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The Arcturian Collective: July 2021 ~ A World At Sea

The Arcturian Collective: July 2021 ~ A World At Sea

Prepare For Floods, Revelations, Voyages,
& The Ascension Of A Lifetime!

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Highest Celestial Frequencies of Unity Consciousness in Golden and White Beams of Light that emanate directly from the Godheart.  This Quantum Living Light is the building block dear ones of Who You Are.  So breathe with us a Deep Divine Breath In.  Allow yourself to pause for just these few minutes today all of the busyness in your daily life, all of the sounds, the stimuli, the worries, the excitement, the overwhelm, and the mystery of the unknowns of what is coming and yet what is not fully made manifest in the Human Collective’s Consciousness.  

Witness all of that energy that is potentially swirling around in your awareness right now in this moment, and breathe a deep divine conscious breath in to step outside of linear time with us for this incredible moment we are sharing today.  Conscious Breathing assists your Divine Merkaba to “get in sync” with the Living Light Energy of Source Creator.  And it relaxes your Human Self’s compulsion to keep up with the spinning world of multidimensional timelines that you otherwise are and would be experiencing without the Gift of Conscious Breathing to stabilize, nurture, ground, and fortify you in Quantum Ways that live outside the Linear Time-Space Matrix.  Good.  Now in the Gift of this Moment, that is called The Present, allow your Heart-Mind-Body-Soul-and-Spirit to be bathed in this Deep Timeless Breath that is Breathing You in Union with Source Energy and feel yourself relaxing in this Timeless Place of Grace, this Suspension of the Weight and the Worries of your 3D physical body temple and the demands on your energy field and attention at all hours of the day and night, and this sense of Ease and Flow that can only truly emanate from a place outside the perception of Linear Time and its Limitations.  

Float in these Celestial Waters with us a moment more. And really notice what it feels like to allow the sensation of being quantumly and consciously weightless, boundless, limitless, perfect, and whole again.  For this is your Sacred Home.  This is your Inner Knowing.  This is your Inner Being.  And this is the Gift of the Present Moment, that can be accessed in EVERY SINGLE BREATH, and whenever you especially need it, to breathe through anything less in your own experience than what you are feeling right here and right now with us in this moment.  Feel yourself bathed in these Golden White Crystalline Color Codes of Sacred Living Light. And know that this Prana is just for you.  Know this Union with Source is Just For You.  Breathe with Ease.  Breathe with Joy.  And Breathe in Union with God/Source Creator/Maker of The All That Is.  

We have spoken before about this and we will say it again today as we set the vibrational tone for this transmission.  This is Nirvana Breathing. Nirvana is a State of Grace.  It is a place within you of Complete and Total Union with the Unified Field and the Essence of Unity Consciousness.  It is seamless.  It is effortless.  For it simply IS.  And when you breathe in this way, and you allow yourself to soak in the Living Light Energy of Source in this way, straight from the Godheart, you transcend time.  You transcend limitations and lack.  You transcend worry.  And you enter the Grace of Spirit.  All while you simultaneously are housed in a physical body and consciousness witnessing your Spirit Re-Birth and Take Flight.  You Rise In Grace in Spiritual Union with the Divine, and it simply requires you to become still in any given moment, and connect with Divine Source, and allow the receiving of the Gifts that are always, always, there for you in Divine Escrow, for everything God has and everything God IS is yours.  You are simply remembering.  

In this way, we can call Conscious Breathing . . . The Breath of Remembering.  The Union of Remembering.  The Grace of Being All That You Remember Yourself and God/Source to Be.  And this is a Soul Skill and Divine Awareness that is returning to you today as a Gift from the Godheart for these times.  It has been well sought, well summoned, and well received.  And so it is.

Many of you receiving the messages in our transmission today already know the Ark has set sail.  The Vibrational Arc has been launching for the past many years for some of you, and the Literal Ark in your life experiences that provides the structures and templates of your lives has launched as well.  More recently we spoke to the Awareness of Preparedness, didn’t we?  The Preparing For Rain Wisdom, as well as the Preparing for The New Reign of Light.  And you are still in the Timeline of Preparedness, Flooding, Revelations, and Divine Ascension.  Do you have awareness of feeling this in your daily life?  There has been this feeling of things are changing, yes?  That a New Light is Dawning, yes?  That New Life is Dawning, yes?  And yet, even the most sensitive, the most attuned, the most in-tune among you still can’t quite grasp a clear image or impression of how this is manifesting for you, and others, and a whole world in one expansive co-creation in this unique window of time.  And that is because there are earthly preparations that consume much of your day and time that are now summoning in the Quantum Soul Sight To See Deeper into the Realms of a New Living Quantum Space-Time Reality.  

You are living this Simultaneously Now, as Earthly Human Souls experiencing more and more of the Chicken Little Scenario, that the sky is falling.  You could insert or substitute just about anything into that sentence, for the word sky, and you would be right.  The financial structures are falling.  The pharmaceutical Goliaths and systems are falling.  The taxation systems are falling.  The educational systems are falling.  We could also substitute the word energy and essence of “failing” for “falling”.  Because they are in fact failing and falling.  All of them.  All systems of human behavior and governance are failing and falling that were originally templated in a consciousness that was designed in a matrix of separation from God and God Consciousness in this last world age and cycle.  Separation was the “program” and “template” but it is not the Divine Design.  

And so, as systems fail and fall, more and more is becoming evident.  Yes?  Maybe not to those who are the deepest sleepers among you.  But to many others, yes? Like the story of The Princess and the Pea, no matter how many mattresses she slept on, her slumber and desire for rest was disturbed and intruded upon by the existence of a tiny pea under the original mattress.  Well . . . you are all Princesses and Princes of that Ascensional Pea.  What you might have been able to see beyond, overlook, shove under the proverbial rug (or mattress in this case), and carry on doing the same doing and living the same way of being that you have for millenia, somewhat detached from the painful energies of separation consciousness growing larger on your world by passing millenia over time, can now no longer be ignored.  Suppressed.  Avoided.  Denied.  Oh yes ~ some will try.  But like that princess, in that tale, we will say now, in 2021, to no avail.  Turning a blind eye and a deaf ear so to speak to what has happened in the Great Slumber of Humanity all this time will not neutralize the impact now of a crumbling illusionary realm.  Pieces of metaphorical brick and literal brick in many cases are crumbling. Even cyber systems of commerce and interconnection and communication are seeing rumblings, crumblings, and even attacks, so much so that whole systems are being shut down for hours and days at a time.  Systems, not of Source Energy, that serve the 3D Matrix in any way will not survive the coming transition and transformation of a World Returning to God Consciousness, and thus they will not survive the coming Union of a World Returning to God, the Source of All Creation.  The systems built on false structures are at their core, failing.  And thus, these same systems are at their core, falling.  

And so there is Truth to the Chicken Little story if you have the Quantum Soul Vision to see.  Something was falling and failing in that experience for Chicken Little, and we might say it was her distortions.  It was her fear-fulness.  It was her alignment with illusion, that the acorn was revealing to her as that story played out.  Perhaps each one of you will experience a “piece of sky” failing and falling in these times too.  And what will that piece of sky be trying to tell you?  Ultimately, likely something somehow specific to an aspect of your life that you have given your Divine Power away to.  Something where you hold attachments through false beliefs IN those attachments, that they will keep you safe in this crazy world if you can just get these cracks and kinks worked out to re-align the way things were.  The way you needed them to be.  Or the way you perceived that you needed them to be.  All of that is failing and falling dear ones.  Where God is not rooted and grounded in the foundations of these creations, the structures and the belief systems in those structures will be, and are, failing. 

Now some may still be sleeping and seemingly ignorant of these Divine Truths unfolding in real times in the storms of these times of revelations.  But that doesn’t mean they are sleeping well.  For if we bring in the energy of the Princess and the Pea, or the Prince in the Pea, or the Human and the Pea, or the Soul and the Pea, however you wish to connect to the energy of that story, it was a fit-full sleep, a restless sleep, a challenging slumber, wasn’t it?  And she looked and felt exhausted, didn’t she, after such an interrupted night’s sleep?  God has a way of moving in ways that accomplish all Truths, Awakenings, and Alignments with the Divine Design with Vibrational Precision.  And for those who don’t wish to see or hear or know the Truth that it is Time to Rise and Shine, and Wake Up, from this Realm of Separation-Spawned Slumber, it doesn’t take much to illuminate the efforting required to stay asleep in these times.  And now, in 2021, it doesn’t take much to illuminate this realm so that Global Peas are beginning to get people’s attention, day and night.  Yes?  So while many may STILL cling to the old ways, the old routines, the old belief systems, the old ways of being and doing that they have always lived, they are doing so less and less comfortably, aren’t they?  And they are doing so more and more fit-fully, aren’t they?  And it requires more and more effort to turn away from the Truth, doesn’t it, as it comes flooding in on every pathway of communication and connection in the world, doesn’t it?  

That Proverbial Pea that is the Celestial Awakener of the People is gently, patiently, persistently, and steadily reaching a sound, a decibel, and a pitch that people can hear.  And just like the song we mentioned in the last transmission, called Anthem that was written and sung by Leonard Cohen, you are living in the time where all are called to Ring the Bells they still can Ring, to forget your perfect offering, that there’s a crack in everything and that is how the Light Gets In.  As more and more crumbles that is fake, phony, false, and illusory that have origins from the Serpent’s Vision and the 3D Matrix’s Best Vision for a world “without” God . . . the Light is getting in, yes? 

Some of you feel that Living Light and you drink it in.  You celebrate it in.  You welcome it in and bathe in it, and share it with others who are open to receiving and enjoying it too.  Some feel it and are trying as they might like that Princess to toss and turn and toss again, as if they can become a new human salad that can reset itself while still ignoring that pea that is trying to reach its “salad of daily consciousness and awareness.” And we are here to say that there is no amount of tossing, ignoring, proverbial rugging, hiding, avoiding, censoring, blaming, and denying that will stop the Omnipresent Light of Source from Getting In now.  

And while the Light works to awaken all sentient life here in its rays and fields of Vision and Reach, streaming through cracks in this false matrix every where every day, revelations are coming. Floods are flowing.  Challenges are rising.  The False 3D Matrix just can’t keep itself together any more, can it?  Another nursery rhyme or tale that comes to mind to illustrate that aspect of the Ascension Process is the Story of Humpty Dumpty.  He sat on a wall and had a great fall, didn’t he?  And no one could put the pieces of Humpty Dumpty back together again.  The wall in that story is the veil.  That story has foreshadowed this Biblical time as well, for those with eyes to see.  The Princess and the Pea did as well.  All were clues and cues from God shared, streamed, revealed, told, and illustrated through many instruments and servants of God over many millenia all while the serpent worked its insidious agendas to infiltrate all that was good in God’s Great Kingdom.  The serpent may have had a few tricks up its proverbial sleeve, and it has orchestrated its plan to the letter as best it could over many, many thousands of years.  But God doesn’t need tricks.  God is Omnipresent, Omniscient in All Time and All Space, and thus Omni-Visioned.  God sees all.  God knows all.  God IS All.  

And so here we are, speaking to you today, on the cusp of July 2021, as many of you ride the Waves of Ascension with Great Consciousness, Faith, and Fortitude.  May and June have ushered in the crescendo frequencies of many GREAT crumblings of banks, industries, fronts for an assundary of criminal behavior and corruption, and the veils the serpent has craftily assembled through walls of people, propaganda, perceptions, and more to quite literally keep people in the dark about its agendas, motives, and maneuvers.  And July will peak more of those revelations in the public eye.  And thus in the Public’s Vision.  Or in other words, people will see more public revelations of the corruption that has been going on for eons, but it might just make it to the forefront of their conscious vision.  And they will see that great evidence of the Storm and the effects of its Flooding the World’s Consciousness with Truth about the Way of the Serpent now in an All Time Pitch of the Call to Awakening and the Call to Rise in Activation, Awareness, Spiritual Fortitude, and Spiritual Faith in God, like never before.

When all that was kept behind the veil, and shoved under the rug, and even shoved under the mattress in our example today comes flooding forth with MOUNTAINS of evidence and undeniable proof that a certain serpent energy has been living through many of instruments of its bidding for years, for centuries even, there is nowhere for sleepers to run and hide either.  The sleeping itself is exposed.  The lack of awareness from all this time is exposed.  The lack of courage and faith in some respects is also exposed in biblical times like these.  And the shocking revelations of all that was hidden become the shocking Truth of what is, has been, and truly needs epic and quantum healing now.

This world will experience a timeline in the coming weeks where all that was hidden, all that did happen, and all that needs to rise and heal will be at the forefront of everyone’s attention.  It will be Center Stage for all of the world to see.  The Work in front of you for a Global Humanity will be exposed for all to see.  And the Freedom and Exponential Beauty of the Grand Creator’s Divine Design will shine on the horizon for all the world to see.  So you are living in a timeline where all are experiencing the essence of the Worst of Times and the Best of Times in One Now Time, called The Present.  Where does God live, in The Present Moment.  What lives in The Present Moment?  Your Breath.  Your Divine Breath and Conscious Breathing.

When the Flood Waters rise and surge metaphorically and literally in these times, you will want to go into your Conscious Breathing as your first ally and first life force in these times.  This is a kind of Quantum CPR or Quantum Nutrition and Fortification for the Waves of Change flowing through already now, and only increasing by the day.

Is it a Time to Prepare your Ark and your Vibrational Arc as well?  Yes.  Of this there is no doubt.

What does preparation mean to you?  That is something to take into your heart and listen for guidance for what is yours to do and to be in these times.  How can you best be an instrument of service in these times, within The Breath of God?  That is something to listen to, deep, deep within.  The ego may have some initial answers, that may resemble a bit of the Chicken Little reaction at first.  But if you look deeper, and seek deeper, there is more guidance inside you.  There is that Place of Grace where the Breath of God lives in you.  And that is the place we speak to today, to cultivate and to get in touch with and to know again.  That’s the Place of Grace that Noah found.  That’s the Place of Grace his family found.  And that is the Place of Grace you must find.   

It is a Great Time of Epic Emancipation.  

It is a Time of the Great Return.

The question is, what are you emancipating yourself, or being emancipated, from?

Where are you now if you are simultaneously in a Time of the Great Return?

Multidimensional Vision will be a great aid for those that seek it within their hearts in these times.  

Clear Soul Sight is a Miraculous Interdimensional Tool and Ally in these Biblical Storms unfolding right now, as many still sleep.  

The seas have taken many unsuspecting sailors and vessels simply because they were not prepared, or unaware, of the magnitude, speed, swiftness, and potency of the storm at hand.  There are also tales of many ship captains and crews who survived squalls and storms, by their instincts, intuition, and something nearly other-worldly that saved them from the same fate.  

So its not just that you have this Awareness of Preparedness, and that you are listening for what that means for you.  You are living this Awareness of Preparedness for the Great Ascension Storm that is going to ultimately Re-Align an Entire World on a Higher Timeline, beyond all of the pain, suffering, and separation of this world.

In this way, You Are ~ Collectively ~ A World At Sea.

You are Collectively a World in a Sea of Illusion, Confusion, and Separation.

And the Ultimate Shepherd is calling each one of you, within the Greater Divine and Galactic Collective, Home to the Truth of Who You Are.

Each and every one of you has, and is, a Divine Vessel.  

Noah was one such Vessel.  And today in 2021, so too are you.

How can you best prepare for the storms underway, and the freedom and great epic emancipation ahead?

How can you prepare your ship so to speak for the 3D storms, as well as template your union, your vessel, your Living Light Energy into the Experiences of this New Quantum Higher Timeline the Entire Earthship Vessel is rising into . . . right now . . . as we speak?  

Storms, Seas, Freedom, and Liberation are all part of the Crescendo Frequencies in 2021 . . . of a 3D World, Paradigm, and Matrix in the process of Leaving and dematerializing as a Consciousness and Physical Realm of Existence . . . and the Launching and Birthing of a Glorious New 5D Planetary Body of Unity Consciousness and Garden of Eden Frequencies.

You are All Of This.  Each and every one of you.

It is no accident we have summoned forth your awareness of your self and soul presence as a Brave Epic Hero for these times.  Because that level of Faith will be required to rise through the storms and listen within to a Higher GPS System of Navigation while the old 3D tools fail to work and prevail in these times.

The old tools used through lifetimes may have worked well in a thriving 3D matrix and phenomena.  But they won’t work where you are going.  And they won’t bridge the two worlds in the timeline you find yourselves in now. 

There are cracks in the matrix, and that is how the Light is getting in.

How will you listen for your new tools calling to you in these times?  How can you attune your vibrational instrument and navigational system and inner listening right here and right now?  

Conscious Breathing.  Conscious Connection.  Conscious Clearing.  And Conscious Union and Alignment with Source.

Consciousness Is Quantum.  So Conscious Breathing, Connection, Clearing, and Union are Quantum Frequencies that hold a power your 3D, linear-time trapped mind can’t fathom.  That’s why the ego’s skepticism prevents such spiritual practices and awarenesses.  Because it doesn’t understand it, and it can’t conceive of a realm where the ego itself is not at the helm and the heart of decision making and skill building.  It is in letting go to the Heart and Soul and Divine Spirit inside you with FAITH and FORTITUDE that aligns you on the Higher Timelines where you can see.

You have to believe it, often before you see it.

That is what Faith Is.

It is Divine Sight, at its Finest.  

And that Clear Soul Sight, of which we spoke to many times in the transmissions of 2020, is Vital Now.  It is Vital for the Ascension Voyage all on this Incredible Earth Starship are on.  

Mother Earth has already ascended.  She has a Great Ride ahead of her as the Earth reclaims her place in the Realms of Divine Time and Space.  This journey, you must realize, is so much bigger, than anything the human ego can perceive.  And with Clear Soul Sight, you will begin to see just how Buoyant the Earth Mother really is.  

You will also begin to see just how Buoyant You Truly Are.

So prepare for the Flood of a Lifetime.  Prepare for the Revelations of a Lifetime.

Prepare for the Voyage of a Lifetime.  And Prepare for the Ascension of All Time, that trumps all other growth spurts, times of transformation, and enlightenment.  

This one ~ right here and right now ~ is a Divinely Timed, Perfect, Precise, Epic, and Stellar Ascension Expansion like no other.

July 2021 will ring those bells that still can ring.  You are summoned to forget your ego’s skepticism and judgements around the perfect offering and preparedness.  You are called to rise to a Higher Dimensional Preparedness now.  For as more cracks in the matrix splinter out and expose what is not true about the Human Collective that you have been conditioned to believe to keep you small, and what Is True about what happened on this planet while human beings have slept for so long without access to their True Power and True Nature, The Light Is Rising and the Light is Liberating this Planet in ways you have to experience now to believe.  

We call each one of you to rise and awaken at a Deeper Level now.  

In your Mastery, you can go ever deeper.  Into Higher and Deeper Soul Mastery.

You came for these times to summon in your Multidimensional Strength, Faith, and Grace in these times.

Breathe Deeply.  Breathe Divinely.  Breathe Union with Source.

That’s How The Light Gets In. 

You are loved, dear ones.
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

Transmitted by Marie Mohler

Watch Part 2 of this timely transmission, where Marie shares her Messages, & Marinades to help you to expand your vision, awaken your Truth, and apply these insights from the Arcturian Collective in your life.

My name is Marie Mohler and I am an author, artist, scribe, channel, and creative spirit. frequencywriter.com. Color The Magic youtube channel offers inspiring stories, channelings, soul songs, and messages that aim to uplift, affirm, awaken, and elevate the soul.
Enjoy additional inspiring messages and engaging podcasts via Marie’s new Whole Soul Mastery channels on Rumble.com, Minds.com, Gab.com, Telegram, Whole Soul Mastery’s website, and Buymeacoffee.com.

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