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6 Wellness Holidays That Will Detox Your Body and Mind

6 Wellness Holidays That Will Detox Your Body and Mind

The modern world is exciting. New technologies and city lights are dazzling, but after a while, it can all become too much. Stress is one of the main reasons people suffer from depression, anxiety, and numerous other health conditions. It stimulates the body to produce harmful chemicals like stress hormone cortisol, elevates blood pressure and negatively affects mental health.

Everyone needs to heal from this daily exposure to stressors and stressful situations. The best way to do so is far away from the source of your troubles and in a serene environment. And with these wellness holidays, you will detox your body and mind giving yourself new energy to face all the challenges of the modern world.

1.    Embrace the calmness of Thailand

Embrace the calmness of Thailand

There are many things which inspire tranquility and being surrounded by turquoise waters is one of them. Thailand is full of wellness retreats offering fresh food made with locally grown produce and various calming programs. At the Phuket Cleanse Detox and Fitness, Resort guests can experience more than hiking and yoga. This resort offers ice bath, ozone and oxygen therapies, hydration clay and magnesium therapy to recharge both body and mind. 

On the other hand, Ananda Detox Spa offers personalized detox programs which include herbal medications, massages and a special diet to eliminate toxins from the body. When paired with yoga, this practice not only helps a person feel lighter but also more energized mentally and physically. Thailand is also full of temples like White Temple and Temple of the Emerald Buddha which are ideal to visit when on a spiritual journey.

2.    Recharge yourself in the landscapes of Switzerland

Recharge yourself in the landscapes of Switzerland

Green valleys and snowy mountains of Swiss Alps are enough to momentarily lower your blood pressure and calm you down. This European country is full of hiking trails, thermal baths and if you come in winter, it’s a magnificent spot to ski and snowboard.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is considered as one of the best wellness destinations in the country offering luxurious accommodation and first-class restaurants. Its medical center uses thermal water in therapy while spa treatments include a holistic approach, acupuncture and reinvigorating massages. This is also a famous wine region so you will be able to relax with some of the finest reds in the world while taking a relaxing bath.

3.    Breathe the fresh air of Colorado mountains

Breathe the fresh air of Colorado mountains

The United States has a lot of amazing locations to recharge the batteries but Colorado is the most beautiful one. Mountainous landscapes, fresh air, and miles of dense forest are good enough start to detox yourself from the urban chaos. Red Feather Lakes Shambhala Mountain Center not only has a perfect location surrounded by snowy mountains but also offers special wellness programs. Meditation combines with outdoor activities including horseback riding will help you forget your smartphone for a few days and dedicate to personal healing.

Another way to approach detox is through organic cuisine, massage therapies and mineral pools at the Joyful Journey Hotspring and Spa. This resort overlooks Sangre De Cristo mountain range which is an ideal view for joyful yoga classes and Qi Gong on the lawn.

4.    Experience spiritual awakening in Australia

Experience spiritual awakening in Australia

Australia has it all, from lively cities to remote island retreats, making it one of the favorite places to detox body and mind. Holiday destinations in Victoria like Yarra Valley wineries and landscapes of Great Ocean Road offer peacefulness through Australia’s natural qualities. Uluru in the Northern Territory is a sacred Aboriginal place where you can sleep under the stars and hear about the myths and legends.

Tasmania is also one of the favorite wellness destinations in Australia. Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Here combines activities like fly-fishing and hiking with massages and sauna. On the other hand, Island Health & Wellness Centre uses acupuncture and a variety of massage techniques to eliminate stress. If you want something more nature-oriented, try glamping in the trees in Dandenong Ranges surrounded by miles of lush forest. Get your tickets to Tasmania and embark on an amazing adventure.

5.    Balance your chi in Italy

Balance your chi in Italy

Italy is usually where people go to admire the art, architecture and incredible food. But this country has a lot more to offer even for those who simply want some quiet. Sardinia is the largest Mediterranean island after Sicily full of sandy beaches, hiking trails, and mountainous landscapes. This is also where you can find some of the best wellness resorts in Europe for spiritual awakening.

Hatha Krya and Pranayama is the most famous yoga retreat in Italy surrounded by amazing beaches. Besides yoga classes, the guests learn breathing techniques to help them relax and go on regular walks on the hiking trails in the area. Yoga seminar at  Balaiana Eco Retreat Center will take you through the eight-day journey of self-discovery in a serene ambiance led by experienced instructors. However, if you are interested in something more adventurous, a six-day camp in Oristano combines yoga and surfing to detox body and mind.

6.    Rejuvenating charms of Japan

 Rejuvenating charms of Japan

Japan is considered one of the healthiest nations in the world with stunning complexions and long lives. The country has a long-standing tradition of merging with nature and using it to heal body and mind. This is why you will find many Zen gardens all over the cities, as well as yoga retreats and tea shops. 

Kyushu Island is special for paddy fields, cedar forest, and hike to the volcano Mount Futago in the center of Kunisaki peninsula. Autumn Leaves Retreat is a yoga sanctuary where you will learn Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana meditation and walking the pilgrimage routes to ancient temples. The program includes natural hot springs or onsen, as well as Buddhist meditation and visits to picturesque countryside.


Every country can offer wellness holidays that will detox your body and soul. But the journey to recovery starts with making a step to feeling better and deciding what you want to gain from the experience. Yoga and hiking are perfect physical activities which when combined with massage therapies, healthy cuisine and meditation can help you eliminate the effects of stress. So give yourself this gift of healing and regain strength to face new experiences that will come your way.

ninaNina is a blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She's passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. If you wanna see what she's up to you can find her on twitter!

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