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Standing Up for Justice

Standing Up for Justice

-Need for the Divine Feminine-      

We knew going into 2020 that it would be different and mark a new beginning. There was a kind of cautious excitement in the air as we began the new decade. We had lots of signs that the status quo was crumbling and that there would be a number of reckonings addressing our world's dysfunction. Then came Covid-19, and now massive protests over racism and inequality. Both of these issues could be fundamental game-changers for our society. Continue reading for a higher view of where we are and how to stay calm when our world seems turned upside down.


Firstly, consider the link between Covid-19 and racism. Both have a virus-type energy that stirs fear, uncertainty, and reminders of past historical experiences.

Viruses have been a natural part of Earth's life stream. Scientists believe viruses played a key role in evolution of many species, including our own. Some viruses, when we're exposed to them, can make us sick or cause us to die. Others are asymptomatic. Because there's so much we don't yet understand about viruses and the potentially-deadly kinds like Covid-19, there's uncertainty associated with a Covid-19 pandemic.

Racism, which we've had in a systemic way throughout history, is not natural to humans - it's a conditional adaptation. It's based on fear, control, and the ego-need to have power over others in a hierarchical and patriarchal way. These roots go so deep that they are invisible until one begins investigating the "why."

Humans were conditioned to have racist tendencies, over thousands of years.

In our natural state - before conditioning - we are social beings that gravitate towards building community with one another and helping each other. This is wired into our core at a DNA level. That's who we are.

Fast Forward to Now

When we were born into this life, we didn't pack a suitcase with reminders of our previous lifetimes or those of our ancestors. Our conscious mind operated like this life was the start of our existence.

Some of you may remember as a child having flashbacks or dreams of another time and place. However, usually that "past archive" is experienced only briefly and without tangible connection to the current life. We simply don't connect the dots, except perhaps later in life when we're doing a past life regression or DNA healing work. Then, in those instances, what comes up in our awareness is pertinent to something specific happening in our current life.

What We Forget

In our amnesia after birth, we forget that we have had countless lifetimes on this and other worlds. If we are born female, we don't remember what it was like to be male. If we were born white, we don't remember what it was like to be black or brown. If we were born privileged enough to be fed and clothed daily - having our basic needs taken care of, we don't remember our lifetimes of poverty, starvation, oppression, racism, slavery, and other forms of bondage. If we were born into a life of subservience to others who misused power to dominate, we don't remember our lifetimes when we did the same thing.

When I do DNA healing work for clients, we access this past history on a need-to-know basis. Depending on what issues are arising, for example, it may help to release traumas and clear prejudice by focusing on past experiences that are influencing the present. Sometimes a person says the mere sight of a protest march over racism makes his or her skin crawl. Others tell me they have a visceral response to seeing a video of a woman tearfully sharing how her 16-year-old black son died at the hands of police.

What We Need to Remember

What we need to remember in these times is who we really are and what comes natural to us. At a core level, each of us regardless of gender has a divine feminine and a divine masculine. We have this even if we are not conscious of it. As we evolve and become whole, we balance our male and female and each is elevated out of ego and into divine expression.

When I say "we" I mean ALL of us. That includes everyone from the policeman, the mayor, the corporate president, and the country leader.  

It includes the looter, the paid agitator, and the arsonist. All of these individuals, regardless of how they appear to us now, are playing their part in the awakening of humanity. Therefore, we must strive to transform our anger towards them into forgiveness and empathy.

What's Here - What's Coming

In the past several years as more of humanity began awakening, there's been a rise in energies associated with the divine feminine. This is all around us now, despite how chaotic and divided our world feels. Peoples' hearts are opening, and there's more listening taking place. Listening and receptivity are feminine qualities. We need more of this, but let's acknowledge the progress we've made already. Some is showing up in the protest marches described below.

Need for the Divine Feminine

One thing that struck me during recent marches for justice was the presence of divine feminine energy. This energy, embodied by beings like Kuan Yin, is compassionate, merciful, courageous, and loving. To be sure, there was plenty of anger and grief present, yet an energy of caring also began surfacing.

I witnessed a groundswell of this energy - not only between protestors but even from some police marching with protestors. Some police took a knee with protestors.

This happened in several cities, including my town Santa Monica. Compassion was expressed by listening and being willing to walk side-by-side with others.

Need for Solidarity

What we need now is solidarity - a coming together of the human race to resolve issues that keep us in the dark ages and threaten our ability to have a sustainable planet. When only the privileged are free from discrimination and poverty, the majority have no real voice.

It will take unity across the world to resolve climate and other sustainability issues. What we have right now is a top-down model - fueled by greed and ego-power. Those in power destroy what does not serve their agenda. There is no long-range view to consider 50, 100, or 1,000 years from now.

Most of us deeply care about our planet and all life forms here. We care about each other. We care about the needless pain and suffering of others who are harmed by systemic racism and other forms of oppression. We care about this even if this never happened to us in this lifetime.

When humanity's darkness comes to light, we naturally take notice and care about oppression we see. This has always been the case, yet now is different.

Remember that the 2020s are not "normal" times - we're in a massive unveiling of society's shadow. Some things long a part of our culture are now coming to light in an expanded way. The spotlight on them, in fact, is so bright that we cannot look away. This is a natural aspect of our world's mega transformation.  

It's not about politics. If it feels like that to you or to your friends, consider what I wrote this week on my 'Selacia, The Council of 12' page:

"Standing up to oppression and racism is a moral and humane choice. It's not about politics. We humans all carry this scar within us, because of our shared conditioning over thousands of years. Walk gently with your brothers and sisters. Be the light to each other so we together can transform out of our darkness."

Remedies to Stay Calm

It's understandable that there would be tensions in the air. We've been isolating for weeks, we feel uncertainty about a growing list of things, and then since the police killing of George Floyd there's been nonstop media coverage of citizen protests and examples of police brutality. And all of this during some of the most tumultuous planetary energies of our lifetimes.

To stay calm with all of this going on is no simple matter. However we can do it, and we must do it, in order to be effective change agents for a more loving world. This is no time to sit on the sidelines and let others respond. We're in the 2020s now, and that means active engagement and staying present to both the big picture and happenstance details so we can constructively help ourselves and others.

We hold in our hands and hearts the seeds of a more loving world. Discouraged by injustice towards minorities and angry about what we witnessed in Minneapolis? It's natural to feel sad and angry, and to desire change. Let's personally work with our anger, facing it and processing it - so it doesn't impair our judgement and get acted out in harmful ways. Let's actively use our voices for positive change. Let's reach for the love naturally within us, applying that love over the coming days to do our part in creating a more loving world. We can do this.  

Selacia is an internationally known writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. Author of Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years, published in 2011, she is also the author of The Golden Edge and has been a writer her entire life. She is a former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other media. As an international journalist, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics and social change, healing and consciousness, and spiritual transformation.

Copyright 2020 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text. 

Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!
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