your established projects having success could benefit from adding something to the mix – like an additional collaborative partner or a new specialty that adds to what you already have. Revive a current relationship by finding an additional shared focus or introducing new ways of being with each other.

A second silver lining in 2017 involves change and your response to that change. The acceleration of change is not slowing down. Change is like a palpable force stimulating transformation of all things that need to evolve. Interestingly, while we humans are wired to dislike change, when the momentum of change becomes super-charged and we realize we’re better off going with it, we find ourselves at a beneficial tipping point. At that stage, the sheer force of this momentum ironically can make it easier to adapt and evolve.

Think of this year as a crucial time to build a new infrastructure for your life – inner and outer. The energies support this! As you focus on the specifics of what you want to create, you will be planting seeds of hope for your near and longer-term future.

This kind of seed planting is happening already during these unique moments on Earth. Humanity as a collective is regularly planting the seeds of the next creations. The key for you now is to become conscious of your personal role in the planting. It’s you taking charge of you and your new directions. It’s you accepting your quantum power to create, change creations, and invent new ones. This is big! Doing this is what your soul wants for you. You are not a cog in a machine, or a hub on humanity’s wheel of evolution. You are an eternal and timeless divine being who can create in boundless ways.

Trust this. Trust in your ability to make a difference. Trust in the power of your love to fuel the perfect next steps for your life. Trust in the divine voice within you that knows truth. Know beyond a doubt that you are meant to be on Earth now for a grand purpose that only your soul fully understands. Trust that this is valid, and let it guide you step-by-step throughout the year.       

selaciaSelacia is an internationally known writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. Author of Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years, published in 2011, she is also the author of The Golden Edge and has been a writer her entire life. She is a former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other media. As an international journalist, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics and social change, healing and consciousness, and spiritual transformation.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text. 

Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!

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