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How To Initiate Contact With Galactic Races

How To Initiate Contact With Galactic Races

Extraterrestrial contact is still a bit of a taboo subject, despite years of messages of hope and encouragement passed by various channels.

These may be because popular culture including Hollywood has skewed human perception to think of extraterrestrial Races in terms of aliens, very different from us and scary. For this reason, many people may be a bit apprehensive when thinking of initiating contact with beings from other dimensions.

On the other hand, we have also created many elaborate titles within the realm of consciousness and spirituality, much of which has the word ‘light’ at the end of it: ‘Races of Light’. ‘Galactic Beings of Light’, ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’ and so on. We also tend to think of other dimensions as “higher” and “better” than us here on Earth, in 3D.This tends to put a further barrier between us and our Galactic brothers and sisters.

The reality is, they are neither a threat to us, nor are they someone to admire from a distance. In fact, most of the extraterrestrial Races you’ll connect will become your friends, guides and allies, and beautiful examples of how to live. They are keen to support us, humans as they express themselves in service to others, and in harmony with the Law of One. I am even inclined to believe that the world would be a less dense environment, should we share this beautiful planet with some of the positive polarity Races.

In this article, I will share my experiences as a channel to multiple Races (including the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Galactic Federation) to answer the most often asked questions about extraterrestrial contact. I’ll refer to Galactic Beings as extraterrestrial races, which is what they all are, ‘extra-terrestrial’ or ‘outside of Earth’. Let’s start with a question that I often receive:

Can you initiate contact with Galactic Beings or do they have to contact you first?

And another question: do only Starseeds get this privilege?

Because extraterrestrial contact over the last few decades have been mostly initiated by the Galactic Beings and because people who experienced it often referred to themselves as “contactees”, we sometimes feel like they have to reach out first or be someone special to receive this privilege.

It is true that Starseeds are sometimes contacted by their Galactic Soul Family first, as was the case with myself and my wife, a fellow Arcturian Starseed. (You can read our Starseed awakening and Arcturian contact story here)

However, as soon as I have been approached by the Arcturians, one of the first things they guided me to prepare was a free activation for other Starseeds that puts a call out to their Soul Families and sends a frequency out into the Quantum Multiverse that they are ready to connect. You can access this brief but powerful immersion here.

To sum it up, whether you’re a Starseed or not, doesn’t impact your ability to communicate with extraterrestrial races. In fact, you can begin speaking to Galactic Beings today!

You have innate ability to connect to other dimensions

As human beings, we are all born with the equipment to develop lines of communication with extraterrestrial races. You could begin doing so right now.

If you’re reading this and you have a soul, a consciousness and a pineal gland (which I assume you do), then you’ve been born with all of the equipment necessary to initiate contact with them.

The education system, for obvious reasons, doesn't teach us how to operate our ‘equipment’, as by doing so we become infinite expressions of our divine potential as spiritual beings. We essentially become free of influence and of control. We start shedding densities and beginning to vibrate to a higher vibrational state of unconditional love, sovereignty, surrender and peace.

How To Initiate Contact With Galactic Races

Precautions when opening up to higher dimensions

I often call the Quantum Field ‘The Playground for Consciousness’. I deliberately use this language as it disarms our subconscious mind so we can relax around using our ‘equipment’

The term “Quantum Field” makes us think of something big, scary, scientific, hard to understand, beyond us. However if you think in terms of “The Playground for Consciousness”, you will start associating it with somewhere we can go, relax and have fun in the process, with the pressure off.

However you need to be aware that all potential exists in the Quantum Field. Therefore, as you open up and tune into other frequency bands / dimensions for the first time, it’s important that you to an extent spiritually vulnerable.

Just as there is with a high school playground, there are fun and awesome people to hang out with and there are some bullies and others you’d probably avoid. The Quantum Field (or The Playground For Consciousness) is no different. You have to be streetwise and smart and awareness is the first step towards this.

Just be aware that within the same space there are lower dimensional entities and negative polarity races, which I’d highly recommend that you avoid altogether for obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, they coexist with the positive and higher vibrational races within the ‘Playground’. They are certainly nothing to fear, but a healthy respect for them doesn’t do us any harm.

Quantum Field health and safety: energetic protection

When you open up, think of it like your consciousness is leaving your body and the protection of your ‘house’. Just as in life, you wouldn’t leave your house naked and vulnerable, you’d make sure you were ‘dressed’ first. Being spiritually shielded means that you’re correctly dressed, before you begin exploring The Quantum Field.

Always make sure you’re adequately protected and spiritually shielded before you begin opening up. There are many ways to do this and I outline some in this article. Once adequately protected, you can begin to safely operate your divine equipment and begin connecting to various extraterrestrial races.

Which Races should I contact first?

My advice to you is the same advice I have received from my Arcturian Guides at the beginning of my journey: to connect to one Race at a time and spend time with each race and develop a working relationship with them. The more time you spend with them, the more they will share with you, teach you and even mentor you. You can even spend time studying under their guidance.

You can begin by identifying and connecting to your Star Family, if you’re a Starseed. That will be the safest place for you to begin to open up for the first time.

If you aren’t a Starseed or you are not sure who your Star Family are, you could begin by connecting to any of the following races I’ve worked with personally and can vouch for their vibrational level and polarity: The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, The Sirians, The Andromedans, The Mintaka (Orion), The Lyran Avians, The Lyran Felines, The Blue Avians. There are many more, but this will start you off in a secure way.

How to contact Galactic Races?

Once you’ve identified the race of extraterrestrials you want to connect to, you need to firstly practice coming to ‘point zero’. Point zero, is the stillness, the blackness, the fertile black space of nothing, yet everything at the same time. It’s where there are no thoughts, no mental chatter, stillness, silence and peace.

Certain guided meditations are great as tools for people with busy minds, to help them achieve this state of consciousness.

However, you need to remember that point zero is the start line of your adventure and not the finishing line! This is where the magic happens, so before you can begin the race or journey, you need to firstly get to the start line.

Once you’re at the start line and ‘point zero’ you can begin by clearly setting your intention of connecting to whatever race you want to.

By setting your intention and then ‘moving’ your point of attention through intention, you can connect to powerful fields of energy one at a time, which will be the collective consciousness field of each race.

The process of connection is the same regardless of which race you’re connecting to. The only difference is their energetic signature, as each race has its own unique frequency signature.

What do I do once I successfully connect?

If you’re sensitive to energy, at the point of connection pay attention to how your body reacts and how the frequency signature makes you feel. Remember this feeling as it’s their ‘calling card’ and it’ll help you to identify them the next time you connect to them.

Connect to them, ask questions and really listen to the information they give you. Unless you’re clairaudient, you’re unlikely to hear them speak to you, so their messages will come through as thoughts in your mind, quite often before you’ve finished asking the questions. It’s that quick at times!

Once those messages are coming through, what can help you a lot is vocalizing them or recording yourself on audio. When you speak out loud, it will turn the volume up on your receiver and stop you from falling into the trap of doubt or “I’m making it all up”.

Why should I connect to Galactic Beings?

Connecting to various extraterrestrial races is one of the most beautiful aspects of any Souls spiritual development journey, as by doing so we gain galactic perspective over proceedings, not only in our dimension but others.  We really begin to not only see the bigger picture in its entirety, but grow, evolve, and become multidimensional expressions of our own consciousness.  We get to fully play within the field and have fun in the process.

You’ve been born with the equipment, we are all capable of connecting to the field of frequency which sits around us at all times, in the same way your device you are using to read this article is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on this area and you begin to realize the potential and possibilities available to you today.

Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar is an energy worker, channel to Galactic Light Beings and mentor to Starseeds and Lightworkers. Aeron Lazar’s work is complex, thorough and utterly transformative and his methodology is 100% channeled in from the Quantum Field, his Higher Self and his Galactic Guides. Find out more about Aeron’s upcoming classes and activations on https://linktr.ee/aeronlazar

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