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4 Healing Schools: Diverse Healers for Diverse Health Issues

4 Healing Schools: Diverse Healers for Diverse Health Issues

The 4 Schools of Healing – We Need Different Healers for Different Health Problems

Throughout life, we have various issues come up which need healing.

However, western medicine being what it is, downplays the other types of healers which often will be much more effective than they are. There are 4 primary groups of healers, and for good health we need a combination of each of their skills and services.

I last gave you this material about 5 years ago, and because we always need some sort of healing appropriate to our issue, I figured this might be a welcome reprise. Also, because so many who visit this website are healers, this material might help you honor your place in the pantheon of the many healers it takes to live a good life.

I’ll begin by reminding you that while many conditions can be healed “on their own level,” there is a truth that all material, emotional, and mental problems need appropriate spiritual treatment. One of the 4 groups of healers are what we usually call “spiritual healers,” of which there are 7 different types depending on their training. And of course, we are always our own best healers.

Some radiate; others absorb; some are translucent transmitters (like Reiki practitioners), some are able to diagnose and send healing energy at a distance via various techniques, and so on. In fact, 4th and 5th Wave medicine both involve techniques of “healing at a distance.” While there are many sources which focus on “alternative medicine,” one of the greatest Schools of Spiritual Healing comes from a book which was dictated to the great scribe Alice A Bailey by the Tibetan Master DK titled Esoteric Healing which is a must for all spiritual healers. Though difficult to understand in places, its rules for healing are solid.

The original article resulted from a conversation with a Spiritual Brother who posted one of the rules, which got me to thinking. Here’s the post, with my response posted below.

From Esoteric Healing by Alice A Bailey, in the section “Six Rules for Healers,” in Rule IV we read:

“This rule require little elucidation, for it is composed of clear, concise instruction. Let us list these instructions:

  1. There must be careful diagnosis, based on the ascertained outer symptoms.
  2. The organ which is the seat of the trouble must be located. Both these activities concern the dense physical body.
  3. The center in the etheric body closest to the area of the trouble will next receive attention.
  4. Methods of occult healing are then employed, directed to the stimulation, or the reverse, of the center involved.
  5. Simultaneously, all outer orthodox methods are employed.

I replied: It should be noted that 1, 2, and 5 concern traditional means of diagnosis and treatment, while 3 & 4 are more in the realm of spiritual healing.

The Three Causes of All Disease

At this junction, I’ll preface what you're about to read by saying in my experience, there are three potential causes of all “disease.” There are genetic causes, environmental causes, and lifestyle causes. Every disease results from one or more of these three factors.

That’s the illusion killer when it comes to people telling us that somehow we “caused” the disease, or the disease is telling us something we need to own about ourselves. To me that’s a delusion of “blaming the victim” mentality usually put forth by superficial “healers” who tell the afflicted that they are “causing” or "perpetuating" their disease, or "resisting healing," or aren't "soul-ful" enough, and they would magically heal if they somehow just prayed the right way, or stopped being attached to their disease.

Usually these are just attempts to separate someone from their money and foster an unhealthy dependency. Given the four types of diseases each of which require a specialized healer within that type, it’s good to have a care plan, remembering some diseases take a short time to heal; others take longer times to heal; and some we learn to live with and do the best we can, managing the disease in ways appropriate to our circumstances.

We all have our unique genetic makeup, with our strengths and deficiencies. We can find ways to manage our genetically induced problems to a degree, but we certainly didn’t “cause” them. We all have to deal with environmental factors which over time could cause diseases. That’s why we install water and air filters, clean our sinks and toilets, get rid of molds and mildew, use sunscreen, and avoid living under electric lines or near toxic areas. We have the most control over our lifestyle choices, but even there, the best lifestyle cannot counter destructive effects from genetics and the environment. Some of our destructive habits when younger do negatively affect our bodies, and we deal with those (and all health issues) through one or more of the 4 groups of healers.

4 Healing Schools: Diverse Healers for Diverse Health Issues

The 4 Groups of Healers

These 4 groups of healers each have their specific “department of labor” and techniques which work to achieve different types of healing:

  1. physicians and surgeons
  2. adjusters, such as body workers, chiropractors and acupuncturists, and Eurythmy and Feldenkreis practitioners
  3. preventative healers, such as nutritionists and yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong instructors
  4. spiritual healers.

Many decades ago when teaching about these 4 groups, I noted there are 7 subgroups within each group. Many things can be realized by contemplating how each of these has unique methods even as they can work together synthetically.

An example of this is the blending of chiropractic, acupuncture, and Tai Chi together make for a very healthy nervous system, which affects the organs and allows us to transmit electrical force without too much noise affecting the signal. Each time we correct and heal any part of our nervous system, it will affect all the other organs and systems, since we are One Body connected to the One Life in which we live and breathe and have our Being.

Besides the physical organs and systems, as we heal any area of our physical body, we will note changes in our emotional (astral) and mental (manasic) fields. That’s because healing works as ONE unified force to restore harmony to the entire hologram.

Because we live in an impermanent, ever-changing body within an ever-changing environment, problems arise as a result of many causes, some of which we didn’t create, and some which we did. It’s why when an organ or system is severely damaged, we may not be able to repair it to its original state.

A broken bone is still a weak part of that system, even if it is repaired. While we can do liver restorative practices, a damaged liver still has a weakness an undamaged liver does not have. Lungs weakened genetically will be more susceptible to environmental and lifestyle factors than genetically healthy lungs.

Some health problems will never be perfectly eradicated, nor can we totally reverse the aging process. We are units of electromagnetic substance, and discharge and receive energy on a continuous basis. We expend energy in living and doing things in the world; we recharge through food, rest, laughter, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, and other regenerative practices.

If we could perfectly recharge what we expend, our bodies would never get tired, never age, and never die. That’s why different chapters of life bring different demands and different physical limitations, and why attempting to “young it” will only throw your body out of whack (as a great healer once told me).

All wounds can be healed, but that means different things regarding different wounds. Our physical, emotional, and mental wounds can be diagnosed and healed; our Sacred Wound(s) will never be “healed” in the usual sense of the word, since they bring us to the threshold of the suffering heart of humanity, and are the gateway to infinite compassion through understanding we share that wound with countless people across countless centuries.

Sacred Wounds are healed as we learn to live life navigating through our deep pain while breaking the link between our personal suffering and that pain. As we break the link between pain and suffering, we see we are part of the “corrective force of Nature Herself,” which is the ultimate healer in this physical reality. Then we heal without healing, and heal others by our very presence. I explain more about healing our wounds and using our Sacred Wound to serve our higher purpose in healing the world in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend, so please take a new look at those sections, since they hold the key to healing your lower triad and becoming a perfect vehicle to transmit spiritual energy in your world.

I once heard a wise man tell me “There are no spiritual problems. There are only spiritual solutions to human problems.” That led me to understand the value of healing as a spiritual discipline, so that as we embrace a Soul-ful existence, we in fact do heal our minds of negative thought forms, which in turn heals our emotional problems. As we heal our mind and our feelings, our body naturally heals as best it can, since we no longer think thoughts and feel emotions and desires which would lead our body into dis-ease.

Whether we work from the lower triad up from the dense to the subtle, or from the Higher Triad down from the subtle to the dense, we can heal any time we choose by allowing the healing which is our natural spiritual state to take place. I have seen people heal and be healed over a thousand miles away through a variety of spiritual means, and seen miracles where no one was “doing the healing,” but healing happened.

Our consciousness is capable of healing others in miraculous ways; we just need the appropriate training for who we are, and then practice it while “getting out of our own way” so healing may occur. And of course, some diseases cannot be healed in the human sense of the term. We may "facilitate" healing, but we cannot "make it happen." Even when healing seems to happen, disease is a common occurrence in the human vehicle and so other "diseases" may arise because of the individual karma.

Just remember that no matter how “high” our consciousness, we still will have to deal with discomforts as long as we are in a body. And all disease, whether in a Teacher or a Student, should bring forth compassion for human suffering. We are here to love each other, whether we or they are in sickness or in health. Even our loving thoughts can send a healing Ray to anyone we believe needs healing. That is the value of being the Loving Wise Intelligence you are. You have the power to heal yourself and others, and in so doing heal the world.

Just a few thoughts on an immensely vast subject.

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