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The Pleiadians - The True Story Of Humanity

The Pleiadians - The True Story Of Humanity

*Pleiadian Light Forces Transmissions 10242022*
A Special Message To The Starseeds Of New Earth, For Immediate Planetary Broadcast…

The pleiadians often tell stories designed to bring you to higher levels of consciousness.

Tonight, we will tell you the great story of humanity’s true past. There is the mainstream story, and then there is the true and whole story. Telling the true and whole story is why we came to earth.

This data stream is lengthy, so it’s good to go back and read this transmission again slowly later so the light here is integrated. Take notes and seek deeper now into all of this.

Great one,

Many magnificent and advanced civilizations have inhabited the earth in prehistory. Most of these civilizations were human-like; however, not one of these ancient human races originated on earth. The wisdom keepers of every culture on earth today tell the same story of their ancestors coming to earth from the stars.

Millions of years ago, small groups of 5d star nations migrated to earth, and these first star travelers to earth are known as pre-adamites. These grand beings were the Lemurians and the Atlanteans of prehistory, advanced humanoids from the Pleiades, and ultimately from the lyra star system. These first humanoid beings that came to earth were the original terraformers of earth. They introduced advanced hominoids, ancestors of erectus and neanderthal, which would later be DNA upgraded by the Annunaki into modern homo sapiens humans. These original advanced terraformers and world planners left earth at different periods, and for different reasons, millions of years ago and returned to the 5th dimension.

Some groups in the Sirius star system tried marriage between royal lineages to create a dynasty to unite everyone, but many Lyrans refused loyalty to this new dynasty.

Royals of the combined would-be unity kingdom moved to their own area of the cosmos and settled on the planet nibiru which would shoot out of its original orbit around Sirius c to a path that crosses earth’s inner solar system and clockwise off to an elongated orbit to nemesis, the somewhat cooled remains of Sirius c.

These Sirian beings are the annuna, the shining ones.

Some factions of this Sirian dynasty traveled to earth 445,000 years ago in great star ships to obtain monatomic gold and mineral resources to save their planet’s atmosphere. The plan by Nibiru scientists and the high council was to spray crushed white powdered, monatomic gold into nibiru’s atmosphere to create a metallic shield around their planet to deflect the harsh rays and heat of their solar star.

These beings from the stars are a 5th-dimensional human-like race with advanced knowledge, ability, and technology. These beings are both reptilian and human; however, they were beautiful in physical appearance.

They are able to live in physical bodies for tens of thousands of years. The telomeres in their DNA never deteriorate, allowing body cells to copy and reproduce themselves perpetually. They achieved long life by drinking the wine of life fused with their own stem cells and by eating the bread of life, white monatomic gold powder cakes. The Annunaki interbred within their family to ensure their royal bloodline remained pure, and these star beings were much taller, larger, and stronger than modern humans.

The Sirian dynasty was a structured and rigid group of et’s with supersized egos and dominating personalities. Though they were very intelligent, powerful, and godlike, they often made human-like mistakes. They were frequently in disagreement with and very jealous of their own family members, eventually leading to large earth wars in those ancient times. They believed in a prime creator god they were subject to; however, they also referred to themselves as gods with the divine right to rule.

Father anu, king of the royal Sirian dynasty, his two sons Enlil and Enki, and their immediate family members are the primary star beings that played the most important roles in earth’s history. Any story about gods with supernatural powers walking the earth in ancient times is about these beings. These are the ones that from heaven to earth came down.

The Anunnaki were meticulous record keepers and passed this habit down to their human hybrid descendants on earth. They recorded every event that occurred every day on clay and stone tablets. These pre-historical records cover the entire span of the Anunnaki’s stay on earth, several hundreds of thousand years. Unfortunately, many of these stone tablets were buried under miles of sediment during the great flood 12,600 years ago, but tens of thousands of these stone and clay tablets have been discovered in modern times. Even so, only a handful of them has been researched and deciphered. The best modern translations are 98% congruent, and these translations tell a fantastic account of what occurred in earth’s prehistory. This story inscribed in stone aligns with ancient historical religious writings; however, the cuneiform stone tablets fill in every missing detail, answer every confusing ancient mystery, and tell quite a different story than most have heard.

Several Sumerian tablets describe the first spaceship journey from Nibiru, past the inner planets, through the asteroid belt, towards earth, and details of the first Sirian dynasty landing on earth.

The records detail the use of navigational computers, lcd screens on their ships, plus an onboard communication system that could beam messages back to their home world. These ships were also armed with nuclear missiles, and these were fired to blast a path for the ship through the hammered bracelet, aka the asteroid belt.

The first visitor from Nibiru, alalu, landed on earth (ki) in a grand spacecraft, splashing down in one of earth’s seas near the land of Mesopotamia. This special place was later called Edin. The space traveler waded ashore in an eagle’s (bird) helmet (for breathing air) and a fish’s suit for protection from the sea and a possible harsh atmosphere.

This first et visitor noted no human-like beings were present when he scanned the earth. Alalu found himself on an alien planet where he quickly tested the atmosphere and found the air was breathable and the atmosphere was safe. Next, he tested the ocean waters for gold with special instruments and discovered gold was abundant.

After reporting back to Nibiru that he had indeed found gold on earth, the nibiruan council mounted a scout mission and headed for earth. Enki/ea. was onboard this second craft. After landing and greeting alalu, the scout team used incredible earthmoving and building technology to create the first Anunnaki earth settlement in six days. This first nibiruan city in the Edin was named eridu, which means “home in the faraway.” Eridu was created as a lush and magnificent paradise for the Anunnaki, and when it was done, the Anunnaki saw that it was good, and they rested on the seventh day. Eridu is located in southern Mesopotamia in modern Iraq and, rightfully so, is considered the first and oldest city on earth today.

In time this initial settlement expanded to a full-fledged earth mission that featured a spaceport, mission control center, mining operations, and even a way station on mars. Monumental Anunnaki stone cities and mining operations were eventually erected all across planet earth.

These advanced beings were Masters of Science, chemistry, astronomy, math, agriculture, physics, and magic, let alone being master miners, metallurgists, and architects. They used incredible technical devices called ‘ME’s and tablets of destinies comparable to modern-day quantum computers, complex software, and advanced databases to plan and build their mining empire and cities on earth.

They brought very large and powerful machines and stone-cutting tools when they came that could easily slice off the side of a mountain and leave no debris. They could cut, process, move and fit large numbers of megalithic stone blocks with incredible precision, speed, and ease. The ancient stone tablets refer to their power tools as crystal beams and huge diamond-cutting devices to cut and quarry granite and other hard stone. Other massive machines were brought from Nibiru to bore, cut, scoop, scrape and grind away huge amounts of stone and earth. Stone softening technology and liquid stone molds were used in many of their structures. Ultrasonic antigravity, as well as their own giant crafts, were used to lift and transport megaliths. Some of the foundation stones used in their spaceports and mission control facilities, such as Nippur, Baalbek, Giza, and mount Moriah, weighed up to several thousand tons to withstand the massive force and weight of nibiruan gold transport crafts landing and taking off. Every ancient megalithic and complex stone structure on planet earth, whose construction cannot be explained today, was built by these other worldly beings.

These star beings were an advanced builder race that recorded intricate details of the building of every ancient megalithic structure and city on earth. These were all built within the time frame of 450,000-11,500 years ago.

These massive stone structures were built by supernatural extraterrestrials not only for functionality but as a testament to their builders that would last forever in stone.

It’s important to note that many prehistoric megaliths were also later constructed by the Anunnaki’s giant offspring, which feature super tall doors and rooms.

Moving these huge stones around and reaching high places was like child’s play to them.

All the stories in ancient religious writings, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, are accounts of the annuna.

Each of these ancient religious writings was fully derived from the much older and more detailed Anunnaki cuneiform records, and down through the ages, mankind intentionally censored and edited versions of these writings to reflect what is presented today to conceal the truth.

The Hebrew bible is one example of this censorship and editing. There are numerous critical mistranslated words, and the majority of the original story was left out of the public’s view.

The most glaring mistranslation is the use of the word ‘god’ in the Hebrew bible. The original and correct word here from the ancient tablets is ‘Elohim,’ which means plural gods, not just one god.

Also, the ingenious plan to change and cover up the original story obviously was not given much thought, as the verse below illustrates.
“come let us create man in our image”?

Who is us and our?

Someone also let the truth slip twice when they left in, “come, let us go down and there and confuse human language.”

The original stone records that contain the story of genesis tell the exact story, except there are no mistranslations, and all the details are filled in.

These plural, so-called gods are the annuna dynasty, and specifically, they are father anu and his two sons, Enki, and Enlil. At different points in the bible, the word god refers to one or more of these beings and, in some cases, their immediate children, siblings, or spouses.

Anyone who reads the translations of the ancient Sumerian tablets will conclude that brother Enlil did not care the least for mankind. He was a dominant controller that committed crimes against humanity like his father, anu.

Enlil is the god in the bible that said, “kill everyone in the city, including the women and children.” He is the one who said, “I regret creating humans. Let them all die in the flood and wipe them off the face of the earth.”

At times he says things that give his personality away, like, “I am a jealous or wrathful god.

On the other hand, Enki had a different spirit and was more compassionate and caring for humankind.

When you hear of god in the Hebrew bible getting upset, angry, or jealous, it is Enlil or his father.

If it is god being loving and compassionate, it is always Enki.

This is also why in one breath, the god in the Hebrew bible says, “I love you more than anything in the universe,” but in the next breath, he says, however, if you screw up(sin), I will burn and torture you forever and ever. These mistranslated versions of the authentic original story with correct details left out can never make logical sense and can never help anyone.

Again, it is plural gods, the Elohim - Anunnaki, with different personalities operating in the bible under the wrong label,’ single god.’

The story of the creation of mankind is another critical area where mistranslated and censored biblical texts lead to a serious issue. Add to this the modern concept of Darwinism and the distorted version of ancient history presented to the world, and the beings of earth would never figure out where they came from and who they are.

After mining the gold of earth for almost one hundred thousand years, iggi workers grew tired of the hard labor and started complaining to their authorities. The nibiruan high council discussed the matter and agreed to allow the creation of these worker beings and assigned the job to Enki, his consort ninmah and Enki’s son ningazidda, all master geneticists.

Enki fashioned this primitive worker by fusing the DNA of the ape-like creatures that roamed the earth in those days with Anunnaki DNA.
The one successful attempt at creating humans worked only because the DNA of the earth being had to literally be combined with the life-giving minerals found only in the clay of earth.

The Elohim had created the first human on planet earth in the paradise of Eden, and they named him Adamu. It is written that eve (Tiamat) was created soon after from the DNA bone marrow from one of Adam’s ribs. These earth humans were later given the genetic ability to procreate so more workers could be automatically created.

The goal of the Sirian creators was to have a barely intelligent worker that could use tools, be easily controlled, and follow orders. At first, the creators intently left the genetics above the 2nd strand of DNA dormant in the first created earth humans.

Though the overall goal of creating humans was to be servants and a workforce for the for the gods the ancient tablets say Enki had a loving emotional connection to his human creation. He described them as his blood children and cared for them as such. There were numerous events after earth humans were created where Enki took care of them and protected them from the indifference of his family. Enki made sure he gave humans the extra divine spark when he created them so they could eventually realize they were their own gods.

Later on, in this human creation story, Enki went behind his brother’s and family’s backs and gave humans the genetic fruit of the Anunnaki tree of knowledge and the divine spark of higher consciousness in the paradise of Eden.

When the annuna started this whole process of creating humans, they did not know the implications of what would unfold from it all. The truth is, they created something much greater than they were that contained the pure divine spark. Now, Enki had upgraded humanity to superintelligence, even higher than the annuna.

When angry brother Enlil became aware of this, he said, “see, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil; and now, he might reach out his hand and also take from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.”

Enlil banished the first two humans from the Anunnaki paradise Eden, and overall, the genes of human immortality were left in dormant mode. Even so, once again, Enki went all out and infused one of his human creations with the genetic fruit of the tree of long life, and these long-life genetics were passed down to certain human children.

This action by Enki, coupled with the interbreeding of iggi males (the sons of God) with earth women, spawning hellacious giant children, was the beginning of the end for early earth humans.

The igigi (lower-ranking Sirian dynasty workers on mars), aka the watchers, had entered a forbidden area of space during a gold mining transport mission. When they emerged, they were said to have been infected by the spirit of the archons. After this, they began to lust strongly for earth’s human females. Together 200 igigi swore an oath and made a secret plan to come to earth and abduct human females as wives. The igigi descended to earth and landed at an Anunnaki facility on mount Hermon at the southern edge of the cedar mountain range to attend the wedding of Enki’s son marduk. On the mountain was a huge platform known as the landing place called Baalbek, meaning “a place for the access of gods only.” After marduk’s wedding ceremony, the 200 igigi abducted human women and demanded the wives have offspring with them.
They taught earth females all manner of charms and magic, and the wives of the igigi bore angelic/human hybrid giants as children that wreak havoc on a planetary level. The igigi were also genetic masters, and they began to genetically combine animals with humans, defiling all flesh on the earth.

These watchers’ giant wicked children continued until the entire earth became completely defiled, so the Anunnaki high council decided to take drastic measures. These 200 igigi were brought to justice and branded as (the fallen angels) by Anunnaki authorities. Enlil banished these fallen angels into the lower parts of the earth as punishment for 70 earth generations.

Soon after, around 12,500 years ago, Nibiru was moving through earth’s solar system on its 3600-year orbit. The chief scientists of the Sirian dynasty in that shar proclaimed a dire space weather forecast for planet earth as the massive planet Nibiru was coming in very for a near-earth flyby.

After much discussion by the councils on how to remove the wicked hybrid giant children from earth and after Enlil presented his case against Enki’s earth humans, it was indeed decreed by the father god anu to keep the news of the coming earth calamity from all beings on earth and to allow them to all be wiped out by the waters of the great flood.

After the destiny of humanity had been decreed, Enki went out of his way to try to save humanity from what was coming. He managed to secretly save a few of his beloved human creations, Noah, and his family, as well as samples of all DNA on earth, to repopulate and replenish the earth after the great flood.

The great winged red destroyer, Nibiru, then came close to earth, and its magnetic net force was so strong that it completely overtook the earth.

As the gods watched from their ships above the earth, the massive ice plates from the north and the south rushed into the oceans, and the mighty oceans rose 6 miles into the skies. The ice age was ended abruptly by the great deluge, and all of humanity and all that existed on the surface had been wiped off the face of the planet.

During the first shar after the great deluge, the waters had receded, and dry land appeared. The Sirian dynasty landed back on the surface of earth and began at once to rebuild their cities and global gold mining empire. Enki’s son ningazidda (Thoth) was tasked with building a new spaceport in the land of Khem called ekur, the great mountain, aka the great pyramid of Egypt.

Enki lamented over his human creations, and there was much discussion among the family about all that had happened on earth. After much contemplation, Enlil agrees that human beings should be made again, primarily because the Anunnaki still needed workers.

It was agreed and established by father/king anu that these new earth human creations would be less fertile, have a shorter lifespan, and would be less conscious than their predecessors. They wanted to make sure the new earth humans would never know the story of what had transpired. It was also decreed that the divine right to rule would be handed down from the Sirian dynasty to hybrid human earth rulers. Anu agreed to give these human hybrid kings all Sirian knowledge for building an advanced society on earth. The issue is these human kings would still have to answer in full to senior annuna back on Nibiru.

Enki’s other son marduk felt treated unfairly in this whole earth mission because he was always rejected or overlooked as a leader on earth. He became very bitter about this treatment and decided to seize power.

These star beings were often worse than humans when it came to war and frequently battled against their own kind, with terrible destruction being the result. Infighting increased among the Sirian star family, and a great war broke out on earth between Enlil and Enki’s families, where weapons of mass destruction were used in the Sinai Peninsula at Sodom and Gomorrah that took many lives on earth.

The Sirian dynasty eventually left earth and left their human hybrid bloodline kings in charge.

After the watchers of mount Hermon were released from their 70 years of punishment, they were given a chance by senior Annunaki to redeem themselves.
The Sirian rulers assigned them the task of assisting the new human kings in taking care of operation earth.

These fallen angels and ex-criminals were still under probation and close watch and to make sure they could not escape earth, an energetic field was placed around the planet so they could not escape.

These fallen beings decided that since they were imprisoned on earth, they might as well take over the place and create a nasty playground for themselves.

What’s worse is bitter son marduk eventually took over total rulership of planet earth, and the bloodline hybrid kings of earth have been under his authority ever since, along with the helper minions, the iggi, the fallen ones.

Marduk is still in control of planet earth today. He is the god of this world, and he runs the show. If you’re looking for the bad guy, he is the ultimate one.

Is there truly a good guy in this story?

Regardless of what the annuna did as a whole on earth, Enki is the true creator of humanity. He went against the entire Anunnaki dynasty to give humanity the divine spark that allows for higher consciousness and long life.

Since the annuna are of the Sirius star system and descendants of Lyrans humanoids who had a general benevolent nature. Not all Anunnaki had bad intentions toward humanity, and Enki was the prime example.

Enki nurtured his first creations, Adamu, and Tiamat, in Eden and stated they would not be slaves to anyone. When Enlil threw these first humans out of Eden, Enki placed them in another paradise. What’s more, if Enki had not intervened on humanity’s behalf with Noah during the cataclysm of 12,000 years ago, there was a chance that modern humans would not have existed. Enki nurtured his second, upgraded creations, adapa & titi, and taught them all of his sacred knowledge. In every situation, Enki showed mercy and gave the benefit to others.

He was the best father to his children and gave them the highest love even when they were not behaving well.

Furthermore, after Enki created the first human, he became personally and emotionally involved with his creations and quickly changed his position about the slave agenda.

We always give Enki some credit because he was a benevolent being who compassionately cared about humanity.

In his own words, Enki wrote later how much he regretted what the Anunnaki had done on planet earth, and he vowed to come back and make it right with humanity one day in earth’s future.

Great one,

This is the true story of humanity’s origins and prehistory and is the correct events that have led up to now. The story is bittersweet and may be hard to hear, but it is the truth and something that everyone must investigate on a deeper level and come to terms with.

The great question.
Since marduk is still running the world today, how does humanity break free from this long period of manipulation and deception?

The plan for this world has always been to keep humanity in the dark with no information, so they will never be aware of anything. Enlil himself said, “an educated human is a dangerous human.” He knew that if humans were ever to wake up and see what happened to them and what is still happening to them, the game would be over.

The great awakening is occurring on earth now; however, humanity needs more information presented to them until the full truth is realized. Many master teachers on the planet today work hard each day to bring the true light to humanity. These light beings are doing the most important work that can be done to assist humanity.

It is critical that one does in-depth research into what truly happened in ancient times so one can see for themselves and bring this light to others.
It is the destiny of humans to be filled with the light of consciousness, becoming free and sovereign beings forevermore.

The universe has its own way of dealing with all of this, and at just the right moment, it will send a powerful wave of light to earth called the great solar flash that will fully illuminate the conscious awareness of all beings on earth. At that moment, every truth shall be known.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see the issue of what occurred in earth’s prehistory coming more into the forefront of human consciousness. There will be much public discussion about this topic, but this is a good sign and is required until the truth settles.

Regardless of what happened in earth’s ancient past, you have the divine spark of divinity within you. You are becoming fully conscious of many new things and have evolved your soul now to a much higher level. You are now finishing your job of becoming all you are, and when you are done, you will be gloriously triumphant.

The light is truth, and this truth is all freedom.

  • Feel free to share your thoughts about what we have said. Share any experience you may have had and let us know how you are doing on your great spiritual journey.

~ Michael and the pleiadians


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