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Where Are The Strong Men In The Crisis?

Where Are The Strong Men In The Crisis?

The moment is now to get up. Rarely has the time been so ripe for it. Rediscovering one's own dignity does not let us follow the unrolled narrative of undignified transhumanism. 

Dignity keeps us from becoming soldiers in a foreign war. The marching soldier transforms into a dancing warrior who fights for a higher purpose and cannot be misused as a soulless fighting machine for geopolitical games. Let's get up! There is much to protect, save and deliver.

As an exception, this text is aimed directly at the male gender, at the man in us. It is not his intention to exclude anyone, but rather to appeal to the male side at this time of great upheaval.

Where are the real men in this time of upheaval, one might ask. And is it still appropriate to call for real men in this crisis given the gender narrative?

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been registering a general attack on being human, on life itself.

You have to have come to terms with the driftwood, you have to be clinging to it, not to feel what has been going on here in a concerted and concentrated way for several years. Those who swim against the tide are quick to realize that the forests of life are being cleared on a massive scale and floating as dead wood in the mainstream. Swimming the mainstream upstream is painful and exhausting. Driftwood keeps hitting you as you move towards the source. But some brave people take risks. They are ready to stand up for life, for freedom and for the children of our society. But the masses, clinging to dead thought stems, are drifting down the valley with the current. And once again the truth shows that those who swim with the current do not notice what flies or swims around their ears.

But where were and are the men in this crazy time?

Did they stand up for their children, did they protect their families from the oncoming dangers? The current blockbuster “Avatar” comes to mind. The main character Jack Sully fights passionately for his family and the indigenous people of the Nai'vi, to whom he feels connected.

How many young men currently have the strength to oppose social developments, to stand up like a lion and to show their teeth to an encroaching state? And how many of the young men experience strong fathers who courageously show their attitude and powerfully live their potential? Quite a few of the young men are "fathers", being a man in general is currently not considered modern, almost as disreputably right-wing.

The disappearance of the fathers

The father role has been subject to constant change over the past centuries and decades. The common track, however, leads incessantly into the vast land of absence.

Decades ago, the doctor and psychoanalyst Alexander Mitscherlich accurately sketched the path to a fatherless society.

With the beginning of industrialization around 200 years ago, fathers disappeared from their families. They were sacrificed to factories and machines and made into objects. They mutated into workers who could only see their families for a short time and for whose livelihood they toiled. The mothers and the rest of the family now had to take care of the children alone. The presence of the father, who used to be able to pass on his skills to the boys in particular, was sacrificed to the machine world. Many saw their fathers only rarely, unapproachable, grumpy and drained. The trauma of the absent father in the western world was born.

The growing boys - but also the girls - lost one of the stable foundations for their growth. In addition, wars, in which far too many fathers lost their lives, paved the way for a fatherless society. The father was gutted and depersonalized to an abstract meta level and institutionalized as a school, military, church, state, and so on.

The impressive film “The Fox”, which is based on a true story, tells how deep a father wound can be. The protagonist is given away by his father as a seven-year-old boy in the 1920s because he can no longer look after him. The boy perceives this forced separation as a betrayal. The deep emotional wound allows him to mature into a suspicious, taciturn man. Only when he meets a young fox, who even accompanies him during the invasion of Normandy, does he believe in love again. Ultimately, he too has to let go of the fox.

Hunger for fathers and longing for the strong man

The dramatic absence of their own biological father led to insecurity and disorientation in many men at the time, which almost evoked the longing for the strong man. The great patriarchal demagogues of the 20th century played and seduced the keyboard of hunger for fathers. And many of them also suffered from deep wounds in their relationship with their father.

As a result, the image of the institutionalized and personal father was massively damaged, and masculinity itself was increasingly perceived and portrayed as toxic. While women finally began to emancipate themselves from the 1960s, men learned to discover their feminine side.

The path from macho to softie was short, but neither of these role models was suitable for the long term. Both lacked a vigorous, healthy masculinity due to their insecurity about their own masculine identity. This was easy to see for the softie, the macho only faked what was missing on the inside.

While men in films and sitcoms were increasingly portrayed as weak and stupid, the institutionalized father also disappeared more and more into anonymity. Educational work became almost exclusively a female task.

Mothers, fathers and the instrumentalization of the gender movement

The specter of the absent and repressed father now returns as a technocrat and transhumanist. He lacks the loving heart of the true father that so many young souls yearn for. From the cold of transhumanism, the warm-hearted father protects his young like the king penguin in the Antarctic cold.

However, the disappearance of fathers and the reduction of the extended family to the core family also heralded the slow disappearance of mothers. Many children only see their biological parents in the evening at prime time, and the bond with them is often not particularly strong. The classic images of father and mother are seen as reactionary in some circles. They would marginalize trans and non-binary people. For example, the wording "human milk" is recommended for "breast milk"; the father could be called "parent" or "co-parent". Father and mother would thus also disappear as terms and consequently from the active vocabulary. So that the vast majority of women and men who identify with their biological sex can be narrowed down linguistically, they are referred to as cis women or cis women. referred to as cis male. A term that seems quite technocratic in order to avoid alleged discrimination against trans men and women.

Seeing and appreciating trans and nonbinary people is essential and imperative.

But it is also essential to consider the instrumentalization of the gender movement. It was used as a fig leaf for an allegedly prevailing social tolerance.

Behind the rainbow flag, other minorities such as those criticizing measures and vaccinations as well as peace activists were and are being discriminated against all the more massively. Furthermore, gender is not an exchange or consumer item that is currently falling victim to the technocratic mania for feasibility. Misunderstood and manipulated, this movement becomes a precursor to the transhumanist movement, which misuses the loss of human identity as a breeding ground for the fusion of man and machine and for a digital identity.

The salvation of humanity and the initiation into manhood

In essence, it is about the salvation of humanity in all its diversity. And fathers have a special role to play in this. Many an identity crisis can certainly be traced back to the lack of a supportive and stable father.

How many sons and daughters can actually say that they experienced a father who sat with them around the campfire, who made them laugh, hatched adventures, carried them on his shoulders through the world, took them the stars from the sky, told jokes and believed in her?

Nowadays, boys often only experience male identification figures in the football club. Of course, born by women and mostly raised by women up to the age of ten, they rarely quarrel with men who mean well by them. Insecure in their masculinity, teetering between aggression and depression, they often fail at school and at work.

Unfortunately, schools are hardly a species-appropriate habitat for boys. Her frequent urge to exercise, her spirit of discovery and sense of the practical are often neglected. Quite a few misinterpret youthful aggression as a lack of sensitivity. Police officers in the USA report that delinquent young people often grew up without a father who they could have orientated themselves on and rubbed shoulders with. Many boys lack the frictional heat, and later the initiation into manhood itself.

"If we don't initiate our boys, they will burn our village down just to feel the heat," says an African proverb. The young men want to feel the heat, bring the fire down from the sky, know and live their mission in life.

Unless we let them carry the torch of their own lives, there is a risk that their masculine power will be turned against society. And here, too, there are seducers who intervene in a manipulative manner and have young men burn down foreign villages in foreign countries. It is not uncommon for older, unwise and heartless men to look enviously at the potency and potential of the young, only to then burn them up in the war. We urgently need older, wise men again to initiate the young into manhood.

But many men who were not initiated in their youth also get cold, they hardly feel their fire anymore. They have fallen into the freezing trap of functioning and obediently doing what they are told. In looking at the state of the world, it must be recognized that too many men are uninitiated. The initiation rites of the indigenous peoples were considered in certain cultures to be the second birth - the birth by man into manhood.

For men, this is an extremely important moment, as the golden key to the "wild man" lies under the mother's pillow, as the extremely profound and complex developmental fairy tale "Der Eisenhans" or "Der wilde Mann" makes clear. The story, dressed in the metaphorical language of a fairy tale, describes the development from boy to adult man with profound symbolism. Every development into an adult and awakened man is marked by breaks and, after ideally a successful bond with the mother, begins with detachment from her.

On this path, in addition to a warm and powerful father, mentors who believe in them are vital for boys. Very sensitive men in particular benefit greatly from the protective power of empathetic, powerful men.

The inner woman, the inner child and the peaceful warrior

The mature man is ultimately ennobled by his integrated feminine side. He is not at the mercy of this, like a boy of a possibly dominant supermother. Rather, the feminine side refines his nature. In the same way, the child in the man keeps him lively, playful and spontaneous.

However, when the growing man is stuck in childhood, he shows himself infantile and can take little responsibility for himself and towards others.

He slides into dependencies and is unable to protect and empower himself. So he first becomes a consumer, only to then mutate into a consumer article himself.

Ultimately, devoid of any individuality, he allows himself to be fed into a transhumanistic process as a data package, without will and well measured.

Skilled manipulators have previously used its lack and filled it with constructed models.

'If you don't become like children!' was not a call for infantility, by the way, but rather for seeing the world again through the eyes of a child and immersing oneself in the immediate present of life. Grown men can play with their inner child, because it feels safe and secure next to a strong inner man. And grown men stand up for children, protect them. They are the firewall in an infantile society that all too often falls victim to children.

It is not for nothing that it is the fathers, the men, the peaceful warriors, whom the rulers want to get rid of in order to gain access and influence on families and children.

The "wild man" and the impotent warrior

The prominent American writer Robert Bly takes up the ancient motif of the "wild man" in his unique work "Eisenhans - A book about men" to show a third way. Masculine here is neither aggressive barbarism nor submissive conformity, but the development of inner strength, a sense of responsibility and a mature ability to love.

Among other things, he tells an incident with an international group of men, in which the German men did not want to wield the sword during a psychodynamic exercise as part of a course.

Shame and a German guilt that has been transported metaphysically into eternity have been gnawing away at male self-image to date. The inner warrior remains in faint, in his "German fear" of his own strength. The sting of the fear of committing another global, catastrophic mistake is too deep. Many would rather turn the sword against themselves than use it to defend themselves.

Fake Shepherds, German Shepherd, Wolf and the Mega Machine

This behavior is definitely in the interest of those who view the power of German-speaking countries with suspicion and prefer to play on impotence. The German hereditary guilt weighs heavily and urgently needs to be healed. If guilt mutates into eternal inherited guilt, then due to its manipulative character, it stands in the way of coming to terms with the past. The time of ashes shall be shed, a mature, peaceful warrior emerge. Then Germany will no longer behave like an obedient shepherd dog that is always on a leash and will no longer serve false shepherds. It takes responsibility for its abysmal flaws as well as celebrates its positive contributions to world culture. It sets itself free and feeds its own inner, independent and peaceful wolf.

As a noble wolf, it can now begin to sing and dance again.

Western men, and especially the German-speaking ones, have lost a basic, living expression of humanity on the way to functionality - namely singing and dancing. But precisely these two forms of expression are medicine against a rampant technocracy madness.

A functional robot named Mann will sooner or later merge with the machine as a cyborg and ultimately be fed into the mega-machine without him noticing. The transformation from worker and soldier into a consumer is currently being followed by another, namely into consumer goods, functional robots and a data package measured without will. The warmth of being human has given way to an anonymous, transhuman, brave new world.

The transformation from a marching soldier into a dancing, peaceful warrior

The moment is now to get up. Rarely has the time been so ripe for it.

Rediscovering one's own dignity does not let us follow the unrolled narrative of undignified transhumanism. Dignity keeps us from becoming soldiers in a foreign war. The marching soldier transforms into a dancing warrior who fights for a higher purpose and cannot be misused as a soulless fighting machine for geopolitical games.

Let's get up! There is much to protect, save and deliver.

The protection of children and young people

Where were we men when the children and young people were being abused and seduced in the pandemic?

They are our wards and not the other way around.

My father loved children and I am a little proud to have stood up for children and young people as a teacher, man and person since the beginning of the pandemic. Far too many of them filled and continue to fill the child and adolescent psychiatric wards, where the only continuous triage took place and takes place during and after the pandemic.

Many of the youth are trapped in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome as hostages who are called upon to free grown men. Who has had the courage to do this in recent years?

Now it is time to deal with this without ifs and buts and to hold the perpetrators and followers accountable. The smarter ones do not give in on essential issues, they fight for the truth. Ideally with the spirit of forgiveness.

Protection of the planet and Trojan horses

We are also called upon to do all we can to protect, tend and garden the planet.

It's time to put a stop to the excessively greedy.

When 21-year-old environmental activist and drone operator Jack Hutton says in the award-winning documentary Sea of ​​Shadows: "Everything is so incredibly connected. We must not be a virus that is here to kill its host. This is unacceptable" and at the same time fighting against Chinese and Mexican cartels in the Gulf of California for the organization of the "Sea Shepherds", then we have before us a brave, peaceful warrior. The world is crying out for it.

Many peaceful warriors have stood up in the face of undignified restrictions on fundamental rights in recent years, and more and more will follow. And it is the inner warrior that leads the way to the heart as an essential archetype. Without him we cannot courageously and self-determinedly take life into our own hands. Neither do we know how to set clear boundaries and stand up for the life we ​​are.

When billion-dollar oligarchs choose themselves as philanthropists and humanists while at the same time wanting to rid themselves of humanity as transhumanists, we have to stand up.

As we protect nature, we challenge our youth and ask them if the modern climate movement isn't a reductionist-technocratic movement, hijacked by the very people who are destroying and destroying nature.

The Rockefeller dynasty should be mentioned as an example, which earned and continues to earn its billions with oil and at the same time promotes climate protection with its foundation. The technocratic reduction of environmental protection to climate protection is used cynically by those who want to expand power, money and control. In the future, the CO2 footprint could degenerate into a modern shackle.

The same players who benefited from the pandemic and used health as a Trojan horse are now pushing the next Trojan horse past the sleeping warriors.

Of fig leaves, twists and discernment

It is difficult to live in times when freedom is framed as egoism, health is meant as surveillance, obedience is described as solidarity, the carbon footprint could become a modern shackle, transhumanists preach humanism, international fascism is deceived by the political left , the rainbow flag is misused as a fig leaf for intolerance against undesirable minorities, the loss of gender identity is sold as the colors of the rainbow, queer thinkers are in and lateral thinkers are out, media conformity is interpreted as a sign of the truth that has no alternative, dealing with the pandemic degenerates into washing in innocence, Migration is misused as a hybrid weapon, breaking up families is praised as modern and war is supposed to create peace.

The warrior within possesses the sword of discernment. He knows that inverted fascism, waddling handstands from the political left onto the global stage, is not a nice duck, but remains fascism. And he knows the twisting games that are currently so popular, such as "Catch the thief!" or "Turn the goat into a gardener!".

True pacifism

And only powerful warriors can voluntarily choose true pacifism. The pacifism of frightened men, however, is anemic and does not spring from freedom. At present, the icy winds of warmongers are still blowing against strong women and men who are enthusiastic about peace.

The swooning of German men and the elephant in the room

The powerlessness in which German men have fallen can be seen very easily from Germany's reaction to the state terrorist attack on the North Stream pipelines. The pushed decoupling of Germany and Russia was literally visible here on the water surface.

Seymour Hersh, the US investigative journalist par excellence, even gave Germany the through ball to be able and allowed to name the elephant in the room. But all that can be heard from German politicians is a deafening silence, an alarm of silence. The hawk in the forest still seems too menacing for the birds in politics to start singing.

With the elastic backbone of a Scholz or the B2 language level of the young global foreign minister, who seems remote from education, it might not be a coincidence either. The land of poets and thinkers lets itself be presented and seduced by the land of bombers and blasters at will. The latter splits the Eurasian plate to have the greatest possible impact.

In his memorable speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the influential political strategist and head of the information service "Stratfor" - George Friedman - particularly emphasized the desired division of Germany and Russia:

"Well, the primary interest of the United States throughout the last century - that is, through the First, Second and Cold Wars - has been the relationship between Germany and Russia, because united these two would be the only force that could threaten us - and therefore is to make sure that doesn't happen."

The Greens as jesters of the Dark King

The Greens have long since mutated into the Dark King's jesters. Among the fruits they are probably the melon: the skin is green, the flesh is red and the core is brown.
One is reminded of the words of Adorno, who, towards the end of the 1950s, thought that much more dangerous than open neo-Nazis were and were self-proclaimed democrats who overlooked their own fascization after the Second World War.

Green politicians: inside and out – as former conscientious objectors, they are enthusiastic about the war, they even warn against war fatigue, while they are excitedly hammering on their laptops far away from the battlefields. The CO2 footprint of the US military in particular leaves them cold. The millions of tons of natural gas released into the environment as a result of the North Stream detonations were not worth mentioning. Liquefied fracking gas shipped across the ocean is considered moral and clean. The looting of oil and grain in the US-controlled north of Syria seems legal, as does the denial of aid to Syria after the devastating earthquake due to sanctions. The CIA-backed creation and radicalization of the Taliban, along with Pakistan, as a bulwark against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the indirect creation of the IS from the Iraqi resistance against the US intervention and the worldwide surveillance published by Snowden do not seem to be worth any criticism in addition to the illegal war operations of the USA with millions of deaths in the last decades. Not even Madeleine Albright's answer, "It's worth the price," to the question of whether the US embargo on Iraq, which killed 500,000 children, was worth the price, caused an outcry in society.

Concerts, readings and declarations of solidarity by artists for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and so on have been searched and searched in vain.

One positive exception was Konstantin Wecker's courageous peace concert in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

It is better to criticize Russia's illegal war. The applause is guaranteed here. Instead of a headwind, you get a tailwind.

Of hypocrisy, weaponizing morality and inflated egos

On the one hand, the West rightly reprimands Navalny's arrest and, at the same time, subjects Assange to "white torture" in the high-security Belmarsh prison.

One would like to call out to these self-appointed moralizers with the words of Jesus:

"You hypocrites! You are like the whitewashed tombs: they appear beautiful on the outside, but inside everything is full of stinking decay.”

Also: Since when has the West been bothered by wars that violate international law? Only if they are led by other nations?

The actions of the empire are probably always legal, deviations from this have been considered legal for some time.

Empires have always had the authority to interpret morality, not because they were closer to morality and truth than others, but because they simply had the power to do so. They sanction and are never sanctioned. Empires are oversized egos that feed on others while at the same time being overly enthusiastic about themselves. Most of the time, in a narcissistic exuberance, they think of themselves as bringers of light, while turning off the light for others. On the other hand, if you stand up peacefully, your morals will be denied first.

The great distortion, the escalation of the war and the necessary self-confidence

The big twist of this millennium began when George Bush Jr. the framing formulated for him spoke: "Whoever is not with us is against us."

This simple saying is the abusive and divisive reinterpretation of the following biblical words of tolerance: "He who is not against us is for us."

At least since the imperial US war policy of George Bush jr. refugees from the attacked countries conquer the public space in German-speaking and other European countries more and more visibly.

German men duck, they are no longer able to protect their women. While quite a few of these young immigrants flaunt a masculinity that can be described as toxic, at the same time many a German man is searching for his correct gender and the appropriate pronoun with which he/she/es/xir/nin/dey wants to be spoken to so as not to be offended.

Instead of retreat and fragmentation, what is needed is a new self-confidence, a new self-love that can also clearly show an edge.

The protection and dignity of sexual minorities is extremely important, but the abuse and instrumentalization of the hyped movement must be addressed clearly and certainly not in the interest of the minorities.

The policy of recent years has been one of division, which is an essential prerequisite for wars of any kind.

War is currently being waged on every imaginable level. Nothing is too sacred to those in power not to turn it into a weapon.

In this 5th generation of warfare, war conquers new territory: the human psyche. Special forces like the British Army's 77th Brigade specialize in silent, hybrid information and psychological warfare.

The inner division of man in gender and sex is serious enough. However, to hype this and thus unsettle and confuse adolescents leads to inner wars.

The new colonies and the uprising for peace

The body, soul and spirit of individuals are now the professed goal of those who are insatiable in their quest for power.

You see new colonies that can be populated or polluted with completely new technologies.

Peaceful warriors, warn and fight for your safety and that of others! Your personality may not be woke, but your soul may be awake. It's time to protect our youngest from all the theaters of war, inside and out, that serve only a very few. Even before the enthusiasm for permanent weapon upgrades, war propaganda and further black and white templates in the Ukraine conflict, in which all sides outside of Ukraine are least concerned with the people themselves. "No, I won't give up my sons!" Reinhard Mey sang so touchingly. He was one of the first to sign the "Manifesto for Peace" by Sahra Wagenknecht and Alice Schwarzer. Next to him are Rainer Mausfeld, Franz Alt, Günter Verheugen, Willy Brandt's eldest son Peter Brandt, Eugen Drewermann, the former chairwoman of the CouncilEvangelical Church in Germany , Margot Käßmann and many more.

Compare these peace-loving people, whose message of peace is intended to be captured with framings such as “peace advocate”, “national pacifist”, “lumpen pacifist”, “pony court theology” and so on, with the well-known agitators in the conflict. The Holy Inquisition of fact-checkers, orchestrated by the IFCN under the umbrella of the Poynter Media Institute in Florida, also moved in to correct the heresies.

Wasn't there also a peace advocate, lumpen pacifist and pony farm or sheep theologian living 2000 years ago? And didn't he set up regular flirty clubs, which those in power didn't like, with men and women who were willing to break new ground?

The hero's journey and the humor in the shirt

It is a hero's journey that we as humans have to take. We must put a stop to the new technocratic top-down politics, which has swindled its way up through fear and the lack of alternatives.

It cannot be that in these crises we mutate into frightened children and wait for orders from those who supposedly mean well by us.

The transformation from an infantile subject into a mature citizen who again participates in a free culture of debate without a cancel culture is a hero's journey.

The ideological uniforms are replaced by the humor in the shirt without being canceled for political incorrectness.

The peaceful warrior calls for disobedience to all life-denying, while the soulless soldier fights life.

Rebellious men unite with rebellious women at this time to stop the war against humanity, against nature. They are no longer blinded by the weaponry of morality. They fight for life, for love and for poetry.

And they know that it is the rediscovery of spirituality that makes them whole. The vacuum left by a lack of spirituality cannot be filled with technology without ending up in a technocracy.

As mature women and men overcome their divisions and regain their unity, ecstatic peace spreads like wildfire around the earth. The split has been overcome.

The holy fools dance and sing again.

They love life and they can forgive. Her gratitude for her own vitality and her connection to all life lets her shine.

The functional robots, the living in the realm of the dead, do not understand any of this because, as Nietzsche allegedly put it: "Those who could not hear the music thought the dancers were crazy."

Let us men become the wild poets of life, peaceful, forgiving warriors who stand up and stand up for life itself!
“The fox takes care of himself, but God takes care of the lion!” said the poet, painter and visionary William Blake.
Now we men have to decide: do we want to be sheep, foxes or lions connected to the big picture?!

To the gift of humanity! This is now to be saved, men! Let's rise in full size!

Quoting Adorno

With kind permission of the author:

Gerald Ehegartner, teacher, vision quest guide, wilderness educator and author of the books Dive Into The Heart - When Old Man Coyote Blasted The School System, Fire Into The Heart - How I Learned To Dance With Fear, and Thoughts In A ( w) irren Zeit - profound and humorous texts on explosive topics of our time" https://geraldehegartner.com/

Translation by CrystalWind.ca.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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