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Four Sacred Native Herbs

Four Sacred Native Herbs

Tobacco - Sage - Cedar - Sweetgrass

Four sacred herbs hold great significance in many Native American cultures, often used for spiritual, medicinal, and ceremonial purposes. These herbs are sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and tobacco, each carrying its own unique symbolism and use.



Held in the highest esteem among numerous Native American cultures, tobacco is revered as a profoundly sacred plant. It is traditionally used in a multitude of spiritual contexts – as a reverential offering to the spirit realm, as a gift to the earth, or as an integral component in prayer rituals. Tobacco is believed to act as a conduit for communication with the Creator, conveying prayers and messages from the earthly realm to the spiritual domain.

Occupying the foremost position in spiritual practices, tobacco is customarily offered before any harvesting from Mother Earth. This practice symbolizes the opening of a gateway between our world and the spiritual realm, ensuring a sacred connection and passage for prayers to reach the Creator.

Contrary to its modern recreational use, tobacco in these traditions serves a far more solemn and respectful purpose. It was, and still is, used as a respectful means to request favors or blessings. The magnitude of the favor being sought is often reflected in the amount of tobacco offered. According to tradition, this offering obliges the recipient – if they have the means – to fulfill the request, demonstrating tobacco's profound role in cultural and spiritual exchanges.


Sage, particularly white sage, is highly esteemed for its abilities to cleanse and purify. This herb is a staple in smudging rituals, where it's employed to rid spaces, objects, or individuals of negative energies, fostering wisdom, clarity, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Regarded as a woman's medicine, sage, though considered a masculine plant, is potent in dissipating negative energies. In many women's circles, sage is the exclusive choice for smudging practices. Different from the culinary variety, this sage has unique characteristics.

In the region of Eastern Ontario, this sage type is often referred to as Pearly Everlasting. It's distinguished by its silvery-green stalk and a crown of white, fuzzy flowers. Thriving particularly in areas where poison ivy is found, the best time for harvesting this plant is typically in late August.


Revered for its purifying and protective qualities, cedar is believed to have the ability to clear spaces and safeguard individuals from negative energies. Commonly incorporated in sweat lodge ceremonies and smudging rituals, cedar branches serve as a spiritual cleanser.

Cedar also plays a crucial role in offering protection and establishing a grounded environment. It is customary in many Native ceremonies to create a protective circle of cedar around the site of the activity. Additionally, cedar boughs are frequently placed at home entrances for safeguarding. For personal protection and grounding, small cedar leaves can be carried in a medicine bag or placed in shoes, especially during times that require extra stability.

During teachings and circle gatherings, cedar tea is often served to aid in concentration and mental clarity, helping participants focus on the present task or discussion.



Sweetgrass, emitting a delightful and soothing aroma when burned, is primarily utilized in healing ceremonies, renowned for its ability to attract positive energies and spirits. Traditionally braided before being set alight, its burning symbolizes a harmonious union of the physical and spiritual realms.

Among Native American medicinal plants, sweetgrass is especially esteemed. Often regarded as a feminine entity, it embodies the virtue of kindness, demonstrated in its resilience and flexibility. This plant is metaphorically seen as Mother Earth's hair, exemplifying a deep connection with nature.

Used in smudging rituals, sweetgrass effectively dispels negative energies while inviting positivity. Thriving in moist environments, this sacred plant is typically harvested in the peak of summer, marking a time of spiritual and natural abundance.


Additional Sacred Plant - Strawberries:

Strawberries hold the essence of reconciliation. These fruits serve as gentle teachers of forgiveness and are often shared in ceremonies as a reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the unimportance of harboring grudges. Their presence underscores the value of letting go and healing relationships.



Four Native Herbs
In a booklet called Anishnabe 101 — The Basics of What You Need to Know to Begin Your Journey on the Red Road (published by the Circle of Turtle Lodge out of Golden Lake, Ont.)

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