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Tools to Navigate October


Month of Potentials, Turmoil, Change

October is starting with both tensions and excitement in the air. Much is at stake in our society and in your personal life there’s likely a lot you are handling daily as you strive to cope and thrive. In this article I’ll give you an overview of both energetic components of October and the key situations unfolding which can impact you and the rest of humanity. Get grounded and invite your inner wisdom to participate with you as you read this.


As you know, we live in unprecedented times. The world around us is in turmoil as humanity has reached its tipping point of being able to sustain a livable, decent and just way of life for all beings. The entire planet, including all living things, is in a mega transformation that will determine how life continues for the coming decades and centuries.

We have a critical mass of awakening occurring, people across the world becoming conscious about situations they would have known nothing about in the days before we became instantly connected via technology. Much knowledge about how society is governed and about how and why wars are fought is becoming common knowledge.

It’s not like it’s really “new” information or a new development. However, when a populace begins waking up to very old unjust societal norms, there is naturally a mixed response. People suffering the effects of inequality and lack of opportunity may feel shock and anger – and with that a sense of powerlessness. Likewise, those benefiting from the old hierarchy may respond with a fiery push to maintain the status quo. This means that those in power may seek even more cleaver ways of obscuring truth.

Divine Changemakers Waking Up

As a divine changemaker you are among those consciously waking up to the state of things on our planet. As part of that you are in a huge rethinking phase of what these things mean for you personally.

Your role now is to be present to what’s going on, both in the world and in your own life. This includes remembering your larger purpose for incarnating now – to be one of those at the forefront of the massive changes unfolding, being a positive example of how to create a more just, peaceful, and loving world.

To succeed in fulfilling this larger mission, it’s necessary to develop a more regular connection to spirit and your inner guidance. It’s also vital to stay connected to the pulse of society, including what people are hearing about what’s going on. You will need your inner guidance to effectively monitor what you are taking in.

You cannot be truly informed if you depend solely upon the news or mems trending on social media. In fact, if you gauge truth solely from news or social media mems, you won’t have verifiable facts and you can be swayed by the constant emotionally-driven themes.

Make it your ongoing practice to discover and apply additional tools for discernment. Only with proper discernment can you assess what’s really going on – helping yourself and others.

October Overview

This month we have a number of key issues of significant potential importance to our future. Some may seem localized but remember that we are now a 24/7 connected world.

Key general themes:
(FIRST) power-hungry country leaders grandstanding, showing the world they know how to use nuclear weapons or that they will silence dissenters either through censorship or killing their own people (SECOND) country dictators instituting cyber wars to influence the direction of rival countries (THIRD) candidates for office using emotions and fear-based themes to get elected (FOURTH) news media providing provocative or shocking news that either distorts facts or leaves out relevant facts people need to discern truth (FIFTH) potentials for terror attacks – some staged for optimal effect by careful choice of location or timing, followed up with deceiving online publicity (SIXTH) the power elite taking advantage of the fact that the majority of the populace lacks skill and discernment to tell fact from fiction – with most people so distracted and overloaded that they don’t become present and question enough of what they take in (SEVENTH) elections taking place in countries like the US where money in politics skews results and the ability of whoever gets elected to govern efficiently (EIGHTH) truth and justice themes I described in my “2016 Predictions” are front and center, especially in this last quarter of the year (NINTH) planetary cycles unfolding now will be challenging people to find and use all of their inner and outer resources to find stability, discern truth, and discover how to thrive with a sense of joy and purpose.

Key Planetary Cycles

Key energy themes related to planetary aspects in October include those outlined here.

FIRST, we will experience more tensions and uncertainty involving radical and often sudden revolutionary forces unfolding across the planet. This is messy and people are likely to feel on edge, perhaps without knowing why. A big catalyst was the Uranus-Plutosquare. For perspective, this is the rare and challenging line-up that in 2012-2015 led to a combination of progressive breakthroughs and violent reactions in our polarized world. It’s like the world and our view of it got turned upside down.

While the main thrust of the Uranus-Pluto square is not with us directly as it was, the tensions of that cycle are still very alive. They can be further triggered, too, when the planets line up as they are in October. We will be feeling the effects of that initial Uranus-Pluto square through the 2010s – making this an instrumental decade in determining humanity’s future.

SECOND, we have a number of planetary aspects this month that will catalyze issues involving relationships. Especially up for review in a big way are themes involving fairness, truth, boundaries, and balance.

Relationships, in fact, will be front-and-center over the coming year as cosmic energies help bring to light what’s working and what needs changing. You may experience this 1-on-1 with others in your circles. You may also observe this dynamic as you relate within groups of people. And since relationships are at the core of all negotiations and lawmaking, this will be playing out in business, in government, and between countries.

THIRD, whenever we have high-energy days like the October 15 Full Moon, other planetary aspects like those mentioned can have an amplified effect. At the same time, that Full Moon could lead to great personal breakthroughs and being able to move ahead in a brand-new and more productive way. This could relate to your personal life path, your relationship with a key person, or your ability to contribute to the world in a meaningful and lucrative way.

The Energies and You

As I mentioned recently on social media, the first days of October begin with a bit of a roller coaster ride for relationships. Tense cosmic energies may stir memories of past hurts. If this happens to you, avoid the temptation to act on these feelings. If something needs resolving, this may not be the best time to revisit old hurts – or you may have more to clear up later.

In general, here’s a way to understand planetary energies and how they can impact you on a personal level while also affecting others around you. Planetary aspects can trigger new insights that help you see yourself as the divine being you are. Likewise, aspects of the planets can catalyze troublesome personal issues that haven’t been resolved.

What I’m speaking of here is fear-based conditioning over a series of lifetimes that affects how you see yourself, the world, and your ability to thrive and live in joy.

DNA Patterns

Everyone is affected by unresolved past patterns – including country leaders, decision-makers at companies, negotiators at climate and peace talks, and individuals like you. Issues I speak of here are unresolved fear-based DNA-level patterns rooted in this or previous lifetimes. This is humanity’s conditioning over thousands of years.

Here’s an example. Oppressor Hitler likely had countless past life experiences, recorded in his DNA as beliefs or patterns, that allowed him to mesmerize a population to blindly follow him and assist him with inflicting unspeakable atrocities.

This occurred at a time of turbulence, when many people were disempowered and susceptible to manipulation. It wasn’t just Hitler. The underlying climate of fear and unrest was also a factor. In more recent times, there have been other leaders having a similar magnetism, able to gain followers and control through fear.

DNA – Akashic Record of Personal History

On a personal level, everyone carries in their DNA both enlightened qualities and patterns that prevent wholeness and having a life filled with love and joy.

The DNA, in fact, is like a vast akashic record – relating to the energetic record of personal history within your DNA. The DNA in your cells is a kind of record keeper of who you are and what you believe. The energetic imprints stored in your DNA are a record of your past, present, and future potentials. In my DNA intuitive healing work, I can psychically see such imprints.

Here’s a general example of DNA imprints in our present day times of chaos and media manipulation. Imagine that a woman is struggling with issues of truth, self-trust, and discerning fact from fiction. Consider that this woman in a past life was persecuted for telling the truth and for revealing her psychic abilities.

Most likely she has no awareness of her past life conditioning, being triggered now by world events. Without healing of these core issues in the DNA, she could have difficulty trusting her intuition – perhaps unconsciously avoiding psychic development as unsafe.

There are many potential consequences – one being a detrimental impact of her choices. Without trusting her heart and feeling confident about her decisions, she could be vulnerable to charismatic leaders using media manipulation to gain power over others – making choices she later regrets.

Some First-Hand Perspective

For background, my experience with these things is first-hand – not only from years as a professional DNA intuitive healer but before that having worked as a professional journalist reporting on global politics, macroeconomics, world trade, and society. In those earlier times, as I covered the White House, Congress, and international news from Europe, being a journalist was quite different from now.

We needed to validate our stories with quotable sources and the news had not yet evolved into tabloid entertainment funded by big business. There was still plenty of bias in the news. On the whole, though, those earlier times in journalism were a beneficial force in creating a more educated and conscious populace.

What You Can Do Now

Feeling frustrated with the pace of change to more enlightened views – in health care, politics, and other sectors? Hold your vision of a world in which health, happiness, and well-being for all people is the objective.

Use your voice and choose carefully what you buy and ingest. Trust that your energy and consciousness – put into action daily – is a pivotal factor in creating a more just and humane existence. Know that your presence, as you participate fully and consciously in our dance of change, is a beautiful gift you have to give the world.

selaciaSelacia is an internationally known writer, intuitive healer, and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. Author of Your Guide to Earth’s Pivotal Years, published in 2011, she is also the author of The Golden Edge and has been a writer her entire life. She is a former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other media. As an international journalist, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics and social change, healing and consciousness, and spiritual transformation.

Copyright 2016 by Selacia - author of Earth's Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text. 

Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!

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