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Selacia's 2014 Predictions


The Year to Step into Your Authentic Power: What’s New, What’s Continuing
by Selacia

Of all the recent years to date, 2014 is the year when you will feel a ceaseless urge to become more empowered and more skilled to cope with a world in the death throes of an unprecedented paradigm shift.

It won’t feel like a coasting year to you, and it won’t be. Not that you really want to coast along in life – as a divine changemaker you truly want change and the new opportunities it brings. In fact, your destined role is to be at the forefront of society’s transformational changes. In that role, you wouldn’t be happy standing back as an observer, complaining and acting as though you had no power to co-create the new more loving Earth you want.

What You Want Now

The world you inherited from your ancestors is certainly not the one that you have longed for and envisioned. Most likely for a long time or even your entire life, you have dreamed of an existence that is fueled by love, not fear. Your desire for this probably got stronger each time you encountered meanness, each time you felt discounted, and each time people could not see and accept you for who you really were. For most people, these experiences start early in childhood and are then continually reinforced at school, in the workplace, and in relationships with others.

The year 2014 will stir your intense desire to change the status quo, and you will want to begin with you and your own life experience. This is true no matter where you live, your age, your relationship status, or what you do for a living. You already had this intense yearning in recent years, of course, but the coming year’s up-and-down energies and revolutionary outer world conditions will fire up this desire to new levels.

Working with Fire

You may experience this fire sometimes as an inner one and at other times like a fire under your feet – either type of fire will be calling upon you to self-reflect and act. You will want to pay attention to this fire, go within to receive your inner wisdom, and then find your balance before acting. Accessing this steadiness before acting is essential – you cannot apply doubts or fears and have the results you want. Your actions, for beneficial effect, must be conscious and bold – coming from a place of a grounded spiritual focus.

Why is fire necessary? You and everyone on Earth are in an intense process of rebirth. Fire is needed to fuel that rebirth. Indeed, the element of fire is naturally associated with rebirth because of how it burns away what’s no longer needed and therefore makes way for the new.

You cannot have rebirth without death. That’s the scary thing to most people. The whole notion of destruction and death can bring shivers down your spine. After all, death comes with unknowns and you like to know what’s happening next.

As an experienced spiritual traveler, you of course seek rebirth for you know that this is how you transform. Remembering this, then, consider in 2014 what in your life needs to fall away. As you begin to let go of what’s no longer relevant, you leave the desert of confusion and blocked dreams and enter a brand-new place of sparkling potentials. It is your awareness and desire for those brighter potentials that will be a constant driving force in your life over the coming year.

Factoring in the Collective

All around you in 2014 will be reminders of the old patriarchal world under siege and indeed crumbling of its own dysfunctional heavy weight. The pace at which the crumbling occurs, however, will depend upon countless things and unknowables. There is, after all, a collective influence that cannot be ignored.

Increasingly, individuals and the larger society must include the collective in plans and long-term approaches. You cannot simply put your personal energies, prayers and intentions into something and lose sight of how you are impacted by the whole – and that whole is global.

Even a few years ago before humanity became so tangibly connected 24/7, you weren’t in the habit of considering the collective. Now, you can’t ignore it or you risk having your dreams remain something you dream about, your intentions remain intentions, and your successes blocked by a juxtaposition of things out of view.

Example of Collective Impact

Here’s one example of how you can be influenced by the collective. You have a creative project requiring funding and key players to lead the team. The funding that’s most appropriate for your bigger-picture needs may come into place, but perhaps only after the investors have looked at other projects. The key players may be the perfect match, but each of them may have personal or business issues that need resolution before they can join you. Both the investors and key players will be influenced by a complex web of scenarios – some outside their knowing in the collective – before they are ready to partner with you.

No one is exempt from bigger-picture forces like this. No one is exempt, either, from the effects of ongoing radical changes within society. In fact, the rate of change will continue to accelerate, sometimes at a dizzying pace. In tandem with that, transformational revolutionary change will continue to be desired and needed. Some of the shifts, because they are quite intricate and involve a number of pieces, may at first be so subtle to the casual observer that it takes a while to notice them. If you keep your gaze at surface level, then, you may think that nothing is happening.

Death of Unworkable Systems

You may become discouraged, feeling that all of your efforts are in vain. Your next feelings could be anger or even hopelessness. Those responses, of course, are from your ego-self, not your empowered divine changemaker self.

This wiser part of you knows that the dysfunctional structures cannot remain in place as they are. The Earth has reached a tipping point – humanity is being given a signal that the old ways are not sustainable. You intuitively sense this. Deep within your bones, you know that there is a different world in the making and that love will prevail.

Yes, the old unworkable systems will die. However, it is impossible to know the exact timing and precise unfolding of this eventuality. So much depends on the dance of individuals and the collective.

What’s the Same in 2014

As 2014 begins and even throughout the year, you will find many things the same.

People’s trust in government and institutional structures will continue to decline. A significant portion of business and political dealings will remain behind the scenes, the average person having little or no grasp of what is occurring.

Disclosures of hidden arrangements will continue as well. This will instill within the general populace all sorts of negative emotional reactions – from anger and fear to  disillusionment. That means that you will encounter angry people on the freeway and disillusioned people standing in line at the market.

Here’s a side benefit of the continued distrust of big institutions and power structures. People may awaken to their natural desire to be self-empowered, discovering how to embody their divine changemaker selves. Disenfranchised with the elite, people also may begin reaching out to others more than previously – connecting with one another in profoundly creative ways.

Also continuing in 2014 is the roller-coaster ride of not knowing what’s ahead. Uncertainty, frequent ups-and-downs, and surprises of all sorts will keep people wondering how to prepare for what’s next, or even how to plan the next day.

People will continue to want to know the future. For many, uncertainty about the future will fuel a continuing level of angst and perhaps sleepless nights. Issues and questions will stack in a high pile on people’s plates. It could feel overwhelming to the average person, but you will remember to take a breath, slow down, and tackle one thing at a time – with common sense and a heart-centered focus.

As you sit in 2014, the future will be more changeable than ever. It will also be full of positive potentials you couldn’t access before!

New Potentials in 2014

In 2014 humanity’s awakening process will continue to accelerate. In tandem with this, people will become even more interconnected as new communications technologies are introduced. Another likely development is the rise of more time-saving methods to tackle your “to do” list at home, at work, and on the road.

With more people awakening, connecting, and streamlining daily tasks, you could find your circles of like-minded people expanding. With more people exposed to consciousness concepts you’ve long embraced, don’t be surprised if people you wouldn’t suspect come to you wanting to discuss spiritual topics. If you’ve been feeling alone on the path, this may be a welcome development.

Intuitive skills already came of age a few years ago, but over the coming year the notion of being intuitive will become even more mainstream. Most likely, you are already aware of your intuitiveness and you have been further developing your skills over time. An intuitive person who knows he or she is intuitive and actively practices the skills is like a beacon to others. People will naturally be drawn to you, sensing either directly or indirectly that you are intuitive.

It will be your intuitive skills, too, that help you to succeed in 2014 and beyond. It will no longer be enough to be smart or a high-wage earner. You must develop the quality of foresight.

This is an intuitive ability helping you to anticipate changes, navigate them, make timely and appropriate decisions, sense trends in your workplace, intuit shifts within your relationships, and take actions that help you to maintain your balance and progress. With foresight, you become aware of opportunities, changing markets, and shifting public opinion – with enough time to take appropriate actions.

Foresight also will help you go deeper with your own self-reflection and personal transformation process. Your intuition could alert you to the need to address ancestral DNA-level patterns that, if not healed, could prevent you from having your ideal love relationship or from being a success in your chosen work.

DNA-Level Patterns

Where do these DNA-level patterns come from? They are part of your conditioning – some from this life’s experiences, some imprints from your parents, some from your ancestral line, and some from your own past lives.

Everyone has them. Typically, the patterns only arise when catalyzed by something in your life – like entering a new relationship or seeking to be a success in your life’s work. Only with a trained eye can you see the actual patterns, of course, but they can block your success. Without knowing why, you could suddenly feel distant from a new love or sabotage a business partnership. It is your intuition and your connection with spirit that can give you the foresight to address such DNA-level patterns – before they trigger irresolvable problems.

In 2014, you will need to continue honing your skills with relationships. How you relate to others – including loved ones, coworkers, and even strangers – will be a determining factor in your level of joy and success. Indeed, relationships will continue to be the key catalyst for your spiritual growth. Each relationship holds within it a jewel that can help you to develop heart-centered consciousness. You cannot and do not do it alone.

Step Into Your Power Process

  1. Start each day with a positive thought about yourself and what you will create that day. Phrase your thought as an affirmation, and if possible, say it loud. Saying this with your own voice will help you to imprint the thought in your mind and energy field – adding potency to your day.
  2. Remind yourself regularly that positive changes take time and that you are in ongoing process of transformational change to be all that you can be. Let go of impatience and worrying about whether you are doing enough fast enough.
  3. When your road gets rocky, spend time doing things you enjoy and be with people who remind you of your own goodness. Don’t allow negative people to pull on you with their energy. Take a time out and get resourced from spirit, inviting your inner wisdom to connect you with more lightness of being.
  4. Do not fight issues as they arise. Welcome them as the gifts they are – potentially opening you to expansions of consciousness, healing, and becoming free from DNA-level patterns now ready to be resolved. After all, only when you become consciously aware of issues can you seek help in releasing them from your life.
  5. Let go of worry about the future. Indeed, you hold within you an unlimited potential of possible futures. Your ego mind forgets this, grasping at potentials the world presents. Your spiritual self, however, knows that you – right now – are determining which future you will have, in an ongoing unfolding process.

Note from Selacia: This is my annual predictions article, with foresight about what’s coming next year. Look for additional timely articles throughout the year, helping you to navigate the twists and turns of these unprecedented times. You are welcome to share this article with your friends and include it on your blog or website – as long as you provide the source information noted below. To receive all articles:http://bit.ly/JoinSelaciasList


You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media - as long as you provide the source - Selacia


Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!

Copyright 2013 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com

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